Disclaimer: The Power Rangers are owned by Saban Entertainment. Momo chan is OhPink, the Pink Ranger in the Japanese version of PRZ. Sabba20 is some guy on IRC, and he has given his permission for his name to be used. The End.

Power Rangers Turdy
by Hikagi

Tommy walks into the Power Chamber and looks around.

Tommy: Hello? Is anyone there?

Alpha 6: Yo yo yo, don't nobody know how to knock? (says this while hiding the guns he was polishing)

Dimitria: Tommy what are you doing here?

Tommy: I don't know how about you?

Dimitria: Don't you remember why I came?

Tommy: No, enlighten me... (taps foot)

Dimitria: You are trying to trick me into saying a statement aren't you?

Tommy: Darn... almost... (snaps fingers) Enter Justin, as he teleports in it seems everyone there lets out a soft groan.

Justin: I'm here!

Tommy: Yeah so what?

Justin: But I thought you liked me?

Tommy: No, we just want you for your brain, now get over to that workbench and bail us out just like Billy used to... (Points to a bench that has chains attached to it.)

Billy: (Off camera) Muahahaha! Youth Center, all the children there are gathered around and seem to be boycotting Detective Stone's attempts at being a cheap knockoff of Ernie.

Kid1: Like, it's so uncool to eat here now that the fat dude is gone....

Kid2: Yeah, at least then we could see what he was eating and tell if it tasted good.

Kid1: Yeah, and remember all the times we had to fight him to take the tray of food from his hands?

Kid2: Yeah, like... that was cool.

Detective Stone: Uh.... hey guys wanna try my banana splits?

Kid1: Ew... hell no... who knows where your nasty hands have been... especially now that you have those Chimps.

Detective Stone: Hey... I'm not into that-

Kid2: Yeah right, go take your Micheal Jackson self on and just beat it... er... nevermind, don't want to give you any ideas. Angel Grove, in the middle of one of its national park sized parks.

Tanya: Adam... Adam where are you? (Looking around distressed)

Adam: Right here! (Facing away from her)

Tanya: Hey you... stop that.. I know you are a girl over there... it's not nice to play tricks on people, you know!

Adam: ....Hey! (Turns around)

Tanya: Well, guess I'll be on the couch tonight huh?

Adam: You better believe it... (Tosses hair and switches while walking away) In the submarine.

Elgar: I'm a maniac, maniac on the floor, and I'm dancin-

Divatox: Will you shut up? God, since I didn't have fun during disco I don't want to hear about it! (Smacks him hardily)

Elgar: Auntie Divatox... what did that song have to do with disco?

Divatox: Uh....

Porto: Uh... huh

Elgar: Uh huh

Divatox: You got the right one baby! (Throws up arms and jiggles around)

Rygog: Uh...yeah...

Porto: ...Why did you just say that? You're not scripted... (beats him with a leadpipe)

Director: Cut cut.... Enter the Parking lot in front of the youth center.

Momo chan: Baka... damette yo! (Smacks a tall blonde guy)

Sabba20: Momo chan... what? You don't want to go drinking? Aww come on...you know you love beer!

Momo chan: I am not your sex toy. Pervert! (She whips out her pink ohranger shield)

Sabba20: Dang missed the morph sequence!! Ahh... don't do that, are you crazy?!

Momo chan: Muahahahaha

Kat: Hey!!!

Momo chan: What?

Kat: That is my shield!

Momo chan: No it's not (Does her patented surprised look)

Kat: Yes it is! (Rolls her eyes and huffs)

Momo chan: Yeah... whatever... (Bends over showing her large chest off)

Kat: Oh! (Spins around and pats her butt at the camara instead of Momo)

Momo chan: I'm sexier!

Kat: No me! (She runs at Momo and starts to pull her hair)

Momo chan: Nani o? (Fights Kat)

Sabba20: I'm in heaven...

Both girls: Shut up you freak!

CarRanger girls: (Offset) Hey what about us?

All: Ew... (Turn green and run for the toilet) On the moon....


Zedd: What the devil.... did you poke yourself with that bra again?

Rita: No (Smacks him) I just saw my first episode of Big Bad Beetle Borgs! They had Ronald McDonald cast as a blue crackhead elvis ghost lookalike!

Zedd: Oh my god... you poor thing... here let me help you to the doctor...

Rita: Zeddy I'm gonna faint!

Zedd: Well (To himself) at least you'll be quiet on the way...

Rita: What was that?

Zedd: Nothing... Bulk and Skull are outside near Tanya and Aisha who returned for no reason.

Aisha: Okay lets sing again!

Tanya: No! Don't you ever stop? What is wrong with you? You are too perky, I have a headache, get away from me!

Aisha: But I only want to help! Here let me sing for you... "Angel Grove..."

Tanya: That's it... even the chimps are covering their ears..

Aisha: Chimps? Oh... how cute....

Bulk: Ew... she makes me scared.

Skull: She wasn't as threatening when we were human....

Aisha: You were human... who are you?

Skull: Uh... she can understand us! Yeah!

Aisha: Of course I can, all that time I spent in Africa allowed me to learn twenty different Animal languages.

Bulk: Whooptie dooo

Tanya: Why are you making simian sounds? (Touches Aisha's forhead)

Aisha: Aw.... see you really do care!

Tanya: Bleargh (Throws up)

Aisha: Okay fine then.... see if I care little miss Power Ranger! Hey everyone look Tanya... that sorry excuse for the Yellow Turbo Ranger is here! And she hangs around stupid wild animals that have no real comedic purpose on the show except to dump some food items on Lieutenant Stone all the time! (Snaps her fingers Ghetto Girl style and walks away) Oh and by the way... at least I stuck to one hairstyle while I was on the show...

Tanya: Yeah? Well, at least my hair isn't fake!

Aisha: Yeah... well, at least my nose wasn't so big that they would have to change the helmets to fit me each time the Rangers powered up!

Tanya: Oh that's it... we fighting now... They both fight and call each other Power Ranger (add your favorite swear here) on and on. Bulk and Skull go dump something on Detective/Lieutenant/Bartender Stone and no one laughs. All the people all around hear Tanya and Aisha mention that each other was the suckier Ranger and no one seems to care. A stray dog comes by and chews on Aisha's hair while a bird starts to make a nest in Tanya's big nose. Power Chamber Alpha 6: Yo yo yo... the child slavery ring won't take Justin.

Mr. Stewart: Damn...

Justin: Hey Dad! What are you doing here?

Director: Cut... cut... Power Chamber without Mr. Stewart....

Justin: Where is Dimitria?

Alpha 6: What do I look like her pimp? Go turn on the tube she got in.

Justin: But I don't know how...

Alpha 6: Damnit kid... can't you see I'm tryin to look at this robotics issue... they got a centerfold on the brand new ford model... leave me be..

Justin: Fine... (Kicks the tube) Everyone sees a semi-nude Divatox trying to change back to her Dimitria outfit.

Justin: Whoa... boobs!

Divatox: Argh... oh well you caught me..

Justin: Cool

Saban: What the hell? Who turned the tube on?

Divatox: Wasn't me.

Rita: Wasn't me!

Tommy: Wasn't me? (Confused look as he walks in late as usual)

Adam: Wasn't me. (Fluffing hair)

Kat: Wasn't me- (Smacking Momo chan)

Momo chan: -Wasn't me! (Punching Kat)

Sabba20: Muahahaha! (Holding a remote control as he runs away)