Disclaimer: Saban owns the Rangers, DIC owns the Ghostbusters. I'm not making any money off of this, so chill. Well, having given my rampaging ideas the spotlight once, they've been after me to do it again. So, to pacify them and hopefully get some work done, here's a sort-of-sequel to "Battle Royale." It's rated G, by the way.

Technical Difficulties
by: Ellen Brand

"Who's that one from?"

"Geez, another one from that Chris guy?"

"Why do all these people want you to get ICQ?"

"Oooh, Willow sent us another joke!"

Dropping my head into my hands, I sighed. It had been all-out war in the land of the ideas recently, which in my world translated to writer's block. It happened occasionally; the ideas would be fighting each other so hard to get out that they wound up in a sort of gridlock. That's where we were now, and so I had decided to scrap the whole thing and concentrate on my e-mail. However, they weren't about to let me have even that temporary peace.

Looking over my current contingent, I sighed. Some things never change, of course. I still had a Tommy fic in the queue, beating up on all comers. His shirt was red, I noticed, making him a Zeo or Turbo idea. Currently, my Rocky fic had him in a headlock and was grinning at everybody. The golden letters "PC" on his shirt marked him as the newest installment of Personality Conflicts.

Meanwhile, SD-Ryan and SD-Drew were engaged in a heated sword fight. The "swords" were actually a pair of novelty toothpicks that they had swiped the last time we had a college function with "mocktails." Currently neither had the upper hand.

"I know something you don't know," the Drew fic chuckled, going on the attack.

"What's that?" asked SD-Ryan.

"I am not left-handed!"

I sighed. "I knew I shouldn't have let them watch "The Princess Bride" last night."

On my right, my collection of Ghostbusters fics were still attempting to get my attention. Luckily for me, proton beams are next to useless when the wielder is only six inches tall.

"Trap open!"

"I think she's a little big for that, Ray."

"I'm not left-handed either!"


"Ow, my back!"

Sighing, I looked back at my screen, where Jeremy Logsdon's "Attack of the Muses" was displayed. "Dragons? If only!"