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By John Chubb

Bruce went back to his bar as the ranger team, now known as the Nightfighters, went back into space again. Bruce had given Ashley a black and gold morpher that allowed her to have ranger powers again, and he dusted off his own red and silver morpher in order to rescue Kincaid from his father who betrayed his own son.

Bruce's own morpher, as well as Ashley's, was one that he had restored when he found it at one of the sidewalk sales that are frequent on Iocaste. The merchant did not know how to repair them and tried to sell them off as keepsakes. Bruce bought them and started to repair them bit by bit. There was still power in them, which made his work easier, but they also needed programming instructions as to what to morph into. Otherwise, the person who was morphing would just appear as a person with a powerful glow.

Bruce programmed the BlackGold and Silver Centurion programs into the morphers and kept them on hand just in case they were needed. When Zordon found out that two old morphers were reactivated, he asked that the spirits of the night send Kincaid and the Night Rangers to check them out. Kincaid was surprised to say the least that an old friend had bought them, and restored them.

Kincaid then made an appeal to Zordon and the spirits that Bruce be allowed to keep the morphers. They agreed and Zordon even allowed for Bruce to have two Zords to contemplate the morphers. The Blackhawk for BlackGold and the Silver Firebird for Silver Centurion.

Bruce used the Silver Centurion morpher, but kept the BlackGold morpher as a back up in case it was needed. Bruce fought alongside the Night Rangers on occasion. But he was not there when the Night Rangers fell. He was by his father's bedside when he lay dying.

Bruce shook himself out of his memories when he approached his bar. As he grabbed the door he was startled by a sight that was making it's way down the dirty street. A battallion of red garbed robots that moved with military precision.

"Guardsmen", he cursed as he went back into the bar.


Crucible started to come up to the podium that was prepared for him as he was flanked by guardsmen and Savrod. "People of Iocaste, hear me!", shouted Crucible. 'Usually I would leave this planet alone, but I am here to find the power rangers. Does anyone know where they are?"

The gathering crowd was silent, so Crucible uped the ante as he brought out a chest of gems. "I shall give these to all of you if you tell me about the rangers.

Soon everyone became an expert on the rangers. They began describing the Zord battle outside Vincent' ship. The biker attack. As well as the shootfight at Bruce's bar. The fight intrigued Crucible. "Where is this bar?"

A member of the crowd gave directions and Crucible thanked him. "And now for your reward".

Crucible then went to the chest and threw it's contents out to the crowd. The crowd was scrambling to grab a jewel or two. So much that they were fighting each other to the point of a riot.

"Animals!", said Crucible. "Let's go find that bar."


Bruce was getting the bar ready for opening when a platoon of guardsmen walked in. Crucible and Savrod followed behind. "Bruce", said Crucible as he approached the bar. "It's so good to see you again."

Bruce only heard the story from Kincaid secondhand, and he wasn't there when Crucible betrayed the Night Rangers, so it allowed him some leeway to play'cute and dumb'. "I'm sorry, I don't know you."

"Oh, Bruce. Don't you recognize an old friend when you see one?", said Crucible. "Oh right, you haven't seen me with the armor have you?".

Crucible removed the helmet to reveal the face of a young man who looked like he was hitting his twenties. He had dark brown hair, and blue eyes to complement his pale skin. Bruce knew the face well, and even though he was told about it, he still couldn't believe it.

"Mark?", Bruce asked.

"It's Crucible now. As you can see I've made some changes recently. I hear a friend of ours has made some changes as well, Jeffrey Kincaid."

Bruce had to choose his words carefully. "I see him a little bit. But I don't see him as much as I used to."

"But you have seen him.", said Crucible.

"He came in to sing once or twice, but that's it."

"Ah yes, Jeff was always the entertainer when he wasn't the loner.", said Crucible. "Also, I heard you had some Power Rangers here recently."

"In the ring. A one time deal.", said Bruce.

"A pity, I would have loved to see that.", said Crucible.

Bruce tried to change the conversation. "You've changed a lot Mark. I haven't seen any of the others around."

Crucible snickered at that. "No they met with an...accident."

"Care to talk about it?", asked Bruce.

"No not really.", said Crucible. Then he turned to face Bruce. "I'd like to ask you for your help."

"What do you need?", asked Bruce.

"I'm trying to find Jeff. If you come across him, please let me know. Savrod will leave you with a transmitter to contact me should he come."

"No problem.", said Bruce.

"Thank you Bruce I do appreciate this." Crucible said as he put his helmet back on. Savrod then left the transmitter and he and the guardsmen left.


"Well my lord?", asked Savrod.

"He's telling the truth.", said Crucible. "But he says it in a misleading manner. I think Jeff was here a few times."

"Could he be plotting with the rangers?", asked Savrod.

"It's possible. But not yet. I think he's staying neutral until he's needed. Have an operative watch the place. tell him to report to me incase Jeff or the other rangers arrive."

"Yes my lord.", said Savrod.

"Now let's get off this planet. I find it depressing.", said Crucible.


Bruce sat in the bar looking at the transmitter before him. Crucible(or Mark as he knew him)was putting the squeeze on him he knew. He kind of figured that he'd be watched from now on and that when the rangers showed up again, Crucible would be on them.

Bruce sat in the bar quietly as he contemplated his next move.