Disclaimer: This fanfic is based on Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon, created by Naoko Takeuchi (or Takeuchi Naoko if you want to be more Japanese) which is a copyright of Bandai, Kodansha, DIC, and other big companies. The characters I created are mine. If they are similar to other characters in other fanfics, it is purely coincidental. The characters Dolomite and Sylvite belong to Jupiter Knight. I did not get permission for Sylvite, but at least I am giving due credit. IN NO WAY DO I TAKE ANY KIND OF RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE CREATION OF SYLVITE OR DOLOMITE!

Note: This story will use the North American names, as I have not seen the original Japanese episodes yet.

"The End of it All"
by: Prince Darien

The water fountain in front of the Dark-light palace was stained red. A fierce battle between the head of the palace and the sailor scouts had taken place. The red was from the blood of Sailor Mercury. While she had not been killed, she had been severely wounded, causing the other scouts to retreat. While Sailors Venus, Mars, & Jupiter managed to get away, Sailor Mercury was kidnapped. The head of the palace, being the lord of the Dark Universe, the dimension which had spawned from the Negaverse, was able to overpower all of the Scouts. This had been the sole reason that they were forced to retreat.

Sailor Mercury was being kept alive by a sort of life support system. This included Artificial respiration. The head of the palace was named Alucard. He was cloaked in darkness. The only part of his body that was visible was the bottom half of his face. It had a scar that went from his lower left jaw to his upper right jaw. He had received it during the fight. Mars had sent her Celestial Fire Surround attack, and wounded him. That was when he became mad, and nearly killed Sailor Mercury.

As Alucard stared at his wounded opponent, he was trying to think of how he could use the present situation to his advantage. "Diamite! Present yourself to me!" His loud booming voice echoed throughout his entire palace. A black flame appeared in front of Alucard.

"Yes, master," a voice said before the flame had time to disappear.

"I want you to keep tabs on the Sailor Scouts. Make sure that they don't reach my palace again. I have waited too long for this opportunity to go down the tubes."

"Yes, master," said Diamite. The monster was made up of a substance very similar to that of a diamond. The only difference was that the monster could be killed, but no one had yet found a way.

The monster disappeared.

"So, I do have people to oppose me." Alucard looked at Sailor Mercury. "Oh well...they won't be able to hold me off much longer. And as soon as this one wakes up, she will join me in conquering the world." Alucard laughed maniacally.

* * * *

Darien was looking out his apartment window. It was 4:30 in the afternoon. He had the look of fear in his face. His forehead was covered with sweat.

"So," he said to himself. "You're back."