Disclaimer: This is just a chronology so that Ellen Brand's stories other than the Personality Series will all fit neatly into a nice little timeline. Well, enjoy

Power Rangers Chronology
for the stories of Ellen Brand

First Season:
Day of the Dumpster: December of freshman year. (93-94) Pilot.
Green with Evil: March. Tommy joins.
Green Candle: April. Tommy leaves.
Return of an Old Friend.: May. Tommy comes back.

Second Season:
The Mutiny: Late May. Zedd appears.
Green No More: Mid June. Tommy leaves.
Missing Green: July.
White Light: August. Tommy becomes White Ranger.
Zedd's Monster Mash: October sophomore year. (94-95)
Ninja Encounter:Late October. Ninja meet team.
Power Transfer: Early November. Ninja become Rangers.
Rangers Back in Time: Late November.
Return of the Green Ranger: Early December.

Third Season:
A Friend in Need: Mid-December.
Ninja Quest: Mid- to Late December.
I'm Dreaming of a White Ranger: Christmas
A Ranger Catastrophe: February. Kat meets team.
The Changing of the Zords: April.
A Different Shade of Pink.: Early May. Kat becomes Pink Ranger.
Master Vile and the Metallic Armor: June.

Time of Alien Rangers on Earth: Late July and August. (Note: These events occurred seven years ago in an altered past that disappeared when time returned to normal. However, the Zeo Crystal returned the world to the present which would have been if time had not been tampered with, so all in all, the time passed in the present as well.) Tanya joins team in late August.

Zeo begins
A Zeo Beginning and The Shooting Star: September junior year. (95-96)
Graduation Blues: January. Billy graduates.
No Business like Snow Business: February.
David Saga: March.

Fourth Season:
It Came From Angel Grove: Early April.
Game of Honor: Late April.

Gold Ranger saga: May.

A Brief Mystery of Time: Early June.
Rangers of Two Worlds: August. Billy goes to Aquitar.
Good as Gold: October of senior year. (96-97) Jason loses powers.
A Season to Remember: December.

Turbo Begins:
Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie: May.
Shift into Turbo: June. Rangers graduate!

And that's the Power Rangers Chronology, according to Ellen Brand!