The Gold Warrior Meet the Power Rangers Turbo!
by Black_TurboRanger
(Friend or Foe?)
Part 3

Jewel sat beaneth a great big, willow tree in the park reading a book. She heard the teens coming and tried leave before they saw her.

"Hey Jewel!" A excited voice called out to her.

Too late. Jewel sighed out of frustration. She turned around and there was Kat running up to greet her. "Hi Kat," she said softly.

"You remember my friends right?"

"Yeah, Adam, Tanya and Tommy," she recalled.

"Have we met before?" Adam asked Jewel, sensing there was something familiar about her voice. Where have I heard that voice before? He thought to himself.

"Just at the Juice Bar," she replied.

"Oh, ok,"

"Jewel, I want you to meet someone," Kat said, pointing to a little kid in blue, "This is Justin,"

"Hi," he greeted Jewel, with a smile on his face.


"Hey I have an idea, lets play football!" Tommy suggested.

"Alright," the others agreed.

"Jewel ya up to it?" Tanya asked her, with a challenge in her voice.

Jewel hated to be challenged so naturally she said yes. Bad idea. The group started playing. She was on Kat and Tanya's team. It was boys against girls. Kat caught the ball but then stopped running and dropped it, "Oh no! I broke a nail,"

Jewel rolled her eyes, picked up the ball and started running. Tommy wasn't watching where he was going and ran right into Jewel. When the two collided gold and red sparks appeared, of course the others couldn't see the gold. Tommy was sent flying through air and landed on his back on the hard ground.

"What in the hell was that?" Tommy exclaimed, sitting up. Kat ran over helped him back onto his feet.

"What happened?" she asked, sounding concerned.

"Yeah, I'm fine," he replied.

Twenty feet away from where Tommy had landed, Jewel lay on the ground. Smoke and dust surrounded her. The smell of burnt grass invaded her nose. She sat up coughing and gagging from the smoke.

"Hey where's Jewel?" Justin asked the others, when they were just about to leave.

"I don't know," they all answered at the same time.

"I'm right here," Jewel told them, while coughing.

"Are you ok?" Adam asked her.

"I'm ok, but the grass didn't make it," she said starting to laugh.

A chill ran up Adams spine. I know I've heard that laugh somewhere too.

"But uhhhhh guys we have bigger problems at the moment," Jewel exclaimed.

"What would that be?" Tanya snarled.

"THAT!" she answered, pointing behind the others. "I'm outta here," and with that Jewel was gone.

"Its morphin time! Shift into turbo!" Tommy yelled out. Instantly they were transformed into the fighting force the Turbo Rangers.

"Rangers, I'm baaaaaaaack!" the monster declared shooting a blast of energy out at them.

"Unisoner, retrieve the one in gold," Divatox told her monster.

The Gold Warrior jumped down from a nearby tree and made faces at the monster, which sent the creature into a rage of fury. Unisoner sent a blast of sound hurdling towards her. The Gold Warrior fell to the ground but quickly recovered and stood back up.

"Phoenix fire ball!" she yelled out putting her hands together at her chest and pushing outward. A huge fire ball bowled the monster over and he lay on the ground groaning in pain.


"Curse that Gold Warrior!" Divatox muttered under her breath, "Rygog fire the torpedoes," she commanded.

"Firing torpedoes," replied Rygog in a gruff voice.

"Lets see how that medlesome Gold Warrior deals with this," Divatox sneered. An evil laugh filled the ships haul as the torpedoes made its way to Unisoner.

Back at the park the leader of the turbo rangers carefully approached the Gold Warrior. The green turbo ranger sneaked up behind her in case she tried anything or tried to runaway. As the leader came closer she backed away and then tried to back away some more, but ran into the green turbo ranger.

"Going somewhere Gold Warrior?" the red turbo ranger growled.

"Why can't you just leave me alone!" complained the Gold Warrior, "I didn't to anything to you,"

"She's right, you know," a voice said from behind. The Gold Warrior whirled around to see the green turbo ranger, the one named Adam standing behind her.

"Uhhhhhh guys," Tanya started, "the monster it's uhhh ummmm,"

"HUGE!" finished Justin.

"But we have to keep an eye on the Gold Warrior as well," Kat stated.

"Adam, bring our "friend" here back to the command center and make sure he stays there,"

"Right," he said grabbing ahold of the Gold Warrior and teleporting out.

The rest of the rangers called on their zords and brought them together to form The Turbo Megazord!


While the other rangers fought the monster, Adam, Alpha and Zordon had the Gold Warrior in a force field so he wouldn't escape. "Who are you?!" Zordon bellowed.

"I won't tell! I'll never tell!" the Gold Warrior yelled back. She then shot a quick glance at Adam who was staring at her with wandering eyes.

"Tell me or never be free again!" Zordon said to her in a very serious tone.

"You think this pueny force field can hold me! Think again Zordon! I could break out of here anytime I choose too,"

"Then why don't you?" Adam asked curiously, coming closer to her.

"Cuz I'm trying to prove that I'm not......." her voice broke off.

"Evil?" he finished for her. The hurt in her eyes was more then he could bare so he looked away.

"Right, evil. Yeah," she agreed quietly.

Hmmmmm.....She reminds so much of someone I know but I can't remember who it is. Adam thought silently.

Suddenly four beams the color of the rainbow appeared in the command center. Tommy and the others had defeated Unisoner. Just one matter of business remained, the Gold Warrior. The rangers went into a huddle to discuss what to do with him or her.

"Adam you talk to him. He seems to trust you the most," Kat suggested.

"And you understand him the most," Tanya added.

"If we let Tommy talk to him then who knows what'll happen," Justin said, adding "No offense,"

Adam told Alpha to power down the force field. Alpha hesitantly shut the power for the force field off, and Adam walked over to the Gold Warrior and started talking to him.

"Soooo where are you from?" Adam asked.

"Another time, another world. Where the power rangers don't exsist, and you guys are just normal teenagers. Where I was I should say the worlds only hope, but my friends and I. You guys I mean. Destroyed the evil," the Gold Warrior explained, her voice wavering.

"How did you get here?"

"I... I don't know," she stuttered.