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If You Go
By: Jacqui Beres

Taking a day at a time
Dealing with feelings I don't wanna hide
Learning to love as I go, baby
Without taking you along for a ride

Andros sneaked a peek at Ashley as they unloaded supplies for the colony. He knew that in a short time she would be leaving for Earth, while he stayed behind with his best friend and sister. He dropped his eyes and tried to remember if he had ever told her how much she meant to him.

{*Look...if I don't see you...* Andros trailed off, not sure what to say.

Ashley came up to him. *Shhh...I will see you again.*

*Right.* He replied.}

{Why didn't I just tell her how I felt then? Because it would have been torture on her if you hadn't come back. You knew that.} Andros grimaced. {So why can't I say it now?}

Tried to find myself
Tried to find the truth
Get out from this shell
Girl I'm almost there
To show you how much I really care

"Ash? Can I talk to you for a minute?" Andros asked, gathering his courage.

Ashley looked up from where she was helping Karone with some boxes. "Sure. Just give me a minute." She turned back to help Karone, only to find that Zhane had suddenly appeared. He gave his best friend a grin and shooed Ashley away.

She walked with him in silence for a moment, until they were a little way away from the others. "I...I wanted to tell you..." Andros flushed almost as red as his uniform.

"What is it Andros?" Ashley asked quietly. She tried to meet his gaze only to find that it was firmly rooted on his feet.

"I...just wanted to tell you how much...how much...your help on the team meant. You were a real asset." {That wasn't what you wanted to say!} Andros silently cursed.

Ashley's smiled faded a little. "Thanks."

If you go say goodbye
There'll be something missing in life
'cause you know
That all I really (all I really) want is you

"I never thought I would have to say goodbye." Ashley said around her tears. The rest of the rangers were saying goodbye to Zhane and Karone, giving Andros and Ashley relative privacy.

"I know." Andros said quietly. {I never told you. Please don't go; please.} But he knew he could not ask her that. Her family and friends were all on Earth. All he could give her was a love that he did not even have the courage to express.

Sorry if you felt misled
But I know what I feel, I know what I said, baby
God I hope you believe, believe in all that we can be
The future in us together in love

Ashley stared into her boyfriend's eyes. "Are you sure you don't want to come with us?" She asked. {There are so many things we haven't done yet. We haven't even said I love you. I don't want to say goodbye. Why is it that the one person I fall in love with, is the one person that I can't have?} She had crushed after Carlos, but they both found out soon after getting the Turbo powers that they liked being just friends. Good friends, but friends nonetheless.

As soon as she had set her eyes upon the cold Red Ranger, she had fallen for him. {I was such a moron that day. Inspecting him like he was a piece of meat. I can't believe that he still liked me after that. Especially after all the times he blew me off.}

You're the reason I'm strong
Don't you think I don't know
This is where I belong
Give me the time
To say that you're mine, to say that you're mine

{Ashley! Don't go! Please!} Andros' mind wailed as he watched the one love of his life shut the hatch behind her. {I never told you. How could I be so stupid?} He looked at Zhane and Karone.

Zhane raised his eyebrows and then minutely gestured to the Megaship with his head. Andros dropped his eyes from his best friend. He knew what Zhane would have done. {He would have proclaimed to everyone around that he loved her. I can't do that. I'm not like that.} He felt Karone's hand on his shoulder and as he looked over at her, he saw an understanding smile grace her face.

{She has to know. She has to know how I feel before she leaves.} Just the thought of not being able to see her every day threatened to send him into tears. {I can't do it. I need her. She's everything to me, after Karone.}

He looked to Zhane and Karone, but they already knew what he was thinking. The Megaship had not left; there was still time.

Tried to find myself
Tried to find the truth
Get out from this shell
Girl I'm almost there
So let me show you, so let me show you

"DECA, set a course for Earth." Andros said, not able to keep the smile off his face.

Ashley spun around and dove into his arms with a happy yelp.

"My home is with you guys." He said, tightening his grip around her. It was the closest he had ever come to telling her how much he loved her. He knew he had all the time in the world now.

If you go say goodbye
There'll be something missing in life
'cause you know
That all I really (all I really) want is you