Looking Through Your Eyes

	Note:  The song "Looking Through Your Eyes" is not mine.  It was written
by C. B. Sager, and D. Foster.  Now, on with the story.  Oh, Sailor Moon
and related characters belong to Takeuchi Naoko, Toei Animation Ltd., and a
whole bunch of other people that are not me.  

Looking Through Your Eyes

	Princess Serena stood on the balcony of the Moon Castle.  She wanted to be
away from everyone.  She was worried about her prince.  He was out there,
somewhere, fighting the forces of the Dark Kingdom.
	"Oh, Darien..."
	"Princess," a voice called.
	{Not now,} thought the lovely princess.
	"Princess, you must come inside.  There is a suitor seeking your hand." 
Princess Serena sighed.
	"But I already know who I love, mother."
	"I know, dear.  But he is from Earth!"
	"He's not evil!  He's fighting against the Dark Kingdom right now!"  The
princess had refused to turn, to see her mother.
	"I know.  Just come and meet this young prince.  I think he measures up
	"Fine.  I will be in shortly."  Queen Serenity turned around, and walked
out into the palace.  Princess Serena looked at her Star Locket, which
played a beautiful song.
	She walked into the palace, and immediately saw the suitor.  Her eyes
widened, and her jaw dropped.
	"Princess, please do not be surprised.  I'll get the feeling that you were
not expecting me."  The prince took Serena into his arms.  A beautiful song
began playing, and the couple began to dance.  The song's melody came
across the room like a gentle breeze.

~Look at the sky, tell me what do you see?
Just close your eyes and describe it to me~

	"Oh Darien, I knew you would come back for me."
	"Come, my princess.  Let us dance our way out to the balcony."

~Here in the night, I see the sun
Here in the dark, out 2 hearts are one~

	The couple went to the balcony.  The could still hear the song playing. 
"Serena, I have some bad news.  Tonight might be our last night together."
	"No, darling.  We will always be together."

~And I see a girl who is learning to trust
That's who I see through your eyes~

	"Serena, the Dark Kingdom is approaching rapidly.  They have already taken
the rest of the galaxy."
	"We'll beat them.  We have to."  Serena took out her Star Locket, and gave
it to her prince.  "Here, this way you will always remember me, in case we
are ever separated."

~And there are some things we don't know
Sometimes a heart just needs to go
And there is so much I remember
Underneath the open sky, with you forever~

	"I just want you to know, I love you with all my heart."  The prince
kissed Serena.  This surprised her slightly.

~And love just took me by surprise~

	Serena returned the kiss.  There moment of silent passion was shattered by
Luna and Artemis running through the palace.
	"We're under attack!  We're under attack!  Battle stations everyone!"  The
prince looked into the quivering eyes of his princess.
	"Do not worry.  I will protect you."

And we all know what happened next...

~Here in the night, I see the sun
Here in the dark, our 2 hearts are one
It's out of our hands, we can't stop what we have begun
And love just took me by surprise
Looking through your eyes.....
Looking through your eyes~