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Secrets Revealed
by: Karone

Divatox stood shakily in front of a small wispy crystalline house. Her hand reached up to knock on the pure crystal door but it was pulled open with a light swoosh. Divatox gave a start when she gazed at the image in front of her. It was like staring into a mirror. She couldn’t believe she had the courage to stand here this day. Memories dove back into her mind quickly, unexpected and almost not wanted.

"Hi Dimitria," Divatox muttered lightly. Saying the name brought a twisted taste to her mouth, reminding her of everything that she had known in her life was a lie.

"Call me Dimi?" Dimitria offered, moving aside as the ex-space pirate moved through the doorway. "I'm glad you came, I was afraid you would turn my offer of peace down."

Divatox had to smile at that, "I wouldn't turn this down for anything. Before anything is said, I want to apologize. I tried to kill you for so many years, and here it turns out we're sisters. . ."

Dimitria nodded, "I understand. You were under the influence of evil, you didn't have anything else to believe. I'm so finally glad you let the light in."

Divatox sighed at the comment, "I didn't let it in though. It was forced on me. A great man was destroyed for our denial. If only... If only we had taken a moment of silence and actually LISTENED to what he said, the pain would have been lost so long ago."

"But for not the evil, would we have not learned lessons from this?" Dimitria paused, and smiled faintly. "Zordon and myself helped many troublesome teenagers over the years learn about themselves. Maybe it was for the wrong reasons, fighting you and other villainous aliens to protect their home world, but they still came from a life of near nothing to many new challenges and choices for their future."

"But still," Divatox sighed, "We killed so many people. I killed just for the fun of it. I'm not exactly a saint."

"Is anyone?"


Dimitria had to laugh at that, "Me?"

"You wear mostly all white, which proves the theory, but, you're the vision of purity, and you love all people, no matter how much you should hate them."

"Maybe I seem that way, but I'm not a saint. My life has just been different than your life. Two different worlds . . . Evil and the ‘light.’"

Divatox nodded, and her gaze flickered to the window near by, staring out at the bright blue sky and fluffy white clouds. "I'm also sorry about something else." Dimiteria gazed quizzically at her.


"I knew we were sisters, many months before now. That millennium message the Blue Centurion sent . . ."

Dimitria nodded solemnly. "I know there was something we didn't know about it. But please, don't feel bad. Evil does strange things to people. No one, me especially, will hold it against you. We are sisters, are we not?"

"Why are you being so nice and kind to me? I don't deserve any of this."

"You are my sister. Twin sister. I won't hate you for something you had no control over. It's not your fault."

Divatox shrugged, "Maybe."

There was a light knock at the door. Dimitria looked at the door in surprise. "I didn't invite anyone else . . ." Standing, the white clad woman walked to her door, Divatox following, and stared at a face that looked vaguely like an older version of her and her sister.

"Momma Dee?" Divatox blinked. ‘Dee’ nodded and smiled lightly at her daughter.

"I knew you were coming here today . . . And with both of you here, I wanted to explain something to you."

Dimitria, not quite understanding, nodded and opened her door so she could enter. "What are you going to tell us?" She queried, leading Dee and Divatox back into the living room of the house.

"The past." Dee approached the couch, sitting down before contemplating what to say. "I should start from the beginning, I suppose . . . When I was a young teenager, I was "seduced" to the 'dark side' by Dark Specter. My family had been already killed by his minions, so I really didn't have anything left so I joined his forces, powered by hatred, loneliness and betrayal.

"One day, well, I met a young warrior named Kintha. He showed me everything I could want and desire. I fell in love with him. Like his name, he was a very strong individual. He wanted to rule over Specter. Gradually, over time, we married, and I gave birth to twins. You two," She gestured at the two attentive adults. "This was all done in secret, and well, finally, Specter found out what happened.

"'How dare you two betray me like this!' He cried at us. We were his most 'loyal' subjects, and well, we'd betrayed him on his own side by love and happiness. He had Kintha destroyed immediately, and then, he told me that he was going to kill my children. I couldn't stand this terrible thought. My two lovely babies.. How I loved both of you so much! I had friends, Licia and Matora, who agreed to take my poor little babies. Space pirates on their way out of town, it would be easy to hide away from all the death. So, I sent you two away. News traveled back to me quickly. I'd learned the Power Rangers had 'kidnapped' one of the twins. I didn't know what to do. So, what else could I do, but I escaped and raised my one remaining child with the help from my friend Licia.

"Over time, Specter learned of where I was and then took you Divatox." Her voice trembled and she swallowed back a sob, "He trained you to be a wicked space pirate and sent you everywhere, killing and leaving a trail of destruction behind. I never learned what had become of my other baby, Dimitria, ‘til a couple months ago, when we learned of the Millennium message. I'm so sorry, both of you... So very sorry."

Divatox rose from her sitting position and wrapped her arms around her mother in a hug. "It's not your fault. You couldn't stop Specter . . . No one could."

"I know, but I could have done something differently then none of this would have happened." Dee sighed, falling back against the couch. The aging was apparent in her face. "I'm just glad you two finally know your truth. Maybe now, that everything is good again, life can go on."

"Yes, life will go on." Dimitria echoed. "I'm sorry I never knew you very well, Dee--Mother, but hopefully we can in the distant future. I'm just sorry I couldn't have known this sooner. . ."

"As I am." Dee agreed. She smiled tentatively, "I don't suppose.. you'd allow an old lady to treat her daughters to dinner to be reacquainted?"

"Of course." Divatox nodded, glancing side-ways at Dimitria who quickly agreed.

"We'd love to." Dimitria added with a genuine smile.


* * *

Hours later, Divatox and Dimitria sat side by side again in Dimitria 's home. "Well, today has defiantly been a interesting day."

"It has." Dimitria agreed. "Even though our pasts are so bad . . . It's --"

" . . .Wonderful to have you as a sister." Divatox finished. Dimitria nodded, a tear coming to her left eye. The two sisters hugged and began to contemplate their future. Together. In a world that could bring no more harm to them or anyone.