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NOTE: For those of you who are not familiar with the character of Chad Morgan. I suggest that you read the story A Greater Love by Karilee. He was an old boyfriend of Ashley's who had beaten her before he was arrested.

The Night That Went Insane
By John Chubb

"You're my property. I'll do anything I want to my property." he said before he sent her head crashing into the pavement.

"Are you seeing someone else? Carlos? Is it Carlos?", he said before smashing her hip into the coffee table.

"You need to learn a lesson.", he said as he beat her and dragged her into the closet and locked the door.

And finally there was the night in the hotel room where he took out his whip and said "I'm going to beat you like you deserve." and lashed into her as he did so many times before with his whip. This time where she had to get twenty stitches and Andros was shot by him.

Ashley sat there remembering it all. All the pain. All the beatings. Endless punches and slaps that left heavy scars and bruises. And the whip that came crashing down upon her back many times. All done by the hand of the newly chosen member of Savrod's ranger guard--Chadwick Daniel Morgan.

She sat on her bed weeping as the memories came rushing in. Her hands covering her face. Andros walked in and took her into his loving arms trying to console her.

"How could they do it?", she asked. "How could they let that abusive sleaze free from prison and give him my ranger colors?"

Andros sighed before he spoke. "The Luciferian empire is an empire that worships evil. And Chad was definitely evil. As for giving him the Yellow Astro powers. I think that was their way to add insult to injury."

"Kincaid went there to get the powers back, and now he's captured along with the others. We've got to get them out.", Ashley said. "But Justin and I are the only ones with ranger powers. The Explorer Zords aren't connected to the Morphin grid, we need the Astro morphers for that. The Dragon Ranger powers are still being worked on. Our chances don't look too good."

Andros thought for a moment. "Come on. I think I have an idea." He took Ashley's hand and led her out of the room.

* * *
After calling Karone and Zhane Andros and Ashley arrived at one of the many storage vaults that filled the safehouse. When Andros opened the door the other rangers saw something that looked like armor.

"These are the test model exo-armor suits used for testing new ranger powers.", Andros said. "Whenever Zordon would work on creating a new ranger power he'd build a few test models to fine tune them. Then he'd use what he'd learn to create the finished product."

"They look kind of bulky.", Zhane said.

"Well the test models were research tools. They were never intended for actual use.", Andros said.

"Sheesh, didn't Zordon throw anything away?", Zhane asked. Ashley said "No."

"Andros, you're not thinking of having you, Zhane and me get into three of these things are you?", Karone asked. Andros nodded yes.

"These things are so bulky and big they could double as Zords!", Karone retorted.

"Maybe but they're the only personal weapons we've got. We have to make them work.", Andros said.

"Okay, now for the second million dollar question.", said Ashley. "Since Defiance is not here how will we get there? It's a good bet that Savrod has a record of all our shuttles on file."

Alpha came running in. "Andros, Ashley we have visitors." All four turned to see the faces of Tommy Oliver, Kimberly Hart and Katherine Hillard coming around the corner. "Excuse me but me and my lady friends were wondering, is this the party that's going to Lucifer 6?", Tommy asked.

* * *
Savrod watched as Defiance was being mounted up high in the palace museum. A mode lock kept the carrierzord from trying any tricks even though Hardrive still maintained his higher computer functions.

"Perfect. The perfect symbol of ultimate triumph.", he said. He turned to look at the zord that was suspended to where Defiance was to be placed next to--the Astro MegaZord.

"Two of the Power Rangers most impressive zords in a museum dedicated to evil's greatest triumphs. A great day indeed.", Savrod said. Just then the Yellow guard Chad Morgan came up to Savrod.

"Uhmm...Lord Savrod.", started Chad. "I know we were supposed to get them all but I didn't see the one I was looking for among the captured."

"Ahh yes Ashley Hammond.", said Savrod. "I have a feeling we'll be seeing her again before long along with Justin Stewart."

"I hope so my lord. I so much want to get revenge for what she did to me.", Chad thought of how Ashley escaped from him and he wound in prison because of her.

"Well, I'm willing to allow you to have a chance to play warm up.", Savrod said. "When you reach your quarters tonight, there will be a special surprise for you. And at three o'clock your time I have arranged for two special sparring partners for you to test your new powers on."

Chad sneered. He hoped the surprise and sparring partners were who he thought they were. "Besides you are already on the road to revenge by wearing Ashley Hammond's colors.", Savrod said

Chad let a smile cross his face and let out a laugh.

* * *
Chad Morgan walked into his quarters that were provided for him by Lord Savrod. His face smiled when he saw the body of the oriental girl tied to the bed and her mouth gagged. Chad's memory took him back to the last time he had her this way. She looked exactly like she did last time, right down to the dress with spaghetti straps. Her eyes wide with fear as they were last time.

"Hello Cassie, or should I say 'pink ranger'.", Chad said as her placed his hand on the former pink ranger's legs.

The memory of violation returned for Cassie. She prayed that she would never have to deal with this again. Unfortunately, she didn't pray hard enough.

"You know,", Char gloated. "I never knew I was dating a power ranger did you know that? Who would have thought such a pig like Ashley would be one of those 'indestructable teen superheroes'. I mean I never thought it. And who would have thought that superheroes who defeated supervillians like Lord Zedd, Rita Repulsa, Master Vile, the Machine Empire, Divatox and Astronema would be afraid of little ol' me. I mean I wouldn't have."

Then Chad went over to get the whip he had used so many times. Cassie knew what was going to happen and felt her fear skyrocket.

"Oh don't worry. I'm just getting some practice.", he said. Then he raised the whip high above his head and brought it down with a crack across her legs. The whip already started forming a welt.

"Well that's enough for now. I've got sparring to do. I'm sure you know my partners Carlos and T.J. Don't worry, I won't hurt them...much."

Chad kissed Cassie lightly on the cheek and then went on to his 'sparring' session, leaving Cassie with tears streaking down her cheeks and sobs erupting from her body.

* * *
The red guard Robert Harper walked into one of the many dungeons in the citadel. He looked up at the prisoner who hung from the ceiling like a cheap chandelier with his arms and legs tied to manacles.

'The sedative was starting to wear off.', he thought. 'It's almost time to give him another dose. But I have some unfinished business here.'

Harper then approached Kincaid and looked in his face. He had bruises and cuts all across his face and his right eye was already black with a punch. "Not so tough without you spirits huh?", Harper said. "You know, back in Columbus I always knew you were pathetic, and I always loved putting pathetic people in there place."

Harper said his last remark with a sneer then he continued with his beratement of Kincaid. "You are still a wimp. A nothing. A loser. And you know what? Picking on you was the most fun I had in school." Harper then drew back his right hand and threw a punch into Kincaid's stomach. He then followed up with several more until he coughed up blood. Harper was smiling as he admired his handywork.

Kincaid then looked at Harper as best he could with his one good eye and said. "I have never forgotten then and I won't forget this now. Beating up on a helpless man who can't defend himself who's really pathetic here?"

Harper then brought up his leg and kicked Kincaid in the stomach. "You should have killed me when you had the chance.", Kincaid said.

"And miss seeing you suffer? I'm having too much fun. Besides what can you do without your morpher?" Harper then brought his hand down and knocked Kincaid into what he thought was unconsciousness and then left.

When Kincaid opened his eye he looked at the door and muttered under his breath "Plenty." Then he waited for nighttime to come.

* * *
Mackenzie was dumped into a room that reminded her of the school gym when a voice rang across the room. "Welcome to Luciferian research and development center number nine. You have been chosen as a test subject for our new model of espionage guardsman."

In the control booth purple guard Mishi Fujikawa looked down on Mackenzie. "Have the external facets been programmed in?"

"Yes ma'am.", said the attendant.

"Good. Then let's have some fun.", Mishi said as the door opened in the gym area.

Mackenzie turned to the open door when she saw a face she thought she would never see again for a long time. The face of her abusive father Michael Dekalb. mackenzie felt a mix of both fear and anger run through her. She knew this wasn't her real father but the resemblance was uncanny.

"Where's my dinner? Don't you talk back to me I'm your father and I deserve to be treated with respect!", the 'Michael' guardsman said. He started to advance towards Mackenzie and strangely enough she backed away.

Unfortunatly the Michael guardsman caught up to her and started beating her in more ways than one. She felt herself being beaten not only in her body, but her mind and spirit as well. She felt like she did before she became the White Astro and she didn't like it.

In the control booth Mishi looked on with a smile on her face. "Psychological impact effective.", she said relaying the results of the 'guardsman test'.

* * *
Cassandra stood alone in an empty room chained to the wall facing a glass partition on the other side. Strangely enough no one had tried anything yet except for giving her a drug that made her so light headed that she couldn't focus her telepathy or telekinesis. 'They probably hadn't decided yet what to do.', she thought. Just then the door opened and in came the black guard-Armando Estrada. He stroked her cheek and Cassandra moved her head to bite the fingers. She suceeded and the black guard screamed with pain.

Armando reached up and grabbed Cassandra by her brown hair. "All right girlfriend you want it rough, I'll give you rough look at the wall there." Cassandra turned to look at the glass wall and she saw a room light up. On the other side was Adam chained to the wall like Cassandra was only with the pink ranger guard-Michelle Caris standing next to him.

Both Adam and Cassandra stood shocked to see each other then Armando turned towards Cassandra and said "Ladies first. He then turned and beat up a helpless Cassandra as Adam watched helpless to do anything. The smiles placed on the two Ranger guards stemmed from ear to ear as they took pleasure in the damage that they did.

Soon Cassandra's beating was over then the black guard moved to pick up her head. "I hope you're telepathy is back up to snuff."

Cassandra stood and watched helpless as Michelle beat up Adam. She could hear his cries of pain in her mind as the pink guard beat him senseless. And as Adam felt every blow, Cassandra heard them in her mind.

When the guards were through they left the rooms and said "Well that was fun I can't wait to do it again."

Adam and Cassandra looked back across from each other longing to console the other. "Cassandra strained to get a telepathic message to Adam. Don't worry Adam. We're going to make them pay for this."

* * *
Bruce was standing in a ring surrounded by thousands of fans who were booing him. The announcer came to the center of the ring and said, "Ladies and Gentlemen. For your amusement Lord Savrod has sanctioned this special matchup. Currently in the ring from the planet Iocaste--Bruce Greene."

The jeers were deafening as Bruce's name was mentioned. Then the name of his competitors were mentioned. "And his opponents in this gauntlet match. The Silver and Blue ranger guards along with guardsmen unit number 207." Applause roared through the arena as Thandros and Alec Shadrack, flanked by, twenty-four guardsmen stood on the platform.

The first guardsman came down to the ring and Bruce started to use all of the shootfighting knowledge he could use. After breaking the guardsman's arm, another one came dow and then another and then another.

Even though he didn't have his morpher, Bruce held his own for a while, but it wasn't long before he started to tire especially after cleaning the clock of twenty-four guardsmen in a row already. He strained to keep going but to no avail. Bruce fell on on knee and Thandros and Shadrack went in morphed and beat on Bruce like a pack of vultures leaving him lying on the ground. The crowd went nuts over the two on one.

"If you had just told us where the Nightfighters were you wouldn't be having the beating now.", said the silver guard. Then he kicked the fallen Silver Centurion much to the fans delight.

"We'll be back for more fun later.", said Shadrack. Then they left Bruce lying down on the ground. He promised to make them pay for what they did.

* * *
On Hades Kat and Kim stood on the balcony staring out at the landscape. For some odd reason she didn't feel all that powerful with her green Night Ranger powers. She'd seen Kincaid's in use, and she didn't get that impression from the green morpher that she thought she should have.

Kim also felt the same way. She had heard Hades was a planet of eternal night and that according to Kat Night Rangers were strongest in the night. But she didn't feel any powerful than the average ranger.

Another thing that bothered them was their supposed connection to the Night Ranger spirits. On Hades they could feel their presence but it was like they were on the other side of a glass wall. So close but so far away.

Tommy came up to where the two ranger girls stood. He too felt the same way. He tried to reassure Kat and Kim that at least they had ranger powers that they could use to fight Crucible. He also said that Alpha was reading the book of Zordon in an effort to see what the problem was as to why they couldn't connect with the spirits of the night despite having Night Ranger morphers.

Then Alpha came to them and said. "There are two reasons as to why you do not have the full powers yet. One, you are not completely in touch with your dark sides yet. It is your darker natures that allow you to make contact with the Night Ranger spirits."

Tommy was taken back by this news. "Do you mean we have to be evil to get in contact with the spirits?"

"Ai yi yi no. You just have to get in touch with your darker human nature. Not give in to it. To be able to be in touch with darkness and not to let it consume you is one of the challenges of being a Night Ranger."

"Okay, what's the second reason?", Kim asked.

"You need a Night Ranger to connect you to the spirits. And even though you have the three lost Night Ranger morphers, only Kincaid can connect you to them. Until you can do that the three of you can only access the ranger aspect of the powers."

"So we're just Night Rangers in name only?", asked Kat in a mix of dissapointment and relief. Alpha said yes.

"Well that's something we'll worry about later. Right now we have to get to the ship.", Tommy said. Then he Kat and Kim went to the ship that was waiting for them.

In the loading bay sat a ship that looked like a light cruiser for the Luciferian empire but Tommy reassured the other rangers that it wasn't.

"This is one of the few pretender vessels we have. It looks like a Luciferian ship outside but it is a different ship inside.", Tommy explained. As the rangers boarded the ship Andros recognized the control configuration. "These are the controls to a Kerovan marauder. These things were built for speed and firepower."

Tommy nodded. "Only a few remained after Astronema hit KO-35. I got this one and had the outer hull of a light cruiser built around it. It's good for missions behind enemy lines.

Justin and Ashley loaded Roadbuster and the Gold Blackhawk in the storage bay. It was not as spacious as Defiance's was but it would hold.

Before long the last two Nightfighters, three soon-to-be Night Rangers, and three former Astro rangers flew into the sky. Destination, Lucifer 6.

* * *
Defiance hung suspended above the floor in the Luciferian victory museum. And Hardrive was trying to compute a way out of the predicament it was in.

The special mode-lock circuitry prevented the carrierzord from accessing it's higher functions like weapons and engines. Life support was provided for through a one way computer link-up that Hardrive could not access. Hardrive could not access the mode-lock computer code since it was attached to the outer skin of the zord and any computer signals from an immobilized vehicle would be blocked. And the surrounding computers would not accept any computer transmissions, except one.

Hardrive deduced that DECA on board the Astro Megaship could be reactivated. He also noted that a mode-lock was not placed on DECA since it was disabled in battle and shut down until repairs were made or the self-repair program was reactivated. All it needed was a jumpstart to the self repair program and DECA could go over the disabling codes to release the mode lock from Defiance. Then both ships could escape.

So Hardrive began work and sent a narrow beam transmission to DECA's main computer system, and accessed the subcommands that activated the self-repair program. When Hardrive was finished DECA started to come back to life as it repaired the damaged circuitry that was shorted in the first battle with Crucible.

"Greetings my name is DECA. Thank you for activating my self-repair program. Please Identify."

Hardrive sent another transmission sending ID codes and a copy of his baseline programming. When Hardrive was finished DECA looked over the information.

DECA responded by saying "John."

Hardrive responded by saying "Marsha."

And with the witicisms out of the way, DECA began work on Defiance's mode lock.

* * *

The reactivation of DECA did not go unoticed. A beep on Harper's morpher told him that the computer had been reactivated and he called the other members of the guard.

Chad dragged in the limp, bloody forms of Carlos and T.J. to the foot of the bed where Cassie lay still bound. "Force field.", he said as an energy field formed around the bed. "For your protection.", Chad said with s smirk. Then he turned and left to answer Harper's call.

In the training room the purple guard looked at the limp form of the White Astro laying on the floor with the Micheal/guardsman hovering over her. When the call came she turned to leave.

The guardsman hovered over Mackenzie ready to kick her again.

Michelle and Armando were getting ready for another round of 'torture the lovebirds' when they got the call, and blue and silver guards were preparing for their next match with an already beaten Bruce.

They all ran to where Harper was in the briefing room. "My morpher gave a signal. It seems that someone has reactivated DECA on the Astro megaship."

"Why would it do that?", asked Michelle.

"It probably thought I was Andros and wanted to let me know I was all right. I was going to deactivate the computer when I noticed this.

Harper activated a viewer that showed eight kids leaving a ship that looked like a Luciferian cruiser. "Do these guys look familiar?", he asked. Chad recognized the first two right away. "Ashley and Skunk boy."

"You got it, they're probably trying to rescue our guests and their morphers. They won't suceed.", Harper said.

"Let's get em.", said Armando. And they made their way to the museum. R* * *When the guard made it to the corridor the rangers were in, they found them gone. Unaware that DECA had managed to break the code on Hardrive's mode lock and he teleported the eight teens onboard Defiance.

The teens looked down at the guard as they ran trying to find the rangers. When they left Ashley thanked Hardrive for his efforts.

"My efforts also proved to be an asset.", DECA said.

Andros went over to the communications board where DECA's voice came through. "DECA? How did you get reactivated?"

Hardrive answered the question with a reference to the Bionic Woman. "Jamie Sommers. A woman barely alive. We can rebuild her."

Andros was curious as to what Hardrive was talking about until Zhane explained it. "He's saying that he got in contact with DECA's computer and activated the self-repair program."

"Ohh!", Andros said still confused. Ashley asked, "How did you know what Hardrive said?

"Well in order to get better familiar with earth culture I just grabbed the first cultural guide I could find.", Zhane explained

"Let me guess.", Ashley said. "The TV set." Zhane nodded with a smile.

"Okay, we're safe for now. What next?", asked Kim.

Tommy thought about that for a moment. "Well first we need to find out where the morphers the Nightfighters use would be at. It's a good chance they could be in some research lab somewhere."

"Except for the Emerald Crystal. One of Savrod's sorcerors may have that."", Kat said.

"DECA can you interface with the main computer and see which research lab the morphers and crystal are in?", Andros asked.

"Affirmative", said DECA.

Justin spoke next. "Hardrive, check and see where the Nightfighters are at."

Bidi, Bidi, Bidi, No problem Buck.", said Hardrive.

"When we get there whereabouts we can get out of here.", Andros said.

"How do we do that?", asked Karone.

"Jan-Michael Vincent. Ernest Borgnine. Airwolf-Ehoes from the past. 1983.", Hardrive said.

"Yeah I know that one. It's the one where Stringfellow Hawke launches his helecopter out of a cargo plane.", Zhane said. All the rangers looked at him oddly.

Ashley and Karone went over to Zhane and Ashley said, "Zhane you, Karone, and I need to have a little talk.". Karone nodded.

* * *
Kincaid hung from the ceiling just as night was falling. He heard the call of the spirits. They warned him against taking the action he was considering.

When the Night Ranger powers were created. It drew on the magical properties the night possesed since night was the time where magic ran freely. Moreso than compared to daytime. But it was also the time evil was at it's strongest too, and it was worried that if one possessed the power of the night that they may fall under the evil influences.

So a ranger aspect was applied to the Night Ranger powers. It allowed them to stay in a state of control as well as a form of protection against the evil ones.

But what Kincaid was thinking, unleashing the night powers without the ranger aspect, was risky in itself. No ranger had ever done that before. Due to possible influence from evil, and that the night would be difficult to control. The only thing Kincaid would have to control it would be his own will power and goodness.

Kincaid knew the risks. But before he could carry them out he felt the pull of being teleported.

* * *
"Get up you worthless...", said the Michael guardsman looking at the fallen Mackenzie Dekalb. Her body found itself to be just as bruised as her spirit, and all because of this cheap fake of a dad.

She then came to a realization. "This is not my real dad. He may look like him, talk like him and act like him...

"BUT YOU'RE NOT HIM!!!", she screamed and as soon as she got her second wind back tore into the guardsman like she was possessed.

The Michael guardsman was not prepared for the onslaught of the crazed young teen, and it wasn't long before it was knocked on the ground. The guardsman went for his gun but Mackenzie kicked it out of the hand.

She then went for the ankle and twisted it. It snapped right off and the guardsman was unable to stand up.

"Cheap construction. Too bad you're not the real thing.", she said. Then she found herself being teleported away.

* * *
On the bridge of Defiance the Nightfighters were reunited with the power rangers. Ashley, Karone, Kim, Kat and Zhane went to tend to their wounds.

"I'll live", said Kincaid standing up. "How'd you get here?"

"They hitched a ride with me.", said Tommy. "Also I found some things that you may find interesting." He showed Kincaid the white Astro morpher and Kat and Kim showed theirs.

"The only problem is we're not yet connected to the Night aspect of the powers yet. Only the ranger aspect."

"And you need me to connect you.", Kincaid confirmed. ""I'll need my morpher."

"Hardrive's looking for it now.", Justin said. "And I think we just found them."

On the main viewer at the asenscion podium stood the ranger guard. They were holding the morphers and respective powers with the exception of Chad who had three battered ex-rangers at his feet. "Hey Rangers, you want your morphers and friends? Come and get them."

Kincaid struggled to get up but Andros set him back down. "You're injured. We'll handle it."

"How?", asked Kincaid.

"Well be grateful, as Zhane said, that Zordon never threw anything away.", said Andros with a smirk.

* * *
The ranger guard stood at the ascension podium. Savrod left orders for none to interfere. This would be their crowning moment. Next thing he saw a blue turbo ranger, a ranger in black and gold, three other rangers in black suits:one black and white, one black and purple, and one black and green.

Completing the ensemble were three exo walkers: one red, one silver and one purple. The red one had rockets armed on it, the silver one had cannons aimed forward and the purple had electrical lances attatched to it. They stood ready for battle.

Harper looked at them. Through the devices Savrod gave them the ranger guard knew the three Night Ranger morphers could not connect to the might and the spirits that guided them. So he decided to have some fun.

Andros ordered the charge and the rangers approached the guard. Harper raised his hands as did all the other members. A tornado suddenly formed close to the exos and they got caught up in it. Andros, Karone and Zhane were swept up in it and the exos got trashed in the process.

After the tornado spit out the former Astros, they found themselves dumped at Harper's feet. Tommy, Kat and Kim went on the attack but Thandros, Mishi and Michelle brought down lightning bolts that sent them flying.

Justin thought he would be going one on one with Shadrack, but there wouldn't be a fair fight since Armando shot the blue Turbo ranger from behind in a cowardly move.

All that remained was Chad and Ashley. And Harper looked on smiling. He dangled Kincaid's ranger morpher before him. Mishi followed suit dangling the White Astro morpher. Michelle and Armando dangled the Emerald Crystal and Dragon Warrior morphers for Cassandra and Adam to see. Armando and Shadrack dangled Bruce's Silver Centurion morpher. Each one sending a message to the beaten Nightfighters.

"You want 'em. Come get em."

BAD move.

* * *
>Kincaid saw the gloating gestures of the ranger guard. He could imagine them sneering at them. Gloating about their so-called superiority.

He couldn't take it anymore. He launched Defiance out of a cargo door and Mackenzie teleported over to the Astro Megaship where she took the controls.

When the ships were outside Kincaid hobbled up to the top of the ship and he gave the call many Night Rangers had done, but never in the way he was going to do now.

"SPIRITS OF THE NIGHT!!!FILL ME WITH YOUR POWER!!!" And Jeffrey Kincaid was filled with so much power.

It was as if the night air of Lucifer 6 had come alive, and was targeting everything evil on the planet. Lightning sought out power centers to destroy. Factories were leveled by tornadoes. Guardsmen plants were also trashed.

Absolute chaos ran all through the nightside of Lucifer 6. So much so that the lords of evil sought to use their own connections with the spirit world to control the storms. Their efforts were to no avail. The only place safe was in the eye of the storm and at the center of it was Jeffrey Kincaid.

Kincaid looked down at Harper. If Kincaid could look under the helmet he would have seen the arrogant smirk was gone, and now there was nothing there but a look of fear.

"I told you that you should have killed me when you had the chance.", Kincaid said with a smile. "Now it's time to make you suffer."

Kincaid brought his hands into the sky and brought them down with such a great force that two bolts of lightning struck Harper in the chest. The force caused Harper to demorph and fly across the floor. The red Night Ranger morpher flew out of his hand and into Kincaid's.

"Don't just stand there get him!!!", yelled Thandros. Kincaid heard that and waved his hand throwing the guard back. Their grip shaken loose from the morphers and Emerald Crystal. Thanks to Cassandra's telekinesis the morphers and Emerald Crystal flew back to their respective owners.

Kincaid looked down at Robert Harper. "We have some unfinished business to discuss." Kincaid waived his had and Harper flew into the air. Defiance floated up into the turbulent sky leaving the rest of the guard to face the re-empowered rangers.

"All right guys. It's payback time!!", Cassandra said. "EMERALD RANGER POWER UP!!!". And she morphed into her Emerald Ranger combat mode. Her gaze set on Michelle Caris the pink guard.

"LET'S ROCKET!!!", shouted Mackenzie, as she morphed into the White Astro. "WHITE ASTRO COMBAT MODE!!!". Mackenzie activated her combat armor and was ready to tear into Mishi Fujikawa.

"DRAGON RANGER POWER!!!", shouted Adam and he drew out his sword and his right arm transformed into a dragon claw. Armando Estrada was a dead man. He thought.

"SILVER CENTURION POWER UP!!!", shouted Bruce. as he morphed into his Silver Centurion armor. "No more gauntlet match, Bruce said to Thandros and Shadrack.

The fight began.

* * *
In another part of the citadel Chad Morgan was advancing towards Ashley. "I've been waiting so long Ashy, so long." Those exact same words he had used in the hotel room.

Ashley was scared. Here was the monster who had hurt her so many times, wearing her morpher. Corrupting her ranger uniform. Shaking her out of her safe world."

Through it all a tiny voice rang through her mind. "No more."

Then it rang louder. "No more! No more!!!NO MORE!!!"

Then she said it aloud "NO MORE!!!" and moved to attack Chad. Then in a flash of light the two disapeared. Destination Unknown.

* * *
Cassandra unlocked the daggers from her boots and disarmed Caris quickly. She then fell to the floor and started begging for her life. "Don't kill me. PLEASE DON'T KILL ME!!!"

Cassandra looked down at the pink guard. "What's the matter don't you want to par-tay?". She then reached over and grabbed the pink morpher and pulled it off.

"This isn't yours.", Cassandra said.

Mackenzie was not letting up on Mishi at all. She attacked with so much force that Mishi could have sworn she saw birds circling around her head.

When Mishi was knocked down Mackenzie reached down and grabbed the purple morpher. She then brought the rocket launcher on her shoulder down to the face of Mishi. "Now where would you like your new hole?", Mackenzie asked.

Adam was getting his payback too. Not showing any letup. Before long Armando was knocked down too and Adam grabbed the black morpher.

"Now.", Adam said holding the sword to Armando's throat. "I'm wondering. Should I play Highlander with your head?"

Bruce was showing a few of his shootfighting techniques to Thandros and Shadrack. With both of them on the receiving ends of things. When all was said and done Bruce had the morphers and Thandros and Shadrack only had body parts that hurt, and some that were dislocated.

"The winner of the match. Bruce Greene", Bruce said triumphantly.

Andros, Karone and Zhane huddled near a corner that Tommy, Kim, Kat and Justin used for cover. The Nightfighters gave the five Astro morphers to them.

"Where's Ashley?" asked Andros.

Mackenzie said, "I don't know. Where's Kincaid?"

"Still up there with Harper.", Tommy said.

We gotta get up there.", Mackenzie said. DECA teleport Tommy, Kat, Kim and me aboard. Hardrive transport the rest, and scan the area for Ashley's power and bio signiture." Mackenzie looked over at Andros and gave a smile of thanks. Then everyone teleported to their respective ships.

* * *
Harper stood on his knees. Kincaid stood before him. The look on his face stated that he intended to show no mercy.

"I'm sick and tired of scum like you.", Kincaid said. "Picking on people and hurting them for no other reason than you find it fun to do. Hurting them so you can get your friggin jollies. Laughing at there misery!!" Kincaid then hit Harper in the face repeatedly until his face was completely black and blue.

"You're the one who's pathetic. You and this whole empire here. And it's going down. Oh trust me it's going down. And you know what? So are you!", and with that Kincaid threw Harper off the top of Defiance and sent him falling towards the ground from two hundred feet up.

Harper saw the ground rush up towards him and sought to make peace with his maker when he stopped. The ground was just two feet from his head. He hovered over abouve it and then floated over to where a waste can was where he landed with the garbage.

When Harper got out he was fuming. No one ever treated him like that. And he promised that one day he would get back at Jeff Kincaid.

* * *
Kincaid looked at the nighttime scene of Lucifer six. While some of the buildings and temples were destroyed, others still remained. He wanted to destroy in all. He wanted to give the Luciferian empire a blow they would never forget.

"There has been enough destruction. Stop before more innocent lives are taken.", said one spirit.

"No one is innocent. Destroy them all!", said another.

Other spirits raised their voices, and Kincaid found himself lost in a malestrom of voices and chaos.

But one voice prevailed above all others. "Jeffrey, do you hear me?"

Kincaid turned to look at who the voice belonged to. Before him stood the image of a floating head. "Zordon?", Kincaid said.

"Yes Jeffrey, it is I. I am one with the night spirits now. Stop this at once your friends need you."

"But Zordon, I have an opportunity to destroy the Luciferian empire for good. I should take it."

"No you will not destroy the whole empire.", Zordon said. "At best you will deal them a crippling blow if you continue with the night storm. And there are the lives of innocent slaves kept in the underground levels. If you continue, what will happen to them. How long before the storm reaches them?

"You are laying the groundwork for the eventual demise of the Luciferian empire. But you are still needed to complete the job. If you continue you will become no better than the Luciferian's. End this now, Jeffrey. The universe needs you. Mackenzie needs you."

Kincaid looked across and saw Mackenzie trying to come to him. Tommy, Kat and Kim were right behind her. Kincaid put the Night Ranger morpher on his wrist and went over to the four approaching rangers.

Kincaid and Mackenzie embraced, then he went over to Tommy, Kat and Kim. "It's time, are you ready?" The three soon-to-be Night Rangers nodded yes.

"Hardrive said you might need this.", Mackenzie said holding an empty blue morpher with blue trim. A flash of memory crossed Kincaid's face. "Put it in the center of the circle.", Kincaid said. Mackenzie did.

Then Kincaid, Tommy, Kat and Kim joined hands and Kincaid gave the power chant. "Spirits of the night. Fill these with your power. Connect them to your wisdom. Your knowledge, and your guidance."

Tommy felt the rush within him and saw his time as the green ranger when he was Rita's servant. He did terrible things and tried to destroy the rangers many times the grief of his deeds nearly destroying him. But the goodness allowed him to rise above the memory of evil and the spirits infused him with the full power of the White Night Ranger as his armor appeared around him.

Kat also remembered her time in Rita's service. Where she almost killed Tommy and Kim. She also remembered her time as Eros's puppet which brought her shame. Yet she sought to not give in to the despair and anger. The spirits filled hier with the power and armor of the green Night Ranger.

Kim remembered her time as Lord Eros's servant as well. The shame filled her with no end in sight. She had wanted revenge against Eros for what he did to Kat and her, but she would not give in to those impulses. With that the spirits found her worthy to hold the power and armor of the Purple Night Ranger.

Kincaid was also in his armor as well. And when the storm died down, four new Night Rangers stood in front of the night sky. And by their feet was a new Blue Night Ranger Morpher. Ready to find someone worthy to use it.

"People, the Night Rangers are back.", Kincaid said with a smile while picking up the new morpher.

Zordon looked on as well smiling then he faded away to where another battle called his attention. "I hope I'm not too late.", he thought.

* * *
The Surface on the night side of Lucifer six lay in ruins. Security and partol ships were either destroyed or damaged so deployment would be delayed greatly.

Kincaid tried to talk to Andros saying that they had to leave, but Andros said over the comlink, "Not without Ashley. DECA is still scanning for her."

DECA then responded by saying "I'm sorry Andros Ashley is not on this planet."

"What?", asked Andros, "Where is she?"

"Unknown.", DECA said.

Kincaid thought for a moment and said over the intercom. "DECA, is Chad Morgan on the planet?"

"Negative. Patrol ships approaching."

"That's it. Ashley's not here. We have to go now!", Kincaid said.


"We can track her at the safehouse. Let's go!", and with that, Defiance, the Astro Megaship, and Tommy's cruiser took off for the reaches of space.

* * *
Savrod saw the three ships pull away. Sattellite defences were down due to storm damage so they had a clean break. His ranger guard was gone. Their powers stripped, and half the capital planet was destroyed.

"Assemble a meeting of the lords.", Savrod said. "It's time to destroy these rebels once and for all."

* * *
Cassie, T.J. and Carlos laid on medical bunks while Mackenzie tended their wounds despite being injured herself. Zhane, Karone and Justin helped out as well tending to Adam, Cassandra and Bruce. Kincaid went on to the bridge despite his injuries, but Mackenzie told him to come back in an hour or she would hunt him down and drag him back. After that she turned to Cassie, Carlos and T.J. "Boy that Morgan creep really messed you guys over."

"Well, what do you expect when two humans are facing a morphed ranger. He couldn't fight us fair.", Carlos said.

T.J. was holding Cassie in his arms. The memory of Chad was making it difficult for her to deal with what happened. "I want to kill him T.J.", Cassie said. "I want to kill him."

T.J. nodded and said, "I know. I want to kill him too.". Just then Andros walked in.

"Kincaid is looking over the morphers. He'll start work on undoing what Savrod had done when we get back to base.", Andros said.

"What about Ashley? Do you know where she is?", Cassie asked weakly.

Andros sighed and bowed his head. "No Cassie. I don't."

* * *
The spirit of Zordon made his way back to Hades as quickly as he could. Unfortunately he was too late. An atmosphere of evil eminated from a crater. The energy trail indicated that who they were trying to keep there was long gone.

Zordon sent a message to Kincaid and the other Night Rangers. "Rangers, there is a dire situation on Hades."

"Is that Zordon?", Tommy asked.

"Yeah.", said Kincaid. "He's one of the spirits now."

"Awesome.", said Kimberly. "Wait till we tell the others."

"Wait let's hear him out.", Kincaid said. "Go ahead Zordon."

"Rangers, Crucible is free. He has escaped from Hades."

No one said a word.

* * *
Through space streaked a sinister looking shooting star. It was all red and full of evil intent. It searched for it's empire, and souught to reclaim it.

His mind now filled with nothing but evil. All the good was washed away. And his eyes now held an insane glare.

Lord Crucible was going home.

* * *
On a distant planet the night was about to end. Two figures materialized in a circle One in black and gold, the other in a sinister shade of yellow. A circle surrounded by wrecked cars, and other transportation vehicles.

As the two took in their surroundings they saw figures emerge from the wrecks banging on them in a drum pattern. An old man came forth and adressed the two teens.

"Welcome to the iron circle. The rules are simple. Two enter, one leaves."