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Time frame: A week after Andros comes back.

The Defenders 4: Revenge
By: Dana

On the Moon Fortress, Petra stood silently looking out from the balcony. She was furious. It had been a week since Andros left her again. She knew it was Zordon's fault. He was always interfering with something. When she was married to Cordon, Zordon was always there saying something about her. He had no right to take Andros. No one did! "Petra you have to realize there was nothing for you to do." A voice from behind her said. She turned around.

"Jet I shouldn't have sent him back." She told her husband.

"And keep him here against his will? You know you wouldn't have wanted that. He was going to figure it out sooner or later Petra." Jet said calmly.

"I'm going to teach Zordon not to mess with me." Petra vowed.

"I know you are Petra." Jet said. But at what price Jet thought to himself.


On the Talorn Ship Tommy, who was off crutches, Jason, Dallas, Zhane, Roland, Andros, and Alexis were sitting around relaxing.

"It's been so quiet lately. I wonder what they're planning." Dallas told the group.

"I don't know but Petra's not happy about this. She looked so mad when I said I wanted to go back." Andros said. He could not bring himself to call her mother not after what he found out.

"That's what's to be expected. She's not a nice woman and making her mad makes it worse." Zhane said.

"I just wish I knew what they were up to." Jason said.

"We all wish that." Roland said.

"We'll just have to be ready for anything." Alexis said with a sigh. They continued talking and all thinking about what may happen.


"Guys I'm not sure about this." Andros told Tommy and Jason the next day. The three of them were standing outside of Cornwall High School.

"What's not to be sure about? You said you wanted to see what school on this planet was like." Tommy said.

"Yeah I know but what if the teachers ask me some questions? I know nothing about your planet." Andros said nervously.

"Well then this is the perfect opportunity to find out. I think Alexis got you in all of Tommy's classes and that means your also in a couple of mine. Absorb the knowledge." Jason said with a smile. "Just don't say anything and you'll be fine."

"Thanks a lot Jason!" Andros said

"Now if anyone asks, remember to tell them you're my cousin." Tommy reminded Andros.

"No problem." Andros said. He drew in a breath of air as he walked into the school. "So where's the first class?"

"We have English. Jason's also in that class." Tommy informed him.

As they entered the classroom, Andros shrank back behind the Jason and Tommy. He saw the other students sitting there looking at him curiously.

"Tommy it's nice to see you off crutches. I suppose that means your knee is better?" Mrs. Kimble asked.

"Yes Ma'am. This is my cousin Andros he just moved here to Angel Grove." Tommy said pointing to Andros who was eyeing the room skeptically.

"Oh yes you said something about that Friday I think. Hello Andros my name's Mrs. Kimble. Welcome to Cornwall High School and Angel Grove. Why don't you take the seat behind Jason Scott."

"Okay." Andros said and hurried to the seat and turned towards the teacher as she began the class.

Kat turned around in her seat and eyed Andros curiously. She flashed a smile at him and turned back around to listen to the lecture. 'I wonder why he's here.' The only Defenders the Zeo Rangers knew the identities of were Andros and Tommy because they were unmorphed once.

Andros sat there taking notes. He almost jumped out of his skin at the end of the period when the bell sounded to indicate class was over.

"Don't worry Andros that's what they call a bell. It goes off when classes are over." Jason whispered with a smile.

"I know what bells are Jason. It's just that one was really loud." Andros informed him.

Jennifer Parker turned to fellow classmate Laura James and said, "Did you see Tommy's cousin?"

"I sure did Jen. He's seriously cute. I wouldn't mind getting to know him." Laura said with a smile.

"You and me both Laura!" Jennifer said.

Andros who was walking behind Tommy heard what the two girls had said. He just brushed it off and followed Tommy to the next class. Andros received the same looks he got in English the rest of the day.

"So Andros what do you think of school here so far?" Jason asked after school.

"It's different." Andros said with a shrug. "But I like it."

Tommy whispered "Come on let's go back up to the Talorn."


Petra watched this with annoyance. "We need to act now!" She said to her husband. "We usually don't take this much time to attack! What are we waiting for?"

"A plan Petra. We need a plan. We don't just attack without a plan." Jet told her.

"I have been working on a plan. Here's what it is." Petra went on to detail the plan.

"Sounds good to me." Jet said with a smirk. He knew the Rangers and Defenders wouldn't stand a chance.


Zhane and Dallas were walking by the lake when the rock drones appeared not that far away.

"What's going on?" Dallas asked.

"I would bet that they are trying to get our attention." Zhane said with a smirk.

"You know Zhane I think you've gotten more obnoxious since you returned. Is that an after affect?" Dallas joked.

"Very funny Dal. Now let's take care of the drones."

They started fighting them and were soon joined by Andros, Tommy, Jason, Alexis, and Roland.


At the Oliver house at the same time, Ryan and Charlotte Oliver were sitting down for dinner. Five-year-old Cory Oliver was washing up. Absent of course being their eldest son Tommy.

"Tommy said he had to meet someone and would join us as soon as he could." Charlotte said.

"Yeah well I have gotten so used to him being late I don't think of it anymore." Ryan said with a smile.

The conversation stopped suddenly when they heard a scream in the family room. Ryan and Charlotte wasted no time and started running into the next room. They were met by a simian, a creature made of bones, and two people that looked human. The woman with rainbow colored hair held Cory by her.

"Let my son go!" Ryan yelled and charged them. He was met with a kick from the simian and fell to the ground gasping for oxygen. The man laughed at him as he kicked him also.

"You will give this message to Tommy. Tell him we're not playing anymore and if he wants his brother back he needs to meet us in the park at ten tonight." The man said. He kicked Ryan in the head once more and he, Goldar, Petra, Rito, along with Cory vanished.

"NO!" Charlotte screamed and fainted.


Tommy couldn't understand why but he felt something was wrong. He kicked the drone he was fighting and looked around. 'You guys something's not right.' He sent out.

'Nothing's ever right when you fight Petra and Jet.' Alexis said.

The drone's vanished. "Now I know something's wrong." Tommy said.

"I'm sure it's nothing bro." Jason tried to assure him.

Andros stood there staring at the Lightning Ranger who was shaking now. "Tommy what do you feel?" Andros couldn't explain it either. It had to do with Lightning power. They were able to sense things. Tommy told him about the dream he had. He had met other rangers with the lightning power they told him the same thing.

Tommy closed his eyes. Then re-opened them in terror. "My families in danger!" He said.

"Well let's go see what's going on then." Zhane said.

"Why don't Tommy and I go check it out? They don't know you guys." Jason said.

The others nodded and were about to go back up to the Talorn. Andros stood there silently. "Come on Andros." Roland said.

Tommy and Jason teleported to just outside of Tommy's house. Tommy opened the door and almost fainted when he saw the state of his house.

Jason saw it too and gripped his friend's shoulder to keep him steady. 'You guys we have trouble.' Jason said into his communicator.

Tommy ran over to his parents. "Bro call an ambulance." Tommy said in a shaky voice.

"Tommy?" Charlotte whispered opening her eyes.

"Mom what happened? Where's Cory?" Tommy asked.

"I...I thought you weren't a ranger anymore..." She whispered.

"I'm not. Why what happened?" Tommy asked. He wasn't lying he wasn't the ranger his mother knew of.

"The...they came into the house...Your father and...I heard Cory scream...and ran into the room. They b...beat up your father and too...took your brother." Charlotte struggled to keep from breaking down and crying. Tommy held her and tried to assure her everything would be all right.

"Tommy they said to tell you they weren't play...playing anymore. The...that you had to me...meet them in the pa...park at ten to...tonight." Charlotte closed her eyes.

"Hang in their mom." Tommy said squeezing his mother's hand.

"Tommy I called they'll be here soon." Jason said quietly.

"Jase they took Cory." Tommy was crying earnestly now.

"We'll get him back Tommy. I'll get you and your mother glasses of water." Jason said. Jason walked into the kitchen. When he got there he saw Andros standing in the kitchen. "Andros you really shouldn't teleport in like that." Jason said.

"I know but the others sent me. How's Tommy holding up?" Andros asked.

"Not well. That whole thing at the park really worries me though. How did he know something was wrong? This whole month has been so strange." Jason said.

"Yeah I know." Andros said. "Here. Do you want me to carry one of the glasses?" Andros asked.

"Sure." Jason said. They walked into the family room and handed Tommy and Charlotte glasses of water.

"Thanks Jase." Tommy said and shakily drank his water.

There was a knock at the door. Tommy answered it and let the paramedics in. They got Ryan loaded into the ambulance and Charlotte rode along. The other Defenders teleported down to talk about what happened.

"They said I had to meet them in the park at ten tonight if I wanted to see my brother again." Tommy informed them.

"You're not going alone Tommy." Alexis said.

"No wait it could be a trap. They didn't say only you right?" Dallas asked. Tommy nodded.

"Well it's six now we have four hours. Andros and Tommy why don't you two see if you can find the Zeo Rangers? The rest of us will go back up to the ship."

They all went into separate directions to take care of everything.


"What are you going to do with the kid now that you have him Petra?" Scorpina asked.

"We'll tell him what his big brother really is." Petra said. "Tommy won't be able to deny it." Petra informed her. "Rita was going to go down there now anyway."

Down in the dungeon, Rita approached the child slowly.

He turned around and angrily said, "Let me go!"

"Ah Cory you're just like your brother stubborn. There are some things you don't know about him though. Did you know he used to work for me?" Cory shook his head. "Or that he almost killed Jason twice?"

"Your lying Tommy wouldn't do that." Cory said.

"Of course Tommy would have never told you because your only five, but I speak the truth. You would have been what, two? No wonder you didn't know about it. Your adopted brother was a Power Ranger. He was my Green Ranger. Hateful kid too. He made the right candidate. You could sense the hate. He was never around was he? He even missed your preschool graduation didn't he? He was on some journey and didn't even think you would care."

"He apologized!" Cory protested.

"I'm sure he did. He was always lying wasn't he?" Cory nodded. "Just a week ago he told your parents he was in a car accident. Ha I don't think so." Rita said.

Cory turned away from her. He started crying. She was right.


Tommy and Andros walked up to the nearest Zeo Ranger's house, which was Katherine's. Tommy rang the doorbell.

Cat's older sister, Angela Hilliard, answered the door. "Hello Tommy! Your here to see Kat aren't you?"

Tommy nodded. "We'll wait out here Angela."

"Okay I'll go get her." She glanced curiously at Andros before closing the door. A minute later Katherine came out.

"Tommy! Andros! What are you two doing here?" Kat asked.

"We're in need of you and the others help. Can you take us to the Power Chamber?"

"Sure. Grab onto me and let's go."

"TOMMY AND ANDROS THIS IS A SURPRISE." Zordon said as soon as they appeared in the Power Chamber.

"Zordon can you contact the rest of the Zeo Rangers please?" Tommy asked.

"I'll do it right now Tommy." Alpha told him.

A few minutes later the rest of the Zeo Rangers appeared. "What's going on Zordon?" Adam asked. Then turned to where Andros and Tommy were. "Tommy what are you and Andros doing here?"

"Earlier tonight while the Defenders were fighting drones at the lake, Petra, Jet, Goldar, and Rito came to my house. They beat up my dad and kidnapped Cory. My dad's has a couple of broken ribs but he'll be all right. My mother was in shock but she's calm now."

"Wow Tommy! Did they tell your mother or father something before they left?" Rocky asked.

"They said I needed to be at the park at ten. We figure they are up to something major and we thought we could use your help."

"Of course we'll help bro." David said to his brother.

"We've got two hours." Tommy said.

"Is there anyway that we can all meet before ten?" Tanya asked.

Andros finally spoke. "That would be pretty hard. You guys found out who we are by accident."

"Well we also figured Jason was a Defender." Rocky said with a smile. "We figured it out because Tommy and Jason started acting weird. No offense Tommy."

"None taken. Andros you think you can teleport them up here?" Tommy asked.

"I'll give it a try. Though this was more of something Alexis was gifted at." Andros went up to one of the computers and started pushing some buttons. There was a flash of light and the rest of the Defenders appeared.

"Huh? Where are we?" Zhane asked confused.


"Zordon? Why are we here?" Jason asked.

"Sorry guys. We decided we needed a group meeting." Andros apologized.

"A little warning would have helped." Zhane mockingly scolded. "So are you guys going to come with us to the park?"

"Yes. We know that you'll need all the help you can get." Adam said.

"I was thinking we should hold back and let them tip their hand. Let them make the first move." Dallas said.

"That's a good idea. By the way my name is David." David said.

"I'm Kat."




"Pleased to meet you. My name is Zhane. This is Alexis, Roland, and Dallas. Of course you already know Andros, Tommy, and Jason." Zhane said.

"Pleased to meet all of you."

"RANGERS YOU ONLY HAVE LESS THEN TWO HOURS." Zordon reminded them. Andros noticed something in his voice. 'Something's going to happen and Zordon knows it.' Andros thinks to himself.

While the others discussed what they should do, Tommy was barely listening. His mind was on His parents and brother. His parents nearly fainted when he said he had to be in the park. They asked him if he was crazy or something. We don't want to lose you too. They had told him. Tommy wasn't crazy just worried about his five year old brother.

At quarter to ten everyone got ready to go down.

"It's Morphin time!" Zhane and Andros yelled.

"Zeo Ranger 1, Pink!" Kat called.

"Zeo Ranger 2, Yellow!" Tanya called.

"Zeo Ranger 3, Blue!" Rocky called.

"Zeo Ranger 4, Green!" Adam called.

"Zeo Ranger 5, Red!" David called.

"Lightning Power!" Tommy called.

"Thunder Power!" Jason called.

"Wind Power!" Andros called.

"Solar Power!" Roland called.

"Comet Power!" Alexis called.

"Sun Power!" Dallas called.

"Star Power!" Zhane called.

Zordon looked down at the twelve Rangers and Defenders in front of him. "GOOD LUCK AND MAY THE POWER PROTECT ALL OF YOU."

When they arrived in the park they looked around waiting for the evil beings to appear.

At exactly ten, Jet, Rita, Goldar, Rito, Scorpina, Tengas, and rock drones appeared. Cory was brought with them.

"Where's Petra?" Andros whispered.

"Good question." Zhane whispered back.

"Glad you could all make it." Rita said sarcastically.

"Give me back my brother now Rita!" Tommy ordered.

"I think that's the first time you actually cared about your brother Thomas." Rita sneered.

"Cory I don't know what they told you but it wasn't true." Tommy said.

"What the part that you were the Green Ranger or the one where you almost killed Jason twice?" Cory asked.

Tommy blanched. "Cory that was a long time ago. I was under a spell. I would never try to kill Jason."

Cory just stared at him with eyes filled with tears. Jet gave a signal and the rock drones, Tengas, Rito, Goldar, and Scorpina attacked the Rangers and the Defenders. The fight was going in the Defenders and Rangers favor. Jason and Tommy were fighting Goldar. Zhane and Andros were fighting Rito. Kat, Tanya, and Dallas were fighting Scorpina. The other five were fighting the Tengas and drones.

Zhane and Andros had been double-teaming Rito when it happened. Andros stood there for one second before he disappeared. Zhane turned towards where Jet was, but Jet had a surprised look on his face. Adam came over to give Zhane a hand. "Where'd Andros go?" Adam asked.

"I don't know. But it doesn't seem that it was planned." Zhane answered.

"Who would have thought I would have been fighting you two again in the big battle? By the way Tommy, how's your father?" Goldar taunted.

"You're going to pay for that Goldar!" Tommy yelled and ran over to him and kicked him as hard as he could.

All Jason could do was stand there and watch. 'Be careful bro.' Jason sent telepathically. Jason stood there in shock as his best friend drew on some power he had never seen before. Lightning surrounded him and it hit Goldar. Goldar fell to the ground in a heap. Tommy fell to the ground with exhaustion. Jason hurried over to check on Tommy. Tommy stood up shaking.

"Tommy what was that?" Jason asked.

"Jase I really couldn't tell you. I was so mad at Goldar that I...I don't know." Tommy said.

"Well you killed Goldar." Jason whispered.

"I...I did?" Tommy stammered.

Jason would have sent Tommy back up to the Talorn but he noticed Andros was missing. "You going to be all right bro?" Jason asked.

"Yeah I'll be fine." Tommy answered. Tengas had started coming closer while the two of them started talking. Tommy and Jason got back to action.

Rita, who had felt bad about losing Goldar, turned to Cory. "See? Didn't I tell you that your brother was a killer?" Rita asked.

Cory didn't answer.


Andros re-materialized in the Power Chamber. "Zordon how did I get here?" Andros asked.

"I HAD A QUESTION ABOUT THE LIGHTNING POWER. LOOK AT THE VIEWING GLOBE." Zordon said. The viewing globe showed Tommy drawing on his powers and firing at Goldar.

"Zordon there is something about the Lightning Powers that we had never told Tommy. It seems that-"

A flash of light interrupted Andros. Petra stood there. "Oh how sweet Zordon and Andros here together. Your friend may have destroyed Goldar but they won't be able to save you two." Petra paused and fired something at Zordon. Zordon tried to fight back by firing some of his own energies at her but wasn't fast enough. Andros watched in horror as the tube that held Zordon shattered.

"NO!" Andros shoved Petra to the ground. Petra was able to teleport out before the Power Chamber started falling apart.

Andros could hear Alpha approaching him, but he was hit in the head with some of the falling material. Everything went black.


"NO!" Tommy yelled sinking to his knees.

"Tommy what's the matter?" Jason asked.

Zhane watched this and frowned. 'Jason send Tommy back to the Talorn.'

Jason nodded and pressed something on Tommy morpher and watched him leave.

The Rangers and Defenders re-grouped. After being informed that Zordon had been taken care of, Rito, Scorpina, Jet all teleported back to the moon. "What's going on? Where's Andros and Tommy?" Kat asked.

"No time to answer. Jason do you think Cory would trust you?" Zhane asked.

"I could give it a try." Jason slowly approached where Cory stood next to Rita. "Cory you have to listen to me. Tommy never meant to hurt you. I remember how much he always talked about you. He's my best friend I should know."

Cory stared at him.

"Cory your parents are worried about you. Won't you come back?" Jason asked.

Cory nodded and slowly started walking towards Jason.

Rita realizing there was nothing for her to do teleported away. 'At least the main plan was taken care of.' Rita thought.

There was static on Adam's communicator. "Alpha? Zordon? This is Adam! Come in!" Adam tried.

"A...am...Y...M...st...me...to...P...er...mber." Alpha sent.

"You guys something's wrong!" Adam said.

"Let's get to the Power Chamber then!" Zhane said.

When they arrived they saw the Power Chamber a mess. They also noticed that Zordon wasn't there. "Alpha what happened?" Kat asked.

Zhane wasn't waiting for a reply. He saw a human hand and ran over and started removing the debris. He found an unconscious Andros. Zhane checked the young Defenders pulse. He realized he was just unconscious.

"Rangers, Petra came up here. She fired at Zordon's time warp and Zordon's gone. Andros was up here and he got hit with the falling debris." Alpha informed her.

"Where's Tommy?" Cory asked Jason in a whisper.

"Don't worry. We sent him back up to our base." Jason assured him.

"Now what?" David asked to no one in particular.

Alpha was pushing buttons and looked up at the teenagers. "A replacement for Zordon will be here soon."

There was a flash of light and another time warp appeared. This one holding a female. Andros who had just come to looked up and said, "Antiqua!"

"Hello to you too Andros. I am deeply sorry for what happened to Zordon. He put me down for a replacement if anything should happen to him. Rangers my name is Antiqua. I have come to assist you."

They started introducing themselves. There was a flash of light and Tommy appeared. Cory stood shocked. He didn't know what to say to his brother.

"You okay Tommy?" Zhane asked.

"I'm better. I don't know what happened out there. I didn't mean to kill Goldar." Tommy said.

"We know you didn't Tommy." Kat said and gave him a hug.

The rest stood shocked by all of the recent events wondering what would happen now.

To be continued

Author's Note: There is one more story for this series. It's short called Defenders 5: Aftermath. The story will set everything up for the next series. I hope you liked this series so far. Email me at Willow@grrtech.com.