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Nowhere Left To Run
By John Chubb

The CarrierZord Defiance stood waiting for the four ragtag Power Rangers. Their friend Bruce walked with them. When they reached the door Kincaid knocked on the door. Hardrive spoke through the companel and said "Who is it?".

Kincaid knew Hardrive enough to know what to say next. "It's the plumber. I've come to fix the sink!" Hardrive then opened the door and the rangers walked in. Kincaid stood outside with Bruce as they said their goodbyes.

"Here", said Bruce as he gave Kincaid a bag. "It's for the guy who needs a cool name."

"Thanks.", said Kincaid as they embraced like brothers saying goodbye.

"You remember.", said Bruce. "If you ever need anything."

"I'll call.", said Kincaid as he walked into Defiance.

Then Bruce looked up as he saw Defiance take off into Outer Space. "Good luck my friend."


Kincaid was taking the helm as Defiance once again took to outer space. "Thanks for watching the ship Justin.", he said to the little blue ranger. "Anything happen?"

"Ohh not much.", said Justin. "Right Hardrive?"

"You are correct sir!", said Hardrive doing Ed McMahon again.

"Well I'll make it up to you sometime trust me.", said Kincaid.

"Yeah maybe Justin can hear you sing sometime.", said a voice coming on to the bridge. The voice belonged to Cassandra, and Mackenzie and Adam were in tow.

"Sing?", said Justin confused.

"Yeah, this guy is a pretty good singer.", said Adam.

"It's just something I learned.", said Kincaid as he was laying in the ship's course. "I'm not that good."

"Aww, you're just being modest.", said Mackenzie. "Come on sing a little something." Cassandra and Adam also gave the same prodding.

"Can you do twinkle twinkle?", asked Justin.

Kincaid then started to lose his composure and glared at not only the other rangers, but Justin as well. "No I can't do 'Twinkle twinkle', and I don't want to sing right now. And I don't want to be pressured about it so will you all just leave me alone?!"

Kincaid then stormed out of the bridge with shocked expressions on their faces. "He's wrapped way too tight.", said Mackenzie.

"Tell me about it.", said Cassandra.

Kincaid then walked back on the bridge and gave Adam the bag from Bruce. "It's a gift by the way.", he said then he stormed back out.

Adam opened the bag and pulled out a black and green dragon helmet that was designed much like the Dino Ranger helmets. Inside was a note that Adam read.

Hey Adam,

I had this lying around. I thought it would go with your new costume. A helmet crossing a Mastodon and a Dragon just doesn't do it for me.



P.S. Black Dragon Ranger is a pretty good name don't you think?

Adam looked at the helmet and was awed by it. It was carved in the image of a dragon head with two teeth protruding where Adam's old Mastodon tusks used to be. The helmet was black but there were shades of green where the teeth and mouth pieces were. "Wow", was all he could say.

"Cool", said Justin.

"So anyone know where we;re going?", asked Cassandra. Alpha went over to the nav computer and found they were headed back to the forest planet.

"Now for the hundred thousand dollar question.", said Mackenzie. "What bug crawled up Kincaid's shorts?"

"Yeah, just as it seems like he's ready to unwind he goes back to being Mr. Toughguy.", said Cassandra.

Justin looked at the two girls again and back to Adam. "Are they friends now?"

"I think so", said Adam.


Kincaid walked into his quarters and flopped down on the bed. When he sung in the bar it felt good. Having fun was something he hadn't done in a long time and he missed it. But when the other rangers started prodding on him about it(as he thought), the moment lost it's zeal.

Again Kincaid found himself distanced from the rangers. Sometimes he preferred it that way, the world at a distance. That way, he thought, nothing can hurt you...or betray you.

But still, he missed having friends.


It wasn't long before Defiance arrived at the forest planet and headed for the mountain safehouse. When they docked Kincaid came out of his quarters and helped the other rangers unload supplies. Even Justin helped out.

When everything was unloaded, including the DragonZord, Kincaid asked the rangers to follow him. He led them to a room that when opened up revealed a whole fleet of Zords. Alpha stood next to Kincaid as he was about to speak.

"Zordon set this place up as a fallback point incase something terrible happened and the rangers needed some back up.", said Kincaid. "Most of the components are already in place. Now all that remains is the final component for the rangers...the Zord."

A section of the room lit up to reveal a blue Monster Semi-truck with trailer and cannons on both the cab and trailer. Kincaid then spoke to Justin. "Justin, as Blue Turbo Ranger you will drive the Blue Roadbuster. It is a vehicle of size and power and your enemies will crumble before it."

"Wow!" was all Justin could say. Then Kincaid made his way to Mackenzie.

"Mackenzie, as White Astro ranger you will fly the Astro Viper.", he said making reference to a sleek white fighter with a long nose and the wings folded forward. "It's a fast ship that strikes quickly and lethally as it's namesake does. It is also armed to the teeth for lethal striking."

Mackenzie said nothing as she saw the sleek fighter. It was love at first sight.

Cassandra spoke up next. "I will not require a new Zord.", she said. "The Emerald Crystal tells me that the tiger will be strong enough.". Kincaid nodded and then went to Adam.

"Adam, you also do not need a new Zord because you already have one.", said Kincaid. "The DragonZord is now yours to use."

"But what about the power problems with me and the DragonZord?", asked Adam.

"As long as you keep the powers stable you and the DragonZord will be able to help each other.", said Kincaid. "The DragonZord needs you to keep the power stable as much as you need it's power. The prototypes will be able to help you for now."

"But the prototypes won't last forever.", said Adam. "What will happen when they run out?"

"Don't worry. A solution will present itself before long. But when a prototype destabilizes make sure you keep the dust.", said Kincaid.

"What about you Kincaid?", asked Justin. "Will you get a new Zord? Or are you sticking with Defiance?"

"I'm not getting a new Zord.", said Kincaid. 'And I'm not coming with you."

"WHAT?!!", said everyone in unison. Including Alpha.

"The fallback base is a mobile base that allows it to travel to different places.", said Kincaid. "Alpha will teleport it to anyplace that is safe. He can teach you all how to operate it. But I'm staying on the planet."

"But Kincaid. The team is now together.", said Alpha. "We could really use you."

Kincaid spoke again. "No Alpha. I said that once we got back to the cabin that you're on your own. Your team is together, and you've got your Zords, as well as the supplies from the command center. You don't need me."

With that Kincaid turned to leave, but the other rangers knew what he was doing.

He was running away.


Crucible stood on the observation deck of his ship again opening his mind to forces that few could comprehend.

A few years ago, he had been made aware of dark spirits. Those spirits granted him power and knowledge that he used to make his empire and destroy his enemies.

Kincaid was one of the few who could touch these spirits. But the spirits that Kincaid served were not the ones that empowered Crucible. These spirits were the yang to Kincaid's yin. Crucible asked his spirits to find Kincaid's hiding place wherever he was.

The spirits could not find Kincaid. They were beyond his reach for some reason. Crucible then asked if they could find the rangers that were with him.

Those the spirits could find, and they told Crucible where the rangers were.

"Savrod", said Crucible. "Set course for Oron the forest planet."

The flagship was making it's way to the planet where the other rangers were.


Kincaid walked back to the cabin. As he approached the path in he saw Cassandra standing before the door.

"Shouldn't you be on the base getting ready to leave?", he asked.

"We would", said Cassandra. "But we're missing someone. You."

"I said I wasn't going. I've made up my mind. Now if you'll excuse me." Kincaid made his way into his cabin but Cassandra was not about to give up so easily.

"You know,", she began. "Mackenzie and I saw something interesting on Iocaste after the fight. An old milk carton."

That made Kincaid stop in his tracks as he turned to face Cassandra. "Your point being?" he said.

"When someone's face makes it on a milk carton that usually states a missing child.", said Cassandra. "In most cases it deals with kidnapped children. But there are some times where there are some kids who run away from home.

"One day one of these kids shows up out of the blue after years of being missing. Four kids need his help. He agrees..."

"To a point", said Kincaid.

"To a point", agrees Cassandra. "But this kid is involved. He got himself involved when he went after Crucible. When he destroyed Boltax. The point didn't matter because he crossed the line.

"But that kid decided to do what he did all those years ago, run away. Not from home though. But responsibility."

"I don't need a lecture from you Cassandra.", said Kincaid.

"Well you're getting one anyway Jeffrey Michael Kincaid!!!", said Cassandra. Kincaid was floored by Cassandra's use of his middle name. Then he realized the carton Cassandra and Mackenzie had seen had his face on it.

"Yeah, it was your face I saw.", said Cassandra. "I don't know what your story is and right now I don't care. But it's still pretty obvious that you're still running from something and you're hoping it won't find you. Dream on! Eventually it all comes back to haunt us."

Kincaid was left speechless until an explosion knocked him and Cassandra to the floor.

"What was that?", Cassandra asked.

"Looks like one of those things that comes back to haunt you has come back", said Kincaid as both he and Cassandra ran out of the cabin and teleported to the safehouse.

A few short seconds later the cabin exploded in a shower of splinters and flames.


Lord Crucible stood on the observation lounge watching the flagship attack the forest planet below. "Savrod, order the fighters to attack everything on the planet. I want nothing remaining alive."

"Yes my lord", Savrod said as he walked out.

A few seconds later Crucible could make out small fires on the planet that started to grow.


Kincaid and Cassandra teleported to the safehouse control room and saw the visual. Crucible's flagship was the only one there but it was still doing enough damage. Then fighters deployed and started to pick off areas of the planet that the ship couldn't reach.

"Ai, yi, yi, they're destroying the planet.", said Alpha. "And a few of the blasts are attacking the mountain."

"Alpha, prepare the engines for departure.", ordered Kincaid.

"I am already. But it will take a while for them to charge."

Mackenzie, Adam, and Justin ran in and wondered what was going on. "Crucible's attacking.", said Kincaid. "Looks like I'll be going with you after all.", he said to Cassandra.

Cassandra nodded and turned back to the screen. "We have to hold those guys off."

"Time to test out the new Zords.", said Kincaid and he activated his morpher. "Red Night Ranger Power activate!", as he morphed into his red Night Ranger costume.

Cassandra brought out the Emerald Crystal, held it in front of her and said "Emerald Ninja Ranger Power Now!!". She then transformed into the Emerald Ranger.

"Let's Rocket!!", said Mackenzie as she punched in the 3-3-5 code and became the White Astro Ranger.

"Shift into Turbo!!!", yelled Justin as he transformed into the Blue Turbo Ranger.

"Dragon Ranger Power!!", yelled Adam as he morphed into the green and black costume of the Dragon Ranger.

They called for their Zords and went into battle. Kincaid took out Defiance. Mackenzie was handling the Astro Viper well. Justin drove out in the Roadbuster as Cassandra called upon her Emerald TigerZord to take on the ground forces. Adam played the DragonFlute and called the DragonZord to defend the waters near the base.


Crucible saw the concentration of Zords around the mountain and realized that the mountain was the rangers base. "Attack wings and ground and sea forces target the mountain at these coordinates."

The ships then made their way to where the rangers were ready to put up a fight.


The rangers then broke off and attacked in an effort to keep the base out of harms way as Alpha was charging the engines. Since Kincaid and Mackenzie had the flying Zords, they took on the fighter planes that were coming into range.

"I hope Alpha is hurrying with charging the base's engines.", said Kincaid.

"Ye cannae change the laws of physics Cap'n", said Hardrive doing Scotty from Star Trek.

"Whatever, bring cannons to bear.", Kincaid ordered. "Shields up. Pick a target and get those planes out of my sky."

Hardrive complied and Defiance cut loose with a volley of cannon fire that cut through whatever stood in it's path. Some of the fighters fought back and fired some shots that were potentially lethal if they hit the ship. But Defiance was a Zord that was maneuverable for it's size and it ducked a lot of the serious fire. It wasn't long before the area Kincaid was protecting was cleared.

Mackenzie flew the Astro Viper at top speed picking off targets. She flew circles around the Guardsmen piloted vessels whose programming was limited to search and destroy. Mackenzie made sure that they couldn't lock onto her for too long before they had to search for her again. And in the confusion, she picked off the planes that were in her view. "Yahoo! I LOVE THIS ZORD!!!", she screamed with delight.

But one plane however managed to get a lock-on her and hold on to it. Mackenzie then took off to the canyons with the fighter in pursuit. She had flown into the canyons and weaved around corners as the firing ship was trying to hit the Astro Viper without success.

Then Mackenzie reached the end of the canyon and pulled the Astro Viper up. The last fighter did not react in time and crashed into the canyon wall.

"I love this Zord.", she said flying away.


Justin drove the Roadbuster Zord until he saw a fleet of assault vehicles coming towards him. "Arm weapons!" Justin ordered. The cannons came out of the Zord/Semi and Justin then ordered to fire.

The vehicles fired back but the Roadbuster was made of strong stuff. It blocked off most of the fire coming in and whatever blaster damage the Zord might have sustained was negligible. Half the tanks were taken out by Justin and the Roadbuster.

The other half were taken out by an approaching Green Tiger that fired volleys of it's own. As the tiger drew closer some of the tanks were kicked away by the tiger's paws. One the tiger picked up with it's mouth and practically ate.

"Any problems short stuff?", asked Cassandra in the Tiger.

"Nope, I'm cool.", said Justin. "Thanks for the Assist."


Boats were speeding on the waterway towards the shore. These boats contained Guardsmen who would try to take the base from ashore. As they traveled they realized that they were the only ones who had not met heavy resistance.

The wondering ended as the DragonZord appeared from behind as it rose from the waters with it's missles bearing on the sea fleet. Adam, at the controls of the DragonZord fired his missiles taking out the invading sea craft.

"This is Adam. All water warriors are taken out.", he said with enthusiasm.


"Ahhh, I can't believe it!!!", screamed Crucible from the bridge. "They took out the entire invading force."

"What are your orders my lord?", asked Savrod.

Crucible regained his composure. "Send every unit this ship has. I want those Zords destroyed. Empty the decks if you have to...BUT GET THEM!!!"

It wasn't long before every type of fighting craft on board left the flagship and headed down to the planet. "Then...Destroy the planet.!!", Crucible then ordered.


"Incoming bogies.", said Hardrive.

Kincaid realized that they must have sent down the whole fleet that the flagship had. "Alpha, how long before the engines are charged?", he asked into the communicator.

"Engines are almost fully charged.", said Alpha. "You can return to the base now."

Kincaid turned Defiance around and Mackenzie followed suit with the Astro Viper. Justin and Cassandra brought their Zords aboard and the DragonZord also came on board.

The rangers made their way to the bridge of the base and Kincaid made his way to the central control column."

Engines charged Alpha?"

"Ready to go!!!", said the little robot.

And just as Crucible's new forces were coming to bear on the base. The mountain that it was buried in exploded and a flash of light appeared as it blasted off into the sky.


Crucible saw the flash of light take off from the sky of the forest planet Oron and then vanish in a flash of light as it went into warp.

"Track the course.", Crucible ordered. The guardsmen obeyed.

'So', thought Crucible, 'You're running again Jeff? How typical of you. Don't worry. You'll be found soon enough.


Kincaid looked at the viewer as he saw the planet that had been his home fade from view. He could make out fires that were spreading across the planet. "It was a beautiful place.", he said. The others nodded in agreement.

"Well I guess you guys are stuck with me for a while.", said Kincaid. "Hope you can put up with me."

Cassandra and the other rangers nodded. As the others left Cassandra stayed on the bridge and faced Kincaid.

"What made you change your mind?", she asked. "The loss of your cabin?"

"There's that.", he said. "But I also have some personal business with Crucible. I think it's time I settled it." He then turned to the viewer as he flew the base to the next planet.

"There's something else isn't there?", she said.

Kincaid sighed a little before answering. "Yeah. It's like you said. I spent a lot of my life running away from things. Your opinion made me realize that I'll soon run out of places to run to. When that happens I'll have to fight or surrender."

"I hope you're not thinking of surrendering.", said Cassandra.

"No, not my style.", said Kincaid.

"Do not go gentle into that good night.", said Hardrive. Cassandra was speechless. "Very appropriate Hardrive. It's nice to know you have SOME classic entertainment in your data banks."

"Back to School. 1986 starring Rodney Dangerfield.", said Hardrive. Cassandra threw her hands up in disbelief.

"One of these days I will either fix that computer, or hook it up to a television that only plays public television.", she said as Kincaid chuckled.


In the chamber that held the book of Zordon the book sat peacefully on a pedestal waiting for the next reader to come who could understand the story that it could tell.

The next second the book shuddered as it flew open and the pages were opened for all to see. The pages then turned as if someone was reading it.

And someone was.