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"Personality Conflicts Series"
Stories marked with an asterisk * feature the "original rangers!"

I Wish
Who is Tommy and David's mother???

Personality Conflicts
What do Tommy's dreams mean: (1) He's losing
his mind, or (2) something much worse?

Fathers And Sons
A father doesn't like the Power Rangers, but
now he's trapped with one - His Own Son!

Shadow Dancers
Even thou Billy has had his problems with Tommy, he
soon discovers that Tommy is his only hope of freedom.

Dying of the Light
The loss of the Gold Powers have an unexpected side effect- Jason's dying.

Things Left Undone *
The return of some old friends and the discovery of some new ones
make things interesting for everyone connected to the Rangers.

Crystal's Shadow, Crystal's Light *
The Zeo Crystal has a few secrets no one knew about. Will it be
enough to save Jason?

Two of Hearts *
A pair of unlikely romances cause the Rangers some trouble.

Crystal Blue Persuasion
When an ancient evil threatens an alien world, the only one who
can save it is- Rocky?

Revelations *
Some unexpected information brings about what may be the end
of Tommy's world.

Dark Mirror One: Tiger, Tiger *
Problems arise when two new Morphin Warriors begin tapping the grid.

Dark Mirror Two: Through a Glass Darkly*
As if one evil Morphin Warrior wasn't enough...

Dark Mirror Three: Heart of Darkness*
Things come to a head with Rita's Dark Reflections.

The More Things Change *
It's time to "Shift into Turbo!"

Who You Gonna Call??
Zack's in New York City, and trouble's close behind.

Inner Demons
It's Halloween, and Rocky's past has come back to haunt him in a big way.

Worlds Enough and Time
Dreams can hurt you!

Thicker Than Water
Jason finds out an unusual secret when an old friend comes to town.

Family Ties
The entire Park family is in big trouble when Scorpina returns.

The Green-Eyed Monster *
Beware of Jealousy . . . which could signal the end of the Turbo Rangers.

Final Frontier *
There's a new "Bad Guy" in town!

Blows So Red
While adjusting to life on Earth, Andros must deal with some
personal demons.

Second Star to the Right!
You gotta read this one to believe it!

Straight on Til Morning
Unlikely allies arrive to help the Rangers in their new quest.

Split Decision
The fight continues in space as the Rangers split up. Meanwhile, on Earth,
the Rangers learn more about each other, and themselves.

Shadow Hearts
The Rangers and Morphin Warriors each arrive on their
respective planets, while back at home, Drew, the Chromium
Gold Beetleborg, changes sides.

Waiting Game
Josh may have his chance to become a Beetleborg again,
and Edenoi could finally see some sunlight.

Though the Heavens Fall
The time for Zordon's trial has arrived.

Shadows of the Future
When a temporal anomaly takes Rocky to the future,
he finds himself in a frightening image of what could be.

Phantom Quest
Aisha gets a strange visitor, and Darkonda returns to the scene.

Mirror, Mirror
Dark Spectre has his hands on an old artifact, and
that spells trouble for the Rangers.

Firebird Run
Tommy's brother Teddy runs into a bit of trouble.

The Blue Senturion gets a job.

Birthday Blues
It's Lita's birthday...

Once Upon a December
It's Christmas time...

A series of short tales after one of the greatest trials in history.

The Turbo Rangers.

Metal Sunrise
The Beetleborgs Metallix!

Morning Stars
The Astro Rangers muse over the recent events.

Rider Before the Storm
Prince Dex considers the freedom of Edenoi, and
his responsibilities on Earth.

Warrior Dawn
The Morphin Warriors greet the new day. . .

Ghostly Futures

Crystal Morning
The Zeo Rangers are home, and much needs to be thought over.

Virtual Dawning
V.R. Troopers deal with the recent events.

Loose Threads
The Professor and Mary Ann...

"After Murianthus"
What happened after the events of the Turbo movie?

Into The Fire
Jason's having trouble dealing with his experience
on Divatox's sub (set after the Turbo Movie).

Flames of Love
Kim's having trouble, also!

Tommy's reconciled with Kim, so where does that leave Kat?

"Tommy's Choice"
What if Divatox used Tommy's weakness against him?

Final Farewell
After being captured by Divatox, Tommy begins to doubt
his abilities as a Ranger.

Blue Eternity
Injuried and alone in a strange fantasy world, Justin fights for his life.

"For Want of a Nail"
What if Rito and Goldar hadn't dropped the Zeo Crystal?

For Want of A Nail
A totally different Zeo season!!

Technicolor War
The battle has begun anew.

"Stand Alones"
Fics that don't belong to any series!

The Chronology of the Power Rangers
A useful key to the timelines in Ellen Brand's Stories.

Ashes to Ashes
The death of a Ranger leaves a lot of things unfinished.

Come The Dark
Vampires are running through the streets of Angel Grove.

Green Magic
Angel Grove teens with traits similar to the Power Rangers are dying!

Song and Dance
His sister gives Tommy a boost, after his breakup with Kimberly.

Midnight Sun
A dangerous new enemy faces off with the Turbo Rangers.

Phoenix Rising
Tommy comes to terms with no longer being a Ranger!

Blue is the Color of Mourning
Justin has a hard time dealing with his fathers' unexpected death!

An obsessed admirer is stalking one of the Power Rangers.

Shadow of Fear
The Rangers are falling victin to a mysterious foe!

Getting Over You!
Some relationships take longer to get over.

Blood and Vengeance
An alternate ending of the PRT Vampire Episode.

Never Too Late
Tommy spends Christmas talking to . . . "Lord Zed!"

Angst Awards
This competition is . . . well, neurotic!

A Rock Feels No Pain
Andros tries to wall his heart off from everything.

The Running Ranger
Billy and Katherine find themselves trapped in the
labyrinthine Power Chamber after something sabotages
their base of operations.

Jason reflects on his choice to accept the Gold powers.

Bishoujo Ranger Sailor Space
I think this is about Sailor Moon.

Against the Odds
Bulk and Skull are farther apart than they've ever been before.

Lost and Found
While going home, the Power Rangers run across a very strange friend.

Higher Than an Eagle
Tommy realizes he's been unfair to Kat.

In the Air Tonight
Inside Tommy's head . . .

"Non Power Ranger Stories"

Blood and Shadows
Real GhostBusters
Ghostbuster fans will enjoy this one!

Real GhostBusters
Here's another "Ghostbusters" story!

Night Terrors
Real GhostBusters
Sometimes, nightmares can be deadly.

Double Trouble
VR Troopers
Apparently, imitation ISN'T the sincerest form of flattery.

Down the Burning Sky
Beast Wars
Cheetor is having some problems.

Hostile Takeover
Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series
Nosedive of the Mighty Ducks is all on his own when
his enemy takes over his team.

Mega Man
Everyone has secrets.

In Memory Alone
Mega Man
Dr. Light thinks...


Bullet Karone Bullet

"Untold Hearts"

Broken Promises
Andros and Ashley are talking, the outcome not so good.

No One Needs to Know
TJ wonders how the Pink Ranger feels about him.

You're the One
Leo and Karone talk, helping each other in a moment.

Nights of Lights
Leo and Kendrix finally talk.

"Stand Alones"

Forgive and Forget: A Lost Galaxy Christmas
Old problems arise in Leo and Mike.

Secrets Revealed
After CtD, Divatox has something to take care of.

Lights of Darkness
Ashley's time to go.. The story rewinds.

Plausible Excuses
Mike needs to decide what to tell Commander Stanton.

Love Shot
Andros is nervous when he approaches Ashley.

Mirror, Mirror
Astronema reflects on the past, present, and future.

Something To Say
Andros and an ex-Ranger confer.

Picture Perfect
Ashley finally gets the chance to experience something any high school student gets to.


BulletAurora Moore Bullet

"The Time Rangers"

Shattered Time
Seven former Rangers find themselves caught up in a war of time?

Cave of Fire
The first stop on the Rangers' journey is one of prehistoric peril?

The Time Rangers take a quick break and three couples do some talking.


Utter Fool
Everyone is a fool for love.


Bullet SgtKenneth Bullet

An Astro M*A*S*H Unit
M*A*S*H 4-077 . . . Power Ranger Style!


Bullet Starfire Bullet

Kai falls in love.

Heart's Decision
A mysterious girl in Kai's dream becomes reality.

Heart Eclipse
Kai and Liz go on their first date.

Heart Life
Kai might lose his true love.

Heart to Heart
Kai has to talk.

Past of the WaterStar
The past comes to the present.

Memories of the WaterStar
Mike and his day in the life of shock therapy.

"Blue Cloud, Silver Lining"
A Silver Galaxy Ranger...

Cloudy Star
Clouds are on the horizon.

Cloud Lining
Will Kai survive these tormenting memories?

Silver Star Memories
Every blue cloud has a silver lining.

Cloudy Tears
Clarity is in the minds of all creatures.

Identity of the Silver Lining
Kai is puzzled with the Identity of his love.

Pasage of the Silver Cloud
We have a surprise visitor from the past fighting the Rangers of the Galaxy.

"Red Sea"
A sad tale...

Life Embedded In A Sea of Red
Will the truth of love be revealed?

Black Seas To Yellow Skies
Wonders of truth are revealed.

Red Sea Of Time
Time is all the essence.

A Rising Red Sea
Who is good and who is evil?

Pink Sea Blue Skies
What is wrong with Cassie?

Dark Sea Reveal
Andros is in a dire situation.


Lost Child of Alantis
Secrets of Alantis will arise.

"Other Stories"

Heart of Mine
The Phantom is thinking.

When Computers Talk
A fic that will just make you go...WHAT?

The past of the elusive Ms. Fairweather.


Bullet Naomi Tilley Bullet

Home is Where The Heart Is
Feeling unloved at home, Adam finds a friend who just wants him who he is.
Unfortunately, that's not good!

Unfinished Business
The Evil Green Ranger is back, and that spells trouble for Jason.

When Jason is kidnapped by other humans, the Rangers face
the most difficult of their lives.
WARNING: The story contains adult material.

Sister, Sister
Something from Jason's past may kill Tanya, and the guilt maybe more then
he can handle.

Jason's Story
After rescuing the other Rangers, Jason is unable to escape the dark dimension!
A disturbing story of loss and regret.

Jason's Story
With an alternate ending.

Finished Best Friends Finished
Is Adam facing a battle he can't win???

Revelations and Reckonings
When Jason is reclaimed by his natural father, the Rangers help
out by delivering him to the man he hasn't seen in thirteen years.
However, it turns out they made a huge mistake, and Jason
ends up paying the price.

Family Ties
Jason finds out that the abusive man he's been living with for
years is not his real father, and goes in search of the one man
who can complete him.

"G-Force and Power Rangers"

There's a new kid living with a foster family - the Olivers.

Mark's back, with his team, and in trouble!

Sins of the Father
This third installment in the G-Force/PR Crossover series
finds the newly-retired kids in Washington D.C. on vacation,
where they once again meet up with their old friends, G-Force.

Something Wicked This Way Comes
Zoltar is determined to have his sons on his side
of the fight in this sequel to "Sins of the Father."

"Stand Alones"

The Hard Way
An unstable Jason is taken hostage by robbers.

Jason returns home to Angel Grove after years away,
but his problems have travelled with him...

The police suspect foul play when Jason disappears . . .


Bullet Vinny Bullet

"Power Rangers of the Stars"

Rise Of Evil
"A new enemy on the block?"

Rise of Evil 2
It gets worse.

The villains start a large-scale attack...

Revelations I : The Dark Secret
Who's the evil mastermind? Let's find out!

Revelations II : Fight of the Phantom
The big secrets get revealed!

"Season Two: Unleashing the Star Power"

Author's Note: So this is the 2nd season of my very own PR-series.
You'll find the new Star powers in it - as well as new zords, new allies, new dangers
and - brandnew foes! Well, enjoy the stories and tell me your opinion!

A New Beginning
And now... light - camera - POWER!

"Power Rangers 2000"

Author's Note: This series takes place at the beginning of the
21st Century. There will be some links to the past, but I'm probably going to change several
things, which seemed to be forever. But now let us enter a new millenium of power....

Turn of the Millennium
A new millenium is about to arise. And so is a new villain..

Turn of the Millennium (2)
Evilor's troops in Angel Grove and four Rangers beaten!

Turn of the Millenium (3)
Have the Rangers lost???

The Secret
How did he Rangers get their powers? Let's find out..."

As Cold Is Ice
It's a cold, cold da yin Angel Grove..."

Day of the Beasts
With friendly animals gone bad, the Rangers have a big problem to deal with..."


Bullet Winterflame Bullet

"The Next Level"

Dangerous Vacation
The Rangers take a vacation to "HELL," thanks to Rita Repulsa & Lord Zedd

"Stand Alones"

Blue Legacy
The newest Blue Ranger wonders about his predecessors in color.

Corner of the Eye
That's how she saw him.


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