Previously On PRCL: The Dark Moon started a nasty offensive as they attacked Urbana City College during orientation. The Rangers try to adjust as a team but Ryo proved difficult. Things got worse when they encounter monster from the Dark Moon. The Rangers needed more power when Black Goat grew 50 feet tall. The Celestial Rangers get a Zord of their own. Now armed with the Celestial Guardian can the Rangers stop the Dark Moon . . .Find out next.

Negative Attraction
by MegaRed & Frankie Rodriguez

Scene 1: Prisma walks around the Dark Moon's Mirror room alone. She looks at a certain mirror but views cannot see it. . .yet.

Prisma smiles as the camera closes in on her face. A hand taps her shoulder.

Prisma: Whoa! (turns around to see Rubius)

Rubius: What are you doing?

Prisma (smiling): Merely watching the enemy.

Rubius: I can see that. Learned anything useful.

Prisma: Jason is the heart of that new team. His past experience makes the others look to him other than that show off Ryo.

Take Jason away, the Rangers will fall.

Rubius (looks at the mirror): You have a point. Just don't end up a disappointment like the other two girls.

Prisma (bows): I won't Rubius.

Prisma looks at the mirror as Rubius leaves. The camera focuses on the mirror to the next scene.


Scene 2: Jason is in a field, practicing a kata alone.

Jason moves around , doing his kata. He then turns on a radio with some fast music. He assumes a fast paced kata. he throws punch after punch. Kick after kick. He is fast and fearless in this high paced assault. After a few minutes, he slows down, stopping. Jason takes a towel to wipe off the sweat. He hears an unexpected noise . . .clapping.

Prisma is floating down to the ground clapping. The moment her feet touch the ground, she stops.

Prisma (smiling): What a workout. You look so exhausted and cute.

Jason (scanning the green suited woman): Who are you?

Prisma (walking seductively at towards Jason): My name is Prisma. You are sooo much a hottie.

Jason (surprised): What?!

Prisma (licking her lips): Ummm! You look good enough to eat!

Jason (holding arms out): Miss! Wait a minute! I am . . .

Prisma: so gorgeous it hurts!!!

Jason then looks at her forehead, recognizing the symbol on her head.

Jason: You're from the Dark Moon.

Prisma: That doesn't matter. Just come with me and let everyone else rot.

Jason: Look, I am . . .involved with someone else.

Prisma: What? I don't think so! (snaps her fingers , making Lunariods appear) Like it or not, you're coming with me!

Lunariod ends up going after Jason.


{Opening Credits and theme}


Michael Bacon as JB

Bianca Lawson as Kitta

Ernie Reyes Jr. as Ryo

Austin St. John as Jason

Leslie Tesh as Emily


Christopher Lambert as The Ancient One


David Boreanaz as Rubius

Maia Campbell as Avery

Charisma Carpenter as Prisma

Alyson Hannigan as Birdie

Kerri Russel as Katsy


Scene 3: The Lunariods are attacking Jason. He does well at the beginning but soon they overwhelm him. Two Lunariods punched him high, making him fall off balance. Four Lunariods then restrained Jason.

Prisma (smiling and touching his face): OH you sweet thing, you're mine. All mine.

Jason: Let me go!

Prisma: Please! Well just go to my room and . . .

Then a voice blocked her. There stood three figures. The one talking was a female. Prisma and jason looked on, finding a blonde, a dark skinned guy and a black girl standing waiting.

Jason and Prisma: The Rangers!!

Emily: Let Jason go you Dark Moon tramp!

Kitta ( to Emily): Aren't we feisty for someone's ex boyfriend.

JB: Enough. Let Jason Go.

Prisma: No way! He and I are gonna have our date. So back off before I destroy you all.

Emily: I've had it with her. Celestial Blast!

Emily begins to morph as Kitta and JB try to stop her but fail.

Emily (running towards Prisma and Jason): White Star Celestial Power!

Emily transformed into the White Celestial Ranger. Kitta and JB followed her example.

JB: Celestial Blast!

Kitta: Pink Sun Celestial Power!

JB: Blue Heaven Celestial Power!

The two transformed into the Pink and Blue Celestial Rangers. White Rangers runs straight into Prisma.

Prisma (getting up): You are so fried White Ranger.

White CL Ranger: Oh shut up and fight!

Prisma (smiling innocently): Okay.

Prisma shocks Emily with black lightning from her hands. The White Ranger is caught in her chest, falling to the ground. The other two morphed CL Rangers jump in front of White Ranger.

Pink CL Ranger: That is enough. Let Jason go.

Prisma (sarcastically): yeah. Sure! (fires lightning again, hitting Celestial Pink)

Blue Cl Flips over her, landing near Jason. Blue Ranger takes a blade, cutting away at the Lunariods. Jason kicks the last one away from him, joining JB.

Jason: Thanks man!

JB: Anytime bro.

Prisma: Hmm. . .how sweet. Two cute guys.

Blue CL Ranger: You aren't our type Prisma.

Prisma (chuckling): Really? I hadn't thought of that. Wait . . . I want Jason. Not you! (zaps JB with two blast of black lightning)

Jason: JB.

Prisma struts over.

Prisma: You're mine now pretty boy.

Pink CL Ranger (from behind jason): We don't think so.

Prisma: What?!

Pink Ranger flipped over Jason and gave Prisma a kick to the gut. White Ranger flipped next, delivering a punch at the face of Prisma.

White CL Ranger: What do you think now, Witch? Hyai!

Prisma looks around. The four CL Rangers surrounded her. She turns to them.

Prisma: Another time. (blows a kiss to Jason and teleports)

The four regroup.

Blue CL Ranger: Man, what was all that for?

Pink CL Ranger: Prisma wants to do Jason.

Jason: Kitta! Man, this is just what I needed.

The White Ranger walks away. She demorphs.

Jason: Emily . . .where you're going? I wanted . . .

Emily: No Jason. No. (Jason grabs her arm)

Jason: Please. Just talk to me.

Emily: I can't jason. I just can't. (runs off. Kitta follows)

JB (demorphing): Power Down! Man , this is worse than I thought.

Jason: What do you mean? (looks at JB)

JB: You're in a love triangle. Emily still has a thing for you but doesn't want to and Prisma wants to jump your bones.

Jason: But I want Emily!

The two walk off. As the camera moves out, we see a mirror, with Prisma watching.

Prisma: Emily! (She punches the mirror in anger)


{CM Break}

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0:45- commercial on Power Rangers: Thunder & Lightning -NegaRanger Saga part two.

0:15- Fox Kids Power Rangers Lost Galaxy Preview.

0:15- promo for Power Rangers Celestial episode with Darconda.


Scene 4: Celestial Rangers' HQ . . .

The other four Rangers gather around the table talking when Ryo walks in. JB and jason look at him first.

JB: It's about time.

Ryo: What's been going on?

Jason: I was attacked earlier by Prisma. (Stands up, heads for Ryo.) Where were you when everyone else came?

Ryo: I had . . .business to attend to.

JB: business? More important than being a Ranger? when we needed you? (walks up to Ryo's face)

Ryo (In anger): My life is my own. If you don't like it . . .

Kitta: Stop it! We really don't need this right now. We have to find out what the Dark Moon are up to this time.

Emily (sarcastically): It's it obvious? Prisma wants Jason!

Jason: Emily . . .

Emily (pointing at jason): Oh yeah! Now the legendary Earth Ranger speaks. May I bow to your supreme presence.

Emily walks off, leaving the base. The other Rangers look in awe.

Ryo: Someone's pissed.

JB (snapping): Nah you think?

Kitta (standing in front of the guys): Stop joking. This is serious. The Dark Moon is here for a reason and we need to find out what.

Jason: Yeah. And Prisma is not gonna be a push over.

Ryo: No kidding. I heard she was pretty much on top of you . . .literally. ( Ryo grins)

Jason: Funny Ryo.


Scene 5: Emily is at the Highdive. It is undergoing construction after the damage it had taken about a week ago.

Emily sips a soda alone. She stirs it around. She begins to think about the first time she met Jason. Then the time he first talked to her. A tear formed on her eye. A girl passed by. She had blonde hair but seemed to look at Emily.

The girl: Hello. You are new right?

Emily (drying her eye): Yeah. You new too.

The girl: Yes it is my first semester in UCC. I am from Leewood.

Emily: Really? I am from Angel Grove.

The girl: Angel Grove? Isn't that where monsters attack a lot?

Emily: I hear the same for Leewood. But the Power Rangers are on the case.

The girl: Yeah. You are right. Leewood has Masked Rider. Sorry, I did not introduce myself. My name is Molly.

Molly holds out her hand and Emily takes it for a hardy shake. Molly then sits down on the other side of Emily.

Emily: I'm Emily. So how do you like UCC?

Molly: It is pretty cool. I live in the dorms.

Emily: So do I. What room?

Molly: 12

Emily: I am in the new building with my roommate Kitta.

Molly: Cool.

Emily: Maybe we can do something soon?

Molly: I'd love to. Hey, are you busy now?

Emily: Sort of. I'm . . .taking a break.

Molly: Is it serious? I mean what ever is wrong.

Emily ( looks at Molly): Am I that transparent?

Molly: You wanna talk maybe?

Emily ( standing up): Not now. Another time. How about tomorrow night you and your roommate come over?

Molly: Well . . .I 'll see. Bye Emily.

Emily: Bye Molly.

Emily exits the Highdive. Molly looks at the window when she sees a green flash. She bites her lip in curiosity. emily continues down the street, taking an alley short cut towards the dorm. The green flash revealed itself to her.

Emily: Prisma!

Prisma (floating down): Hello there Emily!

Emily (in defensive stance): What is it that you want now Prisma? If you want Jason . . ."

Prisma (sarcastically): If I want Jason, it is none of your business. You don't want him but he wants you. But I'm gonna change that.

Emily turns to transform when Prisma strikes her with black lightning. Emily groans on the concrete as Prisma reaches the ground.

Prisma: Painful huh?

Emily (getting up): I'll give you painful. Celestial Blast.

Before Emily could finish the transformation, Prisma zapped her with her Black Lightning. Emily fell unconscious. Prisma began to smile.

Prisma: Oh! Did that hurt? hahahaha!

Prisma lifts Emily up and disappears.


Scene 6: Jason and Kitta walk towards the dorm room. JB and Ryo follow behind them, out of earshot.

Jason: Man, I hope she'll talk to me.

Kitta: Whether or not she talks to you is not the point. You are gonna make peace with the girl.

jason: She's been avoiding me for a while now. You think she'll listen now.

Kitta: She had better. This thing you two have has to end. You two obviously care about each other.

Jason (turns to Kitta): Really? She cares about me still.

Kitta: Duh Jason. Emily would not be that ticked off if it was other wise.

Jason is about to speak when Prisma appears in a ghost like projection.

Prisma: Hello Jason. Pink Celestial Ranger.

Kitta (pouting): Hello your self Miss Thang.

Prisma: Funny. Jason. Meet me at the top of Hammer Tower alone in one hour.

Jason: What makes you think I'll come?

Prisma (holding her hands together on her chest): Oh Jason! You wound me. I care for you baby.

Ryo (from behind Jason): Stop the crap Prisma. Whatcha want?

Prisma: Since you insist Celestial Red. ( you see Emily tied up, with scratches on her face.)

Jason: Emily!!!

Prisma: Yes! Your ex girlfriend and current teammate. She does want you but you want her. I am gonna change that.

Kitta: What do you want witch?

Prisma: duh. What I said earlier? Jason alone. He needs to realize that I am perfect for him but he is perfect for me . Oh. If any of the other Rangers so much show their faces near or at the Hammer Tower, I'll kill her in a second. See ya later baby.

The Rangers all look as Jason kneels in shock.


{CM Break}

0:45- commercial for Power Rangers in Space 'Countdown to Destruction'

0:45- promo for new Christmas Special hosted by Austin St. John, Leslie Tesh and Micheal Bacon.

0:30- Christmas Episodes of Fox shows.


Scene 7: Jason heads for the Hammer Tower. He walks up the steps to the roof of the building. He puts up his communicator.

Jason (speaking to the communicator): Guys?


At the CL Rangers HQ control room.

Ryo: Jason, what is your position?


Hammer Tower, door to the roof.

Jason: I am at the door leading to the roof. You guys ready?

Ryo's voice: We'll be ready. Just reestablish contact with Emily's comm and get out of there.

Jason: Just be ready. Jason out.

Jason walks out the door into the roof. Emily is tied in an X like restrainer. Her hair is messed up and she has some scratches on her face. Jason runs toward her but Prisma appears in front of him.

Prisma: Darling. Welcome.

Jason: Prisma, let her go.

Prisma: I will after we have dinner.

Jason: I'll have dinner with you after she is free.

Prisma: No. She stays. And so do you . . .forever. <Prisma has a chair float from behind him, paralyzing him to the chair.>

Jason (Struggling): Let me go.

Prisma: After we have our fun.

Prisma gets on top of Jason. Prisma dances erotically on Jason, taking off his shirt. Prisma turns to emily as Prisma starts to kiss Jason.

Emily: What? Jason no.

Prisma: He's mine now. He gave himself to me.

Emily: You tramp! Let him go.

Prisma: No way.

Prisma kisses the chest of Jason. Emily is tormented by this scene.

Ryo's voice: Jason? Jason? What is going on?

Prisma: What is that?

Jason: Oh boy.

Ryo's voice: we have a lock.

Prisma: A tracking device?!!!?

Jason: Surprise, surprise!

The other Rangers teleport behind Jason.

Kitta: Hey Prisma!

Prisma (looking at Jason): How could you?!!!!!

Prisma gets off of Jason and blasts away at Emily. Emily screams in torment. Jason is free. Prisma snaps her fingers and a monster appears, the Liostorm. The monster that head a lion head and controlled weather.

Liostorm: Welcome Power Rangers.

Ryo: Game is up furball.

Liostorm: In your dreams! Winter Tempest!!!!

Liostorm begins to shower in the Rangers with cold wind and ice. The Rangers are knocked to the ground. Prisma walks over to Emily slapping her.

Prisma: I hate you! He wants you! (slaps Emily again)

Emily (weakly): Why don't you just shut up slut?

Prisma (swinging): Arggh!!!

Jason (behind Liostorm): Emily!!

Ryo: Rangers! Let's do it!

Jason: Celestial Blast!!

Ryo: Red Comet Celestial Power!

JB: Blue Heaven Celestial Power!

Kitta: Pink Sun Celestial Power!

Jason: Black Void Celestial Power!

The four become Rangers. Liostorm throws lightning and hail at them. the Rangers are knocked down.

Prisma: You are gonna die.

emily: In your dreams . . .

Prisma collects her lightning energy for a powerful blast. Then the sound of rings click are heard. Prisma prepares to fire at Emily by a staff comes down, throwing blast that knock Prisma aside and free Emily. emily looks up.

Emily: The Ancient. thank you.

The Ancient appears before her.

The Ancient One: Emily, your great strength is in the way you care for people. Use that strength now to stop the evil one.

Emily nods.

Emily: My turn to dish the punishment Prisma. Celestial Blast. (begins to morph) White Star Celestial power!!!

Emily is now the White Celestial Ranger , flipping and kicking Prisma. White Ranger assaults Prisma with punches and kicks, knocking her to the ground., Prisma begins to fight back with her might. Prisma throws blasts.

Celestial White : Star bomb Punch!!!

White CL Ranger performs her star powered punch that knocks Prisma down for the count.

White CL Ranger: How you enjoyed tormenting me, girlfriend?

Prisma (weakly): Not as much that monster is hurting your friends and Jason.

White CL turns to see Liostorm taking advantage. As she returns to Prisma, she is gone. White CL Ranger runs to Liostorm, kicking him from behind. White Celestial Rangers flips to the side of the others.

Celestial Black: Emily!

Celestial Pink: You okay girl?

Celestial White: Fine, after I kick some butt.

Liostorm: What do you have, Whitey, that your friends don't have?

White Ranger: Being really pissed off!!! Star bomb.

She throws at Star Bomb at Liostorm.

White Ranger: Star Bomb Punch!

She does the powered punch on the face of Liostorm.

White Ranger: Now to finish it off. Star Fire Bow! (She flips in the air shooting) Starfire Shocks!!!

Three photon arrows hit Liostorm on his chest. Liostorm goes down but comes up, walking wabblely.

Red Ranger: Not bad girl.

Pink Ranger: You go girl!

The Ancient's voice: Team . . .combine your weapons to make the Heaven Striker! Stop this enemy!

Red Ranger: Right! Heaven Striker, Power UP!

White Ranger: Starfire bow!

Blue Ranger: Heaven Staff!

Black Ranger: Void Sais!

Pink Ranger: Sun Shield!

Red Ranger: Comet Star Saber!!!!

All five weapons formed the Heaven Striker. The Staff slip into three barrels, the bow on top and the others form the sides, grip or top of the Weapon.

Blue Ranger: Heaven Striker on line!

Red Ranger: Ready . . .

All: fire!

A mighty blast hit the monster, but the monster deflected a lot of the blast with a cool blast of snow. The monster fell from the shot from the Rangers. The others cheer but Prisma looks on in hatred. She turns to summon the Dark Moon Strobe.

Prisma: Try this on for size!

She makes Liostorm grow.

Celestial White: We got trouble.

Celestial Red: Let's cut him down.

Celestial Black: Go for it Emily!

Celestial White: Celestial Guardian . . .Power Up!!!

The 3 Guardian Zords came to the aid of the Rangers. Liostorm attacked the 3 zords with hail, but the storm did not stop them.

The Rangers entered their designated zords while transforming it to Celestial Guardian. The Rangers are viewed in the cot pit.

-Music from the Barillian bug episode of PRiS-

Celestial Red: Emily . . .he is all yours! (Switching seats with her)

White CL Ranger: Thanks Ryo. Okay furball- Let's Dance!!!

Emily controlled the Celestial Guardian , fighting it with kicks and punches.

Celestial Black: My turn. Shadow Kick!!!

The Zord did kick Liostorm, with black shadows hitting Liostorm at the same time.

Celestial White: Star Flip Punch!

The Zord flipped punching Liostorm's jaw hard, knocking the monster down.

Celestial White: Saber On -line!

Celestial Guardian received its saber.

All: Celestial Power Slash!!!

The Celestial Guardian's Saber energizes as the zord runs, slashing Liostorm quickly. Liostorm falls.

Liostorm: Aghhha!!!! (explode)

Celestial Guardian does a pose with the sword.

Prisma: You'll pay for this White Ranger. I promise.


Cm break.

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0:30- Power Rangers T & L Deluxe Lightning Megazord

0:30- What is to come on the Power Rangers? Hosted by MegaRed, MegaBlue and MegaSilver

0:30- Ernie Reyes Jr. promo for Power Rangers Celestial


Scene 8: Hammer tower, Jason and Emily are alone.

Jason: How are you feeling?

Emily: Better. Look Jason, I care about you a lot but I need time. Just give that to me okay?

Jason: I understand. I am sorry I lied to you for so long. It was one of the first things I was taught as a Ranger.

Emily: Look . . .I am beginning to understand. Just give me and us time.

Jason: So I still have a chance.

Emily: We'll see.

The two walk off as friends as the picture zooms out to . . .


Scene 9: Dark Moon HQ

Prisma is looking at the mirror with Jason and Emily. Birdie walks in.

Prisma: Oh we'll see all right White Ranger. . .when I kill you.

Birdie: So Prisma. You failed. I guess it is my turn now.

Prisma: Watch Birdie or I'll clip your wings.

Prisma leaves. Birdie looks at a mirror with Ryo and Kitta.

Birdie: Oh it is my turn all right!

The End


Next on PRCL: Birdie is on the attack and she wants to take out the Celestial Rangers. Things get complicated as birdie takes out the Rangers one by one, leaving one Ranger to face her in the end. Who will it be? Find out on the next Power Rangers Celestial.


Directed and Written by MegaRed/Frankie Rodriguez

Produced by MegaRed and MegaBlue

Soundtrack by MegaRed

Story Consulted by MegaBlue and MegaSilver



Jason (scanning the green suited woman): Who are you?

Prisma (walking seductively at towards Jason): My name is Prisma. You are sooo much a hottie.

Jason/Austin St. John: Looking fine yourself babe.

Prisma/Charisma Carpenter: Austin!!!

Director: This is not a pick up joint!


Emily: Let Jason go you Dark Moon tramp!

Kitta ( to Emily): Aren't we feisty for someone's ex boyfriend.

Emily: Jason is too fine not to be fired up.

The director: That is not in the script Lesile.

Emily/Leslie: I can't help it. Austin is too damn cute.

The director: Oh brother. Let's try it again!


Emily: Let Jason go you Dark Moon tramp!

Kitta ( to Emily): Aren't we feisty for someone's ex boyfriend.

JB: Enough. Let Jason Go Ho!

Prisma: No way! He and I . . .wait a second. What did you call me?

JB: I said Let him go.

Prisma/Charisma: You called me a whore.

JB : I am sorry but I call them how I see them.

Charisma: I am not playing Micheal.

JB: whoops.

The director: Oh lord! Again people and Micheal, chill out.


Emily: Let Jason go you Dark Moon tramp!

Kitta ( to Emily): Aren't we feisty for someone's ex boyfriend.

JB: Let Austin go!

Prisma: Now way! Wait a second! Who is Austin?

JB: Austin St. John. Woh!

The director: Micheal!!!! Just once I wanna get through this scene.


Prisma kisses the chest of Jason. Emily is tormented by this scene.

Ryo's voice: Jason? Jason? What is going on?

Prisma: What is that?

Jason: Nothing! How about we make this from rated G to rated NC-17.

Prisma/Charisma: Oh! You nasty dog!

The director: Hey!!! I am not filming a Prono!!!


Celestial White: Star Flip Punch!

Celestial Guardian jumps , trying to flip but slips and falls instead.

The guy wearing the Celestial Guardian suit: Gomen na sai!! (I apologize in japanese)

A Power Rangers Take To the Skies Production along with Saban. Copyright 1998. Disclaimer still applies.