Chapter 1
By: Black_TurboRanger

"Come on, just call her," Adam coaxed his friend Tommy, pointing towards the phone, "Its been almost six months, you have to sometime. And what time better than on her birthday,"

Tommy just shook his head, "I can't do it, Adam," he looked at the floor and sighed, "I just can't,"

"Tommy its her 18th birthday. I'm sure it would mean a lot to her," he reasoned.

"I know Adam. I know," Tommy reassured his friend, "I'm just.. I don't think I'm ready to hear her voice again," You liar, Tommy thought. You're just a coward, you're afraid of falling for her ag... No wait. You still love her. Always have and always will. He sighed.

"Well?" Adam waited anxiously. He knew this must be really hard for Tommy to do, but if he kept putting it off he would only be hurting himself and his fear would just grow worse. Tommy just sighed, disgusted at himself and started up the stairsto his room. Adam knew where he was going and had learned it was better to leave him alone, rather than follow him. Not saying a word to his friend, Tommy went in his room and shut the door.

"Tell Tommy I'll come back later," Adam informed Mrs. Oliver and then walked out the front door, got in his jeep and drove off.

Mrs. Oliver was well aware of what had been going during these past months. At first Tommy had seemed happier, but slowly it wore off and he went into depression again.

Tommy popped the tape into his boombox and turned the volume up. As the tape started playing he flopped down on his bed and took a picture of him and Kimberly out from a secret hiding place. He just stared at it, a thoughtful look on his face, becoming lost in his own world as the tape finally began.

"Dear Casey
I made a terrible mistake about two months ago. What was that mistake? I broke up with my long time boyfriend Tommy. Claiming that I had found somebody else, when I really hadn't. I guess I just couldn't take being away from him, so I figured the pain would stop. Boy was I wrong. It just got worse and worse until the point that I can't concentrate on what I came here to do.

I feel awful now and my heartaches everyday. I love Tommy with all my heart and soul and feel that I always will now matter what. I was such fool to let him go. So could you please play Foolish Beat. To let him know I still love him and miss him so much. Thank you," finishing in tears.

"Kimberly," sniffle, "here's your request and dedication," breaking down crying.

There was a time where broken hearts and
broken dreams were over
There was a place where all you could do
was wish on a four leaf clover
But now is a new time
there is a new place
Where dreams just can't come true
it started the day when I left you oh

I could never love again, the way I loved you, oh
I could never cry again, like I did when I left you
And when we said goodbye, oh the look in your eyes
Just left me beside myself without your heart
I could never love again, now that were apart

When I was sorry it was too late to turn around
and tell you so
There was no reason, there was no reason
Just the foolish beat of my heart

I could never love again, the way I loved you, oh
I could never cry again, like I did when I left you
And when we said goodbye, oh the look in your eyes
Just left me beside myself without your heart
I could never love again, now that were apart

I'm guilty of lovin' nobody, don't you see
the tears have fallen on my face
Since you went away
Break my heart it's lift away
didn't know I was wrong, never meant to hurt
you now your gone

I could never love again now that were apart
(now that were apart)
I could never love again now that were apart

As soon as the tape stopped, Tommy hit the rewind the button and played it again. He figured he had listened to it hundreds of times since he had gotten it from the radio station only a few weeks after it had aired. Soon he drifted off into his own world again.

"Happy Birthday Kimberly!!" her team mates shouted all together as she stepped into the gymnastics training room. Jumping back she almost fell down in surprise.

"Awww, you guys..." Kim started to protest, blushing. "Thats right birthday girl!" Tammy came over and hugged her. "Today's your day,"

"Meaning what?" she questioned.

"You get the day off!" the coach joked, but only he laughed. He looked around and noticed no one was laughing, "What?!"

The gymnasts just shook their heads and went back to work. Matt snucked up behind Kim, grabbed her around the waist, picked her up and started to swing her around.

"Matt!" Kim laughed, "Put me down you!" he continued swinging her around, faster and faster. "I'm warning you..." No reply. "Ok. Thats it," she grabbed onto a pole, brought her knees up to her chest and then pushed forward, nailing him in the stomach. Matt stumbled back causing him to let go of her and fall onto a mat.

"Kim.." he groaned. "What'd you do that for?"

"I warned you," she stood over him grinning triumphantly. Leaning over she helped him up onto his feet.

"Ok. You two. Enough of that," the coach told them, "Keep karate in the dojo please Kimberly,"

"Yes, sir," she sighed and went off to practice with others. Kim's friend Karen noticed the distressed look on her and walked over to her.

"Is something wrong? You look bummed," Karen sat down on the beam next to Kimberly.

"No. I'm fine," she answered lying through her teeth. Yeah right, she thought. Maybe I'm not cut out for civilian life. I always seem to end up defending myself like I would if I were a ranger. Kim sighed. Those were the days, she told herself silently.

"Kat hurry up. We're gonna be late!" Tanya yelled up to her friend. She had been looking forward to prom for a long time now and she would be damned if she was gonna be late because Kat had to look "perfect".

"I'm coming," she hurried down the stairs. Her elegant pink dress hugged every curve of her body, the neckline was lowcut and the see-thru silk sleeves hung elegantly off her arms. Tanya was surprised Kat could actually walk in it. Let alone breathe. "What?" Kat asked, noticing the look on her friends face, "Is it my hair?" she brushed a curled strain behind her ear.

"How do you do it?" the girl asked in awe.

"Do what?" she replied, oblivious.

"Breathe.. how do you?" Kat laughed and swatted Tanyas arm playfully. The door bell rang and both broke out into frenzied fits of giggles. "Must be the guys," Tanya looked at Kat, "Ready?"

"About as ready as I'll ever be," she answered taking a deep breath. How _do_ I breath in this dress?

"Hey cutey," she greeted. Adam just blushed. Tanya giggled. She loved making him blush. He was just too cute. "Rocky you look pretty good in a tux,"

Rocky grinned, "Thanks, where's..." His jaw dropped clear to the floor. Or at least it felt like it. When he saw Kat step out from behind Tanya. Suddenly he melted and felt all confidence what so ever just flow out of him. Like she was siphoning it.

"Rocky," Kat smiled, "You look very handsome," she finally added on after a few moments of checking him out.

"You look... you look," he stammered, "beautiful... Not that you don't usually. You just," Tanya and Kat giggled. "Wow..."

They knew how Rocky was around girls. Kind of like Adam. Only less innocent. But he always seemed to manage to become tounge tied. It was actually quite adorable.

Tommy casted a glance over to his bedroom door where his tux hang. Truthfully he didn't even know why he had bought one. He didn't feel like going to prom. He didn't even feel like leaving his room. Sighing he sat up and walked over to his mirror. Staring into he shook his head, scolding himself, "Pathetic.. Tommy, you're absolutely pathetic,"

The familiar voices of his friends were heard downstairs and he sighed, thinking to himself, they've come to drag me off to prom with them. I just know it. Suddenly he pounded his fist against the wall in frustration as he thought. Why can't they just leave me alone!

A knock on the door and the sound of a soft voice with slightest hint of an accent breaks his thoughts. Kat. He sighed and lingered wearily towards his bed, plopping down with a slight pout, "It's open.."

Kat peered into his room around the door, "You mind if I come in?" Tommy just shrugged as Kat walked in, closing the door behind her. A concerned look spread across her face when she saw him sitting there like that. He was a mess. Tommy didn't look up as she sat down next to him and brushed a lock of astray brown hair behind his ear.

"I wish you were going with us tonight. It won't be the same without you you know," she cast her glance downward for a moment then looked at him out of the corner of her eye.

Tommy just shook his head, "Nah. You guys will have a lot of fun tonight. I'd just be a drag. I don't feel too well anyway," he replied sullenly, not looking up.

Kat nodded, knowing this must be tough for him, "I understand..." she lied.

"No, you don't. None of you do," her friend shook his head, looking down as if talking to the floor. Kat sighed.

"You're right, Tommy. We don't understand, but we want to.. and if you'd just talk to..."

"Don't," Tommy cut her off in mid-sentence, "Don't waste your time on me, please. The only way to understand what I'm feeling is to experience it yourself, and no one should go through that. Even if it is to help another," he finally ended, running a shakey hand through his hair.

Kat leaned over, giving Tommy a comforting hug before getting up. She smoothed her dress out and started for the door, but stops suddenly when she feels a small twinge of guilt developed in the pit of her stomach, "Are you sure you don't want to come?" Kat asked, as she turned around, "I feel bad letting you stay here by yourse..."

Tommy looked up in annoyance "Letting? You're.. _letting_ me stay here? You mean I don't have a choice? What the hell gives you the right to decide whether I'm going to do something or not, huh?" he stood up, walked over to her, "Since _when_ are you my mother? Since when do _you_ know whats right for _me_? You have some nerve Katherine." he glared at her. "You of all people deciding whats best for me..."

The girl took a step back away from him, a bit startled by his sudden change of behavoir, although she should have seen it coming, "Tommy please.. I.. I didn't mean.." Kat stammered, holding back the tears as best she could.

"Get out, Kat.." Tommy glared, his eyes burning into hers. How dare she decide that she knows whats best for him. Her of all people. She, who took Kim's place after nearly killing her.

Taking another step back, towards the door, she grabbed the knob, gripping it tightly, "But Tommy.. I.. I'm sorry,"

Tommy interrupted her again, still not breaking his cold stare, "Get out of this house Kat. Get out.. NOW!" he finally yelled at her, pointing to his bedroom door. Tommy slammed the door behind her as she ran out into the hallway and down the stairs.

Adam, Rocky and Tanya exchanged confused yet concerned glances with each other as they see Kat running by them and out the door, not saying anything. The only sound escaping her lips are sobs, muffled by her hand over her mouth. Tanya ran after Kat, calling after.. "Kat, wait up!"

Kimberly looked in the mirror, examining her outfit for the outing her friends were taking on for her birthday. She had decided to leave her hair down, since she usually wore it up in practice which was basically always. Looking at her answering machine she sighed as no red light was flashing. No one had bothered to call her to say "Happy Birthday!" but that wasn't what was bugging her. It was the fact that Tommy hadn't called, and she knew he didn't forget because he always remembered her birthday. Or at least... he used to.

"Kim are you ready?" came the voice of her friend Amy, from outside the door. Of all the friends Kimberly had made here at the gymnastics training camp for competitions, Amy was the one she was closest to and trusted the most.

Kimberly looked in the mirror one last time, fixing a strand of hair that had gone astray from its original place, "I'll be out in a second.." she called back while putting in a small black hair clip, in order to keep her hair inline. Grabbing her black purse type bag, Kim headed over to the door, casting a glance at the answering machine and giving it one last sigh as she walks out into the hallway of the apartment building to meet her friend.

Amy tapped her foot jokingly, "It's about time, girl," she said sarcastically as Kim finally appeared in the corridor.

Shaking her head, Kim laughed, "My hair is being an absolute pain today," she finished after locking the door, "Well... lets go,"

As Tommy paced back and forth in a rage of fury he grumbled to himself, "Who does she think she is anyway?! Coming into _my_ house and telling me what I can and can't do! The ner..." Tommys grumbling was cut short by the familiar beeping sound that he had finally grown used to, coming from his wrist. He brought the communicator up to his mouth, "Yeah, what is it?!" he snapped sharply.

"Tommy a monster and some cogs are attacking the park. The others need your help!" Alpha's voice came over the device.

"When don't they..." he muttered to himself, "I'll be there," Tommy quickly finished.

Meanwhile in the park the other rangers battle furiously with the monster and cogs as they wait for Tommy to arrive. Kat and Rocky double team a group of group of cogs while Adam and Tanya are busy with the monster, and cogs interferring with their fight.

Tanya cried out as the monster slashed its claws at her, sending a wave of an electric energy shock through her body. It seemed an eternity passed by before the monster finally let go, flinging the smoking girl into a near by tree.

"Tanya!!!!" Adam yelled out as he frantically ran over to his girlfriends side. He knelt down beside her and held her in his arms, "Tanya? Tanya please speak to me. Tanya, please!" he repeated frantically while rocking her in his arms, holding her protectively.

Kat and Rocky cast their glance towards the pleading cries of their fellow team mate and slowly made their way over to him and Tanya who still lay unconscious in her boyfriends arms.

"We can't hold them off any longer. We need Tommy!" Kat exclaimed exhaustedly. The three tired rangers huddled together as the monster and cogs slowly closed in. "Adam, take Tanya back to the Power Center. We'll stay here and take care of these creeps," the pink zeo ranger stated.

Nodding, the green zeo ranger stood up slowly, cradling his girlfriend in his arms and teleported out in a blur of green and yellow light as the cogs surrounded the pink and blue zeo rangers.

To Be Continued.....
Author's Note: Next Time On Power Rangers Zeo: With the sudden downfall of Tanya, the Yellow Zeo Ranger, Zordon must find a replacement before King Mondos forces become too strong and over power them. Who will be the new Yellow Zeo Ranger? And will Tanya ever regain consciousness? Find out next time on Power Rangers Zeo.