Power Rangers: Zeo and all characters portrayed in this story are the property of Saban Entertainment. Scott Crane is my property and cannot be used without my permission.

Lucky Seven
by : Adam Pearlman

In a house somewhere in Angel Grove a Teenager sleeps, however his dreams are anything but peaceful. For this Teenager was used by Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa and the Machine Empire to cause destruction and chaos and destroy the Zeo Rangers. In his nightmare he sees himself fighting them and winning and then he pulls out his dagger and without hesitation drives it through the power suit of Zeo Ranger I and into her heart. Her scream is short, but his own continues as he wakes up. Getting up and going to the Bathroom he splashes cold water over his face and turns to go back to sleep hoping the nightmare will go away, but Scott Crane knows the nightmare of being Dark Ranger will never be over.

The following morning in another house in Angel Grove another Teenager wakes up. In this case the leader of the Zeo Rangers look around and then moans to himself. "Oh no I'm going to be late".

With that he quickly scrambles to his feet and pulls on his T-shirt and jeans and without looking back grabs his backpack and takes off for College. Not realising he has left behind his zeoniser and his communicator.

Minutes later the Red Zeo Ranger runs into College and without looking where he is going slams straight into Adam who tumbles to the floor and then speaks as he lands. "Owh, Tommy watch where you are going".

Slowly getting to his feet Tommy extended his hand and help his friend to his feet and as he does he speaks. "Sorry Adam I overslept and I don't want to be late again this week".

Adam laughs and then at Tommy's puzzled look he speaks. "Tommy that settles it for your birthday I'm getting you an alarm clock".

Tommy smiled and Adam returned the grin as they quickly gathered their books and headed for class. Taking their seats the two Rangers joined their friends and watched as their teacher walked in along with a teenager the six Rangers had gotten to know last week when they had faced off against him as the Dark Ranger. The teacher quickly spoke and introduced the new arrival. "Good Morning class, I would first like to introduce you to your new classmate Scott Crane".

As many of the class muttered their greetings the five Rangers could not help but remember the last time they had seen Scott Crane which was as the Dark Ranger attempting to kill them all. Scott carefully took his seat on the other side from where the five Rangers were sat. The day continued and at the end before any of the Rangers could stop him Scott gathered his books and bag and left the room. As he opened his locker and placed his bags inside he turned as he felt someone come up behind him. Hesitating he turned to see Kat stood there and for an instant he saw Kat not as she was but as he had last seen her as Zeo Ranger I as he prepared to kill her. For a second he felt his throat close up and he looked away and braced himself against his locker feeling dizzy when he felt Kat put her hand on his shoulder in a reassuring gesture and he looked at her and saw nothing but concern.

Kat looked at him and then she spoke. "Are you okay?"

Scott was surprised and he allowed the look to cross his face. "Why are you concerned. I... I tried to kill you".

Kat just looked at him for a long time and then she spoke. "I'll try not to hold it against you. In case you didn't know before I became a Ranger I tried to help destroy the Rangers I almost killed Kimberly my predecessor as a Ranger and Tommy before me almost did the same thing as the Evil Green Ranger. The Rangers accepted me and they accepted Tommy even for what he did. You had no control over what you were doing. Now you can either wallow in self pity or forget that and get on with your life.

With that Kat turned and walked away leaving Scott to ponder her words.

Four pairs of eyes watched this conversation. Two of them belonged to Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd who watched from their Lunar Palace. It was Rita who spoke first. "So our former slave is feeling guilty and the Rangers are ready to forgive him. Well, I have an idea that will forever destroy the Rangers and destroy the Traitor".

Zedd looked across at his wife and spoke. "What do you have in mind my Wife?"

Rita glanced across at him and told him that they should recreate the Dark Ranger. Zedd's response was to laugh and point out the flaw with the previous attempt. "How do you propose to do that? We have already seen that our Dark Ranger feelings are too strong to bury".

Rita smiled and explained that they would create an identical copy of the teen except this one would be there's to command and nobody would be able to tell it was not the real Scott Crane.

As to who the second set of eyes one belonged too that will be revealed shortly. Meanwhile Scott walked through the park deep in thought about what Kat had said when he looked up and saw some and he spoke their name. "Rito".

Rito smiled a greeting and indicated the group of Tengas with him who began to approach him. Quickly adopting a defensive stance the teen spoke. "This is definitely not a good day to attack me".

The Tengas didn't respond and simply charged. Greatly outnumbered the teenager fought valiantly and then he felt himself grabbed by two of the Tengas and then Rito entered his field of vision carrying a small device that emitted a light that passed all over his body. He tried to cry out but his voice failed him and then it was over and he fell to the ground. Looking around he saw that the Tengas and Rito had vanished. Standing up and dusting himself off the teenager quickly grabbed his bag and made his way back to his home.

At the Lunar Palace Rito reappeared with the device in his hand and he spoke with a jovial sound in his voice. "Sis. I'm back".

His sister looked up and spoke. "Did you get it or did you fail like usual?"

With a certain amount of glee the walking skeleton told her that he had succeeded and he handed the device to Finister.

Rito quickly handed the small device to Finister who pushed some buttons and then a Scott Crane appeared in front of them Zedd clapped his hands in delight and Rita laughed and spoke. "Perfect my plan is working".

The Dark Ranger spoke. "What is your command my empress, emperor?"

Zedd once more clapped his hands in glee and spoke. "Yes, it works. My command is this you will become the Dark Ranger and you will destroy the Power Rangers. Do you understand?"

The Dark Ranger nodded and replied. "Yes, the Power Rangers will be destroyed nothing will stand in my way".

Rita pointed her staff and a bolt of energy appeared from it and the copy of Scott Crane vanished and moments later reappeared on Earth dressed in his the Dark Ranger outfit. The Dark Ranger looked around and then he spoke. "The Rangers will die, but first to get their attention". Pulling out his blaster the Dark Ranger fired into the crowd and at the buildings. These actions did not go unobserved.

Inside the Power Chamber Zordon, Alpha and Billy watched the battle. "Alpha this is a most dangerous situation. Summon the Rangers at once".

Alpha bent over his console and touched several button transmitting the signal to the Power Rangers communicator.

In the Youth Centre Kat related her conversation with Scott to her fellow Rangers when the signal came through the communicator. The five Rangers quickly found a quiet spot and contacted Zordon.

It was Adam who brought his communicator up and spoke. "What's up Zordon?"

Zordon didn't miss a beat. "Teleport to the Power Chamber at once, we have an emergency".

Tanya replied. "We are on our way Zordon".

The Five Rangers touched their teleporters and vanished leaving Tommy to realise that he had left his Communicator at home. "Ah Man I left my Zeonisers and Communicator at home. I had better get there fast and get them". Tommy turned and ran out of the Youth Centre.

At the Lunar Palace Zedd watched this and decided to do something about it. "So Tommy has left his Zeoniser and Communicator at home. Rito take the Tengas and delay him. Goldar go to his house and get his Zeonisers".

Rito nodded and with the Tengas disappeared. The two warriors disappeared on their various tasks. Tommy raced through the park and was almost to the end of it when Rito and the Tengas appeared.

Rito quickly stepped forward and spoke. "Hello Tommy".

Tommy looked up and spoke. "What do you want Rito?"

Rito laughed and replied. "Just to delay you while Goldar gets your Zeoniser".

Tommy responded by speaking. "No way, I'll stop him.

The walking Skeleton laughed and ordered the Tengas to attack the Red Ranger.

Part Two

Power Rangers: Zeo and all the characters portrayed in this story are the property of Saban Entertainment. Scott Crane is my property and cannot be used without my permission.

Previously on Power Rangers: Zeo.

Scott Crane is suffering from nightmares of his time as Dark Ranger. Zedd and Rita have created a copy of Scott and given him the Dark Ranger powers and sent him to finish the original mission of destroying the Power Rangers. Meanwhile Tommy has raced home having forgotten his Zeoniser and Communicator only for Rito and the Tengas to attack him.

Rito spoke. "Give it up Tommy without your powers you're helpless".

Tommy glared at him and waited for the Tengas. The Tengas attacked and Tommy easily dealt with them but he was quickly hit by one of the Tengas and he collapsed.

Rito laughed and spoke. "Well, Tommy it was nice knowing you, but goodbye". Rito raised his sword and prepared to deliver the killing blow. As he brought it down it merely hit empty ground as Tommy disappeared in red light.

Rito moaned and shook his head. "Oh No, Zedd ain't going to like this" And then he too teleported out.

The Power Chamber. A relieved Tommy pulled himself to his feet and then he spoke. "Man was that ever close. Thanks Billy".

Billy looked over at him and smiled. "Your welcome Tommy".

Tommy suddenly looked around and then turned to Zordon who was already smiling and then began to speak. "Do not worry when I detected you in the park I had Billy scan for your Zeoniser and Communicator and had Alpha teleport them here.

Alpha quickly handed them to Tommy who gratefully accepted them. Before Zordon could speak again a bright light entered the Power Chamber and stood before the teens was the Gold Ranger and he spoke. "I have returned to assist you".

Once the Rangers had finished with their greetings Zordon told the six to look at the Viewing Globe. The Six Rangers looked at the Viewing Globe and watched in stunned silence as they saw and it was Tanya who summed up the emergency in two words. "Dark Ranger".

Tommy sighed heavily thinking to himself 'here we go again. "In other words Scott".

Kat quickly turned to face their mentor. " Is this possible?"

Zordon nodded and spoke. "I suspect Rita and Zedd have placed another spell on him and turned him into the Dark Ranger".

Trey turned to the other Rangers. "No matter what has happened to Scott, we have to stop him."

Tommy spoke. "It's Morphing Time".

The Six morphed and arrived on the scene to find the Dark Ranger waiting for them. "I have been expecting you Power Rangers".

Kat quickly spoke. "Scott let us help you".

The Dark Ranger laughed and then he spoke. "Help me. I am going to destroy you and take my place as Zedd and Rita's General of their army as they rule this mudball".

Tommy spoke. "Scott you are under spell you broke it once you can do it again".

Dark just snarled his reply. "Never, your end is at hand Power Rangers. Tengas attack".

At his command the Tengas appeared and began to attack the Rangers. Tommy quickly gave his orders. "You guys take care of the Tengas I will deal with Scott".

The six split up and Tommy charged towards the Dark Ranger even as he spoke. "You want me Ranger come and get me".

Tommy launched himself at Scott and attempted to get in some blows that would take him down and then the Dark Ranger responded with his own and Tommy was blasted backwards as if he had been hit by a truck. "That might have worked before Tommy, but now I am stronger and you will be destroyed. I wouldn't worry though you will die last, Kat will be first and then the rest and you can watch as they all die horribly".

Tommy made one last plea to Scott. "Scott this isn't you talking, let us help you".

The Dark Ranger laughed. "I don't want your help after all I've already got what I want and with your destruction I will have your Zeo powers as well making me even more powerful. Perhaps I will let Katherine survive to become my Queen, for when I get your crystals I will be more powerful than Zedd and Rita combined."

Tommy spoke one last time. "One last chance Scott stop this madness and let us help you".

Suddenly he stopped and seemed to consider the offer. "You know something Tommy, you are right I will let you help me".

The Dark Ranger crossed to where Tommy was trying to get up and extended his hand. Tommy accepted and allowed himself to be pulled to his feet. Before he could react he felt Scott grab his blaster and smashed him back down to the ground and then he heard him speak. "Oh Rangers, time to die".

The other Rangers turned to see Tommy laid on the floor and the Dark Ranger with Tommy's blaster pointed at them and then he fired and the scene vanished in flames. Grabbing Tommy, Scott hurled him into the flames and started to laugh and then he stopped. "They are gone. Blast, this is not over Power Rangers I will destroy you yet".

At the Power Chamber the six Rangers pulled themselves painfully back to their feet and it was Adam who spoke first. "Man was that ever close, thankfully Alpha and Billy were ready to teleport us at the slightest bit of danger".

Alpha nodded and spoke. "You are most welcome Rangers".

Kat then turned to Zordon. "Zordon what can we do Scott even more powerful than before".

Zordon nodded and spoke. "As I feared his powers have been increased ten fold and he is now even more powerful than the Gold Ranger".

Tanya then asked a question. "Then if he is more powerful how can we beat him?"

Zordon continued to speak. "By working together, combine your strength and you will win. Now you must go Rangers for he is attacking the Warehouse district of Angel Grove".

Tommy looked at the others and then spoke. "We're on it Zordon. Back to action".

The Rangers teleported out and Alpha and Billy turned back to the consoles when Billy suddenly whirled around and Zordon spoke. "Billy what is it?"

The former Ranger looked startled and then he spoke. "I was just scanning Angel Grove when I detected Scott, but not in the Warehouse district, but in the park and with no powers. How is that possible?"

Zordon smiled and spoke. "I believe I know, Rita and Zedd must have created an exact copy of Scott and given him the Dark Rangers powers".

Billy nodded. "So the one in the park is the real one and the Dark Ranger is a fake".

Zordon spoke. "Yes Alpha, now please teleport Scott here at once".

Alpha turned back to the console and pressed a few buttons. In the park Scott Crane continued to walk and think and was so deep in thought he did not feel the teleporter grab him and deposit him in the Power Chamber. Turning around he saw Zordon, Alpha and Billy stood there.

Scott looked puzzled and then he spoke. "Zordon why have you brought me here?"

Zordon told him to turn around and look at the Viewing Globe. Scott did as he was told and he turned and watched in silence as he saw the Rangers battling the Dark Ranger.

The surprise was evident on Scott's face as he turned around. "How is that possible? Wait a minute I was attacked by the Tengas and they took some kind of scan of me".

Zordon replied. "I believe they used that scan to create a clone of you and they gave it the Dark Ranger powers. Even now the Rangers battle it thinking it is you".

Scott quickly spoke. "I have to help them".

Zordon again replied. "And you will Scott. Extend your hand".

Back at the battle scene the Rangers regrouped following battling more Tengas and Justin was the first to speak. "Hey where's Kat?"

Trey replied. "I don't know, we got separated".

Suddenly the group heard the voice of the Dark Ranger. "Hey Rangers I found something of yours".

The Rangers looked up to see the Dark Ranger carrying Katherine who's suit was in tatters and no movement came from her.

Tanya angrily cried out. "Leave her alone".

The Dark Ranger merely laughed and then he spoke. "Since you asked nicely I won't. Now watch as she dies". Pulling his dagger from his belt the Dark Ranger prepared to kill Kat.

Part Three

Disclaimer: Power Rangers: Zeo and all the characters portrayed in this story are the property of Saban Entertainment. Scott Crane is my property and cannot be used without my permission.

Previously on Power Rangers: Zeo

Rita and Zedd have recreated the Dark Ranger and increased his powers and sent him on a rampage. The Zeo Rangers have already faced him and failed and now they are trying again to stop him. However he has captured Kat and prepares to kill her. Meanwhile Zordon has a plan of his own.

Tommy cried out. "Scott stop, whatever you want we'll give it to you. Just spare her".

The Dark Ranger laughed and spoke. "Very well give me your Zeo crystals and she will live".

Tommy didn't hesitate and replied. "As you wish".

Pulling their Zeonisers from their arms they threw them to the Dark Ranger and they reverted to normal Teenagers and then Tanya spoke. "We have fulfilled our end of the bargain now release Kat".

The Ranger laughed and then he spoke. "Fools, did you think I really would, I've changed my mind, she will still die and so will you.

The Dark Ranger raised his dagger and prepared to drive it into Kat's heart when he heard a noise and turned only for a kick to send him crashing backward and a voice was heard. "No one dies today I think".

Picking up the Rangers Zeonisers he throws them towards them and they morph back into there Ranger suits and quickly run up to him and Tommy spoke. "Is she okay?"

Scott spoke. "She is very lucky to be in one piece. This will bring her around fully". Lifting her into a sitting position the Silver warrior placed the pill in the partially conscious Pink Rangers mouth. "Easy just swallow this and you'll be okay". For a second there is no reaction as she swallows and then her eyes open wide and she backs away as she sees the Silver Ranger.

Kat spoke. "Wh... Who are you?"

Scott smiled and replied. "I'm the Silver Ranger. Zordon sent me".

Meanwhile the Dark Ranger was on his feet again. "Well, six or seven doesn't matter to me. I am unbeatable".

Scott snorted and replied. "I don't think so. Tommy are we alone".

Tommy nodded and before he could ask a question. The Silver Ranger put his hands to his helmet and removed it revealing his identity to the shocked Rangers and Dark Ranger.

Adam was the first to speak. "Scott!!"

With the confusion evident in his voice the Dark Ranger spoke. "You have my face".

Scott spoke again. "No, you have mine. You see you are nothing but a copy of me".

The clone spoke. "No that is not possible, I remember my first step, my first kiss".

Scott just replied. "You remember because, the thing that created you also copied my memories. You are not the real Scott Crane, I am".

Suddenly the Dark Ranger screamed in anger. "No, No, NOOO". Summoning his blaster the Dark Ranger fired at a fuel tank causing it to explode. By the time the smoke had cleared he was gone leaving the seven alone.

Tommy was the first to speak. "Man am I glad to see you Scott, but what are you doing here?"

Scott smiled and then spoke. "I will explain at the Power Chamber".

Impatient as ever Justin spoke. "Well, lets get back there and get some answers".

Helping Kat to back to her feet the Seven teleported back to the Power Chamber and Tommy spoke. "Zordon what is going on if he is Scott and the other one is who is the real one?"

Zordon replied. "The one stands alongside you now is the real Scott. The other is a clone with Scott's memories and skills and no compassion whatsoever".

Scott added his own view. "In others words, no amount of talking will stop him, just pure force".

Justin then piped up with another question. "The other question is how did you create a new Ranger?"

Tanya continued the Blue Rangers thought. "Yeah I mean I thought all the pieces of the Zeo Crystal had been found".

Zordon answered the question. "With an urgent need for a new Ranger Alpha and I gave the Silver Power Coin to Scott".

Adam nodded and realised what they meant. "So although he has the powers of a Ranger he has them from a power coin instead of a Zeo-sub crystal".

Zordon nodded. "That is correct. Now however we have more urgent problem".

Scott then spoke. " Yeah, my evil twin the revelation that he is not who he thinks he is, will push over the edge".

Billy finished the thought for him. "In other words next time you face him. He is going to be more powerful and very insane".

Zordon once more nodded. "I am afraid so Rangers".

Tommy then looked at the others. "Well, looks like we are going to have to work hard to stop him".

Scott shook his head. "Not we Tommy, me I have to stop him myself".

Kat suddenly spoke up. "Are you crazy Scott. Twice the six of us have tried to stop and almost been killed. How can you one person stop him?"

Scott turned and spoke to her. "He is me, deep down buried there has to be something good within him. If I can reach maybe I can stop him from hurting any more people".

Zordon spoke. "Very well Scott you have made your point you may go and face him alone".

Scott nodded his thanks. "Thank you Zordon, I won't let you down. Back to Action".

Scott touched his teleporter and vanished in a Silver light the Rangers all turned to watch from the Viewing globe the coming battle.

At Angel Grove Park the newest Ranger appeared to see a very busy park and watched as all these kids came up to see him. Scott allowed himself a small smile under his helmet and then concentrated on the task at hand. Seeing the two Detectives Bulk and Skull he ran over to them. "Hey you two, clear the park".

Bulk spoke up. "Why?"

Scott shook his head. "I do not have time to explain the full story, but the short version the Dark Ranger is on the loose and he has it in for me. So get everybody out".

Skull threw off a quick salute. "Will do Ranger sir".

The two Teenagers raced off and started to get people out of the park and Scott watched until he felt the presence of the Dark Ranger who spoke. "That is our difference Brother, you have compassion for these fools. I do not".

Scott turned and spoke. "Listen to me you are under a spell. Fight as you once did before".

Dark spoke once more. "I was a fool to reject the power then. Now I embrace it and I will destroy anyone who stands in my way including my opposite. For that is what we are opposites. You are all that was me a weak and pathetic fool who believed by being good could change the world. I on the other hand am Strong and powerful and totally committed to changing the World as well into my own evil empire".

Scott looked at him and then he spoke. "Sorry Dark Ranger the only way your turning Earth into your own Empire is over my dead body".

The Dark Ranger laughed and then he spoke. "I was hoping you would say that". Before Scott could react Dark Ranger leapt at him and slammed his feet into the Silver Rangers chest sending him crashing to the floor and before Scott could even react he pulled his dagger from his belt and drove towards him. Rolling out of the way Scott pulled himself to his feet and prepared to fight back.

Scott quickly spoke. "That your best shot. Well, here's mine". Scott ran towards his clone and at the last instant he pulled his legs into his chest and jumped over the Dark Ranger and as he went past he slammed his legs into the Dark Ranger sending him crashing to the ground forward and then he turned pulling the small dagger from his belt and held it in a defensive position. Before either combatant could strike again a ball appeared and was being chased by a small boy and girl. The Dark Ranger saw this and he pulled his blaster from his belt and aimed at the small children.

Scott cried out. "Oh no you don't".

Scott leapt with all his strength at the Dark Ranger and pulled him to the ground. Getting up he ran towards the kids. "Come on Kids lets get your ball and get out of here".

Suddenly a small scream from the little girl made the Silver Ranger turn his head to see his double had already recovered his blaster and fired it at them. Turning around Scott used his body to shield the kids until the energy bolts stopped. "Billy teleport these two kids out of here".

Billy voice came over the communicator. "Already on it Scott".

The kids vanished leaving the two Rangers to face off against each other again. Scott painfully pulled himself to his feet only to collapse on the floor once more. At the Power Chamber Adam spoke "Zordon we have to help him".

Zordon nodded reluctantly and then he spoke. "Go now, but be careful".

Tommy called out. "Back to Action".

The six materialised in the park to see the Dark Ranger stood over the Silver Ranger and as he saw the six he spoke. "Oh good you have come to find me, saves me the trouble of having to find and kill you later".

Justin quickly called out. "I would not be so sure. This time you're going down".

Once more the Dark Ranger laughed and then he spoke. "You still do not understand. Very well, die". Summoning every bit of his energy the Dark Ranger slammed it into the Rangers and they crumpled to the floor under the onslaught. Then with them on the floor he spoke again. "And now I will destroy you".

Suddenly the Dark Ranger heard the voice of Scott. "It's not over yet. I will fight with my last breath".

The evil version nodded and spoke. "So be it. Time to finish it".

Scott also nodded and then spoke as well. "You're totally right I call on the power of the Silver Ranger".

The newest Ranger pulled himself to his feet and for a second nothing happened and then his whole body was surrounded by a silver aura. With a slight hesitation the young hero produced his dagger and charged towards his clone. On the Moon Rita and Zedd watched in horror. "Oh no, time to make our Dark Ranger grow". The two evil-doers raised their staff and watched as the Dark Ranger grew.

On the ground the Rangers watched and Adam spoke. "Our problems just got bigger".

Tommy quickly gave the order. "We need Zeo Zord power now". At their command the five Zords appeared and formed the Zeo Megazord and began to fight with the Dark Ranger. On the ground Scott watched helplessly and then he contacted Zordon.

Scott spoke into his communicator. "Zordon I've got to help them, but I need a Zord".

Zordon replied. "And you can Scott. Simply call for your Zord".

Scott response was quizzical. "What is my Zord?"

Zordon continued to talk. "You have been given access to the Shogun Zords simply call and all five will come and form the Shogun Megazord and control it by yourself".

Scott smiled and then he spoke. "Okay here goes nothing. I need Shogun Zord power".

Calling out his Zord appeared and joined the Zeo Megazord. Adam was the first to speak. "Scott is that you?"

Scott laughed and spoke. "Yep, what do you think?"

Tommy laughed also and replied. "I think the Dark Ranger is going down".

The Dark Ranger raced forward and produced his dagger and struck the Megazord sending it stumbling backwards. Justin quickly spoke. "Zeo IV Battle Helmet. Okay Dark Ranger let me give you a lift".

The Battle Helmet came down and Justin used it to grab the Dark Ranger and slam him up and down on the ground. Then Tommy spoke. "Zeo V Battle Helmet. Zeo Saber now".

In the Shogun Megazord Scott spoke. "Okay guys take him out". The Zeo Saber swung around and struck the Dark Ranger that sent him crashing to the ground, but he didn't explode like the normal monsters.

The Dark Ranger laughed and spoke. "Was that your best effort".

Scott replied. "There is plenty more where that came from. Shogun Megazord Power Weapon fire". At Scott's command the Zord fired an energy bolt that staggered the Dark Ranger but still did not finish him off. The Rangers were at a loss about what to do when Zordon came over their communicators.

Zordon spoke. "Scott you must call on the Shogun Megazord's full power and that will finish off the Dark Ranger".

Scott acknowledged. "Right Zordon".

The Dark Ranger once more spoke. "You think that piece of junk will stop me".

Scott spoke once more with a hint of anger in his voice. "It will, it's over Dark Ranger." The Shogun Megazord power sword appeared and with a swing struck the Dark Ranger and with a final scream he collapsed and blew up.

With the Dark Ranger gone the seven quickly teleported back to the Power Chamber. On the moon the Zedd watched. "No, this is all your fault, such a stupid idea".

Rita turned to face her husband and spoke. "I didn't see you coming up with any other ideas".

Zedd snarled and turned away. "Six or Seven Rangers I swear this I will destroy them all".

At the Power Chamber Zordon spoke to the Rangers. "Well, done Rangers. This a most impressive victory, not only have you defeated the Dark Ranger and you have gained a new team-mate. Scott your courage saved the Rangers and I am most pleased to welcome you aboard".

Scott smiled and spoke. "I was glad to help Zordon".

Tanya added her own opinion. "What you did today saved many people. If not for you Kat would be dead".

Scott shook his head and spoke. "I know, I stopped my clone, but I can't erase the damage he did before I stopped him or the damage as the Dark Ranger I did, but maybe I can as the Silver Ranger. That is if you guys want me as your team-mate".

Tommy turned to the Silver Ranger and spoke. "You were not responsible and as Zordon said welcome aboard". Tommy smiled and extended his hand and Scott accepted it while returning his smile. The other Rangers all clustered around Scott and offered their words of encouragement.

Zordon spoke. "Power Rangers the prophecy about the Seventh Ranger has almost been fulfilled".

Scott turned to Zordon and spoke. "What do you mean almost fulfilled?"

Zordon continued to speak. "One day the Seventh Ranger will be as his fellow Rangers are a Power Ranger empowered by a Zeo Crystal".

Kat spoke. "When will this happen Zordon?"

Zordon spoke. "When the Seventh Ranger has gone through the veil of death and embraced life".

Justin looked at Zordon and spoke. "Say what!!"

Alpha stood beside Billy spoke. "Zordon said that the Seventh Ranger has to die and return to life before he can become a Zeo Ranger".

Scott chuckled and spoke. "You mean I have to die and come back to life, sounds simple".

Adam spoke. "Man was that ever a tough day. I think I'm going to be sore for days".

Kat looked across at him and spoke. "Well, at least you didn't almost end up dead".

Billy nodded and spoke. "Yeah it was a good thing Scott was around".

Scott replied. "Glad I could help".

Scott smiled and Tommy turned to look at him and the other Rangers.

Justin spoke again. "Well, Scott welcome to the team".

Tommy extended his hand and the others put their hands on top.

All spoke. "Power Rangers".