Disclaimer: Saban, Cassie, Phantom...they're all related. hmmm...that might be a problem in this story...The song is by Jonathan Larson and is from the musical Rent. This comes after Tocsin and Without You. Just to let you know. Any comments are always appreciated. :)

I Should Tell You
By: Jacqui Beres

Cassie was the first to recover. "Phantom, is something wrong?" She asked, as she tried to wipe her face without him figuring out what she was doing.

Phantom simply stared at her for a minute before he visibly shook himself out of it and ducked his helmet covered head. "I...I wanted to speak with you...if of course that is acceptable to you."

I should tell you I'm disaster
I forget how to begin it

Cassie nodded, unable to trust her voice. She was almost afraid of what he had to say. * He probably wants to tell me to stop mooning over him. But...then why did he ask me not to worry? And why did he say he would see me soon if he didn't care? I wish he would stop contracting himself and just tell me what the truth!* "Th-that would be acceptable." She answered, falling back on his speech.

Phantom silently cursed himself and his shyness. Why couldn't he just tell Cassie what he felt about her? Why did he have to have all the secrecy? The deceit? "Very well...I...will give you the coordinates and you can teleport over."

Cassie smiled and then shook her head. "I can't do that. My powers...they must never be used for personal gain." As soon as she said it, she felt her face heat up. What on Earth possessed her to say that?

Let's just make this part go faster
I have yet-to be in it
I should tell you

Cassie looked around as she tried to get her bearings. Phantom had used the teleportation from his own ship to bring her here. Only she wasn't exactly sure where here was. She assumed she was in his starship, but the one she had seen on Earth was no where near large enough for two people. Turning around she saw him just standing there...staring. At her. "You said you had something to talk about?" She asked, trying unsuccessfully to keep her voice neutral.

I should tell you

"Yes...I..." He trailed off at a loss to find the exact words he needed to tell her exactly how he was feeling.

Cassie noticed his hesitation and must have guessed its reason because she smiled encouragingly and then ducked her head. "I...I have a confession to make."

I should tell I blew the candle out
Just to get back in

"I...um...well I just wanted to say I really appreciate that you put your life on the line for me. When I was a Turbo Ranger, I mean. You didn't have to do that...no one's ever done that for me before." Cassie said ducking behind that. She didn't want to tell him how much she had visualized this day. How many times she dreamed of him coming and telling her how much he loved her. It was just a fantasy and well, he couldn't possibly be doing that now. He was more than likely trying to let her down easy.

I'd forgotten how to smile
Until your candle burned my skin

Phantom smiled underneath his helmet. She had given him the opportunity he needed to tell her. Tell her how he felt, how much she meant to him. "I would do it again in a second." He whispered.

Cassie's head whipped up at his soft words. "Wh-what did you say?" She asked.

Phantom took a step toward her, cupping her soft face in his gloved hand. His other going to his ruby. "I said I would gladly do it in a second. You gave me a reason to live again, Cassie Chan. For that I will be eternally grateful. But if I could...I would want something more from you."

Well, here we go
Now we--

"Wh-what exactly do you mean?" Cassie breathed.

"I would wish to spend time with you. To...show you how deep my feelings are. If you wish. If you feel the same way."

Cassie searched his face behind the helmet. She couldn't see anything. "I-I would like that. I want to show you how deep my feelings are." She echoed his statement. She felt him relax a bit and wondered exactly how much it had taken for him to tell her that.

Trusting desire - starting to learn
Walking through fire without a burn
Clinging - a shoulder, a leap begins
Stinging and older, asleep on pins

Cassie brought a hand and rested it on his helmet. "Do you...do you think you could start by removing your armor? It's hard to get to know someone that you can't see."

Phantom gazed down at her, fear gripping his heart. Since he had become the Phantom Ranger, no one had discovered his identity. To give it up...to give her that much control. He took a deep breath and stared into her eyes. She knew what it was to have a secret. She too had a secret identity. Shakily he nodded, and he tugged at the ruby in his chest.

Here goes - here goes
Here goes - here goes
Here goes - here goes

The End