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By: Jacqui Beres

Adam stared at the partially open door. He couldn't move, could barely breathe. He felt a hand on his shoulder and found Rocky standing next to him. Rocky took one look at his best friend and knew he'd need some prodding.

"You have to do this, Adam. You know you do."

Adam pulled away slightly. "I...I can't, Rocky. I...I just can't see her like that. Don't make me do this." Adam shrank away from him.

Rocky gathered his younger friend in his arms and slowly, gently, herded him into the room. "You need to do this Adam. If you don't, you'll hate yourself afterwards. I'll be right here with you. I won't leave you I promise."

Adam clung to his best friend. Rocky had never intentionally hurt him before, physically or emotionally. He was probably the only person he trusted implicitly. They had been through everything together since the first grade.

Rocky held his friend as they crossed to the bed. He knew Adam was going to need some major support, especially with his parents in China. He felt Adam's grip ease as he looked down at his girlfriend. Rocky had to swallow a gasp as he looked down at his fallen friend. Machines and tubes seemed to be attached everywhere.

Adam dropped into a chair with an audible thud. "Oh god..." He moaned. Sabra looked so small and vulnerable to him. He couldn't help but blame himself for the whole mess. "This is all my fault."

"It's not your fault Adam. Sabra pushed you out of the way. She knew the risks."

Adam's face hardened as he looked up at his leader, Tommy. "What are you talking about? If you hadn't done your 'Leap to my doom' bullshit, none of this would have happened."

Tommy frowned at him. "What are you talking about?"

Adam stood and his brown eyes flashed. "You know damn well what I mean. The way you just leap into battle without even informing us of your plan. What kind of leader are you?"

Tommy glared at his second in command. "What difference would it have made? All of you, and especially Sabra, never follow my orders anyway."

Adam moved toward his leader. "If we did, you'd be dead a dozen times over. We only broke rank to save your hide."

Rocky put a hand on Adam's shoulder. "I think you should leave Tommy." He said quietly, giving the other teen a pointed look before glancing at Sabra. Tommy however didn't get the hint.

"I came here to get Sabra's morpher and to know if you guys had anyone in mind for her replacement."

Rocky bit back a groan, and tightened his grip on Adam. Sometimes Tommy had all the sensitivity of a dump truck.

Adam growled deep in his throat. "She's not dead Tommy!" he felt all the emotions that had been churning inside of him coalesce into a single, overwhelming desire to beat the garbanza beans out of Tommy. His body tensed as he readied himself to wipe the floor with his leader when Rocky stepped between him and Tommy.

"Not here, Adam. It's not worth it." Rocky said softly.

Adam moved forward anyway only to feel Rocky's hands on his chest gently pushing him back. "Get out of my way, Rocky."

Rocky just pushed him back farther. "Listen. You duke it out in here and they'll throw you out. For good. Tommy's not worth losing your visiting privileges. Trust me on this one."

Adam glared at Tommy, but relented. "Do me a favor and get him out of my face. He doesn't belong here."

Rocky nodded, and breathed a sigh of relief. "Okay. Just don't fly off the handle until I get back." Rocky waited until he was sure Adam was settled before he rounded on Tommy. He shoved his leader into the hall and up to a wall. "What were you thinking? Adam's upset enough about this and then you waltz in and talk about finding her replacement." Rocky let him go, but didn't back away.

Tommy shook his head. "Listen, I'm sorry, but we need a Gray Ranger. Zedd and Rita aren't going to just sit there and let us lick our wounds. We have to be ready." Tommy glanced back at the room. "Answer a question for me Rocko. Do you honestly think Adam is able to fight?"

Rocky stilled, and then glanced back at the room. Adam was back in the chair, and was holding his girlfriend's hand. Even from his position, Rocky could see the utter devastation in the younger boy's posture. "No, but he won't give up his morpher. Not to you, not now. He's going to want revenge, Tommy. And that's going to get him killed." Rocky reached into his pocket and handed Tommy a morpher and communicator. "They're Sabra's. As for a replacement, try Allin." With that he went back to his best friend.

Adam sat next to his girlfriend and held her hand. An intern had come about an hour ago and suggested that he could talk to Sabra. He just stared at her, what was he suppose to say?

"Anything that comes to mind." Allin said.

Adam looked up at his girlfriend's twin brother in shock.

Allin smiled grimly and then looked back down at his sister. "It's hard seeing her like this. It doesn't seem real some how. The doctors say she's got about a fifty-percent chance of waking up, but that's bullshit. She's going to wake up, Adam. You'll see." He took Sabra's other hand and then bent over to whisper in her ear. "Don't you even think of making a liar out of me. You've got quite a crowd out here pulling for you. Don't let them down." He kissed her forehead and then straightened. "Are you going to be all right?" Allin asked softly, coming around to sit next to Adam.

Adam shook his head. "My girlfriend's in a coma, and it's all my fault. I should have done something, anything. I should have seen it coming."

Allin frowned. He could hear the self-hatred and unshed tears in the younger boy's voice. "What happened? I heard the official version. What really happened?"

Adam hesitated a moment and looked around. "We were fighting the Tengas and Zedd had some screwy new weapon. Sort of like our Power Cannon. They took a shot at Tommy, but he managed to dodge it. The tengas then went after me. My back was turned, but Sabra saw it and shoved me out of the way. The blast hit her and slammed her into a tree. I swear I could hear her skull crack. Maybe if we were fully morphed she could have deflected the blast...but just Ninja morphed..." Adam shook his head. "She never had a chance."

Allin shook his head. "It sounds like you did everything you could, Adam. The blast came from behind. There was nothing you could've done."

Adam shook his head. "You didn't listen to me. I should have taken that hit. It should be me in that bed. Not her, not someone whose got so many people that are going to miss her."

Allin silently stared at the younger boy. What does he mean? Before he could ask anything about it, Adam's communicator went off.

Adam stared at his wrist. He had to answer it, but he didn't want to leave. How could he when Sabra could wake up at any minute? Besides, if Zedd and Rita were at all intelligent they'd grab the Gray Ranger and ransom the Rangers, or just kill her.

"Go on." Allin said quietly. "It's all right. I'll watch her."

Adam stared at Allin a moment before his wrist chimed again. "Okay. I'll be right back."

Allin stared hard at the younger teen. "Don't come back like this. And don't come back dead."

Adam nodded quietly, and then teleported out of the room.

Allin waited a few minutes before 'talking' to his mother.

What's going on?" Adam asked. He managed to keep his voice reasonably steady, but he refused to look at any of the other rangers. He could keep the tears and pain at bay as long as he didn't look at them. He felt a hand on his shoulder, but refused to look at who it was.

"Adam? Adam look at me, bro." It was Tommy, his mind recognized. Before he was even full conscious of what he was doing he turned and decked his leader.

Tommy fell back and watched as Rocky and Billy moved in to keep Adam from hitting him again. Kim went over to him and helped him up.

"What was that all about?" She asked, her brown eyes flickering between Adam and Tommy."

"It's all right Kim. I deserved that." He walked up to the Black Ranger, and was taken aback by the hatred he saw deep in the brown eyes.

Before he had a chance to make peace with Adam, Zordon spoke. "Rangers. Rita and Zedd have sent down the Harley Hog. Observe the Viewing Globe." As one the teens turned and watched as a monster that vaguely resembled a Harley Davidson Motorcycle ripped it's way through downtown. "Rangers, this monster is extremely strong and agile. You will need all your remaining talents to defeat him. Teamwork is the key. Only with all of you remaining Rangers working together will you be able to defeat him."

Billy spoke quietly, unsure of how Adam was going to take this particular bit of news. "I...uh rigged Sabra's Zord with a remote control so if we have to we can call on it."

Tommy nodded. "That's a good idea, Billy. Thanks." He turned to Adam only to have him glare back and say. "Let's get this over with." With that he morphed and teleported out.

"Guys, we really need to watch Adam's back." Tommy said. The others nodded.

"I've got him Tommy." Rocky said. He left the rest of his thoughts to himself. He glanced over at Aisha and the rest and gave a barely perceptible nod. They already knew what the formation to take to keep Tommy alive, but they had never thought to have Adam on the 'Leap to my doom' list. "All right, let's go before Adam gets himself killed." Rocky declared mailing Adam's behavior on the head.

The others nodded, morphed and quickly teleported to the fight. Rocky surveyed the fight, looking for any sign of his best friend. He finally spotted him surrounded by at least twenty Tengas. "Guys, over there!" He yelled pointing briefly before joining the fray. He battled his way over to Adam, trying vainly to get the Tengas to make him a target.

Adam, beaten and bloody, managed to keep on his feet. He felt the anger and pain, the helplessness that he tried to bury bubble up and consume him when he saw the Tengas. Everything else ceased to exist. There was him, his rage and the tengas. He didn't care that he was outnumbered in fact he was enjoying it. He was going to make those tengas pay for what they'd done to Sabra.

Rocky could see that although Adam was doing some major damage, the Black Ranger could barely stand up. "Adam! Teleport to the Command Center. We'll handle this." If Adam heard he gave no acknowledgment. Rocky quelled the fear rising in his stomach. Adam had never before ignored any of them, especially when it came to his safety or strategy. He was battling as fast as he could to Adam's side, but the Tengas were determined to keep him and the rest of the Rangers away from their tortured friend. Not only that, but as Rocky checked the field, he saw exactly where the tengas were herding Adam.

"Adam! Harley Hog is behind you!" Aisha shrieked.

"Rangers! Let's go!" Tommy yelled. He motioned for them to move around to flank the Harley Hog with the exception of Rocky. He wasn't going to leave his best friend to be ripped apart by tengas.

Adam didn't even notice his friend's arrival or Aisha's shout. It wasn't until tengas started to go flying without him even touching them that he managed to pull himself out of his all-encompassing rage. "Rocky?" He asked startled as the Red Ranger suddenly appeared next to him.

"Come on pal. We're going back to the Command Center." Rocky said, gently grabbing Adam's arm.

"What? I can fight Rocky. The others need us." Adam exclaimed. The adrenaline that had been flowing through his veins dropped off and he felt his legs buckle beneath him.

Rocky rolled his eyes as he caught his best friend. "Adam, you can barely stand, you're in no condition to fight. The others can take care of it."

Adam wasn't finished. "I can fight damn it! I wanna fight."

Rocky set his jaw under his helmet. "That wasn't up for discussion. We're going back to the Command Center." With that he tightened his grip on the Black Ranger and teleported out in two colored flashes of light.

As soon as they returned to the Command Center Adam rounded on Rocky. "What the Hell are you doing?! Zordon said it's going to take all of our combined strength to defeat this monster and you pull me out?!"

"You can't even stand without help Adam. How did you expect to fight. Dammit Adam, I already lost my dad I'm not losing you too. The others can handle. Hell half of the time Tommy takes Zedd's goons by himself."

Adam stared at his best friend for a moment and winced as he tried to take a cleansing breath. "Maybe I did over do it a bit." He acknowledged.

Rocky gave him a small smile. "I understand what's going through your head Adam. Just remember we're a team." He replied as he helped the Black Ranger over to a med. table.

"Go back to the fight, Rocky. The others probably need you. I'll be okay, I promise I won't go back to the fight."

Rocky gave Adam a skeptical glance, but nodded and with a flash of red light was back to action.

Adam grimaced as Alpha ran the scanner over him. "This was not one of my smarter moves." He said to no one in particular.

"Aye yi yi Adam! You could have been really hurt." Alpha exclaimed as he waited for the results.

Adam shrugged, not wishing to voice his thoughts in front of Alpha and Zordon, Zordon especially. The floating head was more of a father to him than his own flesh and blood. He winced as Alpha taped up his ribs. I wonder if they would even show up for my funeral. It almost was my funeral, should be my funeral. he sighed as Alpha finished patching up. I wasn't supposed to be born. A shrimp and weakling, never worthy of anyone, not even my own parents. The only reason I was chosen as the Black Ranger was to keep my mouth shut. I don't know why they hang out with me. And Sabra...she was-is everything to me. Everything I'm not, and she's in a coma because of it. The team's two short because of me. All of this is my fault. MY FAULT!!

Adam stared down at the morpher in his hands. He knew what he had to do. He looked up as the rest of the Rangers teleported in, smiling and laughing. They stopped as he painfully got to his feet. "I've made a decision. I'm quitting the team." Adam said quietly as he handed Tommy his morpher and communicator.

"This is just temporary right?" Aisha asked.

Adam shook his head. "You guys deserve someone better than me."

"What about you Adam? What do you deserve?" Kim asked gently. Adam shook his head. "I deserve...deserve to be in that hospital room instead of Sabra! I made my decision stop trying to talk me out of it. I know why you guys picked me. I'm not stupid. I'm just saving you guys the hassle of kicking me off the team and out of your lives." Adam felt the tears slid down his cheeks, and felt his face flush. To him it was one more reason why he shouldn't have friends like he did. He was absolutely pathetic.

The rest of the Rangers looked at each other shocked as Adam teleported out of the Command Center." What the hell was that all about?!" Tommy demanded.

Rocky and Aisha glanced at each other. The same thought went through their heads. It was never this bad before.

"What was he talking about, he knows why we picked him?" Kim asked, looking at Rocky and Aisha.

They looked at each other again before Aisha answered. "Adam...he sort of...well he..." Aisha trailed off and looked to Rocky for help.

"The way he explained it to me was that you guys only picked him because Aisha and I would have turned you down otherwise." Rocky admitted sheepishly.

"What?! Where would he get an idea like that?" Tommy demanded.

Rocky shrugged. "He wouldn't tell me, but he believes it. There's one other thing too. Adam's parents...well they aren't exactly there for him." Rocky said rubbing the back of his neck. He knew he was breaking his oath of silence, but the others needed to understand where Adam was coming from. "They have a habit of taking...business trips...and leaving Adam behind to fend for himself."

"Oh my god..." Kim said bring her hand up to her mouth.

"It's not like he has to go beg for food or anything like that. They just-don't care about him." Aisha hurriedly clarified.

"Still, that's horrible. Why haven't you guys done anything about it?" Tommy demanded.

Rocky bristled at the accusation. "What would like us to do? Squeal on his parents? At least he knows where he's going to be every night, and if you haven't noticed he isn't exactly vocal about it."

"Guys! This isn't helping Adam!" Billy yelled getting the attention of everyone there. "I take it this isn't the fist time this sort of thing has happened?" He asked once everyone was quiet.

Aisha shook her head. "No, but it's never been this bad before. I'm really worried about him."

"We have to find him!" Kim announced. "We have to tell him the truth before he does something stupid."

"Adam's not like that." Aisha insisted her face going pale. "He wouldn't even think of that...would he?" She asked turning to Rocky for confirmation.

"Of course not. He's got low self-esteem not suicidal thoughts." Rocky replied, but his voice lacked the strength to ease Aisha's fears.

"We have to find him period." Tommy said. "Rocky is there someplace where Adam goes to get away? Some where that's private?"

Rocky bit his lip, he'd given enough stuff away already that Adam would hate him. If he told Tommy Adam's favorite thinking spot, he'd never speak to the Red Ranger again. Aisha didn't even know about this and they'd been friends since second grade. But maybe he could give Tommy some of Adam's lesser haunts. "He likes Ko's garden and secluded parts of the park."

"You guys won't find him if he doesn't want to be found." Aisha said quietly. "Believe me, we've tried. It's like he disappears off the face of the planet."

"Let's split up and look for him." The others nodded and teleported out.

Adam kicked the loose stones and watched as they fell down the thirty-foot bluff. He'd tried to run through a kata to settle him down, but it hadn't helped. If anything he felt worse. He wanted nothing more than to go back in time and take that blast. His heart wouldn't be breaking and Sabra wouldn't be lying in that hospital bed fighting for her life.

"Why?!" Adam yelled at the blue sky. He wasn't likely to be overheard, he was a good ten miles from town. "Why Sabra?! Why not me? What has she ever down to deserve that? What have I? Why can't I have a normal life?" He dropped to his knees as the sobs began. "Why does everybody leave me?" He whispered. He closed his eyes as the sobs wracked his body.

He felt a pair of strong arms wrap around his shoulders and pull him close. His own arms wrapped around the slim waist. A hand came up to stroke his hair. "You didn't do anything wrong Adam. Nothing at all."

"Then why? Why don't my parents want me? Why...why is Sabra in the hospital if it isn't my fault?"

"You must believe that there is a reason for everything in life, Adam. You have to trust that those reasons will be revealed in time."

Adam continued to cry, but as he sobbed, the fear and pain slowly changed to peace. Finally his sobs eased and he raised his head to see his comforter.

The woman had long blond hair and eyes the color of sapphires. She wore a medieval style gown of dove gray and her expression was one of quiet understanding. She smiled softly at him.

She released him and Adam sat back. He wasn't sure what to think. He didn't feel threatened or scared; in fact he felt completely comfortable with her. "What did you mean, that everything happened for a reason?"

"There is a reason for everything, Adam, even if it is not obvious. In time those reasons will be revealed, even if you don't understand them."

"But-" He said shaking his head. "I don't understand."

"But you will. I will tell you this, only you can help the one you love." She touched his cheek.

Adam turned as he heard his named called. When he turned back, she was gone. He looked around for a minute trying to figure out exactly where his comforter had gone.

"Adam!" He heard his name again and saw Allin at the bottom of the bluff. Adam hurried down the bluff, but his mind was still with his mysterious guest.

"Hey! How're you doing?" Allin asked as Adam made his way toward the other teen. He could see the telltale marks of tears on Adam's face, but didn't mention it. He deserved to shed his tears in private.

Adam felt his face flush. Allin couldn't miss the tear streaks on his face. "I-I'm a little better." He stared at his feet and waited for Allin to comment on the tears. When he didn't Adam breathed a silent sigh of relief. "Uh...what are you doing here?" He finally asked.

Allin shrugged. "I had to get away from the hospital. It was starting to close in on me. I felt like I was in a tomb." He took a deep breath. "You can only take so much waiting before it gets to you. This is my favorite spot. No cars, no pollution, just me and the ocean. What about you?"

"The same I guess. I like to come here when I want to be alone."

Allin nodded. "Say no more. Your secret is safe with me. Everyone needs a place to get away from everyone else." They walked together for a minute. "By the way, who were you talking to?"

Adam glanced at his girlfriend's brother and wondered what the statement was supposed to mean. "I don't know. She just appeared out of nowhere. We talked for awhile and then she just disappeared. It was weird."

Allin nodded his agreement. "That's...definitely weird. What did your mystery person look like?"

Adam shrugged. "That was another odd thing. She wasn't dressed current. It was a medieval style dress. Like the ones that Sabra has for court? She had blond hair and blue eyes." Adam shook his head. "I wasn't scared or embarrassed or anything like that." Adam blushed faintly. "That's usually doesn't happen with me."

Allin cracked a smile. "What did she tell you?"

Adam frowned. "She told me to remember that everything happened for a reason, and that I was the only one that could save Sabra. What did she mean?" He turned to Allin.

Allin drew in a deep breath to fight off the sudden chill that went up his spine. This whole thing was just too strange, and he didn't like the reference to his sister. Still, Adam was waiting for some kind of answer. "I don't know what to tell you Adam..." He mulled the idea over in his head. "I think I know a place where we can find some. Come on." He said moving faster back the way he'd come.

"Where? Where are we going?" Adam called, jogging after the older boy.

"You'll see. Hurry up, I want to see Sabra before we go home."

Adam stopped. Allin glanced back and came back to the love of his twin's life. "What's wrong?" He asked quietly.

Adam looked at Allin. "I can't."

Allin frowned at him. "What are you talking about, Adam? You can see her, you did before." Allin watched Adam's face. Guilt, pain and fear warred for dominance. "Mom doesn't blame you for this, Adam. No one does, even me and I know the whole story. Mom wants you to stay with us. I talked to her after you left. You shouldn't be by yourself right now. It isn't good. Look, think of it this way, you want answers to you mystery girl, right? Sabra's got all the books, and if we're going to do some heavy duty research you might as well stay over."

Adam looked down at his feet. How could he tell Allin that he was more scared of his friends? That he wanted nothing more than to curl under a rock and die? "It's not...that...I just...I don't think I can face anyone right now." He said. "Especially the Rangers." He barely murmured.

"Why? Because you gave up your coin? Rocky told me about that. If they're really your friends they'll understand." Allin replied. He frowned, that didn't seem to relieve the Asian teen.

"They'll be waiting for me. They'll try to-try to tell me that I'm their friend no matter what...but I know it's not true." Adam trailed off and to his horror felt the tears threaten again. He tried to turn away only to have Allin stop him.

"You're afraid they'll embarrass you. You have to ask yourself one question, Adam. Would they bother if they didn't care? Now let's go, I promised Mom we'd be home by dark. You're staying with us whether you like this or not. You're sure as hell not staying by yourself in that empty house. Consider yourself under house arrest." Allin turned and walked back to the car.

Adam smiled to himself. He wasn't sure if he should be ticked off or elated. His parents never put him under "house arrest" they didn't care enough. He met up with Allin at his car and the two of them drove away.

Adam hesitantly made his way to Sabra's cubicle. He didn't want to see any of his friends; all he wanted to see was Sabra. Then he was going to eat at the Cullen home and he and Allin were going to search Sabra's library of magic books. He was so wrapped up in his thoughts that he didn't see Tommy until Tommy spoke up.

"Adam, wait up!"

Adam quickly turned around and started to walk back to the exit. He'd come back later and see his girlfriend when the others weren't around.

Tommy wasn't going to let the ex-black ranger get away that easily. He hurried up to him and pulled him aside. "Adam, can we talk?" He asked him.

Adam turned his head away. He didn't want to talk didn't want to hear the truth he already knew in his heart. "I-I don't think so. Allin's waiting for me. I really should go." He tried to pull away, but Tommy held him fast.

"We really need to clear the air between us, Adam. I'm sorry about before, in Sabra's room. That was...really stupid and I wish I could take it back. I know this is really hard on you, it's hard on all of us, but we are your friends no matter what you think. We're here for you if you want to talk. I'm here for you." Tommy let go of the Asian teen.

Adam stared at his feet and tried to think of something, anything to say. He shifted from foot to foot, but nothing came to mind. "Uh...thanks, Tommy." He finally managed to get out.

Tommy watched Adam a moment longer before turning to go.

Adam watched him a mixture of relief and pain coursing through him. It was a relief that Tommy had apologized seemingly on his own, but his leaving only reinforced what he already knew. They really didn't want him as their friend. With a heavy heart he walked to his girlfriend's room. This time he didn't hesitate going in. He knew what to expect.

Nothing had changed. The machines were still there; the ventilator tube still coming out of her mouth, a literal line between life and death. Millions of tubes came from her, and Adam couldn't help but compare them to snakes sucking the life out of his girlfriend instead of the other way around. He sat down in the vacant chair next to the bed and gripped her cool hand. The silence was deafening, the only sound coming from the hiss of the ventilator as it forced air into his girlfriend's lungs.

"I...I don't' know what to say. I'm so confused right now. This lady said only I could save you. How? I don't know anything about comas. I don't...I don't know what I'm supposed to do."

"That will come in time." Adam looked up to see a man with unruly red hair and amber colored eyes smiling down at him. One hand rested on Adam's shoulder although until that moment he could have sworn he was alone.

"What? What will come in time?" Adam asked hesitantly. He wasn't scared exactly, just surprised that he had shown up, although he had no more of an idea of who this was than his last visitor.

"You will know when the time is right."

"But..." Adam tried to protest, but the man was gone. He twisted around a little trying to find him. "This is getting weirder and weirder by the minute." He turned his attention back to his girlfriend. "Sabra, please don't die until...well just don't die. I need you; the team needs you. Please don't leave me. I don't want to find out what my life would be like without you." Adam squeezed her hand, and just sat with her.

Kim turned to go when she spotted Allin walking toward the room. She hurried over to intercept him, anxious to stall the boy until Adam woke up. "Uh...Allin, hi. How are you?" She said quickly.

Allin eyes her suspiciously. What was going on with her? "Kim, are you okay?" he asked instead.

Kim bit her lip. Allin would know if she was lying, and she wasn't all that great of an actress to begin with. "Actually Adam's with Sabra right now, but he sort of doze off. I...didn't mean to spy on him. I was going to talk to him, but he was asleep and..."

"Kim. Don't worry about it. Who do you think brought him here? As for spying...I sort of don't blame you. Adam's been a ticking time bomb since this happened." He gave her a small smile. "Don't worry, I'll be gentle."

Allin walked into his sister's hospital room. There he found Adam dozing off, still holding Sabra's hand. He hesitated to wake the other boy, it was probably the first decent rest he had in a while, but Allin's parents were waiting and there was research after that. "Hey Adam. Wake up pal." Allin said gently trying to wake his friend.

Adam opened his eyes and stretched. "How long was I out?" He asked Allin. He looked over at Sabra, but there was no change.

"Hey, you're asking the wrong person. I just came to check on you, and her. Mom just told me dinner's in 10 minutes. Are you ready?

Adam nodded. "Yeah, just let me say goodbye."

Allin nodded and slipped outside to wait.

"Sabra, I'll find a way to save you, I promise. Don't give up fighting. I'll come visit tomorrow." He brushed his knuckles over her pale cheek and kissed her forehead. "I...love you, princess. Don't give up." He squeezed her hand one more time before leaving.

"So...exactly what are we looking for?" Adam asked as he and Allin went into Sabra's room.

"Nothing will be in here." Allin replied as he went to the closet.

"What?" Adam asked as he picked up a framed picture of him and Sabra right before the Homecoming dance. He smiled slightly, he'd been so sure she was going to say no that it had taken Rocky, Kim and Aisha to get him to ask her. Was he ever glad they made him do it. He turned his attention back to Allin, only to find him looking amused at the younger boy.

"That's her favorite picture of the two of you." Allin said with a grin.

Adam put the picture down and blushed faintly. "So where...ah...are Sabra's magic books?" He said taking them back to the subject at hand.

"Back here. You're not going to mind going through her closet are you?" Allin asked as he opened the door on the far side of the room.

"I don't understand." Adam said, but followed Allin anyway.

"You will." Allin replied with a grin, opening the secret door in the back of Sabra's closet.

"Why does everyone keep telling me that?" Adam shot back.

Allin grinned and went through the door. "Watch your head." He called back. Adam came through and stood speechless.

The room was small, but the light blue walls made it seem bigger. A roll top desk faced the only window and a desk lamp was the main source of illumination, even though there was a single light bulb hanging from the ceiling. On the desk there was a small pencil holder, some paper and two crystals, one clear as glass and the other amber colored. The amber crystal rested on a pewter pedestal of three dolphins, their beaks holding the stone in place. The other crystal sat on a white piece of cloth and when Adam touched the cloth he found it was silk.

To the left of the desk was an odd assortment of pillow, cushions, beanbag chairs and blankets piled up haphazardly in the corner. The wall opposite the desk was lined floor to ceiling with bookshelves. There were painted a creamy beige color and two cases were full of bound books of varying ages and repair. The third bookshelf was different. Instead of simply shelves, this one was pigeonholed half way down. About a quarter of the pigeonholes held some type of scroll.

"You likes? I found this as we were moving in and traded rooms with Sabra so she could have a place to put al her magic books and supplies. Mom even found her this roll top desk, but she rarely locks it. But, you can't tell her you know about this, because she'll come and kill me." Allin said with a smile as he started searching her books.

Adam joined him. "What am I looking for? I'm not sure I can read all this stuff."

"Most of it, is Gwyneddi origin, which means it's in Latin, but the rest should be in English, hopefully. Just be careful with the scrolls, some are originals and over 200 years old."

"Got it, don't touch the scrolls." Adam said smiling a little.

"Actually, here take a look through this. Maybe you'll find your mystery girl." Allin passed a fairly large heavy book to his research buddy.

"What is it?" he asked glancing at the title, but not understanding the words.

"It's called The History of the Deryni. It's about the Restoration, there are pictures of people in there, a lot of pictures."

"Okay." Adam moved over to the pile of pillows and cushions and settled in to check out the pictures. "Uh...hey Allin? What would you say if I told you I had another mysterious visitor?"

Allin looked over at his sister's boyfriend. "I'd say let's here it."

Adam bit his lip, but continued. "I was visiting Sabra, and I was telling her about my first visitor and what she said.

Part 2

"What did he look like?"

Adam shook his head. "He had red hair and amber colored eyes. He was wearing a green tunic and cape. I don't get it. Why me?"

Allin jumped down from the chair he was standing on. "Don't know. Did he say anything?" he had his suspicions on who these mystery people were, but he didn't want to freak Adam out.

"He said that I would know what to do in time." Adam said. "Why does everybody keep telling me that? When will I know what to do? I don't even know what I'm supposed to be doing." Adam snapped.

Allin shrugged. "I can't help you there. I wish I could. Maybe you should take their advice and be patient."

Adam nodded. "I guess. I'm just...terrified. I don't want to lose her, Allin. I know that the longer a person's in a coma the less likely it is that they ever come out."

Allin crouched down in front of the younger boy. "Listen to me. Sabra is not going to die. I won't let her and neither are you. You're the one that's going to save her. Don't you think that scares me? I trust that you can do it though, now you have to trust yourself. Got it?"

"Yeah, I got it." Adam said quietly going back to the book.

"And before that mind of yours starts turning, no I don't just like you because you can save Sabra., I like you, because you're a good friend."

Adam felt some of the weight lift from his shoulders. "Thanks, Allin." He flipped through the pages of the book, marveling at the details in the pictures and wishing he could read the captions underneath. As far as he could tell the book was written in Latin. Suddenly he felt hot and cold all over. There staring him smack in the face was his mysterious visitor. "Uh...Allin, I...ah...think I found her." He said, his voice shaking a bit.

Allin came over and Adam point to the picture. The blond woman was smiling, her hair bound to the nape of her neck and her blue eyes were bright with suppressed laughter. Allin glanced down at the caption. "Are you sure?" He asked.

"90 percent positive." Adam replied.

Allin looked at the picture again. "Well, Adam, you're looking at Lady Evaine Thuryn, Countess of Sheele." Allin hesitated.

"Okay, she's the Countess of Sheele, where can we find her?" Adam demanded.

Allin took a deep breath. "We cant. She's been dead for close to 200 years."

"What do you mean she's dead? Then who have I been talking to?"

Allin shrugged. "I'd say her ghost, except that's impossible. I don't know, maybe she was a special case."

Adam stared at him. "What are you talking about?"

Allin shook his head. "Sorry, forgot you don't know the story. You better settle in, Adam, because I have to fill you in on some stuff. But first," he flipped a few pages to another picture, this one of a man. "this your second visitor?"

Adam nodded. "Who's that?"

"That's Lord Rhys Thuryn, the Earl of Sheele and Lady Evaine's husband. He was also one of the greatest Healers in Gwynedd."

"He's dead too, isn't he?" Adam said dejectedly.

Allin nodded. "Pretty much. Look on the bright side, Adam. Not many people can say they have...a real live guardian watching them."

"Oh great." Adam moaned.

"Hey it could be worse, you could be haunted by a mass murderer or something." Allin grinned and then sat down next to the Asian teen on the cushion corner. "Okay, here's the story about the Lady Evaine, according to family legend. She was the youngest child of Camber MacRorie the Earl of Culdi. She was very intelligent and really powerful. She married Rhys Thuryn, and they had four children, also very powerful. All was well until around 1790 when all Hell broke loose in Gwynedd. Rhys was killed and so was Evaine's oldest son, Aidan. Camber died soon after, but officially he died in 1778. That's a whole different story, Adam.

"Anyway, Camber cast a spell on himself, called the "Forbidden Spell." He thought it would keep him from dying until his body could be healed."

"Like suspended animation?" Adam asked.

"Sort of, except the spell doesn't work that way. Lady Evaine and Father Joram, her brother, worked on the it for over a year before Lady Evaine finally figured it out."

"So what did it do?" Adam asked.

"What the spell does is sort of make you God's emissary. I have to get religious on you for you to understand, Adam. When you die, we believe that you see the face of God and enter the Kingdom of Heaven if you've led a good life. But once there you don't leave. You wouldn't want to. This spell let Camber come and go as he pleased."

"Okay, but what does Lady Evaine have to do with this?" Adam asked with a frown.

"Camber set the spell wrong. Lady Evaine fixed it at the cost of her life. The story goes that she went and talked to the Archangel Uriel and offered her soul for her father's. The Archangel agreed, and Camber was set free. Lady Evaine didn't go to the depths of Hell though, she entered into the Kingdom of Heaven escorted by her husband and first born. That's why I said it should be impossible for her to visit you."*

"Because she's in Heaven?" Adam said slowly.

"Right. This must be important if they were given leave to come here."

"Okay, but we still don't know why me?"

Allin shrugged. "According to them you're the only one who can save her."

"Adam! Telephone!" Elijah Cullen, the baby of the family, yelled.

Allin smiled. "Better answer it."

Adam smiled back. "I guess. Is there a phone in Sabra's room?"

Allin nodded. "Yeah, oh and that's where you're staying too. Unless you want my floor."

Adam flushed. "I don't...I mean Sabra...she won't mind?"

Allin laughed. "Answer the phone, and we'll figure it out afterward."

Ten minutes later Adam came back. "What's up?" Allin asked when he saw the dejected look on his sister's boyfriend's face.

"That was Rocky. He said that he wanted to talk to me tomorrow. I get the feeling it's about my power coin. I don't think I want to see them. I know they'll all be there."

"What are you afraid of? That want to talk to you, that should tell you that they care. Adam, if they didn't want you as a friend, don't you think they would have just blown you off after you told them you were leaving the team? They haven't found your replacement for the team yet either. I'd at least go and hear what they have to say."

Adam shook his head. "I don't know. What if they're just going to get together so they can tell me how pathetic I am?"

"Adam, they aren't going to do that. Trust me."

Adam wasn't convinced. "I don't like being the center of attention, Allin. I like being in the background. Rocky know that too. I just..."

"You want to talk to them one on one instead of five on one right? Adam they're still your friends. They always have been. You have to let them know how you feel, because unlike Sabra and me they can't read your mind."

Adam nodded shakily. "Do you think Sabra would mind if I stayed in her room?"

Allin shook his head. "Any room that is unoccupied is fair game for company. She won't care. It's not as if she's going to be using it anytime soon. Anyway, now that we know who your mystery people are maybe we should figure out why you?" Allin said.

Adam hesitated. He didn't really want to know why they picked him. He was having a hard enough time with the fact that they were dead. "Maybe we could work on it some more...tomorrow?"

Allin nodded. "No problem. I 'm sort of tired myself. We can work on it later. You've got everything you need, right? Otherwise we can run by your house real quick."

"No, I've got everything, thanks."

"Cool, well, I'm going to whoop my brother's butt at wrestling and then probably go to bed. You're welcome to join us; we've got enough controllers."

Adam smiled. "Maybe. If you and Eli don't mind..."

"Nah, Eli won't care, he'll have someone to beat on then. Don't worry, I'll save you...maybe." Allin grinned as they left the small room.

"Tommy, I'm telling you, this is a bad idea. Forcing him to rejoin the team is not the way to prove to him that we're his friends." Rocky stated, crossing his arms over his chest.

"I think it's a good idea for him to take a break. That way he can concentrate totally on Sabra. He doesn't have to worry about taking out any of Zedd or Rita's goons." Aisha added.

"Do you have a better idea?" Tommy snapped. "If now why don't you two shut your mouths."

"Tommy!" Kim chastised him. She put her hand on his arm. "We're all worried about Adam and Sabra, but you don't have to snap at Rocky and Aisha. They're only trying to help."

Tommy clenched his jaw but nodded. "I'm sorry, Rocko, Aisha. I'm just worried about Adam. Man, I can't believe I didn't see this earlier, especially with his parents. How could I be so blind?"

"It's not your fault, Tommy. Adam's never been very vocal about what he wants. As long as everyone's happy, he convinces himself that he's happy. After awhile we sort of forget to ask him what he wants. We don't mean to, but it happens. Then he starts feeling neglected."

"Am I really like that?" A voice asked from behind the group.

As one they turned to see Adam standing behind them. He kept shifting from foot to foot and looked as if he was ready to bolt at any minute.

"I didn't say it was a bad thing, Adam. You just need to speak up for yourself more." Rocky said putting an arm around his best friend. He knew how uncomfortable Adam must be, and wished Tommy had thought of something less confrontational.

"Yeah Adam. We didn't even know you were unhappy. How can we fix it if we don't even know something is wrong?" Kim added.

Adam felt a flush creep across his cheeks. "I was being stupid. Forget about the whole thing." He said quietly. He'd say anything to get this over with.

Tommy shook his head. "Adam, this is exactly what we're talking about. We're your friends don't shut us out."

Adam took a step back. He didn't want to deal with, not now. Not when it was glaringly obvious that they were lying. Rocky and Aisha were his friends, or had been in Stone Canyon. Rocky was always there for him but ever since meeting the team, Aisha had less and less time to spend with him. He tried hard not to feel hurt, tried to tell himself that she shouldn't have to spend all her free time with him, but he still missed it. He hated making a distinction of us and them, but he couldn't help it. All his life people had ripped him to shreds. He wasn't going to let Tommy and the others do that this time. "I just came to...to say that I'm not rejoining the team, and there's nothing that you can say to change my mind. No matter what you say I know what you really think and feel about me." With that Adam once more walked away from his friends.

"Adam." Rocky said quietly coming up behind his bet friend.

Adam whipped around and was ready to bolt again, but realized he really didn't have the energy for it. "Hey Rocky. If this is about before..."

Rocky shook his head and sat down next to the Asian teen. "I'm not here to pester you about your coin. As far as I'm concerned it's your choice and you made it."

Adam gave him a fearful look. "Do you want me to come back?" Adam asked in a small voice.

Rocky grinned at him. "Hell yeah, the team isn't the same without you, but I understand that you've got other things on your mind. I was just wondering how you were doing?"

Adam gave Rocky a small shrug. "Okay I guess." He paused for a minute before going on. "I can't stop seeing her Rocky. Every time I close my eyes I see her hitting that tree again. It seemed so unreal. I never imagined any of us getting hurt like that. We've had our share of injuries, but this terrified me, Rocky."

Rocky nodded. "It scared me too. When I saw her go down I kept waiting for her to brush it off and get back up. I didn't know she got clobbered by that tree, when I did I felt sick inside."

Adam stared down at his hands. He wanted Rocky's opinion on his...visitors, but he was afraid his best friend would think he was nuts. "Rocky, if I tell you something, do you promise not to laugh or walk away?"

Rocky nodded. The look in Adam's eyes told him more than anything else that Adam was serious. "Sure."

Adam kept his gaze locked on his hands. "I've had two...visitors. The first was right after I gave up my coin. I went to the cliffs to think and she comforted me. It was so strange. I wasn't nervous at all...there was just this profound sense of peace, like everything was going to be okay. The other one was when I was visiting Sabra. It was a guy this time and he told me that I would know what to do when the time came. That's not even the weirdest part. Rocky, this couple they've been dead for almost 200 years and they think that only I can save Sabra's life."

For a moment Rocky was silent, then he let out a long whistle. "So were they ghosts or angels?" He asked.

Adam stared at his best friend in surprise. "You believe me?" He asked.

Rocky grinned at him. "Sure, you can't make something that weird up. Did you talk to Allin about this? He and Sabra are the resident experts on all weird stuff."

Adam nodded. "I'm staying with the Cullen's until my parents get back I guess. He doesn't know what to do either. He was going to look through some less Deryni books that Sabra's collected and see what they say. I was going to go to the hospital, but I didn't want to see her when I didn't have any answers for her."

Rocky gripped Adam's shoulder in silent support. Adam had been there for him after his dad died. He remembered one night when they decided to sleep in the park and then grief had hit him really hard that night. Adam had understood and they ended up hiking over to the graveyard. In Rocky's mind that was the night they became honorary brothers. It was only fair that he be there for Adam now. Before he could say anything more a very out of breath Elijah Cullen raced up to them. He gave Rocky a suspicious look before turning to Adam. "Adam, you have to get to the hospital right now!"

Adam gave Rocky a panicked glance. "Why? What's going on?"

Elijah took a couple of deep breaths and swallowed once. "The doctors-they said that-that Sabra's brain dead and they want to-to take her off life support. Allin said he'd try to stall Mom and Dad until I could find you. Said something about now or never. What did he mean?"

Adam was already on his feet. "You ran all the way here?" He demanded as he started off.

"Adam, hold up. I've got my jeep; I'll drive you guys." Rocky said, grabbing Adam's shoulder. If Adam couldn't save her, he was going to need someone who had gone through it before. He mentally went through the people that should know about this until he glanced over at his best friend. Adam sat ramrod straight, barely contained terror etched on his face. Rocky realized that at the moment the less people that Adam had to deal with, the better. Especially the rest of the team. He knew Tommy would be seriously ticked off, but Rocky didn't care. Adam's welfare came first, and it was plain to anyone that Adam wasn't comfortable around the team anymore. Maybe he never was, Rocky wasn't sure, but that really didn't matter mow. They could figure that all out later.

Once the three of them reached the hospital, they were rushed to the ICU ward. Mr. and Mrs. Cullen sat on one of the couches holding each other with their heads bowed. Allin, too had his head bent, but looked up at their approach. He hurried over the Adam and Rocky as Elijah went to his parents, tears already starting to fall.

"I managed to convince them to wait on the Last Rites until you were here. The priest is on his way. After Last Rites, we'll have a chance to say goodbye before they pull the plug." Allin knuckled away the tears that gathered. "If...if you're going to save her life, now would be the time to do it."

Adam shook his head, tears gathering in his chocolate brown eyes. "I don't even know what to do." He said, his voice cracking.

"Believe in yourself, you're my sister's only hope."

Adam bit his lip but nodded. He stayed outside the room when the priest came a few minutes later. Rocky stood silently beside him, offering him what little comfort he could give.

Mr. Cullen stepped out of the room and went to the two teens. "It's time to say goodbye boys."

Adam walked woodenly toward the door. It was like the first time he'd gone to this room two days before, only this time it would be his last. Sabra's family parted to admit him and as he looked down at her; he felt something deep inside him snap.

Rocky murmured the Spanish prayer Nana taught him almost eight years ago when his dad died. He looked over at Adam just in time to catch his best friend before he hit the floor. Quickly he checked for a pulse and found it slow and steady, as was his breathing.

Allin crouched down next to them. "I hope to God that he's working some miracle and didn't just faint from the stress."

Rocky looked from Adam to Sabra lying on the bed. "So do I."

Adam looked around, trying to figure out where he was. It was a dimly lit hallway with doors on each side. The hallway stretched as far as he could see both in front and behind him. "Okay, now what?" He said quietly to himself.

Silence answered him. "Sabra! Can you hear me?" Adam yelled. His voice echoed down the hallway. He stood still for a moment straining his ears to hear something, anything. After a few long moments he thought he faintly heard a scared whimper. Eagerly, he went toward the sound. "Sabra! Keep making noises! I'm coming!" Again he could barely make out the whimpering, but every tie he thought he was lost, another whimper would greet his ears.

After an inestimable amount of time, Adam found himself in front of one of the unmarked doors. The whimpering was coming from the other side. "Hang on, I'm coming. Just hang on, Sabra." He took a deep breath and then turned the knob.

The room on the other side of the door was pitch dark. Adam left the door opened and looked around. From the dim light of the hallway he could make out a desk with a chair pulled neatly in the chair well. There was a small bookshelf on one wall with bunk beds butting up against it. A six year old sat sniffling on the lower bunk, her legs curled up to her chin.

"Sabra?" Adam asked cautiously.

The little girl looked up at him, but didn't say a word.

"Hello, Adam." Adam whipped around to see his girlfriend. His eyes widened as he looked at her.

Sabra was dressed in a cut off baby tee that snugly hugged her body. Her shorts hung low on her hips and ended just below her rear. The top button of the jeans shorts was unbuttoned, and her voice had a purr that he'd never heard before. She sidled up to him and ran her fingertips down his arm.

"Uh...Sabra?" He asked nervously.

"Yes, Adam?"

"What are you doing?"

"What's the matter?" She purred seductively. "Don't you like it?"

"You leave him alone!" The little girl launched herself off the bed and toward the older version of herself. The six-year old viciously attacked the teen. Sabra shrieked and before Adam's eyes she transformed into something out of his worst nightmares.

The six year old shrank away from the monster. Adam quickly scooped her up and rushed from the room shutting the door quickly behind him.

"That won't hold her for long." Adam told the little girl. "Thanks for saving me back there."

Sabra smiled at him and then snuggled deeper in his embrace. "The angel told me you would come."

Adam gave the girl an incredulous look but shook his head. "We'd better find a way out of here."

Sabra cocked her head him. "We can't leave until the evil is dead."

Adam looked at the door and then back at the six year old. "You mean _that_?" He exclaimed. Sabra nodded, then moaned quietly. "Are you hurt?" He asked, moving away from the door that had temporarily trapped the monster.

Sabra looked up at him. "She drains my power to feed. I don't have much time left. You're my last chance."

Rocky hovered near Adam as the doctor and nurse tried to rouse him. "Come on, Adam. Give them some sign. Give US some sign that you're okay." Rocky felt a hand on his shoulder and looked up to see Mrs. Cullen looking at him with a soft smile on her face.

"He's helping my baby. Come, pray with us." She said gently, leading him toward the rest of the family.

"But Adam..."

"Adam will understand. He is with you in your prayers is he not?"

"Well, yeah."

Adam carried Sabra down the hallway looking for some place to make a stand. He didn't know how they were going to get out of this. He didn't even have his morpher on him. He wasn't going to tell that to a six year old, even if she seemed to have the knowledge of a seventeen year old.

"We need to hurry, Adam. I don't have much time left." The girl whispered. Her head was resting on his shoulder and her whole body lacked any sort of energy.

"Just hang on. I'll get us out of here, somehow." He told her, but he didn't believe his own words.

Sabra caught his gaze, confusion filling her eyes. "Adam, why haven't you morphed?"

Adam stared at her in shock. "I gave up my coin."

Her gaze was suddenly full of knowledge. The look unnerved Adam even more than he already was. "Adam, here you can do anything you want. We're not exactly in the realm of reality."

Adam stared down at his feet for a moment before turning to her. "How?" He finally asked in a small voice.

Sabra beamed at him. "Just like before, silly. Just raise your morpher."

"Right." Adam took a deep breath. "Black Ranger Power!" he called, masking his utter astonishment when the morpher appeared in his hands and the full armor was donned. "Amazing." He said quietly. The victory was short lived when the she-beast burst from the room.

The teen it had impersonated was gone, replaced by its true form. Elongated fingers and wicked looking claws replaced once delicate fingers. Her face was a hideous mass of warts and flaky skin. The body was still that of a teen, but it too was covered by flaky skin. In addition it had turned a dark shade of green.

Adam stepped back and weighted his options. Technically, he supposed the rules regarding the Powers didn't apply, since he truly didn't have his coin. However, he wasn't about to find out. He pulled the six year old behind him and dropped into a fighting stance.

The monster lunged at him and he easily stepped aside and flipped it onto its back. "Go, hide!" Adam told the girl as he wrestled with the monster. The girl did as she was told and slowly made her way to a hiding spot. As soon as Sabra was safe, Adam turned his attention to the freaky thing in front of him. He couldn't kill something in cold blood. Even Zedd and Rita's monsters had started their fights. The Rangers had simply ended it.

This was different. He had to get rid of it, and fast. Suddenly, Adam felt a searing pain in his arm and looked down to see four crimson streaks across his black uniform. The monster had penetrated his suit!

Adam quickly scrambled off the monster. "Power Ax!" He called, and a more useful weapon than his usual ax appeared. This one wasn't as flashy, but it looked deadlier.

The monster struck again, only this time Adam got the better of it. Ignoring the pain in his arm he felt his ax connect and heard a pop, but when he turned, he saw only air.

Sabra wobbled out of her hiding space and went to him, a tired smile on her face. "I knew you'd save me." She yawned. "I'm so tired, Adam." She whispered as she fell into Adam's embrace.

"NO! You can't sleep. After all this you are NOT dying on me, Sabra. You hear me?!" Adam demanded.

Sabra's only response was to snuggle deeper into his embrace.

"NO!!!" Adam screamed, when he felt her body go limp. The tears came unbidden to his eyes and he let them fall. Suddenly, he Felt the presence of two beings behind him. Turning, he saw Lord and Lady Thuryn watching him. "Why? Why all this if she was going to die anyway?" He asked.

They said nothing, but took the child out of Adam's arms and laid her on the ground. Lord Rhys put both hands on the little girl's temples, while Lady Evaine stayed with Adam. Softly, Adam could hear the redheaded man singing.

Evaine smiled reassuringly at him. "It's the {Adsum Domine}." She replied to his unspoken answer.

Adam nodded and stared in awe as a golden light suddenly shone down on his girlfriend. Rhys backed away slowly as the six year old began to rise. She hovered about three feet off the ground for what seemed like ages.

It was then that Adam heard her cough and gag. He tried to go to her, to tell her to relax only he found he couldn't. He couldn't move, if anything he was being dragged away.

Adam groggily opened his eyes to find himself staring into the eyes of a middle aged woman wearing glasses.

"How do you feel?" The man asked him.

"My head hurts...ow, so does my arm." He replied in surprise seeing four crimson marks on his arm. That reminded him of "SABRA!!" He yelled, trying to let the nurse to let him up.

"Relax, she's doing just fine. She's off life support and she's awake." The nurse said. "As soon as I stitch up your arm, I'll take you to her."

"She's going to be okay, right?"

The nurse gave him a sympathetic smile. "You'd have to talk to the doctor about that, honey. Are you allergic to anything?"

Adam shook his head, staring numbly over at his slashed arm. {So it wasn't a dream; but then what was it?}

"Adam, hey, how are you feeling?" Rocky asked, hurrying into the room.

Adam stared at his best friend for a moment. "How's Sabra?" He asked quietly.

Rocky's face split into a huge grin. "She's awake and asking for you. What ever you did, it worked."

Adam smiled faintly as the nurse left the room, his wound now stitched together. "Hey Rocky, did Sabra ever...well did she ever...sort of...die? Just for an instant?"

Rocky stilled and then sat down on the edge of the bed. "when you were...where ever you went, for awhile both of you were tough and go. Physically, you were fine, but then when those gashes appeared I almost freaked out. Right after that Sabra's heart stopped. The doctors were going to just leave her, but it started up again. I wanted to start cheering, except you weren't waking up. The doctors were freaking out a bit too, but they'll never admit it. They're taking her off the ventilator right now."

"The gagging and coughing..." Adam said quietly remembering his dream.

"Sure, anyway they're keeping you overnight. You were out for over twenty minutes, pal." Rocky added as he saw the protest in his best friend's eyes.

"When can I see Sabra?" Adam asked the nurse.

She smiled kindly at him. "Let me get a wheelchair."

"I don't need..." Adam trailed off as the nurse left the room.

Rocky chuckled. "It's procedure, Adam,"

Ten minutes later, Adam was wheeled into Sabra's room. He smiled nervously at her as he took her hand. "Hey." She said quietly. He was acutely aware of Allin and Rocky's presence in the room. He desperately wished they'd leave, but knew they wouldn't. Butterflies slamming into his stomach, he leaned over and brushed his lips over his girlfriend's.

"Hey." Sabra whispered back to him, squeezing his hand weakly. The ventilator hose had been replaced by a smaller oxygen tube.

The dam on Adam's emotions broke as he gazed down at his beloved girlfriend. He wrapped her in his arms and buried his face in her shoulder. "I was so scared. I didn't want to loose you." He whispered into her ear.

Sabra hugged him back as hard as she could. "You saved me. You came and saved me." She whispered back.

Rocky groaned as he heard the phone ring. He and the other Rangers, minus Adam and Sabra, were at his house watching _Robin Hood, Men in Tights_.

Reluctantly he left his seat on the couch. "Save my seat." He called. There were a chorus of "yeah rights" and the sound of jostling around. He shook his head and grinned as he answered the phone. "Hello?"

"R-Rocky?" Adam asked.

"Adam, are you okay? What's going on?" Rocky asked.

"Can you give me one reason why I can't take this bottle of codeine I've got?" Adam asked quietly.

Rocky's heart lurched against his ribs. {He can't mean what I'm thinking.} "I can give you a hundred reasons." He replied, ready to recite all hundred.

"How about just one really good one?"

{Oh lord, he's serious.} Quickly he covered the reciever and yelled "AISHA!!" He turned his attention back to his best friend. "Adam, where are you?" He asked trying to keep cam. The last thing Adam needed was for him to get hysterical.

"I'm at home right now."

"Rocky? What's up?" Aisha asked as she came into the kitchen.

Rocky thrusted the phone at her. "Talk to Adam. DON'T let him hang up. Got it?"

Aisha nodded, fear squirming in her intestines. Rocky seemed almost frantic. "What's gong on, Rocky?"

"Just talk to him, Aisha. I'll be back." Rocky said as he activated his communicator and vanished in a flash of red.

"Uh, hey Adam. How are you?" She asked tentatively.

"I've felt better. Where's Rocky?"

"He just left, Adam. He seemed pretty upset. Do you know what's going on?" She asked.

{He left. I guess I have my answer, even my best friend's left me now.} he stared bleakly down at the pull bottle in his hands. He let the phone drop to the floor as he undid the cap and let the pills spill out onto his hand.

"Adam, give me the pills." A familiar voice quietly demanded.

Adam looked up and through his unshed tears saw Rocky standing in the doorway.

"Please don't do this, Adam. You don't want to. You wouldn't have called me if you did." Rocky said softly as he edged closer to the Asian teen.

Adam shook his head. "I don't know what I want. I'm so confused right now." His voice cracked on the last sentence.

Aisha clutched the phone to her ear as she listened to Rocky try to talk Adam out of committing suicide. {Oh god, Adam, listen to Rocky.}

Kim came into the DeSantos kitchen wondering what was keeping Rocky and Aisha. She found Aisha listening to the phone, her normally dark complexion deathly pale. "Aisha?" She asked.

Aisha turned tear bright eyes on her friend. "I-It's Adam." She whispered.

Kim felt the panic well up inside her. "GUYS! Get in here!" She called.

Tommy and Billy hurried into the kitchen. "What's going on, Kim?"

It was Aisha who answered. "It's Adam. God, I think he's trying to commit suicide. R-Rocky's there now talking to him...but I don't know if he's getting through."

Kim whimpered in fear and Tommy automatically pulled his close.

Rocky carefully sat down on the bed next to Adam and gently reached out and took the pills from him. "Adam...you need help. I want to help you, but I don't know how. I've tried, we all did, but I think maybe you should get some professional help. I'm not giving up on you, but you need more than I can give."

"He's right, bro. We are always here for you, but you need someone you can trust." Tommy said as he and the others entered the room.

Adam ducked his head and felt his face flush. He wished the floor would open up and swallow him. "So, I'm officially crazy now?"

"Of course not, Adam! Lot's of normal people go talk to counselors." Kim said as she sat down on Adam's other side and slid an arm through his.

"Sure, next you're going to tell me that Zedd and Rita are really saints." Adam said miserably.

"Adam, do you think Kim and I are crazy?" Billy asked quietly.


Billy smiled faintly. "Kim and I both went to counseling at one point."

"Really?" Adam asked. Billy wanted to cry at the hope he heard in Adam's voice.

"Really." Kim said squeezing his arms.

Rocky gave Adam a small push when Adam started to slow down for the millionth time. "You're going to tell her Adam, even if I have to force it out of you. I'm not going to be the one to tell her you tried to commit suicide. That's your responsibility."

Adam nodded silently. He hadn't said much in the past day and a half since the incident. The other Rangers hadn't left him alone for a minute except for when he went to the bathroom.

"You ready?" Rocky asked as they came to Sabra's hospital room.

"I guess." Adam mumbled and walked into the room.

"Hey guys. What's up?" Sabra asked. She was lying on the bed, but it was propped up to a sitting position. Color was back in her cheeks and although the bandage was still wrapped around her head, she looked much better.

Rocky came and gave her a big hug. "You definitely look better than a week ago."

"Thanks." She said. She noticed Adam's silence and his covert glances in Rocky's direction.

"I'm going to leave you guys alone. Adam's got something important to tell you."

Adam fidgeted for a moment until he finally sat down on the edge of her bed.

"Honey, what's going on?" Sabra asked confused. "What's Rocky talking about?"

Adam looked down at her hands. "I...I...well I...I tried to commit suicide the other night."

Sabra felt her heart stop and her breath freeze in her lungs. "W-Why?" She finally managed to get out.

"I don't know. You were safe; I'm not a Ranger anymore; what was left?" He moaned quietly.

Sabra wrapped her arms around her boyfriend. Adam buried his head in her shoulder and cried. Sabra held him as all his bottled emotions bubbled over.

"I'm sorry. I-I didn't know what to do. I'm so so sorry."

"Shhh...it's okay. I'm not mad. I love you." She pulled back just enough so he could see her face. "But if you even think of doing this again, I'll kill you myself. Got it?" She told him.

Adam nodded. "Got it." For a few minutes they sat together in each other's warmth. "Sabra, can I ask you something?"

Sabra smiled softly. "You can ask me anything, Sweetie. What's on your mind?"

"Right before they were going to...to let you die, I...guess I collapsed. I went somewhere. But...I don't know where. All I know was that I'm positive I saved your life."

"You did. You came into my mind and helped me fight off the monster. I wouldn't have made it on my own."

Adam bit his lip. "I saw...two people. I think they were Lord Rhys Thuryn and Lady Evaine Thuryn. How? How did I see them? Why didn't anyone else?"

Sabra rested her head on his shoulder and sighed. "I have to tell you something, Adam, but you have to promise not to flip out." She felt Adam nod. "Allin and I have known that you...well, that you were like us, Deryni. There's one major difference tough. We had to be taught and trained to use our powers. Yours will just come to you, sort of like the Morphin Power. You just _know_ what to do. We didn't tell you because we didn't want to freak you out. Plus we weren't quite sure how to activate it."

"What do you mean activate it? Activate it how?" Adam asked, keeping his arms wrapped around his girlfriend.

"Allin and I were born with ours, Adam, and we've always had access to them, although before puberty it's limited. You were born with yours too, but your parents aren't Deryni, they're human. It's a genetic thing, not a mutation, just something that happens to some people. It's always guys. With your powers though there's a sort of block on them. Most times the person doesn't even know they have any powers unless a Deryni finds out. Usually you can't break the block by yourself." She smiled. "I'm glad you were the exception." She said softly, snuggling into his embrace.

"So am I. So am I."

The End