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Don't Speak
By: Jacqui Beres

You and me
We used to be together
Every day together always

Carlos watched as Ashley laughed as something Andros said. He smiled wanly as they past him, still talking. *They're perfect together...so where does that leave me?*

I really feel
I'm losing my best friend
I can't believe
This could be the end

"Carlos? Can I talk to you?" Ashley asked, as she stepped into his room.

Carlos looked over at her from his bed. He knew what was coming. She and Andros had been getting steadily closer despite Andros' resistance. The fact that Ashley and himself were sort of going out not withstanding. Bracing himself against the onslaught, he put a smile on his face and in his voice. "Sure, what's up?"

Ashley shifted nervously before sitting down on the bed next to him. "I...uh...I wanted to talk to you about something."

*I knew it! She's going to break up with me...for one of my best friends.* "What about?" He asked, barely managing to keep the smile in his voice.

"Well...Carlos I think we should just be friends."

Don't Speak
I know just what you're saying
So please stop explaining
Don't tell me 'cause it hurts

Carlos' stiffened as if Ashley had just punched him. Even though he'd known that was what she was going to say it still hurt.

"I'm sorry. I don't want to hurt you. I like you a lot Carlos, honest. I just...I just don't love you. I still want to be your friend. You're probably my best friend. I mean, you got my grandmother off my back with the matchmaking. I'll be forever grateful for that. I just don't want to lead you on, and I don't want to hurt you."

Carlos clenched his jaw and tuned out her excuses. They didn't matter. The only thing that did matter was that she was breaking up with him and falling in love with Stripy Hair Boy from Outer Space.

Don't speak
I know what you're thinking
I don't need your reasons
Don't tell me 'cause it hurts

Carlos thought back to their time as Turbo Rangers. *We were getting so close. We were best friends, both on and off the battle field. We hung out; we went to movies. What happened? What does Andros have that I don't?* He screamed in his head. He wanted to know...needed to know, but was too afraid to ask Ashley that.

*Do I want to still be friends with her? Do I have a choice in the matter? God, this is so hard! I never thought about what it would be like to have to see her with Andros and have to pretend to support her, pretend to be her friend.*

Our memories
They can be inviting
But some are altogether
Mighty frightening

*We've been through everything together. When I was turned into a vampire or when there was that stupid spell on Ashley's jacket design. Or when we were working in Auto Shop together. And the countless battles. How could this have happened? I thought we were getting closer, not farther apart.*

"Can we be friends?" Ashley asked, looking over at him.

Carlos jerked, and realized that he had missed most of Ashley's explanation and excuses. *S'okay. I didn't really want to hear them anyway.* "Uh...sure. I'll always be your friend, Ashley. Nothing can change that." He said, forcing the words past his throat.

Ashley smiled at him and then gave him a quick hug. "Thank you so much, Carlos. You have no idea what that meant to me. I was so scared that you'd hate me."

Carlos smiled at her. "Of course not! I could never hate you, Ashley." He realized he was telling her the truth. He would never hate her, he would always love her.

It's all ending,
I gotta stop pretending who we are...
You and me
I can see us dying...are we?

Carlos watched from a secluded corner as Andros and Ashley attempted to ask each other out. He had to admit that it was a little comical, and...sweet, in it's own way. He just wished it wasn't Ashley.