Note: Jewel Noxenet and the Gold Warrior or anything close to them are my property. They are characters I made up. So there for I own them. The rangers on the other hand are property of Saban yatta, yatta, yatta, blah, blah, blah, and all that legal crap. Get it? Good. Now on with the story!

The Gold Warrior Meet the Power Rangers Turbo!
by Black_TurboRanger
A New Enemy?
Part 1

Jewel ran into the bathroom to get ready for school. It was going to be her first day at Angel Grove High and she was excited. She had just moved to California from Vermont, over the summer, so she was used to the cooler weather.

Her parents had already left for work so she walked to school, since they had both cars. A rush of hot air greeted her as she walked outside.

While Jewel was walking to school a group of teenagers drove by in a red jeep with the music playing loudly. That guy driving the jeep is cute and the one sitting in the back isn't half bad either, she thought silently.

"Hey who was that?" Adam asked turning around to get another look.

"I don't know. Why don't you ask her," Tanya jealously remarked.

"She's probably new," Kat said. Kat looked at Tanya in surprise, "What?!" she asked innocently.

A half an hour later, Jewel was at the highschool. She was overwhelmed by the tremendous size of it, "Man, I'm going to get lost in this school," Jewel remarked after seeing how big it was.
Jewel was just shuting her locker door when someone tapped on her shoulder. She turned around to see a light blonde haired, girl who was pratically wearing all pink.

"Hi, I'm Kat. We have biology together," she introduced herself, "You must be new here,"

"Yeah, this is my first day here," Jewel replied a little disgusted by Kats' perkyness. Pink?! Yuk! I hate pink. Its such a girly color. Jewel thought quietly to herself.

"Listen, I'm going to meet some of my friends right now," Kat started, "Ya wanna come?" she offered.

"Uhhh.....sure I guess,"

"Great, follow....." Kat paused and looked at Jewels clothes. She was wearing a black pair of shorts, jean jacket and white baby-t. Kat hated the color black, but then she spied the shoes on Jewels feet. She had to admit Jewel had style.

"Whats wrong?"

"Nothing," she said stopping herself from staring, "Come on, this way," she motioned her new friend to follow her.

Meanwhile at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean a submerine shaped like a fish lay idle on the ocean floor. Inside the strange looking vessel Divatox was pacing back and forth, trying to think up of a plan to destroy the rangers for foiling all of her evil plans. "I wonder what those pesky power punks are up to," Divatox remarked, going over to her moniter and turning it on. Almost instantly she got a visual read out on them. Divatox saw Katherine, the pink turbo ranger and a strange girl she had never seen before, with the other rangers. Something about that girl caught her eye. Divatox had the moniter zoom in on the object hanging around the girls neck.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here," she looked at the object hanging around the girls neck. It was an odd looking green stone, with a gold band wrapped around it, making it so that it was able to hang off a black leather strap.

"Guys, this is Jewel she's new around here," Kat introduced.

"Who are you talking about?" Tommy asked her.

"What do you mean?"

"There's no one behind you," Tanya answered for Tommy. Kat turned around and Jewel was nowhere to be seen.

"She was just there a minute ago," she told her friends, sounding confused.

"Uhhhh....Kat? Is that Jewel?" Adam asked, pointing over at the door. Kat looked over by the doorway and there was Jewel peering around the corner. Jewel saw Kat and quickly scurried away. Kat ran after her and grabbed her arm.

"Where ya goin?" Kat started to say.


"Come on," Kat said, dragging Jewel back.

"Hey hon, whos your friend there?" a guy in red, asked Kat.

"This is Jewel she's new here," Kat introduced, "Jewel this is Tommy, she said pointing to the one in the red.


"Adam," pointing to the one in the green.


"Tanya," she was the one dressed in yellow. Jewel had to squint to look at her, it was so bright, "And....." Kat was about to say Rocky but she forgot that he had moved away after hurting his back.

"Uhhh.....hi," Jewel said surprisingly soft. She looked down at the floor when she said this. Jewel was very shy around strangers, she was really quiet too.

Suddenly she heard a beeping noise and the teens looked nervous.

"Ummmm.....Jewel, we have to go now. I'll c-ya later, k?" Kat told her new friend.

"Yeah, sure, whatever," she replied glumly.

Tommy, Kat, Adam and Tanya got up and went around the corner and then.......

"Come in Zordon I read you," Tommy said into his communicator.

"Rangers, report to the command center immediately,"

"Right, were on our way," with those words flashes of red, pink, green and yellow light rose up and outta the Juice Bar. Inside the command center, Alpha 5 was pacing back and forth, "Aiy yi yi yi yi!" the robot exclaimed.

"Rangers the reason I have called you here is....................."

Jewel went for a walk in the park when all of a sudden she was attacked from behind by these strange, slimy, green, half turtle, half reptile things. "Let go of me, you disgusting reptiles!" She screamed at the creatures. Jewel squirmed away from her attackers. They lunged at her and she ducked down and rolled outta the way.

In the command center the alarm went off and the rangers turned their attention to the veiwing globe. On it they saw some kind of creatures attacking Jewel from behind and her fighting them. "Oh no thats Jewel!" Kat exclaimed.

"Hey, where'd she go and who's that?" Adam asked sounding confused.

The others looked at the globe and saw someone or something in gold and black, fighting the creatures or was he helping them out?