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The Sound of Muses
by: Ellen Brand

"Note to self: Get Chris Funaro something REALLY nice for his birthday," I said aloud, lying on my bed. Currently I was listening to the Savage Garden tape that said friend had given me for Christmas, ignoring my SD-ideas as they ran rampant through my dorm room.

"GOD, it's a good thing I don't have a roommate," I muttered.

"Yeah, the mess would eat her alive," Blair Sandburg remarked.

I glared at the little Sentinel fic. "This from a man who has to move pots every time he has a guest in his office?"

"Hey, Jim's almost zoned twice from the dust!"

"There isn't any dust, Sandburg," I growled, trying to sound like Simon Banks.

"Run for your lives! Mutant dust-bunny on the rampage!" The cry came from under my bed, specifically from Peter Venkman. The small idea was firing his proton pack under the bed, while beside him Fox Mulder unloaded his gun in the same direction.

"Oh, will you two STOP it?"

"Listen," Peter addressed me. "You're driving me insane in "Shadows and Glass," you can let me bust a dust bunny or two. Besides, you've currently left me hanging with a cut-up hand and a sleepwalking habit! A guy's gotta have some fun."

"Yeah!" Mulder agreed. "And you've been working on "Four for the Road" for almost a month, and Scully and I haven't even gone to the scene, let alone met the cars yet!"

"Well, I've got bad news for you, Mulder, you're being pushed back until after the Christmas fic." Suddenly my head snapped up as "Crash and Burn" began playing. "Oooh... now wouldn't that make a good songfic?"

"I want it!" Blair burst in. "It's PERFECT for me and Jim! Especially after the press conference!"

"Which Sci-Fi isn't AIRING... Jerks," I growled.

Peter folded his arms across his chest. "Hey, I think it'd work pretty good for the four of us! And we NEVER get song-fics."

"There's a reason for that," Mulder replied. "Frankly, I think Scully and I could do something very nice with that song."

The three of them began squabbling over who would get the song, their voices rising higher and higher. Suddenly there was a shrill roar, and a foot-tall Godzilla popped out from behind my Chemistry notes. (Don't ask.) One atomic breath later, three semi-scorched ideas were standing quite peacefully beside each other.

"He can have it," they intoned in unison, jerking their thumbs at the diminutive mutant lizard.

Just then a SD Nick Tatopoulos climbed on top of the papers. "So... When are you gonna get started on 'Phoenix and Dragons?'"

I threw a book at him and buried my head under my pillow.