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The Defenders Part 2: Secrets and Lies
By: Dana

In Lord Zedd's dungeon, Tommy Oliver is beginning to wake up from being shot with Petra's gadget. He knew something wasn't right, but he couldn't put his finger on it. He tried to sit up, and noticed his mind was all hazy. 'I hope this isn't a side effect from the powers' he thought. He got a better look at his surroundings, realizing he was in Lord Zedd's dungeon, and became alert immediately. He saw a person sitting on the floor a few feet away from him.

"You all right?" He asked.

"Yeah. How long was I out?" Tommy asked.

"I couldn't really give you a time interval. But you were unconscious in here for an hour or two. I lose track of time in here sometimes. My names Andros by the way."

'Andros? I know that name don't I?' "I'm Tommy. Glad to meet you." Tommy noticed Andros was looking at him strangely. "What's the matter?" He asked.

Andros just pointed at his wrist and didn't say anything.

"My Wrist? I broke it two months ago, and got the cast off a few days ago." Tommy said. Andros shook his head. That was when Tommy looked down at what he was pointing at. His morpher was still displayed. He looked down and saw that he was wearing black jeans, and a gray T-shirt that he had been wearing that day. He wasn't morphed he suddenly realized. "Oh no!"

"I know that morpher! But I didn't know they were going to..."Andros started to say but didn't get to finish because Tommy interrupted.

"I knew that I knew your name from somewhere! Dallas told me about you and Zhane. You'll have to forgive my memory it's pretty lousy."

"It's OK. So how did you meet the others?"

"Well Andros it's kind of a long story."


In the Lunar Palace, Zedd was watching the two Defenders in the dungeon converse. He had been quite amused to see that the Defender Petra had captured was Tommy Oliver. It was a double shot at both the Defenders and the Zeo Rangers! He loved this already. He turned to Jet who had been watching also and said, "So when are we going to make the demands?"

"Let's wait a bit. Let it sink in awhile. Its not like they can escape or anything, and this place is heavily guarded."

Prince Sprocket turned to his father King Mondo. "Are you gonna turn them evil?"

"No son. That's what they would expect us to do. We've all done it so many times, we thought we'd go with the ransom idea." King Mondo liked the Cyviens they were fast thinkers and came up with ideas that he wouldn't think of.

Petra who had been watching all of this with a smile on her face knew she wasn't going to let Andros go not after the search. Tommy didn't matter to her. She would rather have him dead then interfering but it wasn't the time to do that. She knew it wasn't time to reveal the secret that had been hidden away either.


At Cornwall High School the next morning, Jason Scott angrily slammed his locker shut. He heard one of his magnets fall off and groaned.

"Jason is something wrong?" Tanya Sloan asked coming up behind him.

Jason turned around and kept his sunglasses on. He hadn't slept one wink the night before he spent the whole time on the ship discussing what they were going to do next. "No I'm fine Tanya."

"I thought I would ask since I saw how hard you slammed your locker."

"I'm fine Tanya just not having a good morning so far." The bell warning students to get to their first class saved Jason. "Sorry Tanya I have to get to English."

Jason walked into class and took his usual seat that was behind where Tommy would have sat. This was not helping Jason's already lousy mood. He saw Katherine Hilliard staring at him, but Jason busied himself with one of his textbooks.

When Mrs. Kimble was done with role she said, "Mr. Scott could you please take those sunglasses off? We are in class not outside."

Jason blushed and took off his glasses. He lowered his eyes so that the teacher didn't see how bloodshot they were. Unfortunately Kat did notice this. When class had ended Kat tried to stop Jason in the halls.

"Jase are you OK?" She asked.

"I'm fine I just didn't sleep well last night." He answered.

"Do you know where Tommy is?"

"No sorry I don't. Kat I'm pretty tired can you save the questions for another time?" Jason asked.

"Sure Jase." Kat said, and watched worriedly as Jason walked away. This is not good she thought.


After school that day Jason was teleported up to the ship with a warning this time.

"Jason you don't look good. You didn't get any sleep after you left last night?" Roland asked.

"No. After I left I just couldn't sleep I was worried about both of them." Jason answered.

Zhane entered the room. "Sorry to disappoint you Jason but we have no new information. All we know is, they are on the moon. They haven't tried anything yet."

Jason looked at the leader of the Defenders. He was kind of quiet for a leader Jason noted. Jason liked him right away however. "What I'm worried about is what they're going to do. Tommy falls under spells easily unfortunately. I don't know much about Andros."

"Andros is a good kid. He is a little too fearless for his own good, but that's what makes him a good fighter. You know what I mean?" Zhane asked.

Jason smiled. He knew exactly what he meant. "Tommy is that way too."

Alexis and Dallas entered the room and said hello.

Though Jason hadn't known them very long he was already seeing what each of their expertise were. Alexis was great with computers and that's what she worked with. Roland was good with machines and was able to fix things. Zhane was the leader, and Dallas was good at second in command and tried boosting everyone's spirits.

"We started a scan for them. But since our own system makes us undetectable, it also works against us. It's blocking us from locating them too." Alexis said.

"If I understand you correctly, you're saying that we won't be able to find them?" Jason asked. He didn't need an answer he could tell by the expressions on their faces. It wasn't exactly what he wanted to see.


Katherine, Tanya, Rocky DeSantos, Adam Park, and David Truhart were sitting around on the patio of Adam Park's house.

"Did you guys see Jason today? He didn't look good." Tanya said.

"Maybe it's from the effects of losing the Gold Ranger Powers." David suggested.

"He looked as if he hadn't slept one wink last night. He even tried to wear sunglasses in English today." Kat said.

"I asked him if he knew anything about Tommy and he didn't seem to know." Rocky said.

"I called Tommy's house to see if he was sick or something but I didn't get an answer." Tanya said

"It's really strange." Kat said. "They have been acting weird for a couple of days now."

"Ever since...nah it couldn't be." Adam started to say.

"I know what your thinking Adam and I agree it couldn't be them." Rocky said.

They continued discussing what had happened the last couple of days.


Petra stood in the shadows and watched the prisoners in the dungeon. She watched the young Kerovian with a new interest. If it hadn't been for Cordon this wouldn't be going on. Just then she heard her husband calling her back up to the throne room. After glancing at Andros once more she teleported back up. "Yes, Jet?" She asked when she returned to the throne room.

"I was just wondering where you went off too. We are thinking of sending something down to keep both the Defenders and the Zeo Rangers busy. One of Finster's monsters and one of Mondo's robots."

"Great idea. Keep them guessing what we're going to do right?" Petra asked.

"Exactly." Jet said with almost a smile.

"They are ready to be sent down Jet at your command." Finster said as he appeared in the throne room.

"Send the monsters to that high school they are re-building see what both groups think of that." Petra said.

Jet sent down the two monsters to attack Angel Grove High School. This did not go undetected by either Zeo Rangers or Defenders.


Zordon summoned the rangers to the Power Chamber. "RANGERS, ZEDD AND MONDO HAVE SENT DOWN TWO MONSTERS TO ATTACK ANGEL GROVE HIGH SCHOOL." Zordon informed them.

"There are workers at the high school!" Kat exclaimed.

"Right so we need to go stop them." David said.

"It's Morphing Time!" Adam yelled.

"Zeo Ranger 1 Pink!" Kat called.

"Zeo Ranger 2 Yellow!" Tanya called.

"Zeo Ranger 3 Blue!" Rocky called.

"Zeo Ranger 4 Green!" Adam called.

"Zeo Ranger 5 Red!" David called.

They teleported down to the high school.


On the Talorn Ship the Defenders were informed of the problem.


"Better that they aren't here anyway." Roland said.

"Sure. It's Morphing Time!" Zhane yelled.

"Thunder Power!" Jason called.

"Solar Power!" Roland called

"Comet Power!" Alexis called.

"Sun Power!" Dallas called.

"Star Power!" Zhane called.

They teleported down to the high school. When they arrived they attacked the big hornet monster of Lord Zedd's.

'Jeez I don't know whether they are trying to distract us or planning to do something right now.' Jason thought.

'I don't know much about Rita and Zedd, but this isn't Petra and Jet's style.' Alexis said.

'Jason be careful of that tail!' Zhane warned.

Jason moved out of the way as he saw the tail coming very close to his face. 'Thanks Zhane.' Jason looked over at the Zeo Rangers and saw they were having no trouble with the Robot King Mondo sent down. As he was about to turn his attention back to the monster he saw a flash of light. He half sighed with relief, half groaned when he saw it was Goldar and not Tommy or Andros.

"Hey I am just here to deliver a note to the Defenders!" Goldar said fighting off Adam's kick.

'What the heck?' Jason thought. Goldar flung something towards Zhane and vanished. The monsters had been destroyed.

'Guys let's get back to the ship. We need to talk about this.' Zhane ordered. Everyone teleported back to their place of command.

When the Defenders arrived they wasted no time to power down. Once they were back in their usual clothes they turned to Zhane.

"This note that Goldar sent is a ransom note. It says if we want to see Andros and Tommy alive again, you have forty-eight hours to surrender the powers of both Zeo and Defender."

"Great now what? It's we either turn the powers over, blow the vow of secrecy and lose all we have worked for, or lose Tommy and Andros." Alexis said.

"Knowing how they all operate we won't see Andros and Tommy anyway even if we surrender." Jason said.


The room filled with silence as they contemplated the problem at hand.


In the dungeon Tommy and Andros don't know what was going to happen to them but continued chatting. They seemed to have a lot in common.

"Now that I've told you all about me, it's your turn." Tommy told Andros.

"I haven't told the others all of this. I just have a need to say it though. Your probably wondering how I got into The Defenders right?" Tommy nodded. "My life hasn't been all that great. My life has always been one big lie. My parents, though I don't know if I can call them that since they aren't, don't even know where I am. On KO-35 it was a nice place to live. There was the attacks by the Cyviens occasionally which were fought off be a mysterious group of people. But other then that a great place. I remember the day I ran from home like it was yesterday. I had to find my birth certificate to go somewhere, and my parents weren't home. I thought they put it in this box where they put all the important papers so I went digging through it. I couldn't find it. But I found this piece of paper. It said "Mr. and Mrs. Spindler take full responsibility of infant Andros for the sum of 35,000 Kerovian dollars. They will not ask for anything more." My parents signatures were on it, and it was dated two days after I was born." Andros stopped and took a deep breath. "I left that house as fast as I could and met up with The Defenders and have been with them ever since."

Tommy sat there listening in silence. "That must have been hard for you to find out. I am adopted myself, but that doesn't sound like an adoption to me."

"Yeah I know." Andros said quietly.

Neither of them heard someone cursing under their breath.


Petra walked into the throne room and walked over to Jet. "I just had an idea." She said in a quiet voice.

"What is it dear?" Jet asked.

"I know Zedd and Rita have been itching to do something to that new Defender, so let's give them the opportunity. Let them beat him so bad he'll be useless to the Defenders."

"I'm following you so far. But what about Andros?"

"Let me handle Andros." She said.

Jet, though he never told his wife Petra this, knew what was going on. He could see it in the way she looked at the kid. He nodded and said, "Let me go run it by the others I'm sure they will be happy to have the opportunity."

"Run what by who?" Mondo asked walking into the room.

"Oh just that Petra and I think we should do something to the prisoners." Jet said. "Petra has asked to have Andros for this, but you can do whatever you want with the Lightning Ranger."

"Anything? I knew I liked your style Jet!"


In the dungeon Andros and Tommy heard footsteps approaching.

"Tommy be careful they might have that gadget of Petra's with them."

The rock drones walked into the cell but moved aside to let the Defenders captors into the cell.

"We thought you two have had too much time to get to know each other. Fun's over." Lord Zedd said with a laugh.

The drone's grabbed both Defenders. Tommy and Andros struggled against the drones but it was useless. Andros was pulled in one direction, and Tommy was taken in another.

When Andros was thrown into a room he saw Petra looking at him.

Petra turned to the drones and said, "Leave us!" After they left she looked down at Andros, and whispered, "I didn't think I would see you again Andros Mikel Dante."

Andros looked up at her puzzled. "What did you call me?" He asked.

"I called you by your birth name." She said with a smile. Andros looked even more puzzled and continued. "Andros you will probably not believe me when I tell you this story but just listen. Twenty years ago I met my first husband. His name was Cordon Dante. We met on KO-35. I just moved there from a neighboring planet. We went to the same school on KO-35 and we hit it off right away. We had begun dating and then started going steady a month later. A year later we were married. We were absolutely in love at least that's what I thought. Four years after we were married I became pregnant. I couldn't wait to have the child. In a quiet hospital I gave birth to a healthy beautiful baby boy. Unfortunately two days after he was born Cordon took the child from the hospital and gave it to another couple. He sold our child as if it was a toy. I divorced him soon after and he never told me where he put the child. Andros that child was you!"

Andros sat there shocked. "How do I know you are telling the truth?" He asked in a very quiet voice.

"I didn't know it was you until I saw the hair. Andros the hair is a trademark in my family. My hair has never been colored see?" She held her hair out to get a better look at her rainbow colored hair. "Your hair with its streaks confirms it."

Andros was crying by then. He figured at first she must have been listening in on the conversation that he and Tommy had in the dungeon. But he remembered he never mentioned Cordon's name to Tommy.

"Oh my son you need not cry! Stay here with me and Jet. We will provide you the family you have always needed. Jet has suspected this much almost as long as I have. We know each other so well. Well what's your answer."

Andros looked up at her and slowly nodded. Petra knelt next to him and held him tightly, feeling her own tears trickle down her cheeks. She looked up in the doorway and saw Jet standing there with a small smile.


Unfortunately, Tommy wasn't having as good of luck as Andros was. After Tommy was thrown into the room, Goldar and Rito started double-teaming him immediately. Tommy had tried fighting back, but he was hit in the knee with something. He fell to the ground hard and was sure there was a torn ligament in his knee.

Zedd walked into the room and fired his staff at Tommy. He stood there watching the Defender slowly pass out from having so much electricity being shot at him. Then he signaled for Goldar and Rito to continue kicking the unconscious teenager. This went on for quite awhile till Zedd told them to stop and they left Tommy lying in the middle of the room bleeding and broken.

When they returned to the throne room, Lord Zedd reported the damage done to the Defender. They knew no matter how good of machines the Defenders had they were not strong enough to mend someone that quickly.

Jet walked into the throne room looking tired. "Andros has...been taken care of. When do you want to face the rangers and Defenders?" He asked them.

"As soon as your wife is done with Andros. Tommy is in another room unconscious." Rita informed him.

Petra walked into the room; looking happier then she had in quite awhile. Jet knew what made her so happy and couldn't keep from smiling himself.

"So you guys ready?" She asked.


Alarms were going off in the Power Chamber.

"Ai yi yi Zordon! Petra, Jet, Mondo, Rita, and Zedd have all appeared in the park. They have brought their drones with them plus two humans can't tell who they are though!"

"CONTACT THE RANGERS IMMEDIATELY ALPHA!" What were they up to? Zordon wondered.

When the rangers were informed of the situation they teleported to the park. When they got there, they noticed the Defenders were already there.

"Glad you could all make it. We changed our minds Defenders it's up to them if they want to return to you." Jet said.

"What's he talking about?" Kat asked Tanya. Tanya just shrugged. That's when they saw who one of them was.

Goldar, who had been standing further back from the group, walked to the middle of the field and dropped someone in the grass carelessly.

"Well only one of them can make the choice actually. Since the Lightning Ranger is too out of it to choose you can have him."

The Defenders approached cautiously, and picked up Tommy.

'Jason take Tommy and go back to the ship.' Zhane ordered.

'But...' Jason was about to protest.


Jason teleported back to the ship quickly taking his fallen best friend up with him. He put Tommy on an examining table. This was one time he wished there was an Alpha there.


Back in the park Andros stepped forward.

"Andros make your choice." Jet said.

Andros stood there looking back and forth between the groups. He looked at the Defenders who had taken him in when he needed someone the most. He then looked at his mother. He didn't want to leave her. But then again he couldn't just turn his back on his friends. Andros made his decision and started walking.

"Andros no!" Zhane yelled running towards the young Defender. But he realized it was too late as they vanished. Zhane fell to the ground shaking.

Dallas walked over to him. "Zhane he made his choice." She whispered.

"He must be under a spell!" Roland suggested.

"No he wasn't." Zhane whispered, and teleported away.

The others couldn't believe what they just saw and heard. They followed Zhane and teleported back up to the ship.

"Did you guys see who that fallen Defender was?" Adam asked.

Kat nodded. "Yeah it was Tommy..." She whispered.

"Now what is going to happen?" Rocky asked.

Unfortunately no one had an answer for him.

The End

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