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Life Embedded in a Sea of Red
by: Starfire

Loud noises of children laughing, and people screeching from thrill rides echoed throughout the carnival. The smell of cotton candy and popcorn was in the air, tempting the people to buy some of the delicious treats. To Ashley Hammond, everything was perfect; just the way it should be. She smiled happily at her boyfriend, who grinned back at her. They had just finished riding the roller coaster; the rush of blood was still making them a bit light-headed.

The Yellow Ranger grinned, "That was so much fun!"

Andros chuckled, his sapphire eyes sparkling, "Yeah, I can still feel the blood up in my head." He tugged on his red and white shirt; it was hanging loosely over his jeans due to the topsy-turvy curves of the roller coaster.

She grinned, and looked at her watch. She began rummaging through her purse. "Oh damnit," she muttered in exasperation as she continued to search through the mess inside the handbag. Her brown hair fell into her eyes, which she absently brushed away.

"What is it?" Andros asked, watching as Ashley began to toss out some napkins onto the table they were sitting at. Next came out a piece of rope, makeup of various sorts, two pens, bubble gum wrapper, and her keys. Finally looking up, she tugged on her short yellow top that was over her snug black jeans.

"I think I left my extra wallet in the car," she grimaced, "I needed that money to pay for a few of the games I want play." With that, she began piling all of her stuff back into the purse.

Andros smiled, "And I thought Tommy Oliver's memory was bad." He chuckled as she made a face at him. She swung her brown hair back as she zipped up her purse, putting the shoulder strap on her shoulder.

She pouted, "Gee, thanks a lot." She stuck her tongue out at him as she grabbed his hand, leading him through the carnival.

"I was only teasing love," the Red Ranger grinned.

Ashley sighed happily at hearing the word love fall from Andros' lips. "You know of course, that remark will not go unpunished?"

“But Ashley!” he pouted with puppy eyes. Ashley groaned, knowing what would happen when the Red Ranger looked at her that way.

“No fair, that’s cheating,” she said, as he kept up the incredibly cute puppy dog look. She felt her knees turning to jelly, “There’s no way I can win, is there?” Andros’ eyes twinkled in merriment, as he continued with the adorable look. She sighed in defeat, “Alright, alright! I forgive you.”

Andros grinned, hugging her. “Come on, let’s go get that wallet of yours.” She smiled in return as his hand squeezed hers. Strolling through the amusement park, they quickly found Ashley’s yellow convertible. After a few seconds of searching, the Yellow Ranger grabbed her wallet and got out of the car.

Holding it up triumphantly, she asked, “You ready for the Wheely Tilly ride?” She kissed her boyfriend on the cheek at the thought of the fun they were going to have on the next ride. The feeling of air passing through her hair was sheer heaven.

“As ready as I’ll ever be, love,” he answered. Ashley sighed dreamily as her eyes caught the sight of Andro’s blonde and brown striped hair. God, how did I ever get so lucky to snag this hunk of a man? Her thoughts continued down that happy avenue as they strolled back to the carnival.

The air was shattered by sudden screams of terror. The couple quickly ran to the source of the screaming. They looked up in horror as they saw a little girl crying in a cable car. The ride looked like it was going to give way any second. The metal clamps that connected the car to the cable were bending and twisting, emitting horrible noises over the screaming. The stressed metal looked as if it was about to collapse from the weight of the girl and the constant shaking.

“Oh GOD, my baby!!” a women on the ground cried out.

“I’m going after her,” Andros said, quickly running behind a building out of sight before Ashley could say anything. To anyone who bothered to look, there was a flash of red, and the Red Ranger came gliding out on his Galaxy Glider. Ashley shook her head as she watched Andros sail up to the cable car. My boyfriend, the daredevil. He opened the door, and slowly walked inside to reach the little girl.

“Don’t be afraid, I’m here to help you,” he said quietly, as she picked up the cowering little girl. As the cable car gave a sudden groan, the girl began struggling against Andros.

“Mommy!!” she screamed as the cable car went up and down. For a moment, fear struck Andros’ soul.

Oh boy....... Before she could do anything else, the Red Ranger quickly put the girl onto his Galaxy Glider. He was about to jump on after her, but he coudn’t. He saw that his boot was stuck between the seating on the car. The cable car gave another loud groan, and Andros heard a snap. With a mental push, he sent the Glider down to the ground, just as the everything came tumbling down in a huge mass. **CRASH**

Ashley watched in horror as the entire structure came down. “NOOOOO!!! ANDROS!!!” Her throat was hoarse as she ran to the wreckage. She began to push away some of the metal framework, searching frantically for any sign of the Red Ranger. Oh God, please let him be all right. Oh please, oh please...... She pleaded in her very soul, not caring about the hands that tried to take her away.

She kept on rummaging and pulling, her hands bleeding from some of the sharp pieces that she scratched herself on. Her eyes caught on something that drained the blood from her face. Andros’ blonde and brown hair was peeking out of some of the wreckage. As she pulled more bits of metal away, she realized that his legs, all the way to the hips were pinned beneath the cable car. That wasn’t the worse sight of all. Blood was pooling rapidly beneath his body, staining his red shirt almost black.

Not caring who might discover his identity now, Ashley knelt by the body of the Red Ranger. “Andros,” she whispered, tears flowing down her cheeks. “Please, please wake up love. Please......” The tears continued to flow, landing on his lips. Andros stirred beneath her, his eyelids slowly fluttering open.

“A...Ashley...” he gasped out weakly.

“Andros!!” she exclaimed, “Shhh....” She put a finger on his lips, “Save your strength.” The paleness of his face concerned her; she knew that he was losing a lot of blood. Her hand began caressing Andros’ blood soaked hair as her heart began breaking.

“I.....will.....always....love you...” Andros was panting heavily now, fighting for each breath to make his words heard. Ashley could see his blue eyes dimming.

“I love you Andros. Don’t worry, the doctors will be able to patch you right up,” her lips trembled as she caressed the Red Ranger’s cheeks.

Andros’ face scrunched up in pain, “It’s too late for me Ashley.” He slowly raised a hand to touch her cheek, “Live a happy life.....” With that, the hand fell down limply to the ground. The sparkle of red light in Ashley’s mind, her indication when Andros was near, faded into nothing; she suddenly felt very cold, and very alone.

Ashley’s eyes widened, and she shook Andros’ shoulders. There was no response. “Andros!! Andros!! Noooooo!!!!” Her cries were like a wounded animal. “Oh please Andros, don’t leave me. I love you so much. Don’t leave me!! DON’T LEAVE ME!!!” Her body rocked back and forth as her sobs continued. The peaceful face of the man cradled in her arms did nothing to stop her.


Ashley sat in her room on the Megaship, her arms wrapped around a red teddy bear that Andros had won for her. Her eyes were vacant as she stared out into space. She continued to rock back and forth, the signs of her life slowly fading away. The Yellow Ranger didn’t even notice as her door opened, with three figures standing in the hallway.

Carlos looked at TJ and Cassie, his eyes filled with worry. “What are we going to do? She won’t eat or sleep; she’s just been sitting there for the past five days. This isn’t good for her at all.”

Cassie’s eyes were still puffy and red from crying. She closed her eyes, praying in her heart. Please God, don’t take another loved one away from me. TJ’s own face was lined with grief. He hugged Cassie, helping her to release her pent up grief and sorrow. Seeing that he wouldn’t get much of a response from either of them, Carlos sighed and entered the room. He laid out a tray of food and drink on her desk.

Turning towards the Yellow Ranger, Carlos whispered, “Ashley, you have to eat.”


Ashley ignored Carlos as she continued to stare out into space. She barely noticed as Carlos sat beside her on the bed. Tears slowly leaked down her cheeks. Andros, why did you leave me? Why did you have to be so damned brave? She continued to sob. Her mind flashed back to the first time she saw him standing so proud in uncertainty.


I looked around the area of the deck with all it’s weird consoles and buttons. Suddenly, the door opened and we were staring at a Red Ranger.

”Hi, I’m.....” TJ began, but he didn’t get to finish.

The Red Ranger took off running. He hit the door lock switch on his way out. Before I could get through, he tried to hit the other lock, but I got off the bridge before he got to it.

"Cassie, Carlos, get him," TJ exclaimed.

"Wait," I yelled after him. I saw him turn around only for a second, but he quickly turned back around, and continued to run.

"DECA, don't let them follow ..." I heard him say, but the ship started to shake. "DECA, stasis report" The Red Ranger demanded when he reached the bridge.

He locked us out and we felt the ship shake more. TJ quickly looked around the engine room and saw smoke coming from out of a detached tube.

"TJ what are you going to do?" I asked in worry.

I saw him grimace. "I am going to fix this damn contraption." I watch him climb up and plug in a tube. The ship steadied out a little and we felt the ship land.

We all ran out of the area to the planet and I saw some weird looking metal men. "Red Ranger, look out!" I yelled, fearing for his life. The Red Ranger ducked. We finished off the metal men easily. The Red Ranger then demorphed. He stood proud and his sapphire eyes glimmer with his blonde and brown striped hair.

*Wow he is a hotty* I thought to myself as I looked him up and down. I walked around him trying to decide something. Then, I poked him twice in his left arm. "You’re ... you’re human," I said amazed.

"Of course I am. Not all humans are from Earth," he retorted. I then walked with him over to my friends.

"I'm Cassie," I saw Cassie blurted out in a rush.

"And, I'm Ashley!" I said next, trying to impress him.

"Carlos," said next unhappily.

"TJ," he introduced himself. He held out his hand to shake with the Red Ranger.

I saw his confusion at the hand, he uncertainly took TJ's hand. "I am called Andros."

*End flashback*

Carlos watched Ashley worriedly and was relieved that she lay down and went to sleep. I love you Ashley Please don't leave me. He prayed that fate wasn't cruel enough to take the only person he had ever loved away from him. He knew she had suffered from many problems and heartache especially from her relationship with Andros. Although every time he had seen her with Andros, he felt as if his heart was being torn out, all he ever wanted for her was happiness. But now she was all alone in her own little world, shutting everyone out from her problems; that hurt him more than he could bear. Carlos felt helpless, not being able to do anything at all to help her.

“I’ll always be here for you Ashley,” he whispered, as he watched her sleep. Her hand was curled under her cheek, tears staining her cheeks. “I’ll always love you....... I just hope that you’ll make it through this.” He felt a tear slip down his own cheek, “Don’t leave..... B..b..because... I can’t live without you.” He leaned down gently, kissing her on the cheek. “Sleep well my love.... and heal.... please..... I need you.” With that, he left the room. He never noticed as a glimmering light appeared in the room.

A voice whispered in the room, “It is time for her to know.”

Another voiced sighed, “May the closure begin.”