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Crisis's and Crossovers
by : Adam Pearlman

Timeline: Twenty Fours after A New Beginning.

High above the Earth orbits the Moon. Until recently it was uninhabited, but now the forces of evil have set up home on the moon. Until yesterday they felt that this world was theirs for the taking, however as they discovered yesterday the planet is no longer defenceless as eight Power Rangers appeared and now appear to be defending this world.

As the others pace Lord Zedd talks. "I do not believe this. We are destroyed by a wave of goodness in our own universe and then somehow we find ourselves reborn and in a new universe where the Rangers do not exist and what can go wrong. Those blasted Rangers appear to stop our plans".

Mondo then speaks. "Indeed, it's almost like they were selected and brought to this universe. We did after all detect a dimensional flux's some weeks ago. Perhaps one of the forces of good in our universe detected our return and sent a team to deal with us".

Darkonda who had been silent through the entire discussion then spoke. "Perhaps, but the way they fought it was almost like they had never been in a fight before and they didn't seem to know Goldar or the Quantrons. I think perhaps they are from another universe as well, but something tells me they were chosen by Zordon".

The others looked surprised at this, because as far as they knew Zordon was dead. It was Divatox who spoke. "Don't be ridiculous, Zordon died when his energy tube was shattered there is no way he could have survived".

Darkonda shook his head. "Don't you see if we survived then, perhaps he did as well".

The discussion continued for many minutes with everyone speaking at once that was until the sound of metal being banged on the floor made them all stop and turn towards the sound. Stood in shadows with a staff in hand the person spoke. "It does not matter, we will still destroy the Rangers and I have the perfect way to do so. Now listen carefully". The group turned and listened to her plan.

On Earth it was almost 8 in the morning when I awoke to pain. "Oh man, do I ache. I think I have pains in places that I didn't know existed".

In the bunk above me Bradley spoke. "I know what you mean. I didn't think it would be so painful saving the world".

Jon also spoke. "The powers can only protect us from so much. They can't protect us from everything. Unfortunately!" As he said that I looked across and saw he was limping slightly.

Looking at my watch I realised I should get up. "I'd better get up and go, otherwise I'm going to be late for my first day at College and I don't want to be late, after all the trouble Dulcea and Alpha went through to get me in".

From his bunk Paul spoke. "Well, have fun".

Looking across at him I smiled and spoke. "I'll try". Then quickly I got to my feet causing pain to shoot through my back. Ignoring the bruises I got dressed and left to go to College.

I was so preoccupied with not being late that I wasn't paying attention to where I was going and the next thing I knew I had crashed into someone. Looking up I saw it was a girl and I quickly spoke. "I'm so sorry. I wasn't looking were I was going".

Before she could reply another voice spoke up. "You idiot, why didn't you watch where you were going?"

I turned to see another person coming up and to my surprise he looked like the girl I had just knocked down. Holding out my hand I helped the girl back to her feet. "I'm really sorry, I should have been paying attention, but I didn't want to be late for my first day". I stopped talking as I realised I was babbling.

The girl quickly spoke. "Don't worry about it, no harm was done".

I could see her companion was not happy, so I chose that moment to take my leave and this time I watched were I was going.

Meanwhile the others were getting into working at the hotel, well for the most part they were. By the pool Jo, Rachel, Bradley and Paul were stood working. It was Jo who broke the silence. "I don't believe this, I mean we're stars and here we are cleaning a pool".

Looking across at her Paul spoke. "I know, but we're not in this universe to have fun, we're here to save it and besides a little hard work never killed anyone".

Rachel then spoke. "It might not kill anyone, but look what it's done to my nails".

The other three laughed across from them in one of the storerooms Jon, Tina and Hannah were busy clearing stuff up. "I can't believe Adam has got out of this," said Jon.

Hannah nodded. "I know what you mean. He is so lucky to be able to go to university and finish his degree instead of working here".

Tina spoke. "I don't know, if being lucky is a word I would use, being stranded in another universe far from everything you know is pretty weird".

Jon spoke. "I think we should stop complaining about how lucky Adam is and get some work done so we can hurry up and finish for the day".

Hannah looked at him as though he had said something funny. "You are joking it is going to take us hours to do this".

It was then they heard the beep of their communicators. Tina was the one to reply. "Go ahead Alpha".

Alpha voice was heard through the communicator. "Rangers please report to the Command Chamber at once".

Jon spoke. "We're on our way Alpha".

Looking around they teleported away and moments later reappeared inside the Command Chamber along with the other four who had also received the call. Bradley looked around and spoke. "Hey if you wanted to see us, where is Adam?"

It was Dulcea who spoke. "I have decided that the seven of you can deal with this emergency. He would be best suited in remaining at College as it is his first day".

Rachel was the first to speak. "What is the emergency?"

Alpha quickly replied. "Two rifts have appeared across the country. One here in Miami and one in L.A."

Dulcea continued to speak. "The seven of you must split up and investigate, as we believe these were caused by the forces of evil".

Paul spoke. "How are we going to split the team?"

Tina replied. "Myself, Hannah, Jon and Paul will go to L.A. and the rest of you go to investigate the other rift".

Dulcea spoke. "An excellent decision Tina. I suggest you morph before you go. Good luck Rangers".

Tina nodded and then spoke. "It's time to Rocket".

At the command the seven were transformed from normal teens and once more became Power Rangers. Then the seven teleported away from the Command Chamber into a situation that they might not be able to handle.

Meanwhile I had found myself enrolling for classes and getting ready to start when I bumped into the same girl from earlier again. I quickly got back to my feet and spoke. "I'm so sorry again".

The girl spoke. "That's okay, no harm was done. I'm Claire by the way. I mean if we're going to keep bumping into each other, then we should get to know each other".

I smiled at that and spoke. "I'm Adam, I just started today". I paused at that and wondered why I had said that when it obviously showed that I had just started.

Claire smiled at my obvious nervousness. "You're not from around here are you".

I was a bit surprised at her deduction and told her so. "What gave it away?"

She smiled and replied. "The way you're acting, I take it you've just moved into the area".

I nodded. "I just arrived a few weeks ago. I needed to finish up Uni. So I enrolled to finish my last year here, although I don't know how long I will be actually around".

She continued to speak and every time she spoke I found myself captivated by her voice. "So do your Parents work around here and that's why you are in good old Florida".

I smiled. "No, my parents are still in England, I'm staying in a hotel with a group of friends from England".

She seemed a bit surprised that I was out here on my own and just here to finish my final year at college. Well, I couldn't tell her the truth that I'm from another reality and I'm a Power Ranger. She would probably think I am crazy... Hell I still can't believe I'm a Power Ranger. Then I spoke. "Look I have a class now, perhaps we could meet for lunch or something?"

She nodded. "Sure I would like that. Do you know where your class is?" I shook my head and she spoke again. "Here let me look at your schedule". Taking the schedule from my hand she smiled and then spoke. "Your doing the same course that I am. So we can definitely do lunch".

I laughed and followed her in the direction that she was going, little realising that my friends were facing a threat of significant power.

The Red, Gold, Pink and Blue Rangers teleported into L.A. and chaos. Tina was the first to speak. "Look at the mess. This can't be as a result of the rift".

The Blue Ranger shook his head. "I don't think it's possible and from the looks of things this damage is extremely recent".

Suddenly the Pink Ranger looked around. "Guys we've got company".

The other three turned around to see a group of Cogs and Quantrons advancing on them and forcing them towards the rift.

Paul spoke quickly. "Action time". With that he ran headlong into the mass of Cogs and Quantrons closely followed by the other Rangers. The battle was fierce as more and more Cogs appeared to replaces those that were destroyed and the four found themselves being pushed back.

Hannah was the first to notice. "Guys, we're being pushed towards the portal".

Before anyone could reply Hannah helplessly watched as first, Tina, then Jon closely followed by Paul were pushed into the portal and before she too went in she only had chance to cry out. "This really stinks".

Back in Miami the Yellow, Green and Silver Rangers had found themselves in a similar situation as the others and were now facing off against the Quantrons. Bradley was knocked from his feet and his came back up he quickly assessed the situation. "We're in trouble, we need help. Alpha come in".

Over the communicator came Alpha. "Go ahead Bradley".

Bradley spoke. "We're in trouble Alpha, we need the other Rangers".

Alpha replied. "I'll contact them immediately".

At the Command Chamber Alpha hurriedly worked at his console and then worriedly turned to Dulcea. "Oh no, I can't reach the other Rangers and according to the sensors they have disappeared".

Dulcea nodded. "I didn't want to do this, but contact Adam immediately and send him to aid the other Rangers. In the meantime find the others".

Alpha turned back to his console and hurriedly did as Dulcea had requested.

Meanwhile after surviving my first morning of classes I was sitting down to lunch with Claire and her companion who had been with her the first time I ran into them. I actually found it was her Brother and I was having a good time. I even started to tell them about Middlesex University and what it was like when my communicator beeped. "Sorry I've just remembered something I have to do. I'll see you later," I said even as I rose to my feet.

Quickly finding a spot that was secluded I tapped my communicator and spoke. "Go ahead Alpha".

Alpha was quick to respond. "The Rangers went to investigate two dimensional rifts and we have lost contact with four of them and the others are up to their necks in Cogs and Quantrons".

I sighed. "So much for a day off. I'll help the others and then we'll go and find our missing Rangers" touching my communicator I broke the connection and then looking around to see that the coast was clear. "It's time to Rocket" even as I said it I punched in the code and was transformed into the White Zeo Astro Ranger and with that I teleported away hoping I wouldn't be too late.

Within seconds I had arrived on the scene to find the three Rangers being pushed back by the amount of Cogs and Quantrons. Quickly I waded into the fight and made my way to their side. Jo was the first to speak. "What kept you?"

Looking over at her I spoke. "Traffic was terrible, what's the situation?"

Rachel came over to my side. "The situation is we are getting our butts handed to us and the others are missing. Did I leave anything out".

Ignoring her, I moved back into the fight and took out several more Quantrons. However, more soon appeared and I found myself overwhelmed and pushed backwards towards the portal and I even lost my footing as I suddenly found myself being pulled to my feet and thrown towards the portal. Even as I passed into it I saw the others follow closely behind and then Miami was lost from view.

At the Command Chamber Alpha turned quickly to Dulcea and spoke. "Oh no the others have disappeared now and I can't locate them".

Dulcea nodded and spoke. "Please continue trying Alpha. For the moment all we can do is hope that they are okay. While they maybe new Rangers, I have faith that they will all return safely".

On the moon the forces of evil watched as the Rangers disappeared. "Excellent, our plan is working perfectly," said Zedd.

"Just one question where have they been sent?" said Rita.

In the shadows the figure that had created the plan spoke. "It doesn't matter where they are, all that matters is they won't be able to get back. Begin the attack. This world is ours".

Meanwhile in another reality six teens were relaxing after a strenuous day. The one in green spoke. "Man that was a tough battle. I think Trakeena is getting desperate".

On his other side the girl in yellow nodded. "I know what you mean, I don't think they have ever been that tough".

The other four agreed with nods and that's when it happened as there was a sound of something tearing and a bright light and a portal appeared. Getting to their feet the six edged carefully towards it. The one in red was the first to speak. "What is it?"

Beside him the girl dressed in black responded. "It's a dimensional portal. I remember studying them when I used to be Astronema. We have to be careful, this could be a new attack".

Behind the teen in blue spoke. "Leo you think we should morph?"

Leo shook his head. "Not yet, if anything comes out of it, it might be friendly".

Even as he said that the group heard sounds coming from the hole and then to their amazement eight people came flying out of the vortex and landed in a heap at their feet. The six watched as the group started speaking.

"Is everyone okay?" Said the blonde haired boy.

From the bottom of the pile came a male voice. "No, get me a doctor or better yet crash pads. Whoever has got their feet in my back, can they please get them out of my back".

Another voice came from the pile, this time it was a female voice. "Sorry Adam, you are just comfortable to land on".

Slowly the group picked themselves revealing the last two was a young blond girl dressed in pink and a young man dressed in white with a slightly bemused expression on his face. After the girl had gotten to her feet the man white got up and spoke. "You know I think you actually aim for me on purpose".

Looking over him as she adjusted her bandanna she spoke. "I don't do it on purpose and besides I enjoy it".

Looking back at her. "I would hate to see how bad it would be if you did it on purpose". At that he offered a faint smile and then he turned back to the others. "And to ask another question is everyone okay?" The others all nodded and then he spoke again. "Next question, where are we?"

The others gave him blank looks and then the guy in black spoke. "You're in the mountain dome of Terra Venture".

At that they all looked puzzled. "Terra Venture, I've never heard of it?" said the girl dressed in Silver.

Suddenly I remembered something and I spoke. "Wait a minute, this a space colony isn't it?" At the nods from the group in front of me I turned to the S Clubbers and continued. "In our reality there were several TV series of Power Rangers. The most recent is Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy. A series set on a space colony called Terra Venture with a new set of Rangers and a guy called the Magna Defender. Since from the looks on their faces they seem to back up what I'm saying, I guess somehow we've been transported to the reality where Power Rangers really exist".

The others looked at me in disbelief and the six strangers also looked at me and it was then the girl in black with her blonde hair tied back spoke. "It is possible, that portal was a Trans-dimensional portal and you could be from another universe".

"I know this sounds weird and you probably don't believe me, but if I'm right you're Karone formerly known as Astronema. In Red with have Leo, in green Damon, Yellow is Maya, Blue is Kai and your Mike the Magna Defender".

The six all seemed surprise at how I knew their names and I realised that our credibility was growing. "My name is Adam, these are Hannah, Jo, Jon, Bradley, Tina, Paul and Rachel. We're the Power Rangers".

Damon spoke. "More Power Rangers, how is that possible?"

Jon was the one who replied. "We were chosen by Zordon to save a reality which was under threat from Darkonda, Lord Zedd to mention a few. Zordon lives in our reality and brought us together to travel to this other reality to battle the forces of evil. Now you are saying we are in another reality again".

Slowly I nodded. "Unfortunatley I am afraid so and from the looks of things we have no way to get back to our reality".

The reactions from the others were understandable and it was Jo who voiced her feelings. "I don't f***king believe this, we're not superheroes, why the hell is this happening to us?"

Before anyone could stop her Jo ran off clearly upset. Karone sensing the situation ran off in the direction she had gone. For my part I couldn't blame Jo's reaction I was feeling the same way and was on the verge of either screaming or crying, but I didn't think I should do that. "Look Dulcea and Alpha know that we are missing and will be trying to find us".

Coming up to him Tina spoke in a quiet voice. "Do you really think they will be able to find us?"

Responding in a voice that only she could hear. "I honestly don't know, but I think as the leader of the team I have to be hopeful, for all our sakes".

Even as I conferred quietly the others were slowly starting to talk with the Galaxy Rangers. Meanwhile Karone had caught up with Jo. "Did someone ask you to check on me?" said Jo.

Karone shook her head and spoke. "No, I just saw how upset you were and came to see if you wanted to talk. It can be difficult being a Ranger and it's even harder when all of your friends are Rangers as well and you can't talk to anyone".

Jo laughed, but it was a bitter laugh. "You don't know how hard it is. I mean six weeks ago seven of us were a pop group and Adam was a university Student and suddenly we are asked to give that all up and become superheroes and leave our homes behind to go to another universe and save that world from evil. I never wanted to be a hero, I was happy being a singer, but everyone else wanted to do it so I went ahead with it".

Karone spoke. "You could have said no, I don't think your friends would have thought any less of you if you hadn't wanted to do this".

Jo shook her head. "I couldn't, I care so much about the other members of S Club that I couldn't let them go off on their own".

Karone nodded. "You feel responsible for them?"

Jo nodded. "It's stupid, I'm not even the oldest member of the group, but I've gotten so close to them that I couldn't not go with them. I guess I feel a little useless, I mean the only really skills I have is that I can sing and I don't see how that can come handy in a fight for our lives"

Karone spoke. "I don't know really what to say that can make you feel better all I can say is that everyone has to find their niche in life, and in this case you have to find it in the Rangers. I don't know you well, but you can do great things, if you try".

Jo spoke. "I guess it is just going to take some time, for me to get used to being a Ranger. Come on we should get back to the others".

Karone nodded and the two girls turned and made their way back to where the others were stood talking although Adam was off to one side keeping almost to himself. Shaking her head Jo went over to him. "So why aren't you with the others getting to know the Galaxy Rangers?"

I started to open my mouth to say something and couldn't really think of anything to say. "I don't know, I guess I've got a lot on my mind with us being stuck in another reality"

Jo shook her head. "Your impossible, you know that. You are never going to get to know us if you don't try".

I sighed knowing that she was right, I really hadn't tried to get to know the rest of my team, even though we had been together for six weeks. "You're right, I guess it's hard for me to get to know people, especially when I'm thrust into a situation I wasn't prepared to deal with".

Jo gave a small laugh and spoke. "I know how you feel about being in situation that you aren't prepared to deal with, but the thing you have to do is adapt".

At that I laughed. "I didn't know psychoanalysis was part of singing".

Jo laughed also. "Are you always sarcastic when someone is telling you truth".

I shrugged. "Not often, but most times. Okay I will adapt as you so nicely put it".

Jo held out her hand and I slowly took it, on our left the other members of S Club were stood watching and then Paul spoke. "Now if that isn't a Kodak moment I don't know what is".

At that both Jo and I laughed and then the girl I had earlier identified as Karone stepped forward. "I'm Karone the Pink Ranger, but you already know that".

I smiled and shook the offered hand. "I'm Adam the White Ranger, but you already knew that".

With the ice broken I began to feel at ease and was just relaxing as the others and I began to talk with our new friends when they appeared. They were strange creatures, which I hadn't seen before, but the others had.

It was Leo who spoke. "Sting Wingers. So much for a peaceful day".

Then to compound our troubles Bradley spoke. "Quantrons".

We all turned to see the Quantrons appear out of nowhere.

Leo looked at his fellow Rangers and then. "Go Galactic".

The five were transformed from the ordinary teens they had been into the Galaxy Rangers even as Mike transformed himself into the Magna Defender.

Looking at the others. "It's Time to Rocket".

At my command the eight of us brought out our Morphers and were transformed once more into Power Rangers. Even though I had felt the power of being transformed twice before I still felt a buzz and could tell that the others all felt the same way.

Tina was the first to speak. "Let's show these Quantrons, that you don't mess with the Power Rangers, any of them".

At that followed by the other Zeo Astro Rangers we dived into the fight with a lot of enthusiasm. Looking back on it now I don't think the Quantrons or Sting Wingers were prepared for to deal with fourteen Rangers and the fight was soon over.

Looking at the others I saw Damon the Green Galaxy Ranger glance my way and speak. "Well that was fun, what's next?"

"I am" the voice was that of Goldar and beside him were several other creatures.

Leo spoke. "So, are we supposed to be scared".

The nearest creature to Goldar spoke. "You should be, because we will destroy you easily".

"Last time I checked Darkonda you and the rest of this mob had been destroyed by the Astro Rangers" said Karone.

Darkonda laughed. "Indeed we had, but like the saying goes, you cannot keep down good villains. I must say it is a pleasure to see you again Astronema".

Underneath her helmet Karone was barely keeping her anger in check. "Astronema is dead".

Darkonda spoke. "Funny you seem very alive to me. Not for much longer though. Enough talk destroy all of the Rangers and bring me their powers".

It was Paul that spoke. "You want our powers, then you are going to have to take them".

The monster in green spoke. "That's exactly what we intended Rangers. Destroy them".

Then without hesitation the group began to charge at us. We barely had a chance to respond to their charge as the monsters scattered and attacked. Diving out of the way of Darkonda I found myself face to face with Goldar.

Goldar spoke. "Another chance to destroy you".

I spoke. "Not in this lifetime helmet head".

Goldar didn't respond and thrust his sword towards me, which I parried easily. This time I decided to fight back instead of just trying to block his blows and struck with some force hoping to knock him down. Instead he stood there as I landed blow upon blow on him. Then to my amazement he laughed. "Pathetic, if that is the best you can do, then Zordon has made a serious mistake in picking you to be a Ranger. Give your powers to me, prevent further embarrassment to yourself".

I stopped at that and I'm sure for a second he thought I was going to say yes. "Not a chance Goldar". Bringing up the sword I still had in my hand I struck out sending Goldar flying and as he clambered back to his feet. "And besides I wasn't trying before".

Goldar laughed. "Good, I like a challenge. Prepare to die White Ranger".

Even as I fought with Goldar the others had found themselves paired off against a monster with the exception of Karone who had singled out Darkonda and the two were going out it with such ferocity the blows could probably have been heard miles away.

Darkonda laughed as Karone kept trying to strike him with her Saber. "It's good to see you've not lost any of your skills Astronema".

Karone struck out with her sword and spoke. "I'm not Astronema anymore and I can beat you Darkonda".

Darkonda replied. "Don't bet on it Karone, I've been reborn with all of my lives back, so even if you destroy me now, I will still come back".

Karone spoke. "Then I will destroy you again and again, until you're gone for good".

Darkonda spoke. "Don't you get it, you can't win and besides this has all been a diversion for my monster to take your new friends powers".

Turning Karone saw a monster coming up behind the White Ranger and he appeared to be about to fire some kind of energy burst, Karone started to shout his name as a warning. "Adam!"

Hearing her shout I turned only to be sent crashing to the floor. It's a bit hard to describe how I felt, but if you've ever had an electric shock it was like that except ten times as bad. Before I could do anything I demorphed and after that I lost consciousness and the next thing I remember is waking up somewhere else and seeing Alpha and Jon stood to one side.

I spoke. "Someone get the licence plate of what ran over me".

Jon gave a faint smile and came over to where I was lying. "How are you feeling?"

I replied even though at the time it felt horrible to even open my mouth. "As I said like I've been run over by a truck. What happened to me?"

Alpha was the one that spoke. "You were hit by a massive discharge of electricity that caused forced you to demorph and you to pass out. You were lucky you were morphed or you would have died from the amount of electricity that struck you".

It was then I noticed it. "My Morpher it's gone!"

Jon nodded. "I'm afraid so, after you went down Goldar grabbed your Morpher and disappeared before anyone could stop him. Then Electrovolt was about to finish you off when Bradley and Karone went to your aid, if not for them, you would have been dead".

I replied. "Then I guess I owe them my life, but from the look of things something happened that you're not telling me".

Alpha spoke. "Unfortunately while they were protecting you from Electrovolt, Darkonda and Ecliptor were able to steal their Morphers as well and if it wasn't bad enough they took Damon's, Rachel's and Jon's".

At that I buried my head in my hands and groaned. "We'd better get looking for them". Saying that I carefully stood and even as I did it was agony and it was all I could do to hide the pain as I started to walk out of the medical bay. Walking onto the bridge I found the other Rangers gathered around various consoles. Walking up to one of the consoles I found the Blue and Green Galaxy Rangers along with Paul looking at something intently. "Have you found anything?"

The three seemed surprised that I was there and looked startled and then Damon spoke. "We think we've located your Morphers on a nearby planet and they appear to be unguarded".

Looking across at me Bradley spoke. "Let's go get them then".

Karone quickly put up a hand to stop him. "Just because they appear to be unguarded, doesn't mean they aren't. As Astronema I would have done exactly this, left the Morphers unguarded and waited for the Rangers to turn up and find a group of monsters guarding them. If we go in there we will be walking into a trap".

Damon spoke. "We don't have a choice, if we don't get the powers back, then we're all in trouble".

I spoke. "Then it's settled, we go in and get them back".

Hannah spoke. "And how exactly are you going to do that, you can barely stand".

Before I could reply Alpha suddenly spoke up. "Oh no a group of monsters have appeared in the Industrial Dome.

Leo spoke. "I guess that settles that argument. Come on we'll deal with these monsters and then go after the Morphers".

The others nodded and followed Leo out of the doors leaving behind the six powerless Rangers. Turning to Damon I spoke. "Damon where are the Morphers".

Damon spoke. "Twenty minutes by Megaship".

I looked at the others and then made a decision. "Then let's go get those Morphers".

Damon smiled and moved to the controls. Rachel came over to me and spoke. "Are you sure this is wise, I mean Karone said that there are probably bad guys waiting for us".

At that I nodded, but continued to speak. "We have to get the Morphers, without us the Rangers may be defeated and I won't let that happen. Damon are we set?"

Damon replied. "We're on our way".

With that he brought the Megaship up and out of the doors and we flew towards the planet where our powers lay. Meanwhile the other Rangers had made their way to the Industrial Dome to find the group of Monster causing havoc and sending people running for cover, assessing the situation Leo quickly called out. "Okay hold it right there".

Turning Goldar laughed and spoke. "Aren't you missing a few people?"

Tina was the one replied. "We maybe short a few people, but we can still take care of you".

Electrovolt laughed and fired a bolt of energy, which scattered the Rangers. "I am so scared of you".

Trakeena from her position over looking the battle spoke. "Destroy them all". Saying that she disappeared, as the monsters advanced on the Rangers.

Leo looked at the assembled Rangers and then taking up defensive stances the Rangers met the charge of the monsters.

Meanwhile the Astro Megaship had arrived at its destination and the six were making their way towards the supposed location of the Morphers. As they moved closer Jon spoke. "Guys I do not like this. It's too quiet, I mean if it were me I would have had someone guarding the Morphers".

Even as he said it three monsters appeared along with a few Sting Wingers. Bradley looked across at Jon and spoke. "Nice going Jon".

Jon simply gave him a look that said what did I do.

I looked at the others and spoke. "Okay everyone, we do this like I said. Everyone pairs up and tries to get to all of the Morphers. Watch each other's backs and be careful".

The others nodded and then the six of us split up and I found myself next to Karone who was already eyeing Darkonda who was walking towards me and her waving his sword in front of him.

Darkonda spoke. "So Powerless Rangers how does it feel to be near destruction".

Karone answered. "No-one is going to be destroyed, except you".

Then to Darkonda's surprise she launched herself at him and knocked the sword out of his hand and then using a spinning kick to knock him back she pressed her attack leaving me momentarily surprised as the two were going at without me. Looking around I saw a few Sting Wingers moving into attack the distracted Karone. Moving towards them probably saved my life as a sword came swinging towards me from out of nowhere and turning around I found myself face to face with Trakeena.

She spoke. "Time to die White Ranger".

Swinging my sword I dived out of the way of her thrust and quickly moved to keep some distance from her. Then I saw an opportunity and watched as she thrust he sword towards me. Moving aside I grabbed her hand and knocked the sword from her hand and managed to knock her back. Looking up I saw that the way to the Morphers was clear and I started running. As I started towards the Morphers Darkonda started to fire energy bolts at me and I don't know if luck was with me, but I managed to avoid the blasts and dive towards the Morphers. Reaching out I dropped towards the floor just as a blast flew straight to me. For a second I was sure that this was it when I managed to grab my Morpher and input the sequence to morph and when I rose again I was not just Adam Pearlman, but the White Ranger. Grabbing the rest of the Morphers I quickly passed them to the other Rangers and they quickly morphed. Seeing their advantage was lost the evildoers disappeared.

Rachel spoke. "Nice work Adam".

Underneath my helmet I smiled. "Thanks, now let's get back to Terra Venture, the others need us and I have an idea".

The others nodded and we quickly ran to the Astro Megaship and took off hoping we would be able to reach the others in time. Meanwhile the battle between the Rangers and the monsters had gone from bad to worse for the Rangers. Regrouping the Rangers tried to catch their breath. "We're getting our butts kicked," said Hannah.

Electrovolt appeared in front of the Rangers along with the other monsters. "It's time to end this Rangers".

There was a pause and then a voice called out and much to my amazement it was I. "You want Rangers, then how's six more".

Everyone turned to look and found they were looking the direction of the four of us. There were cheers from the Rangers as we appeared on the walkway. Looking at the rest of my team I spoke. "Everyone ready?" Seeing Rachel's, Jon and Bradley's nod I spoke again. "Let's Rocket". With that the four of us morphed and dropped down to the floor by the other Rangers. "Sorry we're late. We brought a couple more to help".

Looking around we saw Karone and Damon appear fully morphed and ready for battle. "So do you want to run for it" said Damon.

Goldar spoke. "Prepare to die Rangers. Attack".

Then the monsters attacked and the Rangers retaliated. The fight was fierce, but against two teams of fully powered Rangers the fight was quickly over as the Rangers fought to overcome the odds. As the battle continued I found myself fighting alongside Hannah. Looking across I spoke. "So Hannah, how are things?"

Hannah glanced over at me and I'm certain the expression under her helmet was one of surprise because that's what it sounded like in her voice. "Adam we're in a battle for our lives and your asking me how things are. What's next talking about the weather while battling to save the Earth?"

I replied. "I'm just trying to lighten a serious situation with a little levity. And after that it's time for to end this fight".

Pulling my weapon from it's hiding place I struck out at the monster and sent it crashing to the floor and was rewarded when it exploded. Then I turned to Hannah and spoke. "So what do you think about the weather?" Even though she didn't reply I could tell she was trying hard not to laugh.

Even as we finished with our opponent the other monsters either disappeared or were destroyed. Meanwhile I watched helplessly as Electrovolt grew to city wrecking size. The five Galaxy Rangers quickly gathered up. Leo spoke. "Okay we need the Galactic-beasts. At his command their Zords appeared and the five quickly joined together to form the Galaxy Megazord. The battle was quick and fast as the Megazord soon gained the upper hand and Electrovolt was destroyed. The Rangers quickly joined us on the ground.

Paul was the first to speak. "Well, so much for Electrovolt and the goon squad. Now what do we do?"

I shook my head. "I don't know, we have to find a way home, but I don't even know how we got here in the first place".

Jo spoke. "Surely if we were sent here by a portal then we get back the same way".

Karone spoke. "It's not possible, portals are created by magic, not science. There is no way to create a portal from nothing".

Hannah spoke. "So how do we get home?"

Before anyone could reply there was a sound and before the gathered group white light appeared and a portal appeared and from it came a voice. "Rangers the portal will not last long. You must hurry," said Dulcea.

Bradley looked at the others. "Well I guess it's time for us to go".

Kai spoke. "It was nice to meet you".

Tina spoke. "The same here, but our world is waiting".

Taking one last look I ushered the others to the portal and then we passed through and reappeared on the Command Chamber and 'surprise, surprise' guess what we ended up in a heap and as usual I was at the bottom. (I'm beginning to think it was a conspiracy) Anyway after pulling ourselves back to our feet we found a smiling Dulcea. "Welcome back Power Rangers. We have no time to lose".

I spoke. "What's wrong?"

At that Alpha brought up the viewing globe and we turned to see Quantrons and Cogs in the centre of Miami causing chaos. Looking at the others. "Time to go to work. Let's Rocket". With that we transformed back into the Power Rangers.

The fight was quickly over as the foot soldiers taken by surprise were easily beaten and then we returned to the Command Chamber to find Dulcea waiting for us. "Well done Rangers. Not only have you stopped an attack on this city, but you've also defeated monsters in another reality".

Rachel spoke. "After all that I think I want to sleep".

Jon laughed and spoke. "I wish we could but we've got to perform".

The other members of S Club groaned and then we teleported out. Reappearing near the hotel we found Howard waiting for us and he didn't look happy. "Where have you been? There has been work to do?"

Hannah spoke. "We had something to take care of".

Howard spoke. "Well, get your butts on stage and start singing".

'S Club
Gonna show you how
Everybody get down tonight
S Club
Gonna take you high
Shake your body from side to side

Finally Friday night
Feeling kinda good, looking alright
Gotta get moving, can't be late
Gotta get grooving, just can't wait
Get the feeling
Push the ceiling
Player haters
Get ready everybody cuz here we go

S Club
Gonna show you how
Everybody get down tonight
S Club
Gonna take you high
Shake your body from side to side

Oh, oh, wave your hands in the air
Oh, oh like you just don't care
Oh, oh, it's a party over here
Oh, oh, it's a party over there

Tina's doing her dance
Jon's looking for romance
Paul's getting down on the floor
While Hannah's screaming out for more
Wanna see Bradley swing
Wanna see Rachel do her thing
Then we got Jo, she's got the flow
Get ready everybody cuz here we go

S Club
Gonna show you how
Everybody get down tonight
S Club
Gonna take you high
Shake your body from side to side

Ghetto boys - make some noise
Hoochie mama's - show your nana's

S Club
Gonna show you how
Everybody get down tonight
S Club
Gonna take you high
Shake your body from side to side
As I was watching them I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder and turned to see Claire, before I could say anything she spoke. "I wondered what had happened to you when you didn't come to classes in the afternoon".

I replied. "Sorry I had to take care of something and it took all Afternoon, so I didn't get chance to get back".

Claire spoke. "You didn't miss much anyway. So where are your friends?"

I smiled and pointed to S Club who were performing at that moment.

Claire spoke. "Those are your friends. They are really good".

I nodded and then we continued to watch as the group performed. Later I managed to write this all down. Somehow on paper it didn't seem as real. With that I turned off the light and in seconds was fast asleep.

Up on the moon the forces of evil where less than happy.

Zedd spoke. "I don't believe this, those Rangers, any of them, they always appear to get out of trouble, no matter how experienced or what we do?"

In the shadows the figure spoke. "It doesn't matter, I've found out all I need to know and next time I will destroy the Rangers".

The End (For now!)