DISCLAIMER: The Power Rangers are the exclusive property of Saban. This story is loosely based on an old MGM cartoon which, when you see it, you should watch it, tape it. Rated TV-Y7 FV, it contains a simple message...

By Duke Brown and Felix H. Brown,III

The distress call came from the third planet on the Sol System. The Ambassador answered it. "KO-35 responding," he said.

"This is Zordon," was the reply. "Something terrible has happened."

"I'll be there immediately."

The Ambassador was about to leave to the MegaShip when his son arrived.

"Is something the matter, Father?" Andros asked.

"There is a problem on the planet Zordon's on," the Ambassador said.

"I want to come too."

"Fine. But you and the others must stay on the ship until I say it's okay."

* * *

Andros flew the MegaShip, accompanied by his sister Karone, and his best friend Zhane. The three teenagers looked to see the blue planet as the Ambassador brooded in his command chair.

"It's beautiful," Karone gasped.

"What good is outer beauty if there is no inner beauty?" The Ambassador said.

"Uncle," Zhane said, "there's no life forms on the planet... save one."

* * *

Andros, Karone, and Zhane were shocked. It was the first time they had seen Zordon cry.

"There was nothing you could have done, my friend." The Ambassador's attempt to console his mentor proved futile. It had became apparent that Zordon was not taking this well. In fact, he felt... responsible?

"But everyone on this planet is dead," Zordon said quietly as he paced. "For all my powers, I couldn't save them."

"It's war," Zhane said.

"Zhane!" Karone hissed, "Don't be a jerk!"

"Actually," Zordon said, "Zhane is correct."


"Behold the viewing globe." The four walked to the viewing globe as Zordon sat down to tell his tale.

"As you know," he began, "since we vanquished Dark Spectre and his forces, I was chosen by the Galactic Peace Council to travel to Earth to spread the message of peace and love. It was possible, since the curse that kept me in my hyperlock chamber was broken. But that was not to be.

"The Earth didn't take too kindly to those that was different from them. Colors sided with their like kind, as did religion, gender, and affiliations. It sickened me that these people would misbehave like that.

"As time grew, people became angrier and angrier. Violence became the most obvious form of conflict resolution. People began taking each others' lives until... the Third World War began.

"More people died by the scores. Eventually, there were two people left in the entire world. A marine named Tommy Oliver, and a despot named Hussein. Mortally wounded, they picked up their rifles, and fired."

The two gunshots echoed throughout Zordon's mansion. Karone gasped and started weeping. Zhane punched the wall.

"Why did it have to be this way?!" Zhane said angrily. "We went to war because we had to. These people went to war because they wanted to. Now everybody's dead!"

The Ambassador turned to see Andros carrying a thick book.

"What is that, my son?" he asked.

"It's called 'The Holy Bible'." Andros started to flip through the pages. "From my Earth studies, it's a rulebook."

They all read the bible, stopping short on a list of rules that must be followed. Commandments, they were called. They stopped short on the Sixth Commandment:

"Thou shalt not kill."

"Too bad they didn't follow the rules," Andros said.

"Neither did we," Zhane said.

"Then let's follow the rules," Karone suggested.

* * *

Millions of aliens started to populate Earth. Some from Eltare, some from KO-35, and even Phaedos allowed a couple of creatures to migrate. Earth became the Intergalactic melting pot. The only condition: Follow the rulebook.

They adopted some Terran customs and holidays, burning those having to do with hatred and indecency and violence. Everybody's most favorite? The one called Christmas. Christmas was a painful reminder for KO-35's ambassador and his children, for that was the day that the last two men on Earth died.

But after all, the third planet from the star called Sol finally got what it deserved. And they all agreed that what it was. And it was good.

Peace on Earth.

Merry Christmas,

Duke and Felix

The End