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The Turbo Rangers Vs Aliens
By ElFangor

Divatox pulled her head back from the Periscope, a disgusted grimace was on her face.

"Those Power Rangers, they make me SICK" she exclaimed, walking away.

Elgar looked up at her "What is it auntie Dee".

Before she sould reply, Porto stepped in and said "I have a new monster for you o queen of nastyness, I give to you DIGITAR" the monster, which looked as if it was made out of curcuits and electrical parts.

The monster pushed past and looked through the periscope and then said "Take a look at this".

"Good heavens" she exclaimed "Those are the most fearsome creatures I've laid eyes upon" Divatox beamed beamed.

Digitar mumbled "And Porto says you can't do anything right" A scowl formed on the pirate queens face "Are you thinking what I'm thinking"

Divatox looked back at him and chuckled, "Of course" After a slight pause, she asked "What _are_ you thinking" Digitar grinned and replied "If we can lure those pesky Power Twerps onto that planet, those creatures will have them for breakfast"

A few moments later, ELGAR asked "Gee, how d'ya plan on luring the Rangers there"

Divatix smiled and said "I have a plan, Digitar, go to Earth and capture a human, a NORMAL human, not a Ranger or an ex Ranger, a NORMAL human"

*The carnival looks great this year* Joseph thought to himself.

He looked at the thousands of lights all around him, and the hundreds of people, all having so much fun.

He took a deep breath of the cool, night air *Does it get any better than this* He felt a gentle pressure on his shoulder he turned around to see Ashley, his date, smiling at him.

Ashley had met Joseph Kannos at school, she knew that he liked her, but he did not ask her out on a date because he was really nervouse and liked to keep himself to himself, Ashley thought he was cute and so she asked him to the carnival, she wanted to get to know him, then perhaps she could go on a date with him.

He smiled back "Glad you could come" he told her, then he asked her "Where are the others"

She nodded toward the mass of machinery that towered over them.

Dubbed the STARBOOM, it consisted of a metal cage that seated fifty people inside, and a large counterweight attached to the cage.

The cage began to slowly move back and forth.

As itaccelerated, it went higher and higher with each swing.

Faster and higher, until it was nearly upside-down at the peak of each swing.

One more swing brought it completely upside-down, where it lingered.

Joseph and Ashley were interrupted from their spectating as Ashley's communicator beeped, Joseph looked up and Ashley said to him "Iíll go and get us some popcorn, you wait here" he msiled at her and replied "OK" he watched as she walked away into the crowd

Upon sneaking behind a nearby concession stand, Ashley answered the communicator "Go ahead Alpha" she said.

Alphaís voice echoed from the device "Ashley, we need you here ASAP" she glanced up she then touched her communicator and transformed into a streak of energy.

A half-second later, she appeared in the Power Chamber. she stepped forward and asked "What's wrong, Alpha"

Dimitria responded "A monster has been sighted at he carnival, he kidnapped a teenage boy, he is now on a planet orbitring Alpha Centauri" Justin, who was already in the Power Chamber stepped closer to alpha, looking up at Dimitria "But why would Divatox just release her hostage like that" he asked.

"That is unknown" Dimitria replied.

Justin frowned and asked "How do we know they're telling the truth" Alpha Five looked up from his control panel and approached replied "We've been picking up an energy signature from somewhere on the planet, it apeares Divatox has tagged him so we can find him"

"We have to go rescue him" Ashley concluded.

Dimitria nodded and answered, "That is a very noble decision, Ashley, and a sign of a true Power Ranger".

Cassie looked down and smiled.

Alpha then added, "Before you go, Rangers, I must inform you that there are lifeforms on the planet, in the likely event that this is a trap, you must be wary not to harm any of these creatures during your battles with Divatoxís minions"

"Time is of the essence" Dimitria told them "But only two of you may go, the others must stay here to defend Earth" Ashley then said "Iíll go" Justin then stepped forward and said "Iíll go"

"You two must go now, and Alpha will send the others if they are needed" Justin and Ashley nodded.

Dimitria gave a final warning "This planet is on the other side of the star Alpha Centauri, with such interference, your communicators will not function, you must use your own judgment out there".

"SHIFT INTO TURBO" Justin shouted.

He and ashley withdrew their Turbo keys and did the hand movements that summond their powers.

"Dune Star Turbo Power".

"Mountain Blaster Turbo power".

Yellow and blue light flooded the Power Chamber as energy enveloped the two teenagers, forming power suits around them.

They transformed into streaks of energy and vanished.

Spanning before the two teens was an infinite realm of rainbow-colored streaks parallel to them.

Toward the direction their feet were pointed toward, the streaks were red.

As they stretched to the direction they were traveling, their color descended through the spectrum until they were a violet color.

Ashley realized she was very, very dizzy at this point, and decided to close her eyes for the rest of the journey.

Justin couldn't remember how long it had been since they'd left Earth, but it seemed like forever.

There was no way to tell how long it had been - a result of hyperspace travel.

After what seemed like an eternity, Justin planted his feet firmly into the rocky terrain of the alien planet.

He glanced over at Ashley, whose body posture indicated she wasn't feeling very well.

"Are you okay" he asked.

She nodded her head and responded, "Yeah, I'm fine, just a little queesy, that's all."

Justin scanned the area.

The planet had a jagged, rockysurface, and the sky was a mass of dark, gray clouds.

A short distance from them was a tunnel leading underground. Justin raised his hand and pointed to the entrance.

Ashley nodded "I see it" The Blue and Pink Turbo Rangers began walking toward the tunnel, all the while looking around cautiously.

"Be careful" Justin warned "Divatox could spring a trap at any time"

The two stood at the entrance and looked into the blackness inside.

As Justin studied the tunnel, Ashley glanced behind them.

*That's odd* she thought *I thought I saw movement*.

She shook her head and joined Justin in examining the entrance.

*Your imagination's playing tricks on you, Ashley*.

"Well, it looks safe" Justin concluded "But keep on your toes".

The Rangers slowly edged their way into the tunnel.

Ashley glanced at Justin to see what he was fumbling with.

Justin produced a small, blue cylinder from his belt and turned it on, illuminating agood portion of the cavern.

Justin and Ashley continued further underground.

Suddenly Ashley stopped. "No, now I'm sure I saw something move" Justin stopped and looked back at her "What was it" Ashley shook her head and stuttered "IÖ.. I don't know, but it was like a blur over there" Justin pointed the light where Ashley indicated.

The light fell upon a black mass, equipped with a large set of teeth. A chilling hiss burst forth from the creature.

Justin dropped his light, and a shattering sound could be heard, heralding the sudden darkness of the chamber.

Ashley began to retreat, but stopped after about ten feet, remembering that she was a Turbo Ranger now.

She heard Justin shout "TURBO HAND BLASTERS" and watched him form the Turbo Hand Blasters out of blue energy.

The faint blue glow from Justin's Power Weapons were enough to reveal the creature was slowly approaching Justin.

"Uh, can't we talk about this" the Blue Ranger asked. Justin began to sweat underneath his helmet.

This creature was big - and very menacing.

Justin knew that it wouldn't be right to kill it; after all, he and Ashley were trespassing in its den.

Then again, Justin was ready to defend his and Ashley's lives.

He held his weapons defensively and slowly backed up.

The creature began to follow him, continuing to emit a frightening hiss.

Suddenly, Justin simultaneously saw a blur whip by him, and felt a painful pressure rake across his chest.

His Turbo Hand Blasters flew from his hands, and a flash of sparks spewed from his chest,briefly illuminating the tunnel, showing that the creature had slashed him with its claws.

Justin fell backward and collapsed on the ground.

He could hear his weapons clink against the ground behind him. "Justin" Ashley yelled from nearby.

Justin could see movement infront of him, and he didn't like that.

He quickly grabbed his dimly glowing weapons and thrust them Forward, squeezing the triger as he did.

Justin felt the Hand Blaster plunge into the creature's chest, accompanied with a crunching sound and a squeal of pain.

Justin stumbled to his feet and removed the Hand Blaster.

"It's wounded" Justin shouted to Ashley "Let's get out of here" With that, he began dashing toward the exit, hoping he wouldn't collide with Ashley.

Moments later, Ashley and Justin were outside.

Justin whirled around and held his weapons toward the cave entrance defensively, in case the creature had followed them.

"Justin," Ashley said with astonishment, "look at your Hand Blaster" Justin brought the end of the lance up to his face, and saw that a third of the weapins had been burned off.

He examined the smoking tip with amazement "That creature..." he declared "It's got acid for blood" leaning against a rock formation, Ashley looked at Justin for a while.

Then she said, "Y'know how Dimitria told us not to hurt the creatures when Divatox sprung the trap" Justin tossed his ruined weapon to the ground "Yeah"

"I'm starting to think the creatures _are_ the trap".

The cage opened, and Cassie, TJ, and Carlos stepped out, laughing to themselves.

"That was one wild ride," Cassie said emphatically.

"Yeah" chuckled TJ.

The four teens dizzily walked from the ride and stood infront of the arcade hut.

"Where'd Justin go and Ashley" Cassie tried to yell over the cacophony of noise blaring from the arcade.

"WHAT" shouted Carlos.

"I said" Cassie yelled louder "Where'd Justin and Ashley go" The Rangers scanned the area.

Unbeknownst to the Rangers, their communicators were chiming, inaudible through the noise from the arcade.

TJ shouted, "Why would they just rush off"

Justin insisted, "Hurry, shoot the top of the entrance"

Ashley raised her weapons, she could her the scratching noise getting closer and closer, and she knew she only had seconds to act.

She fired the Turbo Star Chargers, the energy collided with the rock above the cave's entrance.

A bright explosion accompanied the impact, and several tons of rock covered the entrance.

"Spectacular" Justin praised.

Ashley breathed a sigh of relief and lowered her weapons "I knew you could do it" he said.

They both smiled underneath their helmets.

"So," she said, "I guess we're safe for now?"

"For now," he responded "The information Alpha collected indicated that Joseph was located underground, within a mile radius of this location".

"Oh, great" she sighed "So we'll have to go back in the tunnel"

"Hopefully we can find another way underground that's a little less... inhabited." He paused. "We'll have to rely on your weapons to drive off any more creatures we encounter, we can pretty much rule out close combat against these things" Ashley looked down at the laser gun hanging by her side.

"Why can't we use our TurboBlasters".

"The TurboBlasters operate on solar charges" he explained.

Looking up at the cloudy sky, he said "Once they run out of energy, we won't be able to recharge them" Ashley nodded.

"C'mon" he said "Let's look for another way underground".

They began walking along the rocky terrain.

Ashley stopped and twirled around.

Justin paused and looked at her "What's wrong" he asked.

"It's out here with us"

"It can't be" he told her "We sealed it in the tunnel".

Ashley's head jerked to the left "There it is again".

"I don't see anything".

Like an armored panther, the fearsome creature leaped out from behind a rock formation several yards away.

"RUN" Justin shouted.

The two Rangers began sprinting away from the beast.

In response, the creature began pursuing its brightly colored quarry.

Justin spotted another tunnel leading underground "There" he directed.

The Rangers dashed into the tunnel.

Ashley aimed her Trubo Star Chargers toward the opening, ready to fire into the creature.

After ten seconds of waiting, Ashley decided it wasn't going to follow them in, and lowered her weapons.

Justin began to venture further down the tunnel.

"We'd better hurry before he decides to follow us in" Ashley looked away from the entrance and followed Justin, the light from her weapons illuminating the tunnel.

The two Rangers stopped upon reaching a junction of three tunnels.

"Now where to" Ashley asked.

Justin looked around.

Staring at him from the shadows of the right tunnel was a set of hissing teeth.

The jaws opened, revealing a second set of teeth.

"Left" he shouted.

They rushed into the left tunnel.

Ashley spun around, putting her back against Justin's, and aimed her weapons down the tunnel, but the aliens hadn't followed.

A loud hiss nearby startled Ashley; she couldn't figure out where it was coming from.

"Ashley, right here" Justin shouted.

She turned around to see that Justin was being confronted by one of the creatures.

"Justin, duck!" she told him, aiming her Star Chargers.

Before Justin could hit the floor, the alien wrapped its arms and tail around the Blue Ranger.

"Justin" screamed Ashley.

She heard a second hiss behind her, and turned to find herself surrounded.

She saw the clawed hand of the second alien flash by, followed by a painful pressure on her stomach and a burst of sparks.

She dropped her weapons and doubled over.

Ashley was more surprised than hurt.

This was the first time she had felt her power suit absorb a blow.

It was a new feeling to her - one she would have to get used to.

Ashley seized her Star Chargers and cried out, "Justin, teleport outside".

She glanced behind her to find that both Justin and the alien were no longer there.

At least she now had an escape route.

Outside, the, Red, Green and Pink Rangers appeared.

"All right" TJ said "We made it!"

Cassie looked at the ground and saw the remains of Justin's weapons "Look, Justin's Hand Blasters"

"Oh no" Adam said "I hope he and Ashley are okay".

Ashley felt a clawed hand grip the arm that held her bow.

She drew her TurboBlaster and fired a pointblank shot into the creature's arm.

The blast punctured its exoskeleton, splashing acid onto her power suit.

Flashes of sparks burst from her suit where the acid had hit.

It stung a bit, but she had succeeded in freeing herself from the alien's grip.

The creature emitted a squeal of pain. Knowing the alien would probably be very angry, she slipped the TurboBlaster into its holster and began running down the tunnel.

As she ran, Ashley could hear the scratching sound of the creature chasing after her.

Suddenly there was no ground beneath her feet.

She tumbled through the darkness for about fifty feet until smashing into the ground.

Ashley collected her wits and looked up to see the alien coming down on her.

She rolled out of the way as the creature landed.

She hopped to her feet and fired her TurboBlaster, hitting her attacker's shoulder, causing the creature to emit another squeal.

Ashley didn't like hurting a living being, but she was sure that, given the chance, the creature would make a light snack out of her, or worse.

She fired a second blast, which shot straight through the creature's head.

It screamed and thrashed about until finally collapsing.

Ashley sighed with relief.

She looked down the tunnel and saw an opening ahead.

Upon approaching it, she could see that it led into an enormous chamber containing thousands of large, egg-shaped pods arranged in an orderly fashion on the ground.

In the center of the chamber was an enormous, black structure.

Justin weakly rose his head.

He felt like a truck had hit him.

The alien that captured him had pummeled him, and it took a lot out of him.

He suddenly realized his body was ensnared from the neck down with a gooey substance.

His gaze fell upon a nearby pod.

It was made of a leathery material, and it had two slits in the top, forming an X.

Very slowly, the top of the pod opened, revealing a slimy mass inside.

A creature that looked like a three-foot-long scorpion crawled out from the pod. *Just teleport* Justin told himself.

But before the Blue Turbo Ranger could focus, the insect leaped into the air and attached itself to his face.

Justin shouted in terror.

Once Justin calmed down a bit, he realized that he now appreciated helmets more than ever.

"Justin" Ashley cried out.

She had heard him yell, but she was unsure where in the chamber he was.

Nearby, Justin tried to respond to Ashley's call, but his voice was muffled by the creature affixed to his face.

Ashley called for Justin a second time.

The response was a cacophony of hisses.

All around the chamber, swarms of aliens emerged from holes and crevices.

"Uh oh" said Ashley.

Suddenly red, yellow, and green bursts of energy erupted from the other side of the chamber, striking random aliens.

The other four Rangers had arrived.

"Oh, thank god" Ashley sighed.

She withdrew her TurboBlaster and began firing at the aliens.

The Rangers cleared a path through the aliens, through which Ashley was able to join the others.

"I'm so glad you guys came" she told them.

"And not a minute too soon" Carlos commented, firing into the alien horde.

"Where's Justin" TJ asked anxiously.

"He's in here somewhere," Ashley replied.

"C'mon" Cassie said, motioning the other Rangers to follow her, "We'll work our way along the walls until we find him"

The four superheroes crept along the wall, blasting the aliens.

When Ashley's TurboBlaster ran out of energy, she hid behind the others as they fired.

Eventually the Rangers reached the spot where Justin was being restrained.

Ashley broke away from the others to free him, but stopped dead in her tracks.

"Oh no," she gasped, noticing the large insect attached to Justin's face.

Cassie stopped firing for a moment and glanced back at Justin.


As she put away her TurboBlaster, Ashley noticed the face hugger's long tail was wrapped around Justin's neck.

That ruined her plan of removing his helmet and the creature along with it.

One by one, the Rangers' TurboBlasters ran out of energy.

The aliens were advancing.

"Guys" TJ said "If you're gonna do something, you'd better do it fast"

Ashley was beginning to worry.

She hadn't seen Justin move since they'd found him.

It looked like he was breathing, but she couldn't be sure of his condition.

Cassie stared at the face hugger attached to Justin's face and thought outloud "We can't hurt it without also hurting Justin, and we can't remove it without hurting it"

Cassie suddenly thought of something "Hold on, maybe we can do something" She promptly removed one of her white gloves, revealing the communicator she wore around her wrist.

She unfastened the communicator and placed it around the face hugger's tail.

"Here goes nothing" Cassie said.

She closed her eyes and pictured being high above the planet's atmosphere.

She pressed the communicator's teleport button, and the creature vanished in a blur of pink energy.

There was a moment of celebration amongst the Rangers as Justin slowly stirred.

He groaned, "That thing... it's gone"

Ashley smiled under her helmet and said, "Thanks to Cassie"

Now Ashley smiled, and asked, "Are you okay, Justin, why were you so still" Justin replied, "It seemed like the creature cut down my air supply, rendering me unconscious."

As TJ cut Justin free from the goo with his TurboBlaster, Ashley leaned in close to Justin, inspecting his helmet. "Your mouthplate's corroded"

"Any later and it could have eaten through" Justin said.

"All the more reason for my gratitude." With that, he gave her a warm hug.

TJ ceased fire for a second and glanced back at his fellow Rangers. "Aw, that's really great, guys, but we kinda have some aliens to deal with"

Blasting away, Carlos added, "Yeah, and we still need to find Joseph"

"Uh, make that we've found Joseph" Ashley said said, pointing toward the gigantic black structure in the center of the chamber.

Among the remaining pods surrounding the structure was a mesh cage, with the unconsious Joseph laying still inside.

The last of the aliens had fallen.

"Yes" shouted Ashley.

The Rangers began walking toward the center "That was almost too easy" Cassie chuckled.

Suddenly the enormous black structure began to unfold.

The Rangers stared in horror as an alien, twenty times the size of the previous incarnations, rose before them.

"I think" Justin whispered "That we just found the Queen."

Carlos looked at TJ "I think the Turbo RAM could take her down"

Justin interrupted "It's one thing to fight to save a friend, but if we kill the Queen, it would be genocide".

TJ turned to Justin "Justin, what's the charge on your TurboBlaster"

Justin withdrew his weapon and glanced at the display before sliding it back into the holster.

With a questioning tone, Justin replied "About seventy-five percent"

"How much damage would the TurboBlaster do to her?" the White Ranger asked, nodding toward the Queen.

Justin glimpsed at the colossus and responded, "I doubt it would even do any damage"

TJ nodded "Good, here's the plan"

Minutes later, TJ was on the opposite side of the chamber.

The Queen either didn't notice him go around or didn't feel threatened by him, as she remained motionless.

TJ waved his hand in the air, signaling the others.

Catching sight of TJ's signal on the other side of the chamber,

Justin drew his TurboBlaster and released a series of blasts at the Queen.

Carlos, Cassie, and Ashley stood behind Justin and watched as the Queen pointed her head in their direction and released a hellish hiss, startling the Rangers.

Now that the Queen was distracted, TJ went into action.

Summoning the Turbo Ram, he hopped on, he only had one chance to pull this off.

The rear wheels screamed, and the vehicle burst into motion.

The engines roaring, TJ swerved between the pods, straight for the gigantic Queen.

The Rangers watched as TJ sped toward her.

The distance between him and the Queen rapidly decreasing.

Ashley drew her TurboBlaster amnd fired the last of itís energy at the cage, it vapourised, as he aproached Josephís unconsious body, the TurboRam slowed down, TJ got on, and dragged Joseph onto ther TurboRam then headed back to the Rangers.

After a brief celebration, the Rangers rushed into the nearby tunnel for shelter.

"It's time we headed home" TJ said after the Turbo Ram had dispearsed.

The others nodded and prepared to teleport.

Ashley looked into Justin's visor "Mind if I hitch a ride with you" she asked.

Justin smiled under his helmet and replied "Not at all"

Justin took Ashley's hand.

The Rangers transformed into streaks of energy and vanished.


The six Power Rangers appeared in the Power Chamber, holding their helmets under their arms.

As Tommy was placing Ninjor's bottle on a table, Dimitria said, "Welcome back, Power Rangers. I am very pleased to see you all made it back unharmed" The Rangers smiled.

TJ replied, "And we brought Joseph back"

"Excellent work" Dimitria said "I have teleported Joseph home, he should be safe now".

The Rangers de-morphed and teleported home.