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Time frame: Okay in this story Ashley's birthday is much later then it was on the show. So in other words Invasion of the Body Switcher never happened in my Power Ranger universe. This is also right after the Pink Psycho Ranger gets destroyed.

Psycho Problems
By: Dana

In his room on the Mega Ship, Andros was sifting through the pockets of his jacket. He knew he had to get Ashley the right present for her birthday. But he wasn't sure where he should get her. He changed into civilian clothes and went down to Earth. He arrived at what Ashley called the mall and went in.

Andros looked around and saw a jewelry store. He went in and looked around.

"Can I help you?" Asked a saleswoman whose nametag said Patricia on it.

"I hope so. I'm looking for a present for a special friend. Her birthday's tomorrow and-"

"You're trying to find the perfect present." Patricia finished for him. She was used to people coming in her shop doing last minute shopping. Guys always put things off to the last minute. Though this one seemed to have something on his mind. "Do you want to get her a necklace? Maybe a bracelet, or a ring?"

"I don't know what I'm looking for yet. She likes jewelry very much."

"Hmm. Is she your age?" Andros nodded. "Well let me go see what I can find for you." She said and walked over to him. "This necklace is very popular with girls your age." She said pointing to a locket. "Perhaps she would like that."

"Um I don't know. I think it would be a good present. I'm going to look around at some other places first before I make my choice okay?"

'Such a polite kid.' "No problem. I understand."

Andros looked around before he left the store. He was walking down the corridor of the mall when he felt someone grab his arm.

"Listen closely. Walk straight to the exit. Don't pull anything or I will kill the people in the mall. Do you understand?" A young man whispered in his ear.

Andros nodded and he walked slowly to the exit. When they got to the exit a female dressed in yellow, walked in front of him and yanked off the locket he wore around his neck and threw it on the ground. Andros made an attempted protest but they weren't listening. He would have bent down to retrieve his locket if he weren't so worried about the shoppers in the mall. Then they disappeared in a flash of light.


Ashley walked into Andros's room. "Andros?" She saw that he wasn't there. She walked out of the room and saw Zhane. "Zhane do you know where Andros is?" She asked.

"No. I haven't seen him since this morning. He might be on Earth though. He'll be back up here shortly. You know Andros." Zhane said.

"But with those Psycho Rangers out there it makes the threat bigger."

"I know Ashley. But Andros would notify us if something went wrong. Don't worry he'll be back soon." Andros had told Zhane the day before he was going to go shopping for a present for Ashley. Zhane thought he shouldn't tell Ashley about it.


Andros was thrown into the command room of Astronema's Ship. He struggled to his feet. "I should have known you were behind this Astronema." Andros muttered under his breath.

"You and your friends destroyed one of the Psycho Rangers so I felt I should take from you." Astronema said with a sly smile.

Andros was getting a bad feeling about this. He had a feeling Astronema might kill him. "Karone you don't want to do this!" He tried.

"Don't tell me what I want and don't want to do Andros." She turned to Ecliptor. "I am ready for it Ecliptor."

Ecliptor walked over with a gadget. Astronema motioned for Psycho Red and Psycho Blue to hold Andros. Astronema shot the gadget. Andros passed out.

"Take him down to the dungeon. I will go down there tomorrow. He won't wake up until then anyway. I will make sure it worked tomorrow. If not then we'll think of something else." Psycho Red and Psycho Blue nodded and supported the unconscious Andros as they walked down to the dungeon.


The next morning Ashley woke up. She remembered that Andros hadn't returned the day before. "DECA is Andros on the ship?"

"No Ashley I'm afraid he hasn't returned since he left yesterday." The ship's voice told her.

"DECA could you tell the others to meet me in the Rec Room?"

"I will do that right now."

Ashley got dressed and hurried to the Rec Room. She was met by tired glances. "What is it Ashley? Wait Andros isn't here." Cassie said looking around.

"That's why I called all of you here. Andros didn't come back during the night. I'm really worried guys."

"I'm sure he's fine. Happy Birthday Ashley by the way." Carlos said.

"Thanks Carlos." Ashley said sadly. She was too concerned about Andros then about the fact that it was her birthday.

Zhane thought of something. "DECA please start a search for Andros on Earth." He hoped that that would work.

"Anyone know where he could have gone?" TJ asked. Carlos, Cassie and Ashley shrugged.

"He told me he was planning to go to the mall yesterday. I didn't tell you Ashley because he asked me not to." Zhane said.

"Maybe we should go down to the mall and investigate." Cassie suggested.

They all hurried to change into normal clothes. When they got to the mall the split into two groups. Zhane and Ashley walked into the same jewelry store Andros had been in. Patricia walked over to them.

"Can I help you guys?" She asked.

"I hope so. I was wondering if a guy with blond and brown streaked hair came in here yesterday?" Ashley asked.

"Why as a matter of fact I do remember a young man matching that description coming in here. He was so polite. Charming too." Patricia said.

"When was he in the store?"

"Oh I'd say about 11 AM. He looked around and said he'd be back later he wanted to check some other stores. He never came back so I presume he found what he was looking for in another store. Why do you ask?" She asked.

"We're looking for him and this is where he said he'd go yesterday. Thanks for the help." Zhane said. He and Ashley walked out of the store.

An hour later Zhane, Ashley, Cassie, TJ, and Carlos all met in the food court.

"In the stores we went to, no one remembered seeing a guy that looked like that." Cassie said.

"Same with Ashley and me. We did go to a store where a woman remembered seeing him, but she said he didn't come back to the store. So what I'm guessing is that whatever happened to Andros happened after he left that one jewelry store." Zhane said.

The others agreed and went back to thinking.


Astronema walked over to Ecliptor. "Has he woken up yet?"

"Yes my princess. A few minutes ago."

"Does he remember anything?"

"I haven't checked."

"I will do it myself." Astronema said and walked into the cell. She saw the Red Ranger look up at her in confusion. 'I think it worked!' Astronema thought happily to herself. "Do you know who you are?"

Andros shook his head no.

"I'm sorry to hear that. You were hit in the head by one of the Astro Rangers really hard. We were afraid that the hit was hard enough to cause you Amnesia." Astronema paused as she thought of a fake name to tell him. "My name is Astronema. I am your leader. So don't turn rogue on me! You're Cody the Silver Psycho Ranger. You work for Dark Spectre and me." She told him with a sly smile. 'It's a good thing I had the Yellow Psycho Ranger remove that lousy locket of his. Knowing how humans are someone will pick it up and keep it.' "Follow me." She told Andros. He got up and followed her out of his cell.


Later that day the Astro Rangers minus Andros were sitting at the Surf Spot having a small birthday party for Ashley. Ashley didn't like the idea at first, but they had reminded her that the party had already been set up and they couldn't back out now.

"Oh hey guys. Andros isn't here?" The owner of the Surf Spot, Adelle, asked walking over to them with their drinks.

"Um he'll be here later hopefully. He wasn't feeling well." TJ lied.

"Please give him this when you see him. I might forget I have it. I found it outside of the mall yesterday afternoon and looked on the back and saw Andros's name on it. Then I remembered Andros had one like this and I put two and two together. So here you go." Adelle said. She pulled something out of her pocket and handed it to Ashley. It was Andros's locket.

"Thanks Adelle." Ashley said in a trembling voice.

"You're very welcome Ashley. I'm just glad I was able to find it before anyone else did." Adelle said not hearing the way Ashley's voice was. Adelle walked over to another table.

"You guys Andros never takes this locket off. Something horrible must have happened to him. Now I do have a reason to worry about Andros."

Zhane took the locket from Ashley. He looked around to make sure no one was listening to him. "I guess it would be safe to say Astronema has him. The locket doesn't look like it fell off by accident. Judging the way the clasp looks, I'd say someone ripped it off of him."

"So now what do we do?" Carlos asked. "There's no way we can get on Astronema's Ship." Carlos saw Ashley was staring off into space not even listening to their conversation. "Ash we'll get him back. Astronema can't have him without a fight."

"I was just thinking. What if she is trying to extract revenge on us because we destroyed one of her Psycho Rangers? Maybe that's why they took him. He was alone in the mall, and they could have threatened to hurt the other shoppers if he didn't cooperate. Andros would have never put other humans in danger. He would have had no choice." Ashley said looking at everyone.

The table became silent as they thought what Ashley said over.


Andros was standing with the other Psycho Rangers. He was looking the Psycho Rangers over. He was confused by everything Astronema said, and the other Psycho Rangers seemed to resent him for reasons he couldn't understand. They barely said one word to him. The Red Psycho Ranger seemed to be the one that disliked him the most. Red kept glaring at him and wouldn't talk to him directly.

Astronema entered the room and surveyed the five Psycho Rangers. She sensed the hatred the Red Psycho Ranger had towards the Red Astro Ranger turned Silver Psycho Ranger. That was understandable. They had been fighting Andros and now he had to work with him. "Ecliptor has been checking to make sure there was no damage to your morpher. Here." She said tossing the morpher to Andros. She watched Andros catch it and examine it carefully. Astronema almost thought he was started to remember. 'Maybe that gadget didn't work like it was supposed to.' She thought. But Andros quickly looked up at her showing no signs that he was remembering anything. "I'm going to send you down to take care of those Power Rangers. Morph and be ready to attack."

"Let's go." Red Psycho said. He turned towards Andros. "You better not mess things up again. Now let's get rid of those Rangers." Speaking to Andros directly for the first time.

They landed in the park and started attacking citizens. The Astro Rangers were informed of the situation, and came to the park five minutes later.

"Looks like there's a new Psycho Ranger." Zhane said eyeing the Silver Psycho Ranger closely.

"This is exactly what we don't need. Andros is missing and a new Psycho Ranger appears what a day." Cassie said.

The Psycho Rangers rushed them. The Yellow Psycho Ranger attacked both Cassie and Ashley. The Blue and Red Psycho Rangers went after TJ. The Black Psycho Ranger went after Carlos. Andros looked at Zhane.

"What are you waiting for Silver Ranger? Are you afraid of me?" Andros asked. Astronema had been able to alter the way Andros would sound while morphed. Zhane had no idea that the Psycho Ranger was Andros.

"You're new at this. So you don't know me. I don't back away from a challenge. So come on Psycho Ranger show me what you've got." Zhane challenged right back.

"Whatever." 'What does he mean I'm new at this? Didn't Astronema say one of them hit me in the back of the head? And why wouldn't I know him? Does he know that I've got amnesia? Why does none of this make sense?' Andros kicked Zhane and watched him fall. This went off for awhile with Andros having the upper hand. However there was a flash of light and Darkonda appeared.

"Silver. Astronema has called you back up to the ship. I will finish the rangers for you." Darkonda said.

"But-" Andros protested. Not understanding this at all. He was beating the Silver Ranger. Why would Astronema call him back?

"That's an order!" Darkonda said. Andros disappeared without another word.

Darkonda fired at Zhane. Zhane ducked. "I don't know who your new crony is Darkonda, but I can beat you."

"You think so Zhane? Oh by the way where's your leader? I just noticed he wasn't here." Darkonda taunted.

"You probably know where he is Darkonda!" Zhane spat kicking Darkonda to the ground.

"Now how would I know where the Red Ranger is. I'm not psychic." Darkonda said getting back into a standing position. 'He probably didn't notice how I gave a hint. Zhane's so dumb I could tell him he was just fighting Andros and he'd probably miss it.' Darkonda thought.

"I'm sure you do know. Tell me and I won't end you right now." Zhane threatened.

"My, my Silver Ranger. That's a big threat coming from you Zhane. Just for that I won't tell you even if I knew." Ecliptor jested. Blocking another attempt from Zhane to hit him.

"I take it I won't get any information from you." Zhane said losing his patience.

The others were fighting the Psycho Rangers. The Psycho Rangers retreated back up to the ship. The Astro Rangers ran over to give Zhane a hand. Darkonda, seeing that it was five on one, left.

"Well that was strange." Cassie said after they returned to the ship. "Zhane did you find anything out about the Silver Psycho Ranger?" She asked.

"No. Darkonda showed up and sent the Psycho Ranger away. The Silver Psycho Ranger seemed confused about going up. I have to admit that guy was beating me. Maybe it was because I had my mind on the fact that Andros was missing. Or he was just a better fighter then me. I don't know." Zhane said.

"Leave it to Astronema to ruin a birthday." TJ said picking up an apple from the fruit basket. "Did you get anything from Darkonda about if they had Andros or not?"

"He was just playing with words. Nothing he said made sense. He said he wasn't psychic so how could he tell where the Red Ranger is..." Zhane trailed off. He smacked the table making everyone jump. "That's it!"

"What's it?" Carlos asked looking absolutely confused.

"Darkonda was playing with words! He didn't mean anything about being psychic. Think about it. What's another word that's like psychic?" Zhane asked.

The others thought for a brief second; then they all figured it out at the same time. "Psycho!" They all said at the same time.

"Wait a minute. Are you saying Andros is the Silver Psycho Ranger?" Ashley asked.

"Look at the facts Ash. Andros is missing. Adelle found his locket at the mall. A new Psycho Ranger appears. Astronema could be extracting her revenge on us. She's probably mad at us for destroying the Pink Psycho Ranger. So what does she do? She kidnaps one of us to take the place of the destroyed Psycho Ranger." Zhane said putting all of the pieces together.

"But why Andros?" Ashley asked.

"Andros is the leader. For all we know Dark Spectre could have ordered for Astronema to take Andros. On the other hand this all could be because he was alone in the mall and easy pickings. Then it could have been just circumstantial." TJ answered her.

"So how do we get him back?" Cassie wondered out loud.

"I don't know." Zhane said honestly.


Andros stood there watching Astronema strap him down on a table. "Can I ask you a question mistress?"

"Sure." Astronema answered him not fully paying attention to him.

"Why are you doing this?" He asked eyeing the machine that was next to him.

Astronema thought quickly. "There seemed to be a malfunction in the morpher during the battle. Now don't ask any more questions I'm too busy."

Andros lay there still confused. But didn't ask another question. He felt Astronema grab his arm and hook the machine to it. 'I don't like this one bit.' Andros thought.

Astronema turned on the machine that was to strengthen her hold on Andros. She noticed there seemed to be problems. He wasn't falling for anything she told him. He was questioning everything. 'Sorry Andros this is for your own good.'

Andros closed his eyes. The machine was actually working in reverse. He was remembering growing up on KO-35 and meeting Zhane and then meeting Ashley. He suddenly knew who he was and realized where he was. Andros's eyes flickered open. "Karone!" He said trying to unstrap himself from the machine. He noticed no one was in the room.

He got up and saw the Red Psycho Ranger in the shadowy corner staring at him. Andros looked for his actual morpher and couldn't find it.

"Looking for this Andros?" The guy asked. Holding up Andros's morpher. He knew right away; Andros had his memory back.

"Give me that!" He rushed over to the Red Ranger and knocked him to the ground. His morpher went flying in the other direction. Andros got up and dove for his morpher but he felt someone grab his ankle.

"Where do you think your going Andros? You can't leave you know. No one can leave this ship."

"Out of here." Andros found something and hit the Red Psycho Ranger with it. He heard a thud. Andros got to his feet and saw the Red Psycho Ranger on the ground not moving. He didn't have a chance to really look at him but he didn't think he was dead.

Andros got up and used his communicator to get out of the ship. Andros landed in the park looking around. He suddenly realized he didn't have his morpher. He forgot the Yellow Psycho Ranger had taken it off of him. Sighing, Andros lifted up his communicator to teleport back up to the ship when he heard someone calling him. He turned around to see Zhane running to him.

"Andros! Are you okay?"

Andros looked around and saw no one was in the area. "Yeah. Whatever Astronema did to me failed." Andros sighed. I suppose I missed Ashley's birthday didn't I?"

"Andros she'll be just glad to see you back! She didn't even want to party knowing you were gone. Come on let's go back up to the ship." Zhane and Andros teleported back up to the ship.

The End

Author's Note 2: In case you're wondering Andros does give Ashley the necklace he gave to her in the actual Birthday episode on Power Rangers in Space. That was my first real attempt at Power Rangers in Space fanfic. Well I am writing Protectors in Space during that time period but there's a real difference. I am sorry for the shortness of this fanfic. Email me at Willow@grrtech.com with comments questions or anything else.