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Only One
by Karma

Kimberly Hart paced her room, as she waited for Tommy Oliver. He was supposed to come pick her up for their date, but Tommy was late, like usual.

"Kim, telephone," Kate Hart, Kim's mother, called up the stairs.

"Hello?" Kimberly asked as she picked up the pink phone on her night table.

"Kim? It's Tommy,"

"Where are you?" Kimberly demanded glancing at her watch. "You're twenty minutes late."

"I know, and I'm sorry, but Zack and I, we have a project for school to finish. Can we reschedule?"

Kimberly groaned softly. Of course, the one night they actually got reservations at the French restaurant, Tommy cancels the date, at the last minute.

"Of course, I can see if I can get them again tomorrow." Kimberly said as she stared out her window.

"Thanx, I knew you'd understand! Later," Tommy hung up. Kimberly replaced the phone onto it's matching pink cradle and laid on the bed. She'd dressed up for no reason. She looked down at the fancy dress she had on. It was all white, with a low neck line, and it had no sleeves. A perfect dress to show off her figure. But no one to use it on.

"Kim, phone again," her mother shouted.

"Hello?" Kimberly asked picking up the phone.

"Kim, it's Trini."

"Hey Trini, what's up?"

"Richie dumped me for someone. And I was hoping me and you could go out and party. Oh wait! Tonight's your big date with Tommy!"

"No, he canceled on me. Some project with Zack he needs to finish. I'd love to party with you,"

"Great! Leave on the white dress, and we'll go to the dance club, near Zack's house!"

"O.K. I'll come and get you!"

"OK, see ya soon."

Kimberly quickly slammed the phone onto it's cradle and raced down the white carpeted stairs.

"Tommy here?" her mother asked.

"No, I'm going out with Trini for a few hours. I'll probably be home late."

"OK, but no longer than one."

"Sure, bye!"

Kimberly went out to the white sports car she bought the previous month and hopped in. She loved this car. Almost more than Tommy. She smiled thinking about Tommy's expression when she had bought the car he'd been after.

She put the car in gear and drove toward Sont Avenue, Trini's street. Trini was in the driveway waiting for her. Trini was dressed in a beautiful red dress, very similar to Kimberly's.

"Awesome dress Trini!" Kimberly said as Trini slid into the seat next to her.

"Thanx, you too babe," Trini said giggling slightly. "I say we go and find some lonely guys and dance their blues away,"

"Right along with ours!" Kimberly added.

"Yeah, we'll show the guys we can have an awesome time without them,"

"Right on!" Kimberly said as they pulled up to the club. Loud music was pouring through the open windows.

Together, they sauntered into the club, making many guys look their way. They went over to the mini-bar, and ordered diet cokes.

"May we buy your drinks?" a guy with blonde hair and another guy with darker hair asked, walking over to them.

Trini and Kimberly looked at each other, and shared the same opinion. "Sure, but only if you dance with us," Trini said in a flirty voice.

"Sure. I'm Matt," the blonde said looking at Kimberly.

"And I'm Robert, but my friends call me Rob," the darker haired guy said.

"Are you Korean?" Trini asked Rob.

"Yeah, but not totally. I'm part Vietnamese too."

"Really? So am I." Trini said smiling as he escorted her onto the dance floor.

Kimberly smiled at Matt.

"I'm Kimberly."

"It's a pleasure to meet you," he said. He looked away for moment before starting to talk again. "I already have a girlfriend, so if we do dance, there wont be any type of relationship with us,"

"That's fine, I have a boyfriend too." Kimberly said smiling.

"A gorgeous girl like you was dumped for the evening??" Matt asked, looking surprised.

"Yup, for homework!" Kimberly said wistfully.

"Well, we can dance anyhow,"

"OK." Kimberly agreed as Matt escorted her to the dance floor.

"I think we're done!" Tommy Oliver said as he pushed the print command on the computer.

"Yeah, we are," Zack Taylor agreed as he scrawled his and Tommy's name at the top of the paper.

"Finally, now I'm going to call Kim, and see if she would like to go to the beach,"

"I don't know, didn't you say she was slightly upset with having to cancel the dinner plans that she made two weeks ago?" Zack asked, raising an eyebrow.

"She wasn't mad, just....well I'm going to call her," Tommy said as he went to the phone on Zack's desk. He pushed in the familiar combo of numbers as he waited for her to pick up.

"Hello?" Mrs.Hart asked.

"Hi, is Kim there?"

"Sorry Tommy, she's out with Trini."

Tommy masked a sigh of disappointment. "Oh, okay," he hung the phone back onto it's holder, and slumped on top of Zack's desk.

"She didn't want to talk to you?" Zack snickered, hiding his 'I told you so' expression.

"No, she's out with Trini," Tommy said sighing.

"A new club opened up down the block, want to go?" Zack asked, changing the topic.

"Sure, why not?" Tommy asked as he and Zack left Zack's house and over to Tommy's red 4 x 4.

"You know, maybe we can find some really cute girls," Zack said with a laugh.


"Kim, you're a great dancer," Matt said as they twirled around the dance floor.

"Yeah, you're a great dancer too." Kimberly said. He was too. "Let's go get something to drink, it's really hot in here,"

"It's not really, but I'll buy you a drink," Matt offered.

"Sure, a diet coke,"

"Be back in a sec," he promised as he dashed off.

Kimberly sat at a table and looked around. A lot of women were dressed in bright, sexy looking dresses. She glanced around at the males. Some were cute, but most were not. One man, mostly dressed in white, was dancing with a blonde, who was his height.

She looked more closely at him. He had long, brown hair, and had great rhythm. It was Tommy Oliver, her so-called boyfriend!

"Kim, what's wrong?" Matt asked as Kimberly gasped softly as Tommy and the blonde kissed.

"It's my boyfriend." she said meekly. She pointed to Tommy and the blonde.

"He's cheating on you?"

"I don't know, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go and find out."

"Stop it Melody!" Tommy said as he tried to push off his dancing partner. "I told you I already have a girlfriend!"

"So, I bet I--"

"Thomas Bryan Oliver!" he heard a familiar voice say.

Tommy turned slowly around and was face to face with Kimberly.

"I can't believe you!" she said, bursting into tears.

"I--I--" Tommy stuttered, at a loss for words.

"I trusted you!!!!" she turned on her heel and left the club and ran outside.

"Great!" Tommy sighed as he raced after her.

Kimberly ran past the parking lot, toward the lake, which was only a short walking distance from the club. She ran to a spot underneath an Oak tree and began to cry.

"Kim, you sure run fast," Tommy said as he came and sat besides her a few minutes later.

"What do you want?" she asked, her voice edged with anger and hurt.

"To apologize. I didn't kiss her, she kissed me!"


"Why can't you believe me?"

"Tommy, I'd like to, but you canceled are date for Zack and a school project, then when Trini takes me out to dance and I find you there, kissing with a blonde."

"I DIDN'T KISS HER!" Tommy said finally getting angry. His calmness was slowly fading away. "I LOVE YOU KIM! WHY WOULD I MAKE OUT WITH SOMEONE ELSE, WHEN I'D RATHER BE WITH YOU?"

"You... love me?" Kimberly asked softly gazing at him with surprise.

"With all my heart, but you don't seem to want to trust me."

"I do... trust you, just I'm not so confident when the matters are concerning you."


"I'm afraid if I do one false move, I'll lose you forever."

"Kim, trust me on this, you could never lose me. I love you too much for that to happen."

Kimberly nodded. "OK, I guess I can see that but ---"

Tommy interrupted her with a fierce kiss. "I really do love you , you know. I'm not making this up."

"I love you too, Tommy. I'm sorry."

"Don't apologize. I guess I'd feel the same way that you do, if the tables had been turned."

"Walk me home?" Kimberly asked suddenly.

"What about your car?"

"I can get it in the morning. Please?"

"Sure," with that, the two walked along the path to the main road, hands clasped tightly. Thinking that nothing in the world would ever fizzle their strong relationship.

The End