Chapter 2
by: Prince Darien

Diamite was searching for the Sailor Scouts. He found Sailor Mars rather quickly, only she was not as Sailor Mars, but as Raye. She was in school. Diamite felt necessary to kill her. He jumped through a window, which was not open. Glass shattered everywhere. Diamite looked at the frightened people hide under their desks, which was everyone in the room. Everyone, except Raye. She stood up, and decided that there was no more time to keep her other identity a secret.

"Mars Star Power!" Raye transformed into Sailor Mars. "Damn you! Why did you have to do that!?"

"My master bids it so." Diamite thrust out his right arm, which extended to reach Sailor Mars. It came to a point. "Die!" Light blue energy began to show inside the arm. Sailor Mars jumped to the side to avoid the blast that was soon to come. Almost immediately, a blast of pure blue negative energy was emitted from the arm, and it went crashing into the wall at the opposite end of the room. The wall seemed to just absorb the energy.

"What the...?"

"See ya!" Diamite disappeared. Sailor Mars turned to the rest of her classmates.

"Everyone, get out of the room now!" They all did as she said. At least, they tried to. The wall exploded, and large chunks of it were sent hurling into several people, including Sailor Mars. Just at that time, a rose flew into the chunk of wall holding Sailor Mars down, and shattered the piece of wall. Sailor Mars looked at the now open window.

"Thought you could use my help," said the capped man.

"Tuxedo Mask!"

"In the flesh." Tuxedo Mask turned and disappeared, saying "I will return." Sailor Mars helped the others to get out of the room.


The dark alley was dark. And empty, with one small exception. The back. There, standing at a height of seven feet, was Natas. He was facing the front of the alley. In his hand was a nearly invisible ball of negative energy. He was pondering what to do. While he knew it was best to wait to attack the Sailor Scouts, he wanted them dead very badly. He also knew that Diamite had probably already killed at least one of them.

Natas walked toward the street adjacent to the alley. He then hurled the ball of negative energy toward it. The ball hit a car that was passing by at the time, and caused the car to explode. The man inside the car died instantly.

"There," Natas said. "There went some of my anger." He disappeared, while people stopped to see what had happened. Natas appeared in his palace in front of a waiting Diamite. He stared at his minion for a moment, before asking his question.

"I killed Sailor Mars."

"You're sure?"

"Yes." Natas took a deep breath at this point, and exhaled. He the grabbed Diamite by the throat and slammed him up against the nearest wall.

"You idiot! I told you to keep tabs on the Sailor Scouts, not to kill them!" With a scream of rage, Natas squeezed Diamite's throat, and killed the minion. He then flung the limp mass of diamond-like material across the room. Diamite shattered on impact of the wall which was about 30 feet away. Another deep breath, followed by a heavy exhalation.

"Why couldn't you just do what I told you to?" Natas looked at Sailor Mercury, who was still on life support, and in a coma. "How the hell did you people find me?" he asked.

As a sort of involuntary action, Sailor Mercury transformed back into Amy. This was done because she had been unconscious for such a long time, and her power as a Sailor Scout had diminished from being in the Dark Universe for such a long time. Natas watched this, partly in awe, partly in shock.

"You aren't really human...are you?"

Sailor Mars was running. She was trying to find Diamite, who had gone in the general direction she was presently running. She bumped into Darien, who was running in the opposite direction of her.

Sailor Mars ran into Darien so hard that they both fell backwards. Sailor Mars yelled, not even realizing that it was Darien she had ran into.

"Whoa, Raye!" Darien yelled.

"Shhh! I'm not Raye, I'm Sailor Mars."

"Where were you going in such a hurry?"

"I could ask you the same question."

"Well, don't. Besides, you probably don't really care." Shock made itself visible on Sailor Mars's face.

"What do you MEAN I don't care?"

"Nothing. Look, I've gotta go." Darien got up, and continued running. Natas's bloody skull,

surrounded in flame, still tortured him.

"Weird," Sailor Mars said to herself. She then teleported to her temple. When she arrived, she saw no one. "Good," she thought. She transformed into Raye. She then called the other Scouts.

Darien continued to run, and memories continued to haunt him. "I can't let the Sailor Scouts know how this is bothering me," he thought. "Still, I can't hold anything back from Serena." He had no idea how he was going to face her later that afternoon. After a long time of thinking, he started running again. But he wasn't trying to run away from the memories of Natas anymore. He wasn't even trying to run away from anything.

"Serena's in trouble," he thought. "Big trouble...I can feel it."

Natas was watching one of his minions from a rooftop. His minion was battling Sailor Moon. It was a fierce battle, but Sailor Moon was winning. As she began using her Moon Scepter Elimination, the monster gained the upper hand.

It dodged the blast, and knocked the scepter out of her hand. Natas reveled at this, but soon a rose flew into the monster. It was stunned.

"Sailor Moon, I am here."

"Tuxedo Mask! I knew you would save me!" Natas became impatient, which was one of his major flaws. He jumped down into the fray. "Hello, cape-boy. So glad to see you could make it." "Natas, don't you recognize me?"

"No. Should I? And how do you know my name?" Tuxedo Mask took his mask off. "Those eyes...I know those eyes!"

"It's me. Darien."

"Darien...Darien! You! After all these years, finally I get my pay-back!"

"We'll see about that. Onguard!" Tuxedo Mask put his mask back on. His cane extended. Natas stared at Darien, and his eyes began glowing.

"Time to DIE!" Tuxedo Mask was thrown backwards. He slammed into a brick wall.


"Now, on with more important business," Natas said.

"Nooo! You're an evil creature!"

"Yes, I am. Thank you for noticing," Natas said with a smile.

"Moon...Cosmic...Power!!" The powerful beams flew into Natas, weakening him.


"Back off, Jalobe! I don't need your help. Go watch our guest."

"Yes, master." Jalobe vanished instantly.

"Guest?!?" Sailor Moon asked in amazement. "You mean Sailor Mercury-"

"Is still alive. But be forewarned, the next time you see will be your last."

Natas felt a strange feeling come over him. It was very strange. He felt as if he had a heart. And, for the first time, he did. A conscience had developed within him many years ago, and only now had it emerged.

"You were lucky this time. But next time..." Natas disappeared. Sailor Moon turned to Tuxedo Mask, only to find that he had disappeared as well.

"Oh, Darien. How did he know you?" Serena asked as the sun set behind the horizon.