Deaths Paradise
by Black_TurboRanger

Jewel had just sat down for breakfast on a cool spring morning when suddenly the phone rang. She wasn't expecting anyone to call so she jumped in surprise when it rang.

"I'll get it!!" she yelled as she ran towards the phone, "Hello??"

"Hi, is Jason there?" a familiar voice asked.

"Oh, hi Rocky. Yeah he's here, but I'm afraid he's in the shower at the moment. Do you want me to tell him you called?"

"No, Just tell him that we have baseball practice today at two until five and that I'm picking him up for it, ok?"

"Will do, see ya, bye," Jewel hung up the phone and sat back down to breakfast. A few minutes later Jason came downstairs and shook his wet hair at Jewel getting her all wet.

"Your turn for the shower," he said jokingly.

"I think I just took one," Jewel replied laughing, "Stop that you're getting me all wet," she complained.

"Who was that on the phone?" Jason asked.

"Oh, it was Rocky. He wanted me to tell you not to forget about baseball practice today and that he would pick ya up at two" Jewel answered with her mouth full of cereal.

"Thats right, I almost forgot about it too," he said, laughing.

Jewel stood up and went over to the sink to put her dishes away. On her way back she felt something whip the back of her leg. She turned around just in time to move out of the way of Jason's wet towel.

"Jason stop that," she cried out while laughing hysterically, "cut it out,"

"Oh, so that's the way you want to play it huh?" Jewel yelled out sarcastically, and ran for a dish towel. She snapped him once, she snapped twice, she snapped him until he gave in.

"Ok, ok I give, I give," he shouted out rolling on the floor with laughter.

"That'll teach ya," she remarked jokingly.

An hour later the doorbell rang. Jason and Jewel raced to the door to see who could get there first. It was a tie. They both opened the door while trying to catch their breath.

"Hi, Rocky!" Jason said with his remaining energy.

"What have you two been up to?" Rocky asked jokingly.

"Rough housing," Jewel said, starting to laugh.

Jason started laughing right along with her. He reached down put her in headlock and gave her a noogie.

"Oh no! Not a noogie!" she cried, laughing.

"Jason, I hate to burst your bubble but we have to go to practice or else we'll be late. I don't know about you but I sure as hell don't want to run five extra laps in ninety-degree weather,"

"Ok, I'm coming," Jason said, "Hang on let me go get my stuff," he called down to Rocky while running upstairs.

"Hurry up! Poor Adam's out in the car, dying in the heat," Rocky said sarcastically.

Thats Rocky for ya. He just loves being a smartass. But he's fun to hang out with just like the rest of the gang. Wait a minute did he just say Adam??

"Adam's out there?" Jewel said happily.

"Yeah, he's on our baseball team," Rocky explained.

"Ok, I'm ready to go. Sis, I'll be back in three hours, do you think you can manage on your own while I'm gone?" Jason asked.

Jewel knew he was only joking around, like he always does so she said, "I think I'll be able too, I better be able too. I've got the power," sang and then started laughing.

Jason and Rocky left for baseball practice laughing hysterically. She watch them drive away until the jeep disappeared. Jewel wondered what she would do for three hours. She decided to call up Tanya and Kat and see if they wanted to do something.

"Hi, are Tanya and Kat there?" Jewel asked.

"No, I'm sorry, you just missed them. Should I tell them you called?" the voice asked.

"No, thats ok. I'll just see them later," Jewel said sounding disappointed and hung up the phone.

She missed her friends in the other world. But she knew that she would miss being here even more if she ever went back. Jewel knew she couldn't do that, seeing as Billy had sealed the portal up, and Jewel knew that if she opened it again there would be trouble. Still it was tempting. She decided it would cause too much trouble and that she didn't miss them that much.

An hour later she called Tanya and Kats house again. No one answered this time. Jewel went into the closet got her roller blades out and put them on, but when she opened the door it was raining out. Jewel slumped down onto the couch with disappointment and did her homework since she had nothing better to do . There was a knock at the door. Jewel went over and answered it. But no one was there. What the? she thought to herself. She closed the door and turned around. Jewel screamed.



"Get away from me you mud covered creep!" she yelled at the intruder, "Get away!" she hit the stranger and then tried to run away but he grabbed her arm.

"Let me go! Let me go!" she yelled.

"Jewel its ok, calm down, its just me Jason," he exclaimed softly to her and then let her go.

"Jason? What happened to you?"

"Baseball practice was rained out,"

"But why are you all muddy?"

"Our coach made us practice sliding today. Unfortunately it was raining out so the ground was all muddy. Then when it started to lightning and thunder he said practice was canceled," he explained to his sister.

"I think somebody needs another shower," Jewel said starting to laugh again.

"You think its funny huh?" Jason said and then started chasing after her. He caught up with her and gave her a big wet, muddy hug.

"Ewwwwww...." Jewel exclaimed while laughing, "Go take a shower," she told her brother still laughing.

Jason went upstairs all muddy and came down an hour later all clean again. This time he didn't soak Jewel. Instead he picked her up and put her in the shower.

"My clothes are all wet!" Jewel cried out, "You could have at least put the water on warm," she sarcastically remarked.

Jason left her alone and went downstairs while she too took a shower. After all she was all muddy but it wasn't her fault! Jason was watching tv when he heard a knock on the door.

"Hi, Adam what are you doing here?" he asked his friend.

"I just came over to see if you and Jewel would like hang out," Adam explained.

"Well Jewels in the shower right now, but you can come in and wait if you want," Jason offered.

Adams semi-curly, black hair was soaking wet from the rain. Jason told him he'd go upstairs and get a towel so he could dry off.

"Hey Jewel, Adams here," Jason yelled to his sister.

"I'm getting dressed, I'll be down in a minute," she yelled down to her brother.

"Heres a towel," Jason handing his friend the towel, "My sisters getting dressed she'll be down in a minute,"

"Thanks," Adam said drying off his hair, "That better,"

After Jewel finished brushing her blonde hair to look perfect for Adam, she ran downstairs to meet the guys.

"Hi Ad....Ad...Adam," Jewel finally managed to say.

"Hi," he said smiling.

Even though she had known him for about a year now it was still hard for her to talk to him, even though he was one of her best friends. She loved him so much, even more than she loved Alex. Jewel was in love for real this time. Every time someone mentioned his name she would go into a day dreamy sort of state. Her stomach churned with butterflies whenever she was around him.

"So what did you want to do?" Jason asked his friend.

"Well I wanted to....." Adam started to say.

All of a sudden out of no where the ground started shaking fiercely under their feet. Jewel cried out in terror when she saw lightning bolt hit the window. Now usually when something like that happens it bounces off. Something strange happened this time, it went through the glass window.

"Get down! Quickly!" she yelled at the boys.

Another window in the living room broke due to strong winds. The glass shattered all over Jewel while she was trying to protect Jason and Adam from the lightning bolt that was bouncing around in the living room.

The ground started shaking worse.

"Whats happening?!" Jewel cried out.

The ground shook and didn't stop. Finally the lightning bolt bounced out the window. Unfortunately the wind became stronger and colder. A bookcase started falling over but Jewel tried to stand-up and stop it. It fell on her instead of the floor. Vases were falling every which way. Plates, cups everything just kept falling.

Jewel used up the last of her energy to put a force field around Jason and Adam when she saw the big screen t.v. was about to fall on them. It would also protect them from other falling objects. The force field wasn't that strong but strong enough. She used all of energy up and passed out, thank god the force field still worked.


Jason and Adam got up and looked around at the mess that the stormed had caused. They noticed that Jewel was missing so they went rummaging through the mess to try and find her.

"Jewel!!" Adam called out, "Jewel!!"

"Sis!, Sis! Where are you?" Jason yelled.

Tanya, Kat and Billy came by to see if everyone was alright.

"You guys ok?" Kat asked them.

"Yeah, were fine," Jason said, "But we can't find Jewel anywhere,"

"Do you think she's ok?" Billy asked Jason.

"We aren't sure, but I hope she is,"

"Maybe is we clear away some of this junk we'll be able to find her. I'm sure she's under there somewhere," Tanya suggested.

"Ok lets get to work," Adam said.

The group of teens started picking up the mess and pieces of broken glass, wood ceramic, everything. They still couldn't find Jewel.

"Someone help me pick the bookcase up off the ground," Jason asked his friends.

"I will," Rocky said.

"Rocky, when did you get here?'

"Just now. Ya need some help huh?"

Rocky and Jason flipped the bookcase over onto its side and then lay it down on the ground. They never expected to find Jewel under there.

"You guys, quick. We found her, we found Jewel," Jason shouted.

The others came running over to see if she was ok. Jewel looked like she was dead, with glass all over her, cuts everywhere, blood draining from her body. Plus the fact that she was laying in a puddle of deep red, sticky blood. She had blood on her every where and in her hair too. If Jewel was anything, it was a mess, but not dead.

"Man, thats gross," Rocky exclaimed looking away.

"Is she dead, she looks like she's dead," Tanya said hysterically.

Billy bent down and took her pulse. He could feel her heart barely beating. She was so weak, so very weak. The color of her skin was no longer tan, but white. So white it was terrifying.

"Well is she alive?" Adam said anxiously.

"She's alive, but barely. Her heart beat is so weak," Billy explained, "I'm not sure if she'll be alright. Her skin is becoming dangerously cold, not too mention she's lost a lot of blood. Basically she's unconscious," he continued.

"Jewel was protecting me and Adam. She must have put a force field around us to protect us," Jason explained.

"I remember now," Adam said, "The big screen t.v. almost fell right on us," he recalled.

"If it hadn't been for my sister, we would be dead right now," Jason figured out, "I know remember what happened now. It was really weird. The ground started shaking and then suddenly a lightning bolt went right through the window, like it wasn't even there. She yelled to get down onto the floor. The lightning bolt bounced all around in the living room. My sister knew me and Adam were in danger so she put a force field around us to protect us from it. Then the other part of the window broke from the strong winds. The lightning bolt finally bounced out of the window and hit the ground causing it to shake even more. The t.v. would have killed us if my sister hadn't put that force field on us before,"

"I'll tell the rest," Adam said, "The wind must have blown the glass and stuff onto Jewel which cut her. The bookcase then started to fall. She tried to stop it but she was becoming weak. The bookcase fell onto Jewel instead of the floor. Jewel must have used up the rest of her energy to protect us. She probably passed out from her weakness," Adam finished.

"Come on, lets get her upstairs, wash her cuts and her hair, try and stop the bleeding and then see if we can get her to wake up out of that deep sleep she's in," Jason said.

The group carried her upstairs to the bathroom and began to work. They cleaned her up, took the glass that was stuck in out of her, and bandaged her up to stop the bleeding.

Within seconds everyone was by her bedside waiting for her to wake up and be ok. Jewels eyes fluttered open and she suddenly became aware of everyones' presence.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh....I've got such a headache, my whole body hurts," she complained in discomfort.

She tried to sit up but Jason gently pushed her back down and told her to lie down and get some rest. The he kissed her on the forehead motioned everyone towards the stairs. They tiptoed down the stairs quietly.


Hours later Jewel still hadn't woken up and the group was getting restless. Adam sat on the couch in between Rocky and Kat biting his nails for relief. Jason just paced back and forth, back and forth across the room.

"Hey Jas, come on man your going to wear the carpet thin if ya keep it up at this pace," Rocky exclaimed, "besides know you she's goin to be ok so stop worrying,"

Jewel came down the stairs at that moment rubbing her eyes and yawning, "Whats all the commotion goin on down here for??" she asked sleepily.

"Your ok!! Sis your ok!!" Jason shouted while jumping up and down with excitement.

"Was there ever any doubt??" she asked jokingly and gave her bro a big hug along with everyone else. No one said anything about how they thought she might not pull through and how close to death she had been. They didn't want to spoil the moment. When everyone let go they all had smiles on their faces. Jason didn't let go.

"Uhhhhh....Jason? Bro? You can let go now? Anytime?" Jewel teased and tapped her foot as if she was waiting impatiently for something.

"Oh sorry," he said starting to laugh.

"I have to go to the store to pick up some cleaning stuff, and dishes, since ours are all broken," Jason explained when he finally stopped laughing, "I need someone to stay here and look after Jewel and the rest come with me,"

"I'm fine, I don't need someone to look after me," Jewel cried out sounding insulted. She hoped that Adam would take the job though.

"I'll stay," Adam told Jason. Yes! Jewel thought to herself, but then again she can't even talk to him without being nervous. Oh boy this is going to be a long hour.

Jason and the others left his sister and Adam at home and went to the store. "You know you don't have to stay, I'll be fine," she told him.

"No, I thought you might want some company," he said, "and besides we hardly ever talk,"

"What do you want to talk about?" she asked awe struck.

"Well how about the first time you came here, to this world,"

"You mean what did I do and stuff,"


"Well I walked around and explored a little bit then I we....."

"Went to the Juice Bar got something to eat and watched me fall on my butt and make a fool out of myself," he finished for her. Jewel could feel her face growing red and warm. She quickly hid her face from his vision.

"How'd you know that?" she asked innocently. Jewel knew she had been caught but then again he had looked her way a number of times in the past year. "I was looking around the room checking everything out so....." Adam moved closer to her, his brown eyes burned into hers.

"No, you mean you were checking me out," Uh oh busted she thought to herself. Jewel quickly moved away from him on in pulse. She knew something was wrong, something wrong with him. There's something with Adam I just know it, he's never like this.

Suddenly the portal burst open and Adam grabbed her arm. He started pulling her in with him. "Adam let go of me! Your hurting me!" she yelled while trying to break free, "Let me go! What are you doing?"

Jewel was becoming afraid that he was one of them, one of the henchmen and had been lying, waiting to attack in case she would ever come back. She suddenly heard a familiar, evil voice calling to her.

"Give it up princess, you'll never win!" She looked at Adam but only it wasn't Adam anymore, it was Rexax. He had disguised himself as Adam so he couldn't be detected.

Jason came running into the door along with the others. Adam was right behind them. They were all knocked down by the force of the wind.

"Give me your hand!" Jason cried out as he crawled across the floor towards her, "Give it to me!" Jewel reached for his hand but not far enough. He crawled closer and she grabbed his hand.

"I got you! Jason pull me out, I've got your hand!" she screamed over the wind. He began to pull her out of the portal. Rexax suddenly let go of her and grabbed Jasons hands.

"You fell for the trap and now you'll pay! You cursed human!" Rexax pulled Jason in and Jewel crawled out, not aware of what had happened to her brother. When she turned around she saw him disappear into the portal.

"Jason!!!!!Nooooooo!!!" she reached in and grabbed at him but it was too late.


Jewel sat crying hysterically on the floor. "Its all my fault, its all my fault," she kept repeating over and over again, "This can't be happening, not again, not now," she sobbed. Adam and the others went over to comfort her.

"Its not your fault, its ok, everythings going to be okay," Rocky said softly.

"Its not your fault," the others said in unison.

"You'll be alright. Jason will be alright, you'll see," Adam explained, "Shhhhh.....don't cry," he held her in his arms until she stopped crying. Jewel suddenly stood up.

"Oh no! They got the rock! Jason had the rock, but how did they know, oh dear, oh dear. This isn't good. This is not good!" she sputtered.

"Why would they want the rock?" Tanya asked.

"It holds some of the powers, the ones that reenergize me. Without it if I go down in battle and my powers are too weak I'm a goner. Plus the fact that they can keep the portal open for good, forever. That is if they know how to use it, which I'm sure they do,"

"Well then we have to get that rock back and Jason too," Tanya said firmly shaking her fists.

"Wait a minute guys, I don't want you involved. You've done enough," Jewel stopped for a moment as if she was remembering something. My father had always told me that the greatest power was friendship and love and that nothing could beat it. Who am I kidding he was drunken old fool, she thought quietly.

After a few moments of hesitation Jewel made her decision. "Why not, I guess you can go, have to listen to what I say and do what I say to do. Agreed?"

"Agreed!" the group chimed together. For next few hours they made their plan and got supplies ready for the uncharted territory they were going to enter.

Meanwhile on the planet Wakinta, Rexax was tormenting Jason. "Wheres the rock! Tell me where it is or you will pay dearly,"

"What rock?" Jason muttered, "I don't have any rock," Rexax punched Jason in the stomach.

"Don't lie to me! I know that little witch gave it to you and I want it! Right now!! So give it to me!!"

Spit in his eye and stomped on his foot. "I don't have it!!!" Rexax cried out in anger and the punched his lights out. Jason just hung from chains with his head down. Rexax stormed upstairs.

"King Mort, he won't tell us where it is or if he has it or not,"

"No matter, when I get the princess back it won't matter anymore. Once I have her I'll have the powers, then you may kill all of her friends and that brother of hers," the king laughed evily.

In the other world unaware of what was happening to her brother, Jewel and the others where ready to go save him. Or at least she hoped they were. The portal opened and they stepped through for the ride of their lives.


Everyone landed with a thud onto the cold, hard ground on planet Wakinta. Jewel helped everyone up. Then she noticed someone was missing. "Hey guys, where's Rocky??" The others just shrugged while they were brushing themselves off.

"Help!!" Rocky yelled out, "Help me!! I'm sinking!!" he sturggled to get out of the quicksand but couldn't.

The others followed the sound of his voice and ran over to him. Jewel saw a vine hanging from a tree and ran to get it. "Ahhh monster! Theres a monster in here with me!! Help it's pulling me under!! He struggled even more. Jewel came running over with the vine tied around her waist and told the others to hang on to it while she went in got Rocky.

She dived into the quicksand and feeled around for him. "I think I got him," she called out to her friends on the shore. Jewel pulled him up and he gasped for air. She took over to the edge of the deadly trapped and he got out.

Jewel too was about to get out but the monster grabbed her leg and dragged her under. Everyone quickly pulled the vine but all they got was a ripped end. The creature had bitten through it so she was on her own.

"Hey look the sands starting to bubble," Kat told the others. Everyone stepped back as Jewel climbed out of the sand. Adam helped pull her the rest of the way out. "How'd you get away from that.......that thing in there,"

"I really don't know," she said trying to catch her breathe, "Come on we got to get going," she signaled them onward. Soon they came to some thick jungle area. The group of teens drudged through the jungle in its muggy, hot conditions, until sunddenly Jewel stopped.

"Whats wrong?" Billy asked.

"Shhhh...I thought I heard something," They stood still for a moment and then Jewel said, "Guess not, oh well, lets keep going,"

Suddenly a pair of hands reached out and grabbed Tanya from the group. No one knew that someone was following them and was prepared to capture them one by one.

"Mmmmm, Help me guys" She mumbled, but a hand covered her mouth and knife was pressed against her throat.

"Don't talk, don't move and I won't hurt you," the stranger stated, "Why are you here?! Who are you?! Answer me!!" he shook Tanya. She tried to turn aorund to face him but he turned her right back around.

"You told me not to talk," she cried out.

"Tell me!!" he yelled out in frustration.

"My name is Tanya Harkin and I'm here cuz my friend Jewels brother was kidnapped by some guy named Rexax and shes going to get him back,"

"Did you say Jewel?? As in Warrior Princess Jewel??" the man said sounding worried and confused.

"Yes, that Jewel. Now let me go!!" Tanya tried to run away but the man grabbed her arm and pulled off to King Morts castle.

While all this was going on Jewel and the others were entering King Morts castle. They quietly slipped through the door and tip toed down the stairs that led to the dungeon.

"Someones coming! This way quickly!" Jewel beckoned with her hand. The others followed her. "We have to find where their keeping Jason, lets all split up and look for him, be careful!"

Adam went with Jewel, Rocky went with Billy and Kat went with Tommy. Rocky and Billy went down the middle tunnel to look for Jason. Billy kicked a rock by accident and the noise echoed thru the dark hallway.

"Shhhh.....," Rocky scolded, "Your going to get us killed,"

"Sorry," The others weren't having very much luck finding him either. Adam and Jewel had taken the right tunnel. Jewel ran into a statue and screamed.


"Ahhhhhhhhh!" she jumped back and shined the light on it.

In the middle tunnel Rocky and Billy heard the scream and frantically started running down the hallway. Unfortunately they ran right into one the guards and got dragged off to join Jason.

"Its just a gargoyle statue," she breathed a sigh of relief, "Guess I'm just a little jumpy is all," Adam held her hand tight and they continued to walk down the dark, musty smelling hallway.

In the left tunnel, Tommy and Kat were making out instead of lookin for Jason. A guard started coming down the hallway and they scrambled to hide. Kat tripped and the guard caught her. It was up to Tommy to search that hallway now. The guards came to Jasons cell and unlocked the door. They threw Kat, Billy, and Rocky in and locked the door behind them. The three ran saw Jason chained to the wall and ran up to him.

"Aren't you guys supposed to be saving me instead of getting captured?" he asked sarcastically.

"You don't look so good Jase, you ok?" Rocky asked ignoring his sarcastic remark.

"Yeah, I'll be fine. Where's Adam, Tommy, Tanya and my sister?" he asked sounding concerned.

"Tommy, Adam and Jewel are searching for you. I guess we lost Tanya in the jungle but I'm sure shes alright," Billy said not sounding too worried. The four gasped as the guard threw Tommy into the cell with them. When the guard was gone they helped him up and continued to talk.

"Only Jewel and Adam are left now," Kat cried out and everyone gulped.

In King Morts throne room, Tanya was hanging dead with a rope around her neck and a big hole made by a lazer through her back. Blood dripped from the hole and inner organs started to fall out. King Mort sat on his throne laughing hysterically at the sight of her.

"This is whats going to happen to the rest of them," he said with an evil grin across face, then started laughing a hideous laugh.

Jewel and Adam were right below the throne room and heard the ghastly laugh. A chill ran up her spine and she shivered.

"You cold?" Adam asked sounding concerned.

"No, lets just keep going. I want to get them and get out of here as soon as possible,"

"I'm with on that one," he said shaking his head. A guard came strolling down the hallway and Adam pulled Jewel into a dark corner. They hid in the shadows until they thought he was gone. She stepped out of the hiding place and the guard grabbed her.

"Adam!! Help me!!" she screamed as he pulled her down the hallway, "Adaaaaaaam!!" she stretched out her hand but they were too far apart. "Let me go you big ox! Let go!!"

"The King has been expecting you," he said in a menacing voice. Jewel pulled free and kicked him in the stomach, "Oh no you don't!" the guard cried out as he grabbed her by the back of the shirt.

"Jewel!!!" Adam yelled out to her, "Noooooooooo!!" he ran up to the guard and drop kicked him. He grabbed Jewel and they ran.


Another guard blocked the end of the hallway. They were trapped. The guards charged at the two. Adam and Jewel quickly flipped over them and they went barreling into each other. She grabbed Adams hand and they quickly fled the scene. Soon they found themselves wondering lost around the maze of hallways.

"Why hello Princess, I haven't seen you in awhile," a voice said out of no where. Jewel and Adam quickly turned around.

"Maxx," she gasped and then back away.

"Why aren't you happy to see me?" he said with a evil grin on his face. He started walking towards her. Suddenly a guard came up behind Adam grabbed him.

"Adam! No!" she yelled out. Jewel started to run after the guard but Maxx grabbed her arm and tightened his grip. She tried to get away but his grip was too strong.

"Not this time, Princess," a glazed look was in his eyes. Jewel looked away at Adam being dragged down the hall. Maxx threw her up against the wall. Her heart jumped. "Let me see how you've grown," he said standing back looking her over. "My, my you are beautiful. How many years of age are you now?"

"Do mean this world, the the other world or the one you banished me too??" she said with hatred.

"Now, now Princess, lets not get mouthy here. This one,"

"Fifteen, if its any of your business, now if you'll excuse me I have to save my brother and my friends," Jewel said and then kicked him right in the nuts. She ran into a guard. He grabbed her.

"Lord Maxx, what should I do with her?" he asked.

"She is of no use to me anymore, bring her up to King Mort,"

"Very well sir," and with that he dragged her off to the throne room. The other guards were sent to get her brother and her friends, they too were to brought to King Mort.

The guard entered the room dragging Jewel behind him. My King here is the princess.

"You're not king! You stole that throne from my father,"

"I am now deary, I am now,"

"Kneel to your king!" the guard shouted at her and then pushed her down onto to her knees. The others came into the room and gasped when they saw poor Tanya hanging there with a hole through her back and blood and organs were dripping out. Kat threw up all over the guard and he threw her down to the ground.

"The fate of your friend will be your fate as well if you don't give me that rock," King Mort cried out, "Very well, then search them,"

The guards searched the teens and found the rock. It had been in Jasons pocket the whole time. "At last I have the rock!" he said laughing like a madman, "As for you, my little renegade princess, you have nothing,"

King Mort took his staff and shot draining ray at her. She started becoming woozy and very weak. Jewel was being drained of her energy, she didn't know what to do. Slowly she went into a deep sleep and fell over onto the floor. In the distance she could Morts terrifying laugh and knew she couldn't give up.

Jewel slowly sat back up and concentrated on the rock. She moved it through air and back around her neck.

"What the?? No! It can't be your drained of your powers!" King Mort cried out in shock.

"Guess again, Morty!!" she teased. Jewel looked up and saw that he had killed Rocky and Tommy too. She ran over to her remaining friends and cut them loose. Jewel threw a bomb and then quickly pulled everyone into the portal as the castle blew up.


They landed on the floor of Jasons living room. "I must quickly close the portal, Billy get me that attachment I have to put on my gun. Gold Warrior mode power up!" she yelled out. Jewel took the attachment and connected onto her gun. "Stand back!" she shot at the portal and sealed it shut.

"Goodbye King Mort," Billy called out. Jewel powered down.

"Goodbye, Tommy, Tanya and Rocky," she said with a sigh.

"It wasn't your fault," Jason said trying comfort her.

"Yeah, I know. I just wish I could have saved them," Jewel walked outside and sat down on the porch swing.

"Mind if I join you or is this private party?" Adam said jokingly.

"What party?" Jewel asked, she had gotten the joke but wasn't in much of a joking mood, "Sure, knock yourself out,"

"That place was like a tropical paradise, but not as nice," Adam commented.

"Yeah, deaths paradise is more like it," she said shivering, remembering the laugh of King Mort. Adam put his arm around her and drew her closer to him. Jewel got goosebumps. "I guess we should go back inside," she said standing up. Adam grabbed her hand and pulled her back down. "What is it?" He leaned closer and kissed her right on the lips, her heart skipped a beat. Jewel blushed and smiled at him. He smiled back.

"I've been wanting to do that for a long time,"

"You have?!?" she cried out in astonishment.

"Yes, ever since the first time I saw you that day at the Juice Bar,"

"You mean the day one of your students took you out," Jewel said giggling, remembering what had happened.

Adam blushed, "You saw that?"

"Yes, I was watch....." she suddenly stopped.

"You were watching me??"

"Staring is more like it, me and Tommy saw her watching you, then Rocky saw her look down after you fell," Kat said interrupting him.

Jewel started blushing like crazy. Kat had totally embarrassed her. She hid her face with her shirt.

"Its ok Jewel, when Adam saw you he totally flipped for ya, literally," all three of them busted up laughing, "When he saw you leaving he asked us who were,"

"Whats going on out here?" Jason and Billy asked.

"Not much, just embarrassing the two love birds here," Kat said with a snicker.

"Hey," Jewel cried out and then started laughing.

"Jewel will you go out with me?" Adam asked her shyly. Jewel kissed him and said, "What do you think?"

Everyone started cheering and clapping. Finally life was going to be perfect and nothing could happen to ruin it. At least thats what they thought.

In the continuation of this story Jewel, some new friends and the remainder of the gang face off with supernatural forces. When a stranger comes to town it means trouble. Can they beat a force from beyond the grave find out in the sequel Blood Relations.