The Power Rangers and all related characters are the property of Saban Entertainment. Scott Crane is my property and cannot be used without my permission.

The End: Prologue
by : Adam Pearlman

It was the end of the year and the beginning of a new millennium; it should have been a time of celebration for people. However the darkness has overtaken the world and the last bastion of hope and peace is soon to fall.

Inside the Power Chamber with barely any illumination or light a figure stands only with a great force of will. Then his mentor speaks. "Are you sure, you want to do this."

The figure spoke. "Yes Zordon it's the only way. If I... can go back I can warn them of the danger."

The great sage spoke. "Very well Adam go and may the power protect you."

The Green Ranger smiled and then he disappeared in a flash of green light leaving behind his future and returning to his past. Watching him go Alpha Five returned his attention to the console and then he looked up at Zordon. "Zordon there is a wave of energy heading this way." Said Alpha worriedly.

Zordon turned to his little companion. "Do we have any shields left Alpha?"

Alpha looked back at his console and then worriedly looked at Zordon. "Ay, Yi. Yi. Yi. No we don't Zordon."

Then before Zordon could reply the wave of fire slammed into the Power Chamber and then when it passed the Power Chamber and it's inhabitants where all gone.

A week ago.

In Angel Grove in a secluded part of the park eighteen teens sit around simply talking or just enjoying each others company, but these teens are no ordinary teenagers in fact all of them possess a secret from the others that either now or previously they defended the Earth from the forces of evil known to the world as the Power Rangers.

Currently four of the teens are walking through the park holding hands with their respective partners. For a while they walk in silence and then the blond haired girl speaks. "Shouldn't you and Adam be practising?"

Scott smiled and looked over at Kat. "We've been practising all morning," he said.

Before he could continue the teen in green spoke. "And besides we deserved a break".

The final member of the foursome spoke with a bit of humour in her voice. "No you don't, I saw you earlier mucking around."

Scott looked across at Adam and grinned. "Busted."

Tanya smiled back at the two. "Well, and truly."

Before either could think of a reply there was a flash of light and suddenly before them there was a Green Ranger. The Ranger staggered and collapsed to the floor. "Oh man I made it." He said.

The four quickly ran to his side and it was Scott who spoke first. "So who are you?"

The Ranger looked up at him and beneath his helmet he smiled. "Scott I don't believe it then I did make it. I'm from a week in the future; I've come to warn you the end is. Coming... Death will..." the words trailed off and the Green Ranger collapsed to the floor and demorphed revealing the battered form of Adam Park and leaving the others staring at each other.

It was a few minutes before anyone moved and then Kat leaned down and checked for a pulse and then slowly shook her head. Then she picked up two items he was clutching in his hand.

Scott was the first to speak. "We should go to the Power Chamber. I don't know what's going on, but I think we're in serious trouble."

Part Two

The Power Rangers and all related characters are the property of Saban Entertainment. Scott Crane is my property and cannot be used without my permission. Minutes ago four of the Power Rangers had encountered a visitor claiming not only to be from the future but also to be Adam Park. The figure had collapsed and died minutes after half delivering a warning. Now the story continues.

The other Rangers listened in silence to Scott tell them what had just happened and then Andro the leader of the Astro Rangers spoke. "Is it possible that this could all be an elaborate trick."

Scott shook his head. "It isn't the other Adam had two items in his hand. One was this. The White Ranger held up a slightly burnt and torn photograph which was of the entire group of Rangers, not strange in itself, but the fact that the very same photo had been taken only hours ago and that there was only one copy which Kat had. "The other item was a locket which we've run a scan on and it has both Adam and Tanya's DNA on."

The others were silent until Jason spoke. "So sometime in the next week the Rangers are going to be killed and Adam will come back in time to warn us, but of what?"

Kat glanced at their mentors Zordon and Dimitria. "Zordon he did say something about Death."

The wise old mentor of the Rangers looked at his charges. "I have been monitoring the moon and all is quiet."

The longest serving Ranger Billy quickly spoke up to both mentors. "Zordon, Dimitria is it possible we're being given a false reading."

Tommy who was stood next to him spoke. "What do you mean Billy?"

Billy looked at the other boy. "Perhaps, they are manipulating their energies so we think that they are not up to anything, but in fact they are plotting something."

It was Justin Stewart who spoke up next. "I think your just being paranoid, they are probably up to nothing and all of this is an elaborate hoax".

Scott placed a hand on the youngster's shoulder. "I wish I could believe that."

Just then the alarm went off and the Rangers all turned to look at the Viewing Globe. It was Alpha 6 who spoke first. "Oh terrific we've got Quantrons, Piranhatrons, Tengas and Cogs led by Astronema".

Off to one side Andros started to speak and then closed his mouth. Concerned Ashley placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder. "Don't worry, we'll get her back".

Scott then spoke up. "Andros you stay here with me, Tommy take the others and head them off".

Tommy nodded and gave the command. "It's Morphing Time."

Off to the side Zhane also spoke. "Let's Rocket". And then in eleven flashes of light they were gone. With them gone Andros turned to Scott and spoke. "Why didn't you let me go with them".

Scott smiled and was even more pleased with Andros reaction, which changed, as he told him his plan.

On the battlefield the Rangers arrived into chaos. It was Carlos who spoke first. "Ah man this a mess."

Tommy immediately took command. "No time to chat, let's take them out".

From her vantagepoint at the top of the hill Astronema watched and alongside her the bounty hunter Darkonda who many years ago had kidnapped the girl. Suddenly from out of nowhere two pairs of hands grabbed Darkonda and flung him backwards and reached for Astronema. Before the woman could react she felt herself being teleported away and back to the Power Chamber.

Holding the struggling girl in his hands Andros spoke. "We've got her now what?"

Zordon or Dimitria did not reply and instead blasted the girl with energy and when the dust settled she was Karone once more.

The girl looked around in confusion and then seeing her brother she smiled and spoke. "Andros where am I, the last thing I remember is seeing Darkonda again".

It was Zordon who spoke. "Welcome back Karone I believe you know all of us here. We were able to return you to the side of light."

The girl smiled. "Thank you Zordon, but this has happened before and as you saw I returned to the side of evil".

Dimitria smiled and spoke. "Not this time child, our concentrated good energies will allow you to remain on the side of light and you now possess powers that you may use to fight on the side of light. They are yours if you would like them?"

Karone seemed taken aback, but then she spoke with determination in her voice. "Yes, to prevent the same thing happening to someone, I will".

Then with a burst of purple energy an Astro Morpher appeared on her wrist.

Scott smiled and then spoke. "I really hate to break this touching scene up, but we've got a fight to finish. "So it's Back to Action".

Karone saw the two disappear and then she looked at the Morpher on her wrist and then she spoke two words. "Let's Rocket". With that she punched in the code and became the Purple Astro Ranger.

She teleported to the battle scene to find the other Rangers already well involved the battle. Looking around she saw that Darkonda was creeping up behind the unsuspecting Zhane. For a split second she started to yell out a warning, then she remembered she was a Ranger who could fight herself. Without another thought she launched herself at the alien Bounty Hunter and knocked him away. The Silver Ranger looked around surprised on two accounts and then he spoke. "Thanks I hadn't seen him".

Karone smiled and replied. "Your welcome Zhane".

Under his helmet Zhane looked shocked as he recognised the voice. "Karone is that you?"

Karone laughed and then spoke. "In the flesh or armour."

Meanwhile Darkonda had reappeared in front of them. "Well, my dear it seems a change has come over you and from my point of view not one that is very good".

Karone spoke again, but this time with pure hatred in her voice. "You've stolen years of my life and now you're going to pay."

Suddenly Karone took off towards the evil one leaving Zhane to call out. "No, don't it's what he wants."

But before Karone could get to him Darkonda disappeared along with the remaining Cogs, Tengas, Quantrons and Piranhatrons. "Next time I'll get you Darkonda I swear it" said Karone.

The Ranger quickly regrouped and Scott spoke to the masses. "Well done guys we've driven them off for now, but they'll be back. We should head off as well".

Cassie suddenly looked up and then turned back to the others. "We've got company."

They all turned to see several reporters and camera crews heading their way. Scott was the first to speak. "Guys get out of here I'll deal with them."

The others nodded and teleported out and moments after they had gone the White Ranger found himself bombarded with questions mainly about the new Ranger to which he replied. "The Purple Ranger is a new Ranger. Who has just joined our ranks. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got work to do". With that he teleported out leaving the Reporters with more questions and no answers.

He arrived at the Power Chamber to find the others had already demorphed. "Well that's got the press off our backs for a while" he said.

Justin was the first to speak. "So what now."

Scott looked around. "I think we should all just relax."

Adam smiled and looked across at Tommy and Scott. "And we should get back to our training".

Tommy laughed. "Well let's get back to it."

The three quickly teleported out leaving the others to head off with the exception of Karone and the other Astro Rangers behind.

Ashley was the first to speak. "So what was with Scott, he was out of here faster than Ecliptor when he's beaten".

Karone answered the question. "It's probably me. We've had encounters when I was Astronema."

Cassie looked puzzled at this and spoke. "He's never mentioned this."

Karone replied to this. "It's probably something he doesn't want to talk about, but something tells me we're going to have to."

Meanwhile the three Rangers had returned to the empty Arena to train in the ring. However, it became apparent that Scott was distracted as he kept missing punches and kicks. Tommy saw this and spoke up. "So what's up?"

Scott glanced across at him and spoke. "Nothing's up."

Adam gave a sarcastic laugh and then spoke. "Yeah right, something is and it has to do with Astronema. I mean Karone."

Scott glanced at his two friends and with a sigh realised that they wouldn't let up until he told them. "Okay, but you don't tell anyone else what I am about to."

The two looked at him and nodded

Scott sighed and then. "You remember when I went missing, well while I was held captive by the forces of evil Astronema was there. She was one of the ones who used to torture me, but unlike the others she used other means to try and break me.

He paused there and watched the reactions on their faces and then he continued. "She used everything she had at her disposable to try and break me, but as every day went on I kept going and she kept trying everything she could and it wasn't until... until the last day I was held there when I almost gave in. She decided that if she couldn't break me being herself, she would use trickery, she used her powers to look like Kat and she came on to me. I was ready to give in I mean she looked gorgeous and she was all over me and I started to give in and then that when Jan and her group appeared and rescued me."

The two stood in silence not knowing really what to say. Suddenly Karone broke the silence. "Hello Scott".

The three turned and with a flick of her head Adam and Tommy quickly left.

Scott stood in silence just staring at her for a long time and then he spoke. "So what do you want to talk about?"

Karone hesitated and then she spoke. "About what happened between us. If we're going to be Rangers we can't not clear the air between us."

Scott smiled at that. "You're right we have to talk. But not here, somewhere we can be in private without an interruption".

The two quickly got up and left to go somewhere more private and talk. Meanwhile high above them Darkonda related what had happened. "So you see my lord Death I was not responsible".

The servant of evil just stared at the alien Bounty Hunter and then turned away. "It does not matter that Astronema is no longer with us, my plan will still work. The time has come for us to prepare to travel. Divatox send your troops to gather the sacrifice's for my plan".

Divatox smiled and nodded to Elgar and Rygog who along with a group of Piranhatrons disappeared.

Back in Angel Grove Karone and Scott had found themselves a quiet spot to talk and for a few minutes all they did was actually stare at each other and it was Scott who broke the silence. "So what did you want to say?"

Karone looked away and then spoke. "That I'm so very sorry for what I did to you when I was Astronema."

Scott laughed and then replied to her puzzled look. "You don't need to apologise, you weren't responsible for what Astronema did."

Karone's reply was sharp and to the point. "I am, I was Astronema, I did those things and I even..."

At that she paused and Scott looked at her. "And you even what?"

Karone looked away and in a quiet voice. "I even enjoyed some of what I was doing."

She saw his reaction and spoke again. "I know it was wrong, but..."

He finished her sentence. "You're human and it is a natural biological reaction to what you were doing. And I have to say even though it was attempts to break me and make me evil I did feel the same way you did".

The girl looked relieved at his words. "I was worried that it was wrong of me".

Scott smiled and reassured her. "It's okay, as long as you don't tell anyone about what happened. So are we going to be friends".

Karone looked away once more and then replied. "I don't know, I want to say yes, but every time I look at you I see what I did."

Scott placed a hand on her shoulder. "Look every time I look at any of the Zeo's I see myself as the Dark Ranger. I mean I almost killed Kat and she forgave me, hell she's going out with me... sorry not the point but I forgive you."

At that he drew the new Ranger into a hug. It was then his communicator went off and he laughed. "Never fails when I'm with a pretty girl. This is Scott."

The voice was Tommy's and it was full of stress. "You'd better get up here right now".

It was Karone though that replied. "We're on our way."

The two teleported out of the park and into the Power Chamber. Arriving there they found everyone there with two exceptions and before anyone could speak Scott spoke. "Where are Kat and Kim?"

Tommy just looked at them and it was Jason who replied. "Gone, they were ambushed by Piranhatrons and taken, we don't know where?"

Scott nodded to the former Ranger and then turned to the Alpha's "Have you been able to locate them?"

The two shook their heads and it was Dimitria who spoke. "Since we do not know where they have been taken, we do not know where to look. But have patience we will find them."

Suddenly a voice spoke up. It was Karone looking white as the shirt Scott was wearing. "I know where they are."

Puzzled it was Carlos who asked the question. "How?"

Karone offered a faint smile and replied. "Remember I used to be the Queen of Evil up until a few hours ago and I remember Death's entire plan. He was going to cast a spell to increase his power and to do that he would need two humans of purity and strength to do so. He would also have to travel to the apex of mystical energy to perform the ceremony."

A look crossed the original Turbo Rangers and Jason's face as they looked at each other and it was Trini who saw and asked about the look that had crossed their faces. "So what's up?"

Tommy quickly spoke up. "Back when we first fought Divatox we did it on an Island called Muranthias. She was attempting to free her Fiancée Maligore and need two human sacrifice's of purity."

Scott nodded and spoke. "So you think that's where they are headed?"

Karone answered before anyone else. "It is, Muranthias is the centre of mystical energy. If Death reaches the Island and performs the ceremony, then he will become more powerful than before and we won't be able to stop him at all."

Rocky who had remained quiet through all of this suddenly spoke up. "I don't suppose anyone has a nuclear missile we can use to blow up the Island."

Adam glanced over at his long time friend and gave him a pained grin. "I don't think that would work, but it's a nice idea."

Zordon was the next to speak. "Rangers you have no choice but to go to Muranthias and rescue your friends and stop Death at all costs."

Scott nodded. "We'll do that, but Death's probably got a plan to try and stop us."

Karone answered for him. "He has. He's left Divatox behind commanding an army of Quantrons, Piranhatrons you name it, they've got it."

Andros spoke. "They must be trying to split us up."

Tommy spoke. "We can't let that happen, but we also can't let Angel Grove be destroyed."

Cassie looked around and spoke. "Then what do we do, we're all needed to go and stop Death, but that leaves Angel Grove unprotected."

TJ looked thoughtful and then spoke. "What about Blue Centurion, Phantom Ranger and all our other allies. Couldn't we contact them and ask them to defend Angel Grove."

Zordon nodded at the suggestion and spoke. "That is good suggestion TJ and I have already contacted Blue Centurion as well as Ninjor and Dulcea. They will defend Angel Grove and the rest of the world while you are gone."

Dimitria who had remained silent then spoke. "However your past will now return to aid us in our future?"

The other all shared puzzled looks and it was Jason who spoke. "I don't understand."

Dimitria answered him. "Five of you here once possessed power and you will do so again."

Rocky shook his head and again he spoke. "Again what are you talking about?"

It was Alpha Five who replied. "She is talking about these."

The group turned to see the droid holding a box with six coins in items recognisable as the power coins that had powered the original team and those until the transformation to the Zeo Crystal.

Adam spoke. "But how I thought they were destroyed."

Zordon quickly replied. "Indeed they were, but Ninjor is the original creator of the coins and he recreated them and they have been in his possession since the creation of the Turbo Powers. He gave them to me when I returned to Earth in the event of a situation like this. Now that time is upon us. Jason, Zack, Trini, Rocky and Aisha the five of you once possessed the power coins I ask that you would once again wield their power in this desperate hour.

Jason looked at the other four and then seeing their nods turned once more to Zordon. "You don't really need to ask Zordon, Angel Grove needs Rangers to protect it while the others are gone then Rangers it shall have."

Zordon smiled and five of the six coins flew off and landed in Morphers which attached themselves to the five's belts and then he spoke. "Zack once more you are the Black Ranger. Trini you who once the Yellow Ranger are now the Blue Ranger. Aisha once more you are the Yellow Ranger. Rocky who has served faithful as the Red Ranger and the Blue Zeo Ranger you are now the White Ranger and finally Jason leader of my first team of Ranger you are once more the Red Ranger and leader of this team."

The five smiled and then Tommy spoke. "But what about the Pink Coin?"

Dimitria looked and spoke. "The unfortunate kidnapping of Kimberly has left us without someone to possess that power, but hopefully we will retrieve Kimberly and she will wear the uniform of the Pink Ranger."

Tommy nodded and then Cassie spoke. "What about the Phantom Ranger?"

Before anyone could reply Billy stepped forward and spoke. "He's right here Cassie."

The entire group looked at Billy and then they saw it in his hands the Ruby of Phantom Ranger. Looking at Zordon he then turned back and started to speak. "It all started when I went to stay on Aquitar, although it appeared that the water had restored me to my normal age, it turned out that it wasn't permanent and I needed continuous doses of the water to keep me at my normal age. However shortly after Zordon contacted me and told me that he was returning home and he had come up with a permanent solution to my problem."

Cassie nodded and spoke. "The ruby."

Billy nodded and continued. "Yes, the ruby along with the suit of armour gave me the things I could use to be restored to my normal age permanently. However after it did I decided I could use the powers to fight evil and so I journey to various planets until I heard of the others retiring and decided to see for myself how the new team was doing. I brought the Rescue Zords and saw that you were worthy successors to the previous team and I decided to leave once more. Then as you know I helped defeat the forces of evil when they captured Zordon and once he was free I gave up the powers and decided to return to Aquitar and relax."

Tommy nodded and spoke. "Then you returned to Earth when we became the Zeo Rangers again."

Billy nodded also. "Yeah and then I became the Gold Ranger. So there was no need for the Phantom Ruby."

Cassie nodded but then looked thoughtful for a second and spoke. "Can we give the Ruby to someone else. I mean we need all the help we can get and an extra Ranger would be really helpful."

Zordon nodded at the Pink Astro Ranger and spoke. "Indeed Cassie, some months ago Dimitria and I began a search for a suitable candidate to take the powers of the Phantom Ranger."

Jason spoke. "Did you find someone?"

Dimitria continued. "Indeed we did Jason and for the last six weeks we have been training this person in readiness for this event."

Tanya spoke with a touch of impatience in her voice. "Who?"

Zordon sounding slightly amused. "Behold the new Phantom Ranger."

There was a ripple of energy and the Phantom Ranger appeared before them. The figure brought their hands up to their helmet and removed it revealing her blond hair and the identity of the new Ranger, which left Jason almost speechless. "Emily!"

Jason's girlfriend smiled and looked at the group. "Well, you don't know what a relief this is."

Justin looked puzzled. "What do you mean?"

Emily looked at the youngest Ranger and smiled. "It means that for the last six weeks I've known that you were all Power Rangers and I haven't been able to tell you. The only one of you who knew except for Billy was Scott who's been training me."

Several of the Rangers looked at Scott and glared at him.

Scott looked at the group and spoke. "Don't have a go at me."

Tanya spoke. "Who said we we're going to have a go at you."

Scott laughed and spoke. "I saw the looks on your face's. Look Billy came to me and asked me to train Emily and to keep it a secret. I did it because I owe Billy for helping me out when I came back and still couldn't remember who I was."

Tommy spoke. "Fair enough. So now that we've sorted out the defence of Angel Grove what about getting to Muranthias."

Zordon spoke. "Tommy is correct. Zeo and Astro Rangers the time has come for you to go. The Turbo Zords have been reconfigured to allow you to cross the Nemesis Triangle safely without the use of the Ghost Galleon. Good luck Rangers."

Alpha Six turned to the group. "Be careful Rangers."

Scott nodded and turned the rest. "Thanks Alpha. All right Rangers. Shift into Turbo."

The six Turbo Rangers brought together their Turbo Morpher's and keys and became the Turbo Rangers even as the Astro Rangers were transformed as well. And then they teleported out.

Meanwhile somewhere near the Nemesis Triangle the two missing Rangers find themselves in a dire predicament. The leader of the group turns to the two with much glee and speaks. "So ladies I hope you are enjoying the accommodation and the sea view wouldn't you say it's excellent?"

Kimberly glared at Death and through gritted teeth spoke. "Except for the staff."

Katherine then spoke. "What are you going to do to us?

Death looked and with a small laugh. "Oh nothing much, just sacrifice you two so I increase my power beyond imagination and it will let me destroy you're boyfriends and the rest of your pathetic Ranger friends."

Kimberly struggled again in her bonds and spoke. "Not on your life the Rangers will stop you."

Death spoke. "I don't think so. You see you two are bait. I'm betting your friends will come and try save you only to find they've been had."

Death began to laugh at the expressions of fear on the two girl's faces.

Meanwhile on the edge of the sea Adam Park has teleported himself over to the Turbo Zord of his girlfriend with a something to ask. "Tanya as you know we've been going out for a while now and I've been thinking that..."

Tanya laughed softly at his shyness. "What have you been thinking?"

Adam hesitated and then he spoke. "Here goes. Tanya I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?"