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Suggested Reading: This is the third fanfic of the Protectors of Space Series. You've got to read Defenders sub-series, Visit and Light of Hope first. Don't even try reading this without them. Much like the Defenders sub-series this series follows each story exactly.

Time frame: Right after Light of Hope ends.

Never Forget
By: Dana

"What!?" Roland almost shouted.

"We don't understand it either. Dimitria got a lock on Tommy's location. But something's keeping her from being able to teleport Tommy up here." Jason answered.

Carlos came in. "Roland and Jason you're both needed in the Control Room. I'll keep an eye on Andros." He said and took the seat Roland had been sitting in. He watched Jason and Roland run out of the room.

When Jason and Roland got to the Control Room they saw the others talking. "Are we going down to get Tommy or what?" Roland asked.

"We were just waiting for you two to join us. You ready to go?" Zhane asked. Everyone nodded. "Then let's do it!"

"Thunder Power!" Jason called.
"Solar Power!" Roland called.
"Sun Power!" Dallas called.
"Star Power!" Zhane called.

"Let's Rocket!" The Astro Rangers called.

They arrived and saw people gathered in a circle. They could hear such comments as, "I don't know he was laying there when I got here." "You think we should call an ambulance?"

'Zhane I'm going to morph back to civilian clothes before they spot us.' Jason sent.

'All right Jason be careful to not be spotted though.'

Before Jason could, a girl that couldn't have been more then four years old spotted them. "Mommy, Mommy look it's the Power Rangers!" Which made everyone turn around.

A woman came running over to them. "Oh I'm so glad your here. There's a young man unconscious over there." She said pointing to where the others were standing. "We weren't sure whether or not to call an ambulance. He's breathing and all but we were worried."

"Thank you ma'am we'll take it from here." Zhane said. They rushed up to the group. Roland pulled out a scanner that he had taken down to Earth with him. Roland turned to Zhane and shook his head to let the rest of them know it wasn't good. "We'll take him up to the ship and make sure he's all right. Thank you for finding him. Your help was much appreciated." Zhane said. He put a hand on Tommy and they were all gone in mixtures of light.

When they got back up to the Talorn they placed Tommy on one of the beds in the room Andros was in. Andros looked over at the others and said in a quiet strained voice, "Is Tommy all right?"

"Don't know that's why we're checking." Roland informed him. Taking the scanner he scanned Tommy again. "I just don't understand it. This shouldn't be showing up now." Roland mumbled to himself.

"What shouldn't?" Jason asked concerned.

"The scans are showing an acid from the planet Shladon. Which shouldn't surprise you. From what I read on the computer it's where Jet and Petra are currently. I'm not an expert on computers Alexis is. But from what I remember about the planet Shladon this acid is something that can get through to anything. Even the Lightning Powers. I'm guessing, though we won't know until Tommy regains consciousness that, he was teleporting out when he came in contact with the acid. It takes time for someone to fully heal from this acid. Looks like Andros won't be alone in here. Now I could be wrong, but that acid could have been used to take the Lightning Powers. Thank goodness Tommy was somehow able to get away." Roland said putting down the scanner and walked over to Andros. "How are you doing Andros?"

"Tired and very sore." Andros said in a whisper. He watched as Roland picked up some more antibiotics.

"Well it's time for more medication anyway. Just try to sleep Andros that's about as much as you can do." Roland said administering the drugs. He watched Andros close his eyes. "I'm going to see if I can find out more about the acid. Tommy and Andros should be all right in here. I don't expect either of them will be waking up any time soon. But just in case could one of you still keep an eye on them?"

"Sure. I'll do it." Jason volunteered.

"Thanks Jason. The rest of us should rest up. We all need to be on our toes." Zhane said. The others agreed and left Andros, Tommy, and Jason in the room.

Jason moved the chair between Andros and Tommy. He watched them both sleep and prayed they would make it through this.


Tommy felt himself falling and landing on a hard surface. He looked around not quite sure where he was. However he wasn't able to see much. Everything was pitch black. It was a cold place and he felt so alone. He could hear voices but couldn't identify them though they did sound familiar. He couldn't understand how he got there. The last thing he could remember was seeing Petra throw something at him. 'I must not have gotten away and they trapped me here.' Tommy thought. He sat down on what he believed to be the ground and waited.

Tommy saw a flash of light and closed his eyes. When he re-opened them he saw the woman that he had seen earlier. Tommy jumped to his feet and looked at her suspiciously.

"Don't look at me that way. I'm sorry I didn't get here earlier. I should have known this is where you would have gone. For this is where I would have gone myself." She said eyeing him.

"I'm sorry..."


"I'm sorry Jimanya but I don't know who you are or where I am. Am I still on Astronema's ship?" Tommy asked.

"Astronema's ship? Not even close to Astronema's ship. You're in what we like to call the dream world. You come here when you're just not quite ready to become conscious again. But your not quite sleeping either. Not many people can get here. There are two groups of people that can come here. The Lightning Rangers then the people that have the potential to hold the Lightning Powers. Andros is sleeping or I'm sure he would be here too."

"Andros isn't a Lightning Ranger. He's a Wind Ranger."

"Like I said Lightning Rangers and people that have the potential to be one. I'm sure Zhane thought thirteen was too young to hold the Lightning powers so he gave him the power of wind."

"Jimanya I have two questions for you. How are you able to be here? And why were you on Astronema's ship?"

"I'll start from the beginning. My name's Jimanya. And I'm from the planet Edenoi. I am a Lightning Ranger myself. Andros is a good friend of mine. He's a really nice guy. Once you get control of your Lightning Powers you will be able to tell how much mind power you have. To answer your second question, I can teleport onto Astronema's ship and not be detected unless they see me when I'm already on board. I was on there to help you and Alexis. It's a strong spell that Astronema placed on her it won't be easy to take off."

"One last question. Where am I actually? I mean where's the rest of me." Tommy asked.

"You'll be happy to know you're back on the Talorn. The reason you haven't regained consciousness yet is because you are suffering from contact with an acid from the planet Shladon. I believe it was going to be used to steal the Lightning powers. I'm glad you were able to get out of there though." Jimanya smiled remembering something. "You just need to rest and relax. If you need me just call my name." Jimanya disappeared.

'Edenoi? I wonder if she knows Prince Dex.' Tommy wondered. He lay down and closed his eyes.


Andros opened his eyes again. And saw that Ashley was now sitting in the room. "Hi Ashley." Andros said quietly.

"Oh! Your awake again Andros. You want some water?" When she saw Andros nod she got up and hurried to the other side of the room to get a glass of water. She handed it to him and helped him drink it.

Andros turned to where Tommy lay. "Has there been any change with him?" Andros asked.

"Unfortunately no. Roland is still looking up information on the acid. It's been pretty quiet. Astronema hasn't sent anything down in awhile. Which we're all glad for." Ashley said taking the cup from Andros. She saw him wince. "You all right Andros? Do you need me to go get Roland?" She asked worriedly.

"No I'm okay just tired still. I wish I didn't have to lay here. I wish I could help you guys." His voice was starting to break.

"Shh don't strain your voice. We would rather have you getting well then straining yourself trying to help us. You just heal all right?" Andros yawned and tried to stay awake and Ashley said, "It's all right Andros just sleep you need it." She saw him close his eyes and fall asleep.

Cassie came into the room. "Hey Ashley your turn is up I'm here to relieve you. Any changes?"

"Andros was awake for a few minutes but he still doesn't have the strength to stay awake for long periods of time." Ashley sighed.

"He took a real bad hit from the blast it'll take time." Cassie said and sat down where Ashley had been sitting. She watched Ashley walk out of the room. 'You just get better Andros. It's breaking Ashley's heart seeing you like this.'


On Astronema's ship, Astronema was furious. "How could you let him escape?" She yelled at Elgar.

"I'm sorry Astronema but he was too quick." Elgar said.

"No matter. My mother informed me she was able to throw the acid at him before he escaped. They are still down three rangers." She said with a smile. "We'll strike now. Elgar, Ecliptor, and Darkonda I am sending you and the Quanatrons down to Earth." She sent them down and turned to Alexis. "I have something else in mind for you."


Roland was looking at information about the acid when the alarms on the ship went off. Roland jumped out of his seat and ran to the Control Room. He saw everyone but Tommy and Andros in the room. "What's going on?" He asked.

"Astronema sent down Elgar, Ecliptor, Darkonda and Quanatrons. We need to stop them." Zhane informed him.

"What about Tommy and Andros? Will they be okay up here?" Carlos asked.

"They should be fine." Dallas answered him.

"It's Morphin Time!" Zhane yelled.
"Thunder Power!" Jason called.
"Solar Power!" Roland called.
"Sun Power!" Dallas called.
"Star Power!" Zhane called.
"Let's Rocket!" The Astro Rangers called.

They teleported down to the surface.

After they left Alexis was teleported onto the ship. The alarms didn't go off which surprised Alexis. She stood back thinking of where they would have put Andros and Tommy. A memory came back and she knew exactly where they would be. She walked quickly down the hall and saw Andros and Tommy asleep. 'This is too easy.' She thought.

Alexis walked up to the monitoring table Andros was laying on, and looked it over. Alexis unplugged the machine that was monitoring him. Andros woke up instantly.

"Alexis?" He whispered. "What are you doing?"

"Finishing the job Ecliptor started. No one can stop me either. You can barely talk much less fight. Elgar, Ecliptor, and Darkonda along with Quanatrons are distracting the others and Tommy's in a coma. So what are you going to do Andros?"

"He can't do anything but I can!" Came Jimanya's voice from behind Alexis. "Alexis you don't want to do this! Andros and Tommy are your friends! They have been trying so hard to save you. But they are both severely injured. I know you don't want to kill them Alexis!" She said slowly approaching Alexis.

"How would you know? I've never seen you before." Alexis questioned while backing up.

"Astronema tricked you two years ago. She separated you from the others then captured you. Alexis can you even remember two years ago?" Jimanya asked standing directly in front of Alexis.

Alexis closed her eyes trying to shut Jimanya out. As she closed her eyes, memories came back to her. She was back on KO-35 at the age of ten.

"Lex you want to go check out the meteor shower?" Little, shy ten-year-old Roland asked walking over to his best friend of four years.

Alexis looked up from the computer she was sitting in front of. "Are you sure it's safe out there? What if we're attacked?" She asked tentatively.

"Then I'll protect you." Roland said with a smile. He knew full well; that Alexis was a much better fighter then he was.

"You wish!" She said knowing what Roland was thinking. "Come on shrimp." She said calling him by his least favorite nickname. "Let's go before someone knows we're gone. Let's invite Dallas and Zhane." She said, and they walked out of the room chatting happily.

Alexis looked up puzzled. 'What was that? It was scary. Who were those children? One of them was called Lex and the other Roland. And who was Dallas and Zhane?' She turned to Jimanya. "What was that you just filled my mind with?" She demanded.

"Those are called memories. I didn't cause you to see those images you were remembering them by yourself. You can't hide from the truth."

While they were talking, Andros lifted up his communicator, which was left on his wrist. "Zhane come in."

Zhane who had been fighting Ecliptor jumped back at the urgency in Andros's voice. "Andros? You okay?"

"No I'm not. Alexis is here. Jimanya however is trying to help us. Is there anyway for you guys to come back up to the Talorn?" Came Andros's reply.

Zhane looked around and saw the others had their hands full. "Andros I'll be right up." 'Guys Alexis is on the Talorn. I'm going up to help.'

'No wait Zhane! I'll go up.' Roland sent. Zhane knowing how close Roland and Alexis were let Roland go up.

When Roland arrived back on the Talorn he ran to the room where Andros and Tommy were. When he got there, he saw Alexis kneeling holding her head. Jimanya was standing ten feet away from her watching. Andros was awake watching, and Tommy was still in a coma. Roland approached Alexis slowly. "Alexis?" He asked.

Alexis looked at him with a look of surprise. "Roland? I don't understand what's going on." Alexis's eyes went from angry to her warm kind violet eyes.

Jimanya watched looking into Alexis's mind and saw no more evidence of the spell. "My job here is done. Good luck Andros and Alexis." She said and teleported away.

Alexis watched her leave and was confused. "Roland what did she mean by that. Why is Andros and Tommy on monitoring tables?"

"I'll explain later. Stay here Alexis. I'm going to help-" He stopped when the others re-appeared. He saw the others look at him questionably. "It's all right." The others breathed sighs of relief. Roland got to work hooking Andros back up to the monitor. "That should do it. Andros do you need more pain medicine?" Roland didn't need to wait for an answer. He saw Andros grimace and that's the only answer he needed. He fished out the medicine and injected it into Andros. Andros slipped back into unconsciousness. "How do you feel Alexis?"

"Confused. I don't understand what's going on. Who are those people? Alexis asked pointing at the Astro Rangers.

"Alexis this is Carlos, TJ, Ashley, and Cassie they are Astro Rangers. They joined not that long ago. Carlos, TJ, Ashley and Cassie this is Alexis she's the Comet Ranger." Zhane said not sure whether it was time to tell her what happened over the past two years. Andros and Tommy knew the most but neither of them was in a position to tell Alexis.

"What happened to Andros and Tommy. Tommy looks to be in some kind of coma from the reading on the machine."

"Andros got injured in a fight against Ecliptor. Tommy was captured by Astronema and got away. He came in contact with an acid from Shladon. It's great that you're back though." Roland said.

"Back? I went somewhere? I remember teleporting down to stop a monster of Astronema's and that's about it. What happened?" Alexis looked down at her left wrist, which was missing her communicator. Her hair was still pulled up and she notices the clothing she was wearing. "Astronema turned me evil didn't she?" No one answered her. "She did! Did I cause any of the injuries to Tommy and Andros? Why can't I remember!"

"No you didn't cause any of the injuries to Andros. We're not sure how Tommy came into contact with the acid but we don't think it was your fault." Jason said. "As for why you don't remember, I don't know." He looked at the others who looked just as puzzled as he felt.

"Come on Alexis let's go to our room you might feel better if you get some sleep." Dallas said leading her out of the room.

The others stood there looking at each other. "I'll stay with Tommy and Andros the rest of you get some rest." Zhane said. The others nodded and walked out of the room.

Zhane pulled up a chair and watched them resting. 'Well everyone's back where they need to be. Tommy you have to wake up! If we're all healthy we can beat them.' Zhane thought as a tear started to roll down his cheek.


Tommy laid there in the dream world for what seemed to him forever. He saw a flash of light and Andros appeared. "Andros?"

"Tommy? How'd I get here? This is too weird." Andros said walking over to Tommy. "You okay?"

"I'm not quite sure. It feels like I have been here forever. Time doesn't seem to exist here." Tommy said.

"That's because it doesn't silly. Not while your unconscious."

Just then they heard Zhane's thought come through. 'Tommy you have to wake up! If we're all healthy we can beat them.'

"Andros how do I wake up?" Tommy asked attempting to stand.

"No way Tommy! You can't pull yourself out of this world! You have to wake up naturally. You could permanently injure your mind if you try to leave without being ready." Andros said.

"But they need me! I have to go back now!" Tommy argued.

"Tommy it's too dangerous. You can't risk it! Jimanya!" Andros called.

Jimanya appeared in front of them. "Andros what is it?" She asked.

"Tommy wants to go back now! I have been trying to tell him he can't but he wont listen to me." Andros explained.

"No way Tommy. It's too dangerous! I have met people that have forced themselves awake it wasn't a beautiful sight trust me! You won't do the rest of them any good by waking up like that! Please don't attempt it." Jimanya said.

"I feel absolutely useless here. They need me!" Tommy said.

"Not like that Tommy. You might not be there in mind but you'll be there in spirit." Jimanya told him. 'Please Tommy listen to me! You can't afford to do this.' Jimanya thought forgetting that Tommy and Andros could read her thoughts.

Andros vanished.

"Andros can leave and I can't?" Tommy said.

"You are so stubborn. The reason Andros left is because the medicine fully knocked him out. Do you really want to know the truth Tommy? You think you can handle the truth? Well you can't handle the truth!" Tommy stared at her confused. "I'll tell you anyway. You're not just unconscious you're in a coma. A coma Tommy! You can't come out of it until your ready. You could die making an attempt to break out before you were ready. You could suffer a lot of mental damage."

Tommy stood there taking it all in. He sat down in defeat. Jimanya sat down next to him. "I said you wouldn't want to hear the truth. I thought it would be better if I didn't tell you. Stay here and enjoy the peacefulness. When you're ready, and only when you're ready, you'll wake up and join your friends. This isn't a punishment Tommy. As much as you seem to think it is. You got out of Astronema's ship before they could take the powers. That's something to be proud of Tommy. You're safe here." Jimanya said. She gave him a hug. "Feel any better?"

"I guess. I'm sorry I got angry Jimanya."

"I'm sure I raised heck with my mentor when I was adjusting to the powers that came with the Lightning powers. I haven't ended up in a coma mind you. That's what makes you different. When I get back to Edenoi I'm writing it into a book. It's called what not to do when you are a Lightning Ranger. You think it would sale?" Jimanya joked.

This made Tommy smile. "Thanks Jimanya I needed to hear something like that to bring me back to reality. You're a great person Jimanya." Tommy said.

"That's what my husband keeps telling me. Course then he gets furious when I'm off gallivanting around the universe. Win a few lose a few right? You just rest up kiddo. I'll see you again." Jimanya disappeared.

Tommy watched her disappear before laying back and thinking.


Zhane brought up his communicator. "ROLAND!" He shouted as he watched Andros shaking violently.

Roland came running into the room. "Zhane what's the matter?"

Zhane felt like walking over to Roland and shove him at Andros. "Look at Andros!"

"OH MY GOD!" Roland shouted. He brought up his communicator. "Dimitria see if you can contact Aquitar for Cestria! Tell her it's an emergency!"

To be continues...

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