Disclaimer: Saban owns the Power Rangers. And as far as the M*A*S*H timeline Burt Metcalfe is in charge. George Lucas owns Star Wars for when that appears. This story takes place during the MASH episode Fade-in; Fade-Out. This is 4 years after Countdown to Destruction. It is almost 50 years since the Korean War ended. The Power Rangers believe that an Imperial Officer has joined the 4077th.

An Astro M*A*S*H Unit
By SgtKenneth

"Khayman will you get out of my face with your stories. "Potter told Andros the Red Astro Ranger.

"Their not stories Potter," Andros told the Colonel.

"Then why hasn't Flagg shown up yet? "Potter replied. Andros left thinking that this was a wild goose chase.

"Hey when I see you next time you better as GI as MacAuthur"a voice said.

"Flagg is that you? "Potter asked.

"Yes, it is and you can call me Captain Goldberg," Flagg replied. Andros left Radar's office wondering if Flagg was listening in. A jeep drove by when Ashley his wife and the Yellow Ranger ran up to him.

"Flagg's here" was all he could say. They walked over to the Mess Tent when Hawkeye drunk as ever walked into them.

"Don't you have any sense?" Andros told him.

"Do you?" Pierce replied," the food here is rotten." The 2 rangers walked in to the Mess Tent. BJ was telling Radar about the time he thought that a reptile was after him.

"Let's get some food, I'm starved. "Andros said. They walked over to the serving counter where they asked Igor what the food was. "It's chicken," the cook said.

"This doesn't taste or look like any chicken I've ever seen," Ashley told the cook. Klinger walked up to Andros and got a quick "DON'T PARADE AROUND ME IN THAT DRESS EVER," from Andros. Klinger ran off to tell Potter.

In the VIP Tent they settled in for the night when Potter walked in.

"Khayman don't you have any sense, although I must admit that Klinger should stop wearing dresses," Potter said and left. Andros turned to Ashley and they shared a long kiss before Radar knocked on their door.

"Sirs, this message just came from I-Corps."

"Great now get out before I put your glasses down the Latrine." Radar left.

"What is it?" Ashley asked.

"The Army in its usual insanity wants to assign us here permanently." Andros started roaming the tent and left to complain to Potter.



"I didn't do it," Potter yelled. "I-Corps can't find us another surgeon. And its either here or the front lines for you. And if you can run this outfit better why don't you."

"Fine I will and when you come back you'll see this place running better then it is." Andros retorted.

"You'll need this." Potter took his rank insignia and attached it to Andros's uniform.



"Colonel Khayman has a nice ring to it," Ashley told him.

"Great another Frank Burns," Hawkeye said.

"I think it will be nice to see some order restored to this place," Major Margaret Houlihan said. Andros was showing off his new insignia to the camp. BJ was writing Peg his own wife about it:

A little has changed here with Potter dead and Khayman taking over. But hopefully this will be the last dress Klinger wears.

"A toast to the new CO may we torture him more than Potter," Hawkeye said. Andros was willing to accept command of the 4077th quoting that military efficiency will return to this camp. As one of his first orders (Ashley was behind him all the way on this)he ordered the still in The Swamp deactivated. His second order was to confiscate Radar's teddy bear,and the third and fourth orders were to sew up that hole in the Nurses' Shower, and to burn all of Klinger's dresses. BJ and Hawkeye were helpless to stop this.

"Why the still. I mean why not my nudist magizines." Hawkeye was asking Andros angrily.

"I don't want a still in my camp. I don't want booze period." Andros replied. "Now, Captain get out before I have you arrested for insubordination."



Hawkeye had gone mad. First, he told Flagg that Frank Burns kidnapped Major Houlihan. Then, he told Ashley that Andros was seeing a nurse on the side.

Ashley thought of better times when Andros could be fun,loving,and tender. Now he was all army and no longer any kind of husband to her. She wanted him to a point and now the army was his only life. She thought pictorially of when those Stormtroopers paid them a visit he had literally thrown then in front of a #3 Train. Andros walked in as she was thinking about the future or her past.

"Tomorrow we'll have the cook bring breakfast to us in here, all right?" he asked.

"Sure, why not." she replied.

* * * *

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