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Set Controls To Outer Space Now
By ElFangor

The teenage boy crashed to the floor, he shook his head to clear the haze that was starting to cloud his thoughts and got back to his feet, he looked at the person who had kicked him in the chest and sent him to the floor and growled "You'll PAY FOR THAT......" the boy reached to his belt and got a small cylindrical object and squeezed it, suddenly it grew to it's full 10 foot length, the boy then ran at his opponent, he swung the end of the Bo staff, it slammed into his opponents head, the boy staggered then fell to the floor, the boy with the Bo staff squeezed it, it shrunk down to it's small size, the boy then put it back into his pocket and looked down at his opponent and snarled to him "Next time Salazar, when I say leave me alone, I mean LEAVE ME ALONE, and next time, if you want to fight, at least you can fight better....." the boy kicked Eric once in the stomach and walked out of the dojo.

Joseph Kannos was in bed with the flu.

The sun was shining and the sky was blue and clear and Joseph was stuck inside, Ashley had brought him some home made soup and had told him to stay in bed, she also told him that if they need his help, they would contact him on his communicator.

Wesley looked at his watch and growled, he looked up as a motorbike engine revved, the bike drove down and parked next to a yellow car, the rider removed the keys, the engine died and the rider got off and removed his helmet and said to Wesley "Sorry I知 late, I had a problem at the dojo, but I took care of it..." Wesley smiled and said "As good as that is, you're late, but I came up with the cover story that you had problems with your bike......" the two of them smiled and Vincent said to Wesley "Thanks, anything interesting happen while I was away....." Wesley smiled and replied "Yes, we've a new girl starting here this afternoon, and I suspect that Mr Sharples wants us to show her around....." Vincent frowned and asked "Why" Wesley smile and replied "Because I was the first person he told, and he told me to tell you when you came back......".

The rest of the day went slowly, and finally dinner time came.

After they had said grace, everyone sat down and Mr Garey got the food from the hot plate and started to serve it out, Michael then got up and got the food out for the other table and started to serve it out for them, Mr Garey then asked "Vincent, the new girl should be here after dinner, would you and Wesley meet her parents and run them through the usual steps....." Vincent nodded and replied "We'd be delighted sir......" then everyone started their dinner.

After lunch was over, Wesley and Vincent went to the front door and stood outside, talking and munching on some popcorn that Vincent had got from the secret stash in our room.

"Want to make a bet Matty....." Vincent asked him, he smiled and replied, while munching on a mouthful of popcorn "All right, what's the bet on....." Vincent got some popcorn, popped it into his mouth and told him "I'll bet you a six pack of Pepsi that this new girl will be plug ugly....." Wesley smiled and replied "And I値l bet that the girl is gorgeous, she likes you and the two of you fall in love........" Vincent smiled, laughed and replied "That's a million to one chance, but all right then, it's a bet....." the two shook hands, Vincent then screwed up the empty popcorn bag and put it in the bin, then yawned and said to Wesley "Wake me when she arrives....." Vincent sat down, rested his head on the wall and fell fast asleep, Wesley smiled and started to pace up and down.

Two people got out of the car which was parked next to the path that lead to the chapel, Wesley went up to them and said "Hello, I知 Wesley and this is my brother Vincent....." he turned around to introduce me, but Vincent was not there, Vincent was still asleep by the floor, Wesley smiled, so did the two adults, Wesley then said "Please excuse my friend, he had very little sleep last night....." Wesley then said "VINCENT, WAKE UP....." Vincent stirred and stood up, opened his eyes and yawned, straightened out his clothes and walked towards Wesley and shook the adults hand and said "Hi, I知 Vincent Shakhan, Wesley's brother.........." the adults smiled and the woman said "Hi, I'm Amanda Elliot, and this is my husband Edward....." Vincent nodded and replied "We've been sent to take you and your daughter to the visitors room" Mrs Elliot nodded and turned to the car and waved, the rear left door opened and out stepped a teenage girl, she closed the door after her, at the same time, his watch beeped, Vincent looked at the readout and then showed it to Wesley, he nodded and watched as the girl came towards us, she was carrying two bags and was wearing a backpack "And this is our daughter Lisa........" just as Vincent was about to look at the girl, there was a roaring sound and a bolt of energy shot out and hit the Elliot's car, it exploded in a ball of flame, the force of the explosion threw Wesley and Vincent to the floor.

Clint, Thomas and Darren were in Sisters room when the car exploded, it made them jump, they then quietly slipped out of sisters room.

The fire alarms blared and the kids and staff knew what to do, They all started to gather at the rear of the main building, as they gathered, Jerri looked into the sky and pointed out "Look, it's the POWER RANGERS......." everyone looked up as the five streaks of energy flew overhead, they banked left and landed on the five steps and materialised into five people.

"Let's clear this mess up........" they then jetted into the sky and around to the back of the school, a few minutes later, the fire was put out and everything was back to normal, the Turbo Rangers jetted back to the stone steps, everyone came up to them, thanking them and asking for their autographs.

Then the peace and quiet was shattered.

A robot monster materialised at the far end of the yard, he roared menacingly and fired bolts of energy into the sky, the kids ran screaming "So, the Trubo Rangers arw without their leader, you値l be an EASY KILL." he then started to stomp towards the Rangers, they then each yelled in turn:

Red Turbo Ranger: Turbo Lightning sword.

Blue Turbo Ranger: Turbo Hand Blasters.

Yellow Turbo Ranger: Turbo Star Chargers.

Green Turbo Ranger: Turbo thunder cannon.

Pink Turbo Ranger: Turbo wind Fire.

The weapons appeared in the hands of the hero's, they grasped them tightly and aimed them at the oncoming robot, but before they could fire them.

The White Ranger teleported between them and the robot.

He drew Sabba and his Blade Blaster and fired them at the robot, the energy slammed into it and sent it flying back across the yard, it smashed through the wall and tumbled down the bank.

Then the clouds grew dark, thunder rumbled and lightning flash across the sky, several bolts hit the robot, it laughed maniacally as it grew larger and larger, it continued to grow until it towered high above the Rangers, the Turbo Rangers weapons vanished, then they all said "WE NEED TURBO MEGAZORD POWER NOW".

The TruboMegaZord, already formed, landed infront of the giant monster, the Rangers teleported to the cockpit in the head and took their places.

The MegaZord then held out it's hands, in the left hand appeared it's might battle sword and in the other hand appeared it's shield, the robot monster then became extremely nervous "Err. Can稚 we just be friends......".

On the ground, the White Ranger yelled "TIGEREZORD POWER, NOW".

With a mighty roar, the TigerZord sprung to life and ran to White Rangers aid.

White Ranger used all of his power to jump up and land on the head of the TigerZord

"All right Sabba, let痴 rock and ah.. ah AHHCU" Joseph sneezed violently.

"Joseph, are you all right." asked Sabba.

Joseph replied "Just a bit of flue Sabba, now let痴 ROCK AND ROLL..".

The TigerZord let out an ear splitting roar that sent powerfull shockwaves through the ground, toppeling the monster.

White Ranger jumped into the head of the TigerZord and said "TigerZord, convert to warrior mode, NOW.".

White Ranger inserted Sabba into the slot at the side of the controls.

The TigerZord skidded to a halt, it began to morph from Tiger mode to warrior mode

The Turbo MegaZord stood in front of the TigerZord and the two Zords stood ready for battle.

But, as they were about to charge the monster, lightning and thunder roared across the skies.

From out of the sky, came an awesome sight, a robot dropped out oif the sky and landed next to the TigerZord and TurboMegazord, it held out it痴 hands, they started to glow with pulsating energy, energy seemed to com from the robot itself.

Then the robot charged the monster, it slammed it痴 glowing energy fists into it and moved out of the way.

The monster began to shake violently as ice started to form around it痴 feet, the ice slowly started to freeze the enitre robot from toe to head, soon it was encased in a giant block of ice.

The robot then did a stunning roundhouse, it痴 foot, slamming into the block of ice, destroying the robot.

From a loudspeaker, the voice of the Red Ranger said "Who are you......" the robot then turned away, wings emerged from it's back, tail fins appeared from it's feet, then flames burst out from the bottom of it's feet as it's boosters burst into life and lifted the mysteriouse robot into the sky.

Inside the cockpit, Ashley turned and asked TJ "Are we going after them....." TJ tapped the comm button and asked "Joseph, should we go after it" Joseph replied "We can稚, none of our Zords are equpiied for space travel" TJ turned to face Justin and asked "Did you get anything from the sensors" Justin replied "I scanned the other robot, and it痴 technology is the same as our MegaZord..." TJ frowned under his helmet and asked "So they have Zord based technology, did you find out anything about who was controling it" Justin replied"The scans are complete, we can't find them, let's go back home and wait them out until the next monster attack, if they come, we'll talk to them then......" TJ nodded and turned around, he gripped the controls of the Turbo MegaZord and the mighty zord and TigerZord home

The sun beat down heavily on a small, crater shaped, desert valley, an isolated corner of the dessert, nothing to write home about .

The few and rare animals that dared to live out here have adapted to the nightmarish inferno since the beginning of time, settling into a near normal resemblance of life, learning when the best times for hunting for food, or gathering, the plants though had a harder time, trying to burst from the soil, against the searing, waterless heat of the dry and arid desert.

Over the years, the valley had seen little in the way of action, the ultra rare, freak rain storm, the even more rare meteor crash, or the occasional rattle snake fight.

Humans are a rare sight in this valley, the heat and the near ninety degree climb, made it nearly impossible to get out if one were stupid enough to fall in.

But then, it appeared from the clouds, a streak in the sky, swooping down like giant flaming comet.

The mighty robot then crashed into the valley floor, it shot along for a few miles then came to a slow stop.

Setting up the scanners inside the cockpit.

Teletran: We致e crashed in section Beta, all systems are down, except for thrusters and communications.

The three shadowy figures quickly came to the center of the valley, and opened a large a large blue case, reaching inside, one of them removed a small black dish connected to a slight, deep grey, laptop computer through a thin grey cord, removing them and setting up as instructed, one of the figures begins inserting commands in to the computer.

After checking and rechecking, they finally send the signal.

"Unit one, ready" said the metallic voice.

"Unit two ready" responded another metallic voice.

"Unit three ready" the metal voice reported

"Unit four read" came the metalic voice.

Then a femlae voice said.

"All right you worthless pieces of JUNK, type in the command, Alpha Gamma 5 Omega then enter".

At that moment, a shining object streaked across the California sky, and turned in a sharp angle, the figures watched, waiting to see what would happen next.

The Turbo MegaZord landed next to the downed giant robot.

The shadowy figures then entered the command, collected the things together and vanished.

As the Turbo MegaZord helped the downed robot to it痴 feet, four beams of energy flashed and sparked as they met, until they gave off one last amazing, golden ray shot from the arc, faster than the speed of thought, it raced out of the atmosphere, striking, dead center, the object it had been aimed, half a mile long and solid gold, a HUGE pyramid.

In the Power Chamber, Joseph had tried to stop the beams, but since he had failed, he was analysing the results of the energy beams, and he was astounded at the construction of it, analysing every possible part of it that he possibly, in every scanning device was running at full power and strength available, moving all the data to the protected files of the Power Chamber, Joseph was surprised to notice that the pyramid was now using a focused energy ray of some kind to download all of the Power Chamber files.

While Joseph was trying to shut down the beam, he was hit by a sudden and intense increase of heat to near fatal temperature, thinking he was going to die, his mind went over the data he had gathered on the strange object, he made ready for death's embrace, but it did not come, instead, he passed out.

In the valley, the Turbo MegaZord had taken the mysteriouse robot to the repair bay, then the Turbo Rangers and the robot痴 pilot had returned to the valley to watch the pyramid and monitor it.

"Who are you." Ashley asked.

The person was wearing a costume that was all jet black, except for the boots and gauntlets, they were white.

The person also had armor, similar the the Green Rangers, but this armor was not gold, but white and fluttering behimnd the mysterious person was a white cape theat flutterd in the gentle and warm breeze.

The person痴 helmet was black with a white visor, there were no markings on the helmet except for two white horns sticking out from the side of the helmet

"I am the Sentinel, and for now, we have other problems to deal with"

Then behind them, they crackling sound, emerging from a rift, at least seventy Quantrons and Astronema痴 latest monster, Terrasaur looking like something from your worst nightmare.

Almost instinctively the Turbo Rangers moved for their morphers, appearing on their wrists in bright flashes of light.

They each yelled out a different command, confidence displacing the fear.

Justin said "Let痴 do it" they, then they all said in turn.

Justin: Mountain Blaster Turbo Power.

Carlos: Desert Thunder Turbo Power.

Ashley: Dune Star Turbo Power.

Cassie: Wind Chaser Turbo Power.

TJ: Red Lightning Turbo Power.

Calling their powers to the fold, each teen was enveloped in a blinding coloured flash, the word TURBO singing on the air as they emerged, this time in their uniforms.

Each of them were at a moments notice for battle, waiting for the first move.

The wait was short as the Quantrons began their attack, battle staves fully beared, ready for the slaughter.

The Sentinel called upon his power weapon.

Sentinel: LASER LANCE.

The weapon appeared in the hands of the Sentinel.

He grasped it tightly and joined the Turbo Rangers in fighting the Quantrons and Terrasaur.

For ten minutes the battle went to the forces of evil, the rangers never knowing defeat like this before, even when the Turbo Rangers called on their weapons, the tide of the battle was now a little more even.

So embroiled in the battle, no one noticed the shimmering figure watching from a cliff about 10 feet above, watching each Ranger intensely, memorising each move.

"They should know better than to interfere with the forces of Astronema" he said.

The Gold Ranger then jumped down from the cliff and joined the Quantrons and Terrasaur in fighting the Rangers and the Sentinel.

Angel Grove was the kind of city any one would love to live in, low crime rate, many jobs, spectacular sites, dazzling sounds, it was the overall perfect city.

Except for the monster attacks.

But they were quickly dealt with by the Power Rangers.

In the juice bar, Edele was sipping a soda and staring at one boy.

He was a tall boy for 16, extremely tall, At 6'6", he was the tallest player on the school baseball team, everyone knew him, and liked him, his body was extremely muscled, he was able to bench press three times his wieght by 15, four times that weight now.

He was known around the school as the 'Sexy boy' by the girls, and the boys called him 全trike out, the team had never lost with him when he batted, and he always got the other team out when he bowled, but he never got a swelled head about it, one never met a more down to earth, caring and lovable guy.

No one had ever found out how he came to be so mentally and physically strong, two years before, he couldn't even get a date, he was dramatically dweebish, and skinny.

His jersey was neatly tucked in his jeans, bright red, and baggy.

He notices Edele watching him, when she realizes he has seen her, she turns back to the table, and quietly starts talking to the other girls, and going over homework.

The boy got up and headed for Edele, slowly.

"You池e boyfriend is heading our way" Keavy said.

Edele concentrated on her book as the boy stood at the table and said.

"Hi, I知 Julian, I haven稚 seen you around here before, you must be new".

Keavy held in a laugh as Edele looked at Julian, blushed and replied.

"Hi, I知 Edele".

The two shook hands and Edele said.

"And this is my sister Keavy these are my friends, Sinead, Lindsay and Bille".

He shook their hands then Keavy asked.

"Would you like to join us".

He smiled and replied "OK".

Taking a seat at thier usual table, he began to survey his five new friends, esecially Edele.

"So, how long have you girls been in.".

He was interupted his watch beeped, he quickly coverd it up and said to her.

"I知 sorry, I致e got an appointment with some friends that I have to keep".

Edele nodded and replied "Go ahead, I値l wait right here".

Julian stood up and said to Edele.

"Maybe when you get back, we can have a drink together".

The Gold Ranger swings his power staff and hits Red and Yellow Rangers, knocking them down.

"Guys, I have completed constructon on your new weapons, call on them and they.".

The rest of Joseph痴 signal was cut off as the Gold Ranger destroyed Red Rangers communicator, he then snarled.

"You値l get no help from your leader now..", the Rangers then said in turn:

TJ: Turbo Thunder Sword.

Ashley: Turbo Thunder Shield.

Justin: Turbo Thunder Ax.

Carlos: Turbo Thunder Whip.

Cassie: Turbo Thunder Daggers.

"What痴 wrong with you." Pink Ranger asked the Gold Ranger who replied.

"You will never win, you Rangers are pathetic, and you will NEVER defeat the Gold Ranger".

At that moment, the White Ranger teleported to the battle.

Now faced with overwhelming odds, the Gold Ranger teleported away.

Alpha watched as the Rangers teleported into the Power Chamber.

"Rangers, I have no explanation why the Gold Ranger attacked you, he is normally good friend and allie" Alpha said to them.

"Well, he KICKED our BUTTS without working up a sweat, and our weapons were USELESS" Justin said.

Dimitria said "Then we must find a way to defeat the Gold Ranger.".

The computer beepped and said in it痴 flat tone.

"Scans complete, subject, Gold Ranger is acting under the influence of a powerfull spell".

Dimitria then said.

"Then Rangers, you must all work together to find a way to break the spell".

They then all went to work on a soloution to the evil spell.

In the city center, the Gold Ranger had apeared with a group of Quantrons, who then proceded to attack the city.

The Sentinel was watching the attack from across the street, he was in the costume shop in his civilian identity.

As the shop staff ran for their lives, he thought to himself.

選 have to do something, the Power Rangers haven稚 shown up yet and those goons are causing trouble.

He looked around.

"You will never cause anyone pain again Gold Ranger, I will make sure of that" He said to the Gold Ranger.

Gold Ranger is speechless as he watches the person stand infront of him.

"I can't believe that YOU, a NORMAL human is standing up to me, no matter, QUANTRONS, ATACK" yelled the Gold Ranger.

Julian then morphed:


Sentinel faught off the Quantrons, who then teleported away.

Sentinel gripped the bo staff and said to Gold Ranger.

"It痴 just you and me now goldy, LET担 ROCK".

The Gold Ranger held his power staff as the two began to fight.

In the Power Chamber, the Rangers watched in disbelife as Sentinel battled the Gold Ranger.

"Rangers, go and assist the Sentinel." Dimitria was interupted by Justin who yelled at the viewscreen.


Gold Ranger unleashed a powerfull bolt of energy from his power staff, it hit the Sentinel, pircing his chest armor, he was sent flying and was slammed into the wall of the bank, leaving a dent, he crashed to the floor.

"You値l.. pay for that" he croaked, he pulled off the shield and, with a herculean effort, he threw it at threw Gold Rangers power staff, it hit it and caused the weapon to back fire.

The resulting backfire electrocuted the Gold Ranger, and the electric charge broke the spell.

The Rangers teleported to the scene, The Gold Ranger dropped his power staff and ran over to the Sentinel, the Rangers followed him and watched as he knelt down.

"You good. fighter" Sentinel said weakly.

Gold Ranger removed his helmet, and Ashley gasped.

"Julian." She pushed through and knelt at his side, she removed her helmet, placed it on the floor and asked him.

"Please, Julian, don稚 die, WHY did you fight Gold Ranger, WHY".

He looked at her, smiled gently and replied.

"It was my only option. the spell is now broken".

He coughed and then said, very weakly.

"This is the end for me. I died a warriors death, I look forward to death".

"You CAN探 DIE Julian" Joseph said.

"There is no reason for quarrel so let me die in peace" Julian replied.

Justin then said.

"That is the planet which, as Power Rangers we will fight for, you are NOT a Ranger.".

Ashley breaks off and starts crying as Julian dies.

Standing up, the Gold Ranger says.

"Only a few moments ago, I would have ripped apart his lifeless body, I have taken an innocent life, something a Ranger must never do, and it is something that can never be forgotten or repaid".

The following day in Angel Grove Park.

All of the Power Rangers are together having left Julian痴 funeral.

"Guys, we'll all greatly miss Julian, we all owe him a great debt that can never be reapid" says Joseph.

"You're right, this is something we may never get over, but our lives and everyone else's lives will be better now that the earth isn't under the threat of an evil Gold Ranger" says Cassie.

"He was always there for us, in spirit I know it was for good reason but I still can't believe he's gone" says Ashley, crying, the tears streaming down her face.

"I knew him a much shorter time than all of you, but I know that all the good things that I致e heard about him are true" says Justin.

"Yes, they are true, Julian was the best person that anyone could ever know" says Carlos.

With that comment, all the Rangers are silent and continue to walk through the park.

A couple of them ponder a drink but decide not to go with their current depressed state of mind.

"We are just going to have to stick together and the pain will be reduced dramatically in time, the loss we have xperienced... no... we will never forget Julian or his sacrifice, but our pain right now will heal, you can count on that" says TJ quietly.

Months pass and all of the Rangers still live together in Angel Grove.

Julian is still in their hearts, but they no longer mourn over his loss. It's a great spring day, and the teens are all sitting down, taking a break from their game of basketball.

They are all extremely tired, but the energetic Joseph coaxes them back to the game.

They slowly agree with her, but Ashley stays behind for a moment and talks to herself.

"This is perfect, Julian broke the spell on Gold Ranger, Julian, you saved the world, and we will never forget you".