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You're the One
by: Karone

You're the one for me
You're my ecstasy
You're the one I need

Hey baby love I need a girl like you
So tell me if you feel it too
I'm in delusion every minute, every hour
My heart is cryin out for you

Leo Corbett glanced around the ship hallway sleepily, wondering what the noise had been that had awoken him from his soundless slumber. He stumbled over his feet as he shut the door to his quarter's room. His vision focused as he walked onto the Bridge and he spotted the Pink Ranger sitting in the pilot's chair, idly staring at a screen that held a stilled image. Leo looked closely and saw a blonde haired young man and a woman who looked much like Karone.

She pressed a button the screen, and the scene was played out. They talked, she accused him of standing her up, then she raised her staff and blasted him, destroying the roses he held and streaking him with mud. The scene changed to the woman -Karone in her Astronema days?- in her quarters crying over a picture of the young man in part Silver Ranger suit.

"Yes, that's me, if you were wondering." Leo froze at the sound of her voice and looked towards his blonde friend. She turned around in the chair and smiled lightly at him. "I heard you when you stumbled in the hallway."

"I didn't think anyone would of heard that." Leo blushed lightly at her expression of amusement. God, she's beautiful. he thought with a mournful sigh and turned away from his staring at her petite form. "What are you doing up?"

"I couldn't sleep. Memories were invading me and I had to get up and move around." she smiled softly and turned back to the screen.

"Oh." he watched in semi-interest as another image came up on the screen. This time it showed a mature looking Karone in a purple and gray flight suit, wearing an expression of bewilderment on her pretty face. "What's this? If you-you don't mind telling me," he couldn't help but ask the question, then noticed how stupid he had sounded in the question.

"When I was named the honorary Space Ranger." she murmured lightly. She reached up and flipped a switch, turning the image to a blank screen. "If you don't mind now, I think I want to be alone." Before he could answer her, she turned and quickly ran from the room.

"God, I can't believe I act like such an idiot in front of her." he sighed, and watched the doors shut automatically to the Bridge. He glanced around the empty MegaShip Bridge and dimmed the lights and started to go back to where his quarters waited for him and his slumber.

As he walked into the hallway, he became noticably aware of the fact that Karone laid in her room, sobbing. It wasn't that loud, but compared to the silence of everywhere else...

"Talk to her," Leo jumped at the voice and spun and came face to face with Alpha 6. "She needs you Leo, help her." Before Leo said a word, Alpha went back to his business, toddling down the silent hallway with a clipboard.

Talk to her? More like sound stupid, but if he's right... He silently walked towards her doors and they slid open.

"Go away," came her voice, low with a slight edge. "I don't need your help."

"No, because you do." Leo contradicted. He looked down at her shaking form on the bed. "Let me help you.. I know I can help you if you'll let me.."

She sniffled, looking up at him with dark sorrowful eyes. "You can take back the last five years of my life?" she turned away from him and sighed. She shook her head, then slowly turned back and faced him. Maybe he can help me forget about everything.. An almost "evil" gleam was in her eyes.

"I don't know," he paused, looking at her timidly. "Are... you okay?"

"Mm hmm." She studied him for a second, looking closely at his face. He is really cute. Great body too, as anyone could see when he's fighting... She smirked to herself and stared at him, noticing his gaze was also locked on her. "Leo?"

Leo stared at the look she had in her eyes. One of love, and sadness, "What?" he managed to whisper.

Karone said nothing, her eyes still trained to his eyes. He needs me to forget, like I need him to forget. She realized. Her eyes bored into his, almost requesting permission. He seemed to understand and nodded slowly. Karone, taking a light breath, took this as her cue, and kissed Leo softly. She felt him return the kiss with almost equal passion, closing her eyes to save the feeling. They fell in each other's arms. She stared at him, with passion filled eyes, and smiled. She wrapped her arms around his neck and felt him kiss her again. She pulled away from him, moments and kisses later, and smiled lop-sided at him. "Thank you," she whispered softly.

"No," Leo paused, kissing her again softly on her lips, "thank you." He stood up, after releasing her from his arms and smiled. Without a spoken word, he kissed her hand and left her quarters, giving her a look over his shoulder as he departed.

I feel in heaven when I look in your eyes
I know that you are the one for me
(one for me)
You drive me crazy cause
You're one of a kind
I want your lovin and I want it right now

Maybe, Leo thought, his eyes closing as he entered his own quarters again and approached his bed, Things will be okay around here. I guess, it's time to have a little faith again. And with that thought, Leo drifted off into a soundless sleep.