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by Karma

"Class dismissed." he bowed to his students and watched as they walked to the locker rooms.

Rocky shook his head as his youngest student scampered over to his parents. He remembered when he was that young. How many years ago was that? Too many to really count.

A few minutes later, locking the door after his last student left, he headed to his apartment above the Dojo. Stopping by his kitchen, he checked the answering machine. Five messages. Probably his mom checking up on him. He walked over to the refrigerator as they played.

"Hi Rocky! It's Adam. Just thought I'd call and say hi. My movie's going great. I'll let you know more about it as I find out about it. Well, I have to go. Call you later!"

Rocky grinned as he thought about his best friend, not only stunt-doubling in the movie, but directing it too! He suddenly felt a little sad, thinking about child-hood plans he and Adam had made once upon a time, a long time ago.

"Rocky, let's open a Dojo sometime!"

"Yeah. A great idea! We can teach there together!"

"That would be the best. We could call it, Adam and Rocky's Fun-Tastic Dojo!"

"Why does your name go first?"

"Because it starts at the beginning of the Alphabet!"

"I guess that makes sense."

The next message sounded. It sounded like a girl.

"Hi Rocky! It's Kim! I'm in Switzerland, as you know, and I was just calling to check up on you. You took all your medication, right? Talk to you soon. Don't call us, we'll call you! Oh, Tommy and Billy say hi!"

Rocky grinned, thinking about Kimberly. He had another half month of his medication (and felt fantastic!), but Kimberly acted like he was still fragile. He was glad she still cared enough to call. Of course he knew everyone was worried about him. He hoped she had routed the call back to herself, because he certainly couldn't afford that call!

"Rocky! It's me Justin, and the rest of the team. We were hoping you could help us practice. Dimiteria says we need some more practice, we're slacking off! Call us when you can.

Rocky shook his head thinking about the new Power Rangers team. They were close, he could tell that from when he had chaperoned at the dance at the Youth Center. _Just like we were._ he mused as he sat on the counter with a piece of chocolate cake and a tall glass of milk.

"Rocky. It's mom. Just calling to make sure you were well. And don't just eat chocolate cake, because you can! Love you!"

His mom knew him well. Rocky looked down at the half eaten cake and just laughed. He wondered who the last phone call was from.

"Hi, it's Tanya, Rocky. I was just checking up on you and telling you I can't wait to see you when I come home for my visit! Call me, and we'll discuss that commercial!"

Commercial...oh yeah, his Dojo commercial. He and Tanya had talked about that the last time she had called. She was going to sing in it, while Adam was going to direct it. That was if Adam could get the time off. He hoped he would, because it wouldn't be the same without him.

Thinking about directing, Rocky remembered the video, about a seven months ago they had made. That was Tanya's starting point.

Rocky jumped off the counter and deleted the messages. He walked into his living room, where all his movies were stored. Looking through them, he found what he was looking for. Tanya's music video. Another tape fell. He picked it up and read it's label. Home video: Rocky, Aisha, and Adam: 1993. It was the summer before they moved to Angel Grove. He put it in the VCR and played it.

"Rocky, Aisha, Adam, smile for the camera!"

"Ahh ma, don't!" Rocky cried hiding himself behind Adam.

"Come on, Rocky! Get in the video with us!" Aisha said grabbing him by the shirt and pulling him in front.

"Aisha!!! I don't wanna be on film forever!"

"Stop whinin' and get in front!" Adam commanded

"Adam! Aisha! Get Rocky in front!" his mother added.

"No!" Rocky said backing away.

"You know you want to!" Aisha took after Rocky in a full blown run. She jumped on his back and tackled him to the ground.She started tickling his sides, as Adam came up on his left and did the same.

"Guys! Stop!" Rocky pleaded.

"Not until you agree to be in the video!"

"Fine, if it'll make you stop!!"

Finally, Adam and Aisha let up and jumped off his back. Rocky picked himself up and walked around the side of the house.

"What are you doing?" Aisha called.

"Nothing, be right there." A moment later he came around with the hose and started to spray Aisha and Adam. "That was for using the Ninja skills on me!"

"ROCKY!" Adam and Aisha both yelled.

Rocky finally stopped and the three teens fell into a heap in the yard, giggling all the way.

"We were something, that's for sure!" Rocky said shaking his head as he stopped the video.

He wondered how Aisha was doing. He wondered if she even remembered them. After the long ago Zeo Quest, it had been erased from everyone's mind that Aisha had even been here. Well, except for all the former Rangers who knew her.

Maybe he could write her and she'd come home for a visit. Or even stay permanently if he offered her the chance to work in his Dojo.

Thinking about Aisha and Adam and all the good times they had, he went back downstairs to the Dojo to finish all the preparations for tomorrow's classes.