Disclaimer: Power Rangers Turbo belong to Saban Entertainment. This is the rewrite of one of my first Power Rangers fics, "Star-Crossed Lovers" (As if you didn't know that from the name! *Grinz*). It has the basic idea of the first fic...You'll notice a lot of changes if you've read the first one. Although, I am keeping the same flash backs, but they may be altered just a bit. (And I can, since I'm the author!) Anyway, I'm going to try and make the re-write more character emotional also. All Unfamiliar characters belong to me. Except Rockwood Park. :)

Star Crossed Lovers
by: Karma

"To the left," Kimberly Harte said dramatically as she smiled at her mother, who sat next to her in the beat up old station wagon. "The Willows' is that way!"

"Are you sure?" her mother, Kathey Harte, asked. With another dramatic gesture, Kimberly nodded yes. "Ok, then. Left on 5th Avenue."

"Thank you," Kimberly looked out the window, her eyes drifted heaven ward. "Can I ask you something?" Kimberly's normally cheerful voice went slightly dull. Kathey looked at her with concern.

"What's wrong?"

Kimberly sighed, and said nothing. Finally she spoke, her voice cracking. "You know when dad died shortly after you two divorced?"

"Yes.." Kathey trailed off as the mere words brought back years of depression. "Why do you ask?"

"No particular reason.." Kimberly closed her eyes tightly. When she reopened them, she asked, "Do you believe in heaven?"

Kathey pulled her eyes off the road for a split second and closed them. As soon as she did, she heard Kimberly's scream. It was like a knife in her heart as she reopened her eyes and saw a huge semi-truck heading their way.

Kathey tried to maneuver the car from it's path, but it was too late. She let go of the wheel as the truck crashed into the station wagon.

* * *

Angel Grove, California

Four out of the five Power Rangers Turbo were in the Youth Center. The day was bright and cheerful, and no one suspected what had occurred hundreds of miles away, in Miami, Florida. If they would have known, three of the teens would not be having cheerful conversations of the days events.

Katherine Hillard smiled and laughed as Adam Park talked about his day at the park he stunt doubled in. Kat pushed back her bright blonde hair and gave Tanya Sloan a thumbs up.

Tanya took it as her cue and began to tell Adam about her day at the radio station. With a brief smile, Kat excused herself from the table and over to another, where a young student, no more of 13, studied from a large History text book.

"Justin, do you need any help?" Kat asked, her accent pronouncing worry for her young friend and team mate. For the past month, Justin had been struggling in his history class, lagging behind his peers, who were almost twice his age.

Justin Stewart looked up at Kat, then back to his book. "Not right now. Thank you though." Kat smiled and ruffled the younger teen's brown hair.

"Let me know, and I'll be glad to help."

"Alright." Justin smiled over at her, and once again concentrated on his book work. Kat watched him for a moment more, then back to the table where Tanya and Adam continued to talk.

Maybe I should go find Tommy, she mused. I haven't seen him in a couple days...

Kat whirled around when she felt a tap on her shoulder. She grinned. "Hi Tommy!"

Tommy Oliver kissed her cheek and smiled. "Hello."

"Hi Tommy," Justin called excitedly. "Can we go to the park today?"

"Why are you asking me? Can't you go on your own?"

Justin made a face at him. "Sure, but what's the fun of going alone?"

Everyone grinned. "Yeah, Tommy why go alone?" Adam asked. Adam looked at Justin. "I'll take you,"

"Okay." Justin said with a smile.

* * *

Miami, Florida:

Miami General Hospital

Kathey Harte stood next to her husband, Paul. She carefully moved her arm around so she could smooth back her daughter's brown hair.

"Why did this happen to her? She had so much to live for!" Kathey asked softly, as she began to cry again.

"Shh.." Paul whispered as he held his wife.

"Excuse me," a voice broke Kathey's sobs as she looked up. "Hello, I am Dr. Jensen. And I am here to ask you an important question."

Paul nodded. "Um...okay. What is it?"

"As you know, Miss Harte is awake, but barely. She slips in and out of consciousness."

"Yes.." Paul whispered hoarsely. "We are aware of that."

"If she slips into a coma, do you want to leave her on life support?"

"How can you ask such a thing?" Kathey demanded. "Of course we'll want to leave her on life support."

"Even if it does get..." he trailed off, realizing he would not get an answer from them in their state. "Very well. I'll come back and ask you another time." he left before they could say a word.

"Why did he ask such questions?" Kathey demanded as she began to cry once more.

"He is probably one of the donor doctors." Paul speculated. "They come around asking dying people for their organs when they die." Kathey shuddered at the thought and gazed down at her daughter.

Kimberly opened her eyes, although it was hard to see if she knew her surroundings. "Mom..."

"What is it dear?" Kathey asked taking her daughter's hand.

"I don't think I'm going to make it."

"Don't say that!" Kathey cried. "We're getting the best medicine we can buy."

Kimberly closed her eyes. Opening them again, she said, "Promise me you'll break the news to Tommy...And not let some TV station let him know." Kimberly closed her eyes again, and fell back in a deep sleep.

* * *

Angel Grove, California:

Rockwood Park

Justin ran ahead of the trail in the park where the five teens were walking.

"He's sure energetic for a 13 year old," Tommy remarked. "I don't ever remember being that energetic."

Everyone laughed and they walked up a trail, a distance up, where they could watch a waterfall.

"Wow...That's breathtaking," Tanya remarked as the five teens sat down on a blanket. Kat agreed and they gazed at the sparkling waterfall.

"Do you wonder why Divatox hasn't attacked yet?" Justin asked, breaking the spell the waterfall had caused.

The others glanced at each other and shrugged. Tommy smiled mysteriously. "Is it our place to question Divatox's actions?"

"Did I ask for a Dimiteria answer?" Justin demanded and then grinned. The five Rangers exchanged a smile and once again gazed at the waterfall.

"Eeep!" Kat shouted a few minutes later after she had looked at her watch. "I have a ballet class in twenty minutes!"

"Do you need a ride back to town?" Adam asked. He glanced at his watch and said, "I need to get back also. Tanya and I have a study date." he said and gave Tanya a smile.

Kat nodded. "Okay." she glanced over at Tommy. "You want to go back?"

Tommy shook his head no. "Naw...I'm gonna stay here for a while. Take Justin with you,"

"But can't I stay with you?" Justin asked. "I don't want to go back yet,"

"No, go with Kat and the others. I need to be alone for a while." What he didn't say was it was a very emotional day for him. It was exactly one year since he had received Kimberly's letter.

"Ok." the four waved bye and Tommy continued to look at the waterfall.

* * *

Angel Grove, California:

Angel Grove Gym and Juice Bar

Lt. Jerome Stone stood behind the Youth Center's counter, watching the events of the room. He smiled as he watched four of his best customers come in. The teens walked to their usual table and he shook his head in amusement at their color coded clothes. Blue, Green, Pink and Yellow. He wondered if they knew their secret...

Maybe I should tell 'em sometime.. Lt. Stone thought with a brief smile.

The phone began to ring and customers were calling for service so he quickly got back to action.

* * *

Miami, Florida:

Miami General Hospital

*Kathey and Paul are talking with a Doctor, after getting news Kimberly is in a COMA*

"I think we need to tell someone about Kimberly.." Kathey sighed. She wiped an arm across her brow. "But I don't think I can..."

"Would you like me too?" Paul questioned softly.

"No...You don't know them."

"Well," the Doctor broke in. "Kimberly doesn't have much time left, and if you'd like anyone to see her before we...End her life, you had better do it in the next 72 hours."

"Maybe we better ask an old friend in Angel Grove," Kathey speculated as she began to think about her friends she left behind in Angel Grove. Maybe I should break the news to Jerome...Er I guess it's Lt. Jerome Stone now...He knows the kids well, or he's told me anyway...

To Be Continued...