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"The Childhood Saga"

Dukes of Stone Canyon
Did you really think that Aisha, Adam and Rocky
were perfect angels as kids?

Pet Tales
The Rangers reminisce about some old friends.


Why can't the Space Rangers ever get a break?.

On a mission to the Dark Fortress, Andros finds a friend
he thought was gone.


A quiet father/son bonding moment.

The rangers have to say goodbye.

"Last Kiss"

Last Kiss
Jason says goodbye.

Jason finds some comfort.

"Unrequited Love"
Rocky is alone now.

Beloved Wife
How does a Ranger go on without his other half?

You're Gone
Rocky remembers.

"Without You"
Phantom returns.

Without You
Cassie can never forget Phantom Ranger.

The Tocsin
Phantom's side of the coin.

I Should Tell You
Cassie and Phantom finally reveal their feelings.

"Stand Alones"

An accident sends Adam into anger and depression.

Starless Sky
Andros reflects on his new relationship with Ashley.

Guiding Threads
Before Zhane's coma, the Silver Ranger and the Red talk.

Long Way Home
TJ gave up more his home when the Rangers joined Andros.
He also gave up being the "leader" of the Power Rangers.

Karone must face the people of Earth, but will she face them alone?

Standing Outside the Fire
Andros is having a hard time dealing with all of the new things in his life.

If You Go
Andros finally finds a home . . . with the Earth Rangers.

Slaying the Green-Eyed Dragon
Kai comes to grips about his feeling for Kendrix.

Once Upon a December
Astronema learns the truth about her past...but is she ready to accept it?

Lemon Tree
Justin regrets giving up his powers...until an old friend comes back.

Don't Speak
Carlos realizes he's lost Ashley.

Sunday Morning
Tommy needs to convince Kat to stay.

To Make You Feel My Love
Zhane reveals his feelings to Karone.

Fly Away
Rocky's got his eye on someone.

Tommy reflects on the past.

It's All Coming Back to Me Now
Mike has some explaining to do.

Call and Answer
Adam's little sister needs his help.

What would happen?
Tanya's having second thoughts.

You'll be in my Heart
Billy remembers someone special.

Cry Out Loud
TJ reflects on his relationship with Cassie.

Switching Sides
There's a problem.

The Hardest Thing
Tommy comes to a decision.

Adam decides where his heart lies.

Standing On The Edge Of The World
Rocky wishes they weren't so grown-up.

Andros reflects on his sister.

Kai reflects on his fallen friend.

Who Needs Sleep?
Insomnia can be a real pain.

Something in Common
Billy and Rocky realize that they do have something in common after all.

Cherche Encore
Jason deals with losing command.

Lucky Ones
Karone thinks about her relationship with Zhane.


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"A Shocking Secret Revealed!"
The new girl in town has some shocking secrets that involve Billy.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

"The Gold Warrior Meet the Power Rangers Turbo!"
The Rangers gain a new ally.

A New Enemy
Evil Among Us
Friend or Foe!
Goodbye for Good!

"The Lost Files of the Gold Warrior"

Portal Crazy

Deaths Paradise

Deadly Secrets
Some of Ashley's secrets are revealed.

Familiar Faces

Soul Trapper

Request and Dedication
Tommy finds out the truth about why Kimberly broke up with him.

The long awaited sequel to Request and Dedication.
As Tommy faces the future without Kim, Tanya is hurt when cogs attack.

Rangers of the New Millennium
It's the start of a new Millennium, does this mean new Rangers?

I Love You Came Too Late
Andros realizes too late that he does love Ashley.

You're Not Alone
The long awaited sequel to "I Love You Came Too Late"
Andros tries to deal with the loss of Ashley to Carlos by
finding a permanent way out.


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Power Rangers JLA and the Return of Parallax
The Rangers learn that Parallax has returned.

Power Rangers Voltron
The Voltron Lions are back, but new people are piloting them.

Power Rangers Voltron: The Third Dimension
Once again, the Power Rangers and the Mighty Robot have to save the universe...

The New Adventures of Power Rangers Voltron
The Defenders of the Universe are back...

"Stand Alones"

Detention of the Dumpster
Spoofery abounds when "Saved by the Bell" hits too close to home.

Where No Ranger Has Gone Before
Captain Kirk takes one last trip to the 20th
Century and ends up in Angel Grove...

Peace On Earth
A Christmas Tale . . .


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"Power Rangers Nightfighters"

Fall of the Astros
A new enemy takes charge.

The Gathering of Forces
The team's biggest problem may not come from the forces of evil but themselves.

The Return of the DragonZord
It's back.

They stop off at a planet.

Nowhere Left To Run
It's a rough fight.

The Power of Friendship
It knows no bounds.

Where He's Been
Where has he been?

I Never Walk Alone
A bit of history is learned.

Who is hunting the Rangers?

Team Effort
Teamwork still works!

Mackenzie Solo
Who's this new stranger??

Chaos Storms
Dark memories are forced upon them.

In honor of our mothers
A special trip to Earth reveals a great deal of things.

Mixed Messages
A dangerous message comes.

Prelude to Revelations
A Dangerous situation.

Birth of a Night Ranger
How it began...

Motivation For Evil
A powerful change overcame someone.

Where He Is Now
More of the story is told.

Ranger Rescue
They do some rescuing.

The Formation of New Powers
Don't have them? Make them!

Run to Iocaste
What is Karone doing?

The Ranger Guard
Power is being used for evil.

The Night That Went Insane
Is all lost?

The Iron Circle
Ashley faces her worst nightmare.

Kamekazi Run
It's a battle the Rangers don't want to fight.

Justin Stewart meets family.

Final Preparations
The Alien Rangers of Aquitar pay a visit!

Where He's Going
Time to go...

When all have fallen
It's a truly dark time...

One shall rise
It's the last battle.

"After the Siege"

Calling Out

The Gamble
A wager...

Love Will Turn You Around
It's time for a wedding.

Powers of the Mind
The Emerald Ranger is in trouble.

The Evil Between Dimensions
An evil being seeks a warrior.

Souls and Power
What are Ashley and Andros up to??

Broken Heart of Another World
Things are different from world to world.

The Hunt Is On
Some of the Rangers are in deep danger.

Blood on the Cometblade
One chance to save a warrior.

Call to Arms
A battle is brewing.

Dark Forces
More evil forces arrive.

The Great Battles
Good versus evil: the showdown.

Running the Gauntlet
The battle rages onward.

First Of The New Wave
Nothing is really settled yet.

The Assembly Resumes
Searches begin and continue.

Final Assembly
The Night Rangers choose more.


Somewhere Beyond the Heavens
A gathering of Rangers from time and space.

Ambassadors From Earth
The two groups begin to get used to each other.

First Impressions
The Rangers mix with their new friends.


Lonely Hearts
Kim and Carlos meet.

"Non PR Stories"

A battle is in the making.

Things haven't eased up.

Time for a new mission.


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"The Reunion Series"

Home for the Holidays
This reunion has tragic results.

No Time for Tears
Jason won't talk to anyone!

Dierdra's Story
How a murderess is born!

Jason has had a rough year.

Memoirs of a Dead Ranger
Tommy looks back on his life . . . after it!

After the Fall of Evil
Dierdra survived the Countdown.

Intimate Stranger
Jason meets Dierdra, again!

Forever In Love
Zack and Trini think of how they fell in love.

"Zeo Disaster"

Handy Guide to the Defenders Saga

The Power of Friendship
Tommy learns some disheartening news about his Zeo powers.

Sometimes even Mother Nature seems to have something
against Angel Grove

Kat has a flash from her past, thanks to the forces of evil.

"The Defenders Series"

The Defenders
A new evil has shown up to threaten the Rangers.

Secrets and Lies
The Rangers learn who the fallen Defender was.

Can dreams really hurt you???

Revenge can be sweet! . . .

Some new friends need help!

C'est La Vie
That's life.

"Protectors of Space Series"

Tommy has returned to Earth.

Light of Hope
More problems arise for the Defenders and Rangers when
everything seems to be going right.

Never Forget
Andros and Tommy heel as someone else returns.

Please Forgive Me
Things settle back to normal or do they?

Is This Love?
The Rangers and Defenders return to the Megaship just in time.

Lightning Crashes
Danger threatens all around.

The Ties That Bind
It's a family reunion for some, while Tommy gets some bad news.

If That's What it Takes
Andros learns about his true past.

In a battle, several of the team find themselves in deep trouble.

Holiday Miracles
Alexis faces Astronema, while the fight to unearth the
trapped ones continues.

Stepping it Up
Ghosts from the past haunt the Rangers.

Help is Never Far Away
Jason and Tommy are in deep trouble.

Higher Learning
Time for two Rangers to go back to school.

A Friend In Need Again
A rescue run.

Mysterious Stranger
Two Ninjetti show up when they are needed.

The End of it All
Disaster is coming.

Missing You
They miss all that's lost.

Pondering the Future
Someone wants to know what comes next.

Looking Back
Jimanya looks back.

Healing Old Wounds
Kat & Tommy talk.


The most unlikely person of all sends his daughter to save the future.

Old Friends Return
It's the return of an old friend. ..

"Guardians of Time"

Surprising New Friends
The Defenders meet up with one of the Galaxy Rangers.

Familiar Faces and Places
The Defenders meet up with some people they know . . .
sort of!

The group arrives in a strange place.

They have to get back together.

"Psycho Problems"

Psycho Problems
Andros' search for a present lands him in trouble.

Psycho Problems 2
The trouble with the Pyschos isn't over yet.

Psycho Problems 3
Andros has been having some nasty dreams lately.

Psycho Problems 4
Psycho Pink wasn't the only one saved in To The Tenth Power.

"Star Fire Dilema"

Destinies Child
A strange fate awaits a newcomer to Angel Grove.

"Fathers and Sons"

All in the Family
Tommy finds out his ancestry.

Secrets Revealed
Much neesd to be uncovered.

Worst Nightmares
Things keep going from bad to worst.


Trouble in Florida
Kim discovers drugs do KILL!

Back to Green
Can Tommy survive??

Andros gets the shock of his life.

Lost Coin
What if Kat had stolen Tommy's coin instead of Kim's????

Andros and Astronema discover their relationship.

Dangerous Situation
Gasket has Tommy again.

Don't Go
Leo is in death-danger.

The Evil Game
There's trouble in the air.

True Colors
Kim wants to talk with Tommy.

Before and After
What was Tommy thinking about?

Switching Places
Two Tommies?

Just what happened while Leo was imprisoned?

Heart of Stone
What else happened when Leo was held captive?

Losing White
Have they lost Tommy?

Graduation Day
Time to leave behind the past.

Walk Through Fire
He's go through anything for her.


Alexis' Song
Message to a Mother
Phone Calls

"NonPR Fanfics"

Good-bye My Love
JC tells Nina what happened to Eddie.


Bullet Darkchilde Bullet


Bus Ride
On an ordinary bus ride, Tommy Oliver is about to
experience something quite surprising.

Meant to Be
Tommy takes Tanya to meet his family.

"Stand Alones"

Light in the Dark
A young girl has a nightmare, and the dream seems suspiciously
similar to the inner workings of the Power Rangers.


Bullet Melissa Ishak Bullet
Paladar`'s Exclusive

"Evil Returns"

Part 1
A new girl in town becomes the first victim of Lord Zedd's latest monster.

Part 2
After being exposed to the deadly potion, Tommy is transformed into an
servant of Lord Zedd!

Part 3
The evil White Ranger KILLS . . .!!

Part 4
Jason must consider safety, first!!!

Part 5
What has Tommy done?


Secrets can hurt you, no matter much you try to forget them . . . .

"Non Power Ranger Stories"

Damned if you do, Damned if you don't
Macgyver/Power Rangers Crossover
Murdoc's back . . . which causes trouble for the Rangers!

My Dreaming
Racisim at it's worst!


Bullet Kari Jones Bullet

"The White Ranger Chronicles"

White Ranger
A White Astro Ranger has been chosen.

Return of Justin
Nikki finds someone to confide in.

Wedding Blues
Astronema always manages to ruin everything.

Things Change Over and Over
More changes for the Astro Team.

Zhane Who?
The Five older Astro Rangers are taken captive, and Zhane
is found on KO-35...Still alive!'

Reason for Everything
Nikki get's help from an unexpected source.

Lies of Love
Nikki's cousin comes to adopt her but what does he really want?

Part 2
Nikki is upset she never got a chance to say goodbye.

Part 3
Nikki and Justin are reunited. For a while, at least.

Part 4
It's up to Nikki now.

Part 5
Nikki is awake, but what happens next?

White No More
Thanks to a new monster of Astronema's, Nikki's powers
are gone. Forever.

White No More 2
Nikki's in serious trouble.

"Tots to Superheroes"

Once upon a Time
How they have met!

"Birth of White Astro"

Zordon sends a White Astro Morpher to Andros.

You Believe in Me?
Mackenzie doesn't think she can do it, but that's not what Zordon believes.

"Laisse-moi t'aimer"

I Dream of You
Being alone gives people a chance to dream...

I Swear
Cassie and Phantom both realize they were meant to be.

Love that Drove Her Crazy
Kim realizes just how much she misses Tommy.

It Was Fate
Cassie and Zhane bump into each other...literally.

I'm Not Gonna Shave My Legs for This
But...if you ask me to...


At the end of a long life, an old man thinks back on it.

In the Nick of Time
"Muses. They might not be as bad as I imagined."

The End
This is the stuff you don't expect to happen.

Not My Fault!
Kari and Adli aren't getting along.

Someday I'll Know
Karone reflects a little.

Power Rangers Wash and Dry
So many problems come on laundry day.

It's all Coming Back
Tommy and Kim are together again.

A Greater Love
She thought it was over.

Christmas Spirit
Two lonely souls find one another.


Bullet Kat Bullet

Billy may no longer be a ranger. . . but that doesn't mean
that the Machine Empire is going to leave him alone!

Part 9
Billy is slowly recovering from his experiences with Mondo,
but a trip to the mountains might not be for the best.


BulletKarma Bullet
Author formerly known as Alissa, Kendrix

"Space Love"

Until the End of Time
A song has the words Ashley and Andros need to say to each other.

There Goes
Getting over Ashley isn't going to be easy for Carlos.

"Stand Alones"

Whatever You Say
Katherine has something to tell Tommy, but . . . .

In with the New, Out with the Old
It's time for a few Turbo changes . . .

Star Crossed Lovers
Kim and Tommy are meant to be together forever?

It's tough being a Ranger!

A Christmas Wish Come True
Years ago Tanya wrote to Santa and eventually did get her wish. This
time though, help comes long distance.

Only One
UH-Oh, Kim's mad at Tommy!

Rocky's feeling homesick . . . for his friends called the "Power Rangers!"

Tearin' Up My Heart
Carlos is having a hard time sorting out his feelings for Ashley. . .

In Another Life
A tragedy strikes after the end of the war.

Sands of Time
Andros and Ashley let the Spice Girls's "Viva Forever" help their 'problem.'

To You I Belong
Dreams come flooding back to Karone about her past, and she reflects.

Too Much
A blind date's results surprise Kimberly.

The Dark Promise
Ashley is mourning over Andros's death when Astronema
comes to talk to her.

A Night to Remember
Jason and Kimberly have a night to remember.

Don't Make Me Wait
A kids movie gets Andros and Ashley thinking, which results in
a 'fun' evening afterwards.


Bullet Elissa Lambert Bullet

"Future Rangers #1"

Daughter of Revenge
Andros' daughter lost her mother, and is out to kill the woman
who did it...Ashley.


BulletMollie Bullet

"Stand Alones"

The Worry Tree
Rocky reveals his secret for getting through things.


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