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Lemon Tree
By: Jacqui Beres

I'm sitting here
In the boring room
Just another rainy
Sunday afternoon

Justin sighed as the song played over the radio. *You got that right.* Justin thought toward the stereo. *Ever since I gave up my spot on the team to stay with my dad, nothing's happened. Everything is boring compared to being a ranger.*

I'm wasting my time
I got nothing to do
I'm hanging around
I'm waiting for you
But nothing ever happens
And I wonder

Justin stared out the window at the darkening sky. *Where are you guys? Are you okay?* "I wonder where they are? Space would be so cool, and I gave it up." He turned his head at the sound coming from downstairs, or lack of it. *Dad's working late again. He's back, but as much as I see him he might as well be in Alaska.*

He knew that was uncharitable. His dad had an important position at Nasada, and Justin should not begrudge his father his work. *I just wish it was back the way it was...before Mom died.*

I'd like to change my point of view
I feel so lonely
I'm waiting for you
But nothing ever happens
And I wonder

*The turbo powers were the coolest thing that ever happened. They gave me a family...two families.* Justin smiled as he thought back on his teammates. *Tommy and the rest always thought of me as their little brother. Someone to be protected at all costs. I liked that, although it got on my nerves sometimes. I'm thirteen years old. I can take care of myself.* He had to admit that it was a different experience having teenagers treat him like a little brother, especially Tommy. *He was the coolest. I never felt that he was just putting up with me. He actually wanted me around.* Justin smiled as he thought about the surprise birthday party they had thrown him. *I thought Tommy didn't remember. Boy was I wrong. They even got my dad to come.*

Justin's smile grew even larger as he thought of his second family. *They were the coolest. I was never a little brother to them. I was the one with all the experience being a Power Ranger. I was their friend. Tommy and the others were great, but Carlos and the rest really made me feel like one of the group.*

*Carlos introduced me to soccer and he understood about my dad. The rest were there for me too. We were all in the same classes and I helped them with their homework and they helped me with mine.*

Yesterday you told me
About the blue blue sky
And all that I can see
Is just another lemon tree

*They showed me what it was like to have a family again. They opened a whole new world to me. Who'd believe that there really are space aliens? Zordon and Alpha were the greatest, so was Dimetria. It was such a blast and I gave it up. Space would have been so cool to see too. Man, I should have gone with.*

I'm sitting here
I'm Mr. Power
I'd like to go
Take in a shower

Justin sighed. *After Tommy and them left I was the most experienced Ranger. They turned to me to fix stuff and to help them out. Now, I'm just a thirteen year old boy, and a geeky one at that. Even Storm Blaster looked to me. And he was a car.* Justin shifted positions. *He was more than just a car...he was my friend. I wonder what happened to him and Lightning Cruiser. I hope they're okay.*

But nothing ever happens
And I wonder

Isolation, is not good for me
Isolation, I don't want to
Sit on my Lemon Tree

*I shouldn't have stayed! My friends need me more than my dad does. We never do anything together; sometimes I wish he'd never come back. Then I wouldn't have said that I had to stay with him. And then I'd be with my family, my friends. I'd really be making a difference instead of just sitting here and wondering what was going on. Nasada knows about Zordon...sort of. All we told them was that the Rangers needed a shuttle, but they have no idea how bad it is. Nobody does, on Earth at least. I'm the only one. And I can't tell. *

Justin bit his lip and turned away from the window, and his friends. His dad would be coming in soon to tuck him in and say goodnight. He slid into the bed and wondered briefly why he had not changed the room around after he had given up his powers. *I didn't give them up. Divatox stole them. She'll pay for that. She'll pay for everything she did.*

I'm stepping around
In the Desert of Joy
Maybe anyhow I'll get another toy
And everything will happen
And you wonder

Justin was just falling asleep when he heard an engine rev twice and headlights flicker. Curious he got up and crept to the window. *Remember what curiosity did to the cat?* However, as a Ranger, Justin had learned to be curiously cautious.

He peeked out the window and saw Storm Blaster in his driveway. *That's impossible! Storm Blaster was captured by Divatox.* "Storm Blaster?" He finally asked, his curiosity getting the best of him.

The blue jeep revved again and a huge smile lit up Justin's face. "You want me to go with you?" He turned back to his room for a moment. *This is what I've been waiting for. Why am I hesitating?* "Okay lets go!"

And all that I can see
All that I can see
And all that I can see
Is just another lemon tree