Disclaimer: Power Rangers Turbo belongs to Saban Entertainment. I have no rights. I own nothing. This is my first attempt at a parody, so please don't kill me if I'm lame at it. This idea came inspired from a little parody I was doing over AOL's Instant Messenger (So a couple lines are written by Laura Boren). So that has some basis to the birth of this wacky idea. And also special thanks to my friend Ken with help on this parody. =)

In with the New, Out with the Old
by Karma

(The setting is in the Power Chamber. Dimiteria is telling the Rangers that she will need to replace them.)

Dimiteria: I am sad to inform you, but I am tired of looking at your constant perky faces. It's time for a change.

Tommy: What kind of change?

Dimiteria: I am going to replace you. All four of you.

Kat: Four? But there's five of us!

Adam: Ten points for Kat!

Dimiteria(Gives Adam an amused look): I am getting rid of you all..Except Justin.

Tommy: Why _him_?

Justin: Why _not_ me?

Dimiteria: I am keeping Justin for three reasons.

Tanya(Looking shocked over Dimiteriačs announcement): Why are you getting rid of _me_? I was just hired on!

Justin(Glaring at Tanya): _I'm_ the one who was just hired on, little Miss Sunshine. I heard through the gossip you've been here for about one and a half years!

Dimiteria: _Anyways_, I keep him for one *important* reason, which you should know about. (Whispers to Alpha VI) Unlike the other two reasons.

(Alpha VI nods, making a sound as if he is laughing.)

Kat(Looking like she could care less): What's the reason?

Dimiteria: He has no experience what-so-ever which means he will be easily contaminated in the future.

Justin(Looking horrified): And that's _good_??

Kat(Snickering): Sure it is. You can train the others to be affected by hate spells!

Adam(Sighing): Too bad I wasn't a few years younger, then I could be the pet again!

Justin(Looking confused): Huh??

Adam: I was the "baby" Ranger before you came along.

Kat(Rolling eyes): You're still complaining about that?

Adam: I wasn't until that pest came along.

Justin: I am _not_ a pest!

Tommy: Hey, I thought I was the baby, the big guy around here! I was the one that got all the attention!

Adam(Looking annoyed): Only because you're a glory hog!

Tommy: And you aren't?

Tanya: Hey, you guys, calm down!

Tommy and Adam: Ah...Be quiet!

Tommy: You weren't here long enough to settle our arguments. Kim or Trini are the only ones granted that job.

Kat(Scowling at Tommy): What am I, chopped liver?

Justin(Glaring at Kat): Hey, that's my line!

Dimiteria(Scowling at all five Rangers): Everyone be quiet. We have a ceremony to get on with.

Tommy: A ceremony?

Dimiteria: Yes...A celebration. Out with the old, in with the new!

Alpha VI: I went ahead and chose the new Rangers. (Hands them a index card full of writing) Here's your lines.

Tommy(Reading it critically): Don't we get to choose who it is??

Dimiteria: No. I don't trust you well enough to pick four los-, er, four excellent enough Rangers.

Justin(Looking upset): Why didn't I get to choose my new teammates?

Alpha VI: What do you think this is? Your Dream Team??

Justin(Looking confused): No..

(The Rangers are in the Power Chamberčs special room, preforming the ceremony.)

Tommy(about to pass the powers to TJ): TJ, now I know I've only known you for about ten minutes, but since the power team has been known for doing so many moronic things in the past, and since I'm being kicked off the team, I'm passing the torture... err I mean the torch on to you as leader.

Tanya(staring at Ashley): Well Ashley, now that you're on Saban's payroll and I don't have to work for that cheapskate any longer, I'm free to go and finally get a higher salary of minimum wage at McDonald's. Now maybe I'll afford to buy that new car after a few years of work!

Kat(Smiling at Cassie): Alright Cassie, you know your role right? Pink Ranger always hits on the leader, cries for help, and is used for background decoration and to look pretty for the male audience. If you ever do get tired of your job, here's my pager number, just let me know and we'll find arrangements for some new girl dumb enough to wear this stupid outfit.

Adam(to Carlos): Thanks Carlos! I know we're both soccer fans, but while you're out fighting monsters that look like 4th grade Halloween costumes, I get to sit down on my new recliner at home and watch the World Cup! Adios sucker!

Justin: Hey, what about me? Don't I get t--

Kat: Wasn't your line "What am I? Chopped liver?"

Justin: Yeah it was, but since they mixed up our scripts earlier and you wound up reading that part, they gave me this new one.

Dimitria(looking upset): Young Justin, unfortunately, as much as we want to get rid of you, you're still on contract for another 26 episodes before we change the cast for the 40th time this decade. So you will go on as the Blue Ranger. As for the departing rangers, hey, where are they!?

Alpha VI: Oh uh... I saw them, they left apparently for a party about 5 seconds ago while you were talking, one of them mentioned something like "Woo! We're free at last!"

Dimitria: Oh well. Anyway, where there is evil, be warned. Where there is destruction, 5 sexy super heroes in spandex will be there to save the day!

(An hour later, the former Turbo Rangers stand in front of Dimiteria's plasma tube, as the five Turbo Rangers are out doing numerous things, or according to them, fighting Piraonatrons.)

Dimiteria(Looking around the room): Why are you all still here?

Alpha VI(Speaking to Dimiteria): Because they had no life outside of being Rangers? And they don't know what to do with the free time?

Tommy: No, actually we came by to pick up our things.

Dimiteria: What things?!

Adam(Holding a bag): The usual..Hair brushes, tooth brushes, other things of that genre. Since wečre not Rangers any longer, we didnčt feel the need to be forced to behave like your slaves.

Dimiteria: Slaves?

Kat(In a mocking voice): "Please report to the Power Chamber, immediately. In seven hours a monster _should_ attack Angel Grove."

Alpha VI: Oops. Well, we had to be prepared in case youčre life got in the way of saving the world.

Tommy: Wečre outta here.

(They teleport into different locations: Kat in London. Tommy at a racing school. Tanya at a McDonaldčs. And Adam in a small apartment watching the latest news regarding soccer.)

Alpha VI: How long do you think it will be before we'll get a message from Divatox saying, "You have 24 hours to give up the Powers or say good bye to the ex-Rangers?"

Dimiteria(Smothering a laugh): Two weeks, tops.

Alpha VI: That sounds about right.

(The scene ends with the new Rangers teleporting in, and attempting to ask questions about their new Powers.)

The End

Author's Note: Everyone-Did you like it? Or terribly dislike it? I want feed back since this is my first attempt at this kind of fic. Thanks!