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Time frame: Right where Please Forgive Me ends.

Is This Love?
By Dana

Far away, long ago
Glowing dim as an ember.
Things my heart used to know
Things it yearns to remember...
-From the movie Anastasia

"That was a good movie." Cassie said as she, Carlos, TJ, Zhane, Jason, Emily, Dallas, Roland and Alexis left the theater.

"I agree." Alexis said. "I absolutely love, love stories."

"I'm going to walk Emily home. I'll catch up with the rest of you later." Jason said as he walked with Emily towards the exit of the mall.

"Let's go back up to the Talorn." Zhane suggested. The others agreed and soon went up to the ship. When they arrived they noticed the ship was a mess.

Alexis could hear noises coming from the infirmary. "Do you guys hear that noise?" She whispered.

"Yeah I do." Zhane said in an equally quiet voice. "Let's approach the room with extreme caution."

While they were walking they saw Jimanya laying face down in the hallway. "Go on. I'm going to check Jimanya." Roland told the others. The others nodded and walked away.

They approached the infirmary and saw Astronema throwing things around. But they also noticed Tommy and Andros weren't in the room. They ran into the room.

"Well if it's not the Defenders and Rangers. You're lucky I didn't find Andros and Tommy. Tell me where they are and I will leave." Astronema said.

"If we knew where they were we wouldn't tell you anyway. Get off our ship Astronema before it's too late." Zhane said.

"Always the gentlemen huh Zhane? What makes you think I'm going to leave?" She asked.

"There's six of us in here and only one of you." TJ reminded her.

"You can't protect them all the time." Astronema said with a laugh and then disappeared.

"She is such a witch sometimes. Now where's Andros and Tommy?" Carlos asked.

"Ashley's missing too." Cassie informed them.

Zhane was looking around and suddenly had an idea on where they would be. He walked over to the wall and removed a piece of it. Looking in he saw Ashley staring back at him. "Need a hand Ashley?" He asked.

"Zhane! I'm so glad to see you! I do need a hand." Ashley crawled out of the space and back into the room. "Andros and Tommy are in there also."

TJ and Zhane kneeled in front of the wall and tenderly pulled Andros out. Carlos and Dallas hurried over and got a hold of Andros. Then TJ and Zhane leaned in and carefully pulled out Tommy.

"Ashley how did you get Tommy and Andros into that space?" Alexis asked in wonder.

"Andros pretty much crawled. I hope he didn't further injure himself. And I was somehow able to pick Tommy up and get over here. Not an easy thing to do. Have you guys seen Jimanya?"

"We saw her when we arrived on the ship. She was unconscious. Roland's with her now." TJ said.

"Lex is there anyway to salvage the monitors?" Zhane asked.

"I think so. I would like to run a scanner over Andros and make sure he didn't suffer any more damage. Can you guys see if you can get the tables back to a standing position?" Alexis asked.

Cassie stood watching Alexis hook up the monitors again. 'What an amazing girl.' She thought.

"Thankfully Andros didn't further injure himself but moving from here to the other side of the room has made him weaker. It's going to take longer to heal I'm afraid." Alexis said sadly after completing the scans.

Roland and Jimanya came into the room. "I'm so sorry. Astronema had a stun gun and took me out with that. Are they okay?" Jimanya asked.

"Thankfully they are fine. Andros was weakened by trying to walk from the monitoring table to the other side of the room though." Alexis informed her.

Ashley looked around. "Where's Jason?" She asked

"He walked a girl named Emily Johnson home." Roland informed her.

"He won't be in any danger will he?" Ashley asked. "I heard Astronema. She said 'You can't protect them all the time.' Maybe she meant any of the Defenders or Rangers."

Jason walked into the room. "What happened in here?" He asked looking around seeing the fallen tables and the hole in the wall.

"Astronema was here. We arrived and she left. Luckily Andros, Ashley, and Tommy were hidden in the wall." Zhane informed him pointing at the wall. "That's not the only problem we had though. We need to be on our toes though. We can't be sure on what she meant by the comment that we can't protect them all the time. If we leave the ship we should probably not go alone."

"Good point Zhane. But what about in the ship when Astronema sends down a monster? We all have to go down. Well, everyone but Jimanya has to go down. How can we prevent someone coming up here again?" Dallas asked.

"I don't know Dallas. We'll have to think of something." Zhane answered her. Zhane's communicator went off. "I guess Astronema isn't waiting for us to regroup." He answered his communicator. "This is Zhane."


"She just never stops. Be careful Jimanya." Zhane said. He turned to the others. "We better morph."

"Thunder Power!" Jason called.

"Solar Power!" Roland called.

"Comet Power!" Alexis called.

"Sun Power!" Dallas called.

"Star Power!" Zhane called.

"Let's Rocket!" The Astro Rangers called.

They teleported out of the ship and down to the business district of Angel Grove. It was firing at people leaving the building.

"We need to keep the monster away from the citizens!" Cassie said.

'This almost reminds me of two years ago.' Jason thought. 'We had to get the students away and Tommy volunteered and got captured. De ja vu stinks.'

'Come on Jase. It won't be de ja vu. The circumstances aren't the same.' Alexis sent.

'Whatever stop mind yapping and let's get rid of this monster.' Zhane ordered. He couldn't believe when he got the same message from the other Defenders.

'Yes sir!'

They fought the monster. Alexis was flung back into some bushes. She stood up brushing her costume off when she saw an all too familiar flash of light.

"Well Alexis thought we wouldn't meet again?" Astronema asked.

Alexis saw the others had their hands full with the monster and hadn't seen Astronema appear. "I don't know what happened to me up there on your ship but it won't happen again."

"I can always show you." Astronema said raising her staff.

"No!" Alexis dove right at Astronema. Astronema gave a startled yelp and her staff went flying.

"You'll pay for that Comet Ranger!" Astronema threatened.

"I don't think so Astronema." Roland said from behind Astronema.

"Oh look it's your white knight how appropriate. What are you going to do Roland? Threaten me with big words? Oh come on Roland. Everyone knows you're not that good of a fighter." Astronema taunted.

"You took Alexis and turned her evil. I have a lot of reasons to hurt you Astronema." Roland told her.

"But you won't. It's like in the super hero's code or something." Astronema informed him.

"Like you've ever cared about rules and codes Astronema." Alexis said with a laugh.

"True. As fun as this conversation is I need to get back. Ta ta for now Defenders." Astronema said and teleported out in a flash of light.

"She is one weird person." Alexis told Roland. They both saw the Rangers and Defenders were still fighting the monster. They ran over to give a hand.

"Need some help?" Alexis asked.

"A little late aren't you?" Zhane asked.

"Better late then never." Roland answered back hitting the monster with his Astro Blade. The monster was defeated soon after.

"I'd love to know why Astronema keeps throwing us monsters to fight without any real reason. I think she's toying with us." Carlos said.

"I agree Carlos. People in white coats will be after her." Cassie said.

"I don't get it. Why would people in white coats be after her? Who are these people in white coats?" Dallas asked. She looked confused. So did Roland, Zhane and Alexis.

"It's just an expression. People in white coats usually refers to doctor's that work at a mental hospital. So by saying that we mean they'll lock her up." Ashley tried her best to try to explain it to them.

Jimanya came out into the hallway. "There you are. I'm glad I got to see you before I left. I have to back up to Edenoi to get the usual lecture from my father." She paused and rolled her eyes. Roland, Alexis, Dallas, and Zhane looked at each other and smiled knowing exactly what Jimanya was talking about. "Don't fret though. Camille is here to take my place while I'm away. I will be back as soon as it's over." Jimanya said and teleported out.

"Who's Camille? And why would Jimanya be lectured?" Ashley asked. This time she was confused.

"It would probably be better if Camille told you who she was. As for Jimanya, her father likes to lecture her about being away from Edenoi for long periods of time. I'm sure Jimanya doesn't mind too much. She gets to see her husband. Which makes her husband happy!" Zhane informed Ashley. He looked up and said, "Hi Camille." The others turned around and saw a silvery blond hared woman had come into the room.

"Hello Zhane. You must be the Astro Rangers." She said smiling at TJ, Cassie, Ashley, and Carlos. And of course the Thunder Ranger." She smiled at Jason. "My name is Camille. I am Jimanya's mentor. Her father called her back and she asked me to come help with Tommy and Andros. Of course I am sure she just told you that. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to check on Tommy and Andros." She said and walked briskly out of the room. Zhane followed her out of the room.

"Wow." TJ said shaking his head.


"Camille hold up!" Zhane called hurrying after her.

"Yes Zhane?" She asked turning around to look at him.

"I just wanted to go with you when you check on Tommy and Andros. We're all really worried about them." Zhane answered her.

"Of course you are. Sure you can come."

When they went into the room Camille picked up the scanner. She scanned Andros and shook her head. She started sifting through a drawer looking for a certain medicine. Finding it she put it into the syringe. "This is a different kind of pain medicine. Hopefully it will do something." She informed Zhane as she injected it into Andros. "I don't think crawling across the room did him any good. But he'll get better eventually." She walked over to Tommy and gazed at him then lifted the scanner and scanned him. Sighing she put the scanner down. She brushed a lock of hair out of his face. "No change. I can't even guess when he'll wake up again. They'll both be out of commission for quite awhile. Astronema doesn't mess around I'll give you that much." 'Of course neither do her parents.' Camille said silently. She sat down in the chair. She looked up at Zhane. "I'll be in here if you need me."


Jimanya landed on Edenoi. She took a deep breath and then walked into the palace. She looked around and saw everyone bow at her presence. 'I keep forgetting about this. I grew up with this and you'd think I'd be used to it. That must be why dad thinks I'm away too much.' She smiled and nodded and walked down the corridor.

One of the guards came up to her. He bowed quickly and smiled. "Princess Jimanya. It's great to see you again. King Tork is waiting for you in the throne room."

"Thank you." Jimanya said. She paused in front of the door before slowly opening the door.

"Jimanya! My dear daughter!" Queen Felicia said. She hurried over to her and gave her a huge hug. "I heard about Astronema using the stun gun. Are you all right?"

"I'm fine mother. I was just out for a short time. I'm just glad Ashley had stayed on the ship." Jimanya answered her. She looked over at her father. 'Here comes the "You need to come back to Edenoi and be the crown Princess that you should be." speech.'

"Jimanya. It's good to see you again. But honey I wish you would stay on Edenoi. You have a duty to this area. You will be Queen someday." King Tork reminded her.

"Dad when it was discovered that I had the potential to be a Lightning Ranger you said you would back me up. Dex is running around on Earth as the Masked Rider and he never gets this speech."

"He gets the speech too but not as often as you. You are the crown Princess you should be here. You don't even fight." King Tork argued.

"My responsibility is to help Andros and Tommy, not to fight Astronema. Just like Camille did for me. Right now Tommy's in a coma and Andros is injured very badly. I have to be there for them." Jimanya argued right back.

Queen Felicia turned to her husband. "Tork, when she's ready to be queen she will let you know. So let her be." Queen Felicia was the opposite of her husband. She always wanted her children to reach their full potential. So what if Jimanya was royalty. King Tork was the one who talked Queen Felicia into letting her go.

"You're right as always Felicia." King Tork turned back to his daughter. "I just miss you Jimanya. So do our people. Don't forget about Edenoi. Jorgan told me to send you over to see him when we were finished. I won't spoil it. Please come by before you leave."

"I will dad." Jimanya teleported herself back to her room. "Jorgan?" She called.

"Jimanya?" Her husband yelled running into the room. He hugged her so close and kissed her. "Oh how I have missed you. How's Tommy and Andros are they getting any better?"

"Unfortunately no. There hasn't been any change yet. I've missed you so much Jorgan. It's hard being away for long periods of time."

"So did the king give you his your favorite speech?"

"Of course. If he didn't then I might think he was ill."

"How long are you going to stay?" Jorgan asked.

"I can't stay too long. Camille is helping but I do need to act as their mentor you know." Jimanya said with a smile.

"True. Have you spoken to Dex yet?"

"I really haven't had an opportunity. I've been on the Talorn. I really don't want to bug him, he's busy being the Masked Rider and all."

Jorgan took her hand and looked into her eyes. "Let's go take a walk."

"I'd love too." Jimanya said and walked out the door hand in hand with her husband.

*** Ashley walked tentatively into the sick bay. "Hi Camille." She said.

"Ashley right?" Ashley nodded. Camille continued. "I presume you want to visit Andros and Tommy. Or maybe just one of them." Camille said with a knowing smile.

"Well yeah. I was wondering if Andros had woken up again."

"Yes he has. Didn't last long but at least he was awake. I gave him some water and he fell back asleep. That new drug will help him recover. I'm not sure how much faster though. It's really up to Andros. Have a seat. I'm going to attempt to contact Jimanya and see how much longer she'll be gone."

Ashley sat in the chair and stared at the Wind Ranger. 'Oh Andros I wish you would get better. We need you and Tommy.'

Andros opened his eyes. "Hey Ashley."

"Hi Andros. You feeling any better?"

"Not really. I wanted to thank you for earlier." He whispered. Andros reached out a hand to her.

Ashley clutched it tightly. "No need to thank me Andros." Andros closed his eyes again. Ashley turned around when she heard a noise behind her. It was Zhane.

"How's he doing?" Zhane asked.

"He was awake just a few seconds ago. Zhane it seems like he's not getting better." Ashley answered him.

"I know. But he will start getting better soon I'm sure." Camille re-entered the room along with Jimanya. "Welcome back Jimanya." He greeted her. "How did it go?"

"Thank you Zhane. My least favorite meeting ended but I did get to spend some time with my husband."

"Well I guess I should be going. Tell the others goodbye for me. Take care, Zhane and Ashley. I'll be seeing you again Jimanya." Camille said and vanished from the room.

Ashley got up so Jimanya could look at Andros and Tommy. "I think Andros is finally showing some signs of improvement. Though it's not much of one but he's getting there. However, I can't tell with Tommy. He could wake up now or he could wake up in a month I can't tell. This isn't a common thing you know." Jimanya informed them.

"That's good to hear about Andros." Zhane said. He let out a sigh. 'Some improvement is better then no improvement."

Roland and Alexis's voices could be heard from the hall. "Roland I'm fine. I just tripped over a Quanatron. You don't have to worry about me!"

"Lex your ankle's black and blue and swollen I think that's worth worrying about." Roland replied.

"I Guess I have another patient." Jimanya said with a smile.

Roland and Alexis came into the room. "Jimanya could you look at Alexis's ankle? I think it might be sprained."

"I say it isn't. It just hurts a little when walking on it but nothing major." Alexis retorted.

"Would you both stop arguing. Alexis sit down so I can see your ankle." Jimanya ordered. Alexis did as she was asked. "Tell me when it hurts." Alexis bit down on her lip when Jimanya put slight pressure on the ankle. "I take that as it hurts. It's definitely not broken. However, it's a slight sprain. I can give you some medicine. I do recommend you stay off of it for a day though."

Alexis sighed. Roland gave a 'I told you so' look. After Jimanya gave her the medicine Roland turned to Alexis. "You want some help back to your quarters?" Alexis nodded and they both walked or rather Roland walked Alexis limped, out of the room.

When they got to Alexis's room they both walked in and Alexis sat down on the bed. "You were right Roland it was a sprain. I just didn't want to admit it. There's already two people injured. I didn't want to lower the amount of fighters."

"But you could have injured it worse if Astronema sent down another monster today. You just won't be fighting today."

"I know Roland but I just hate being sidelined." Alexis said looking down.

Roland leaned over and kissed her. Alexis was surprised at first but that quickly disappeared.

When it was over Roland looked ashamed. "I'm sorry Alexis. Don't hate me. But I love you."

"Roland why would I hate you? I've known you almost all my life. And I love you too."


Astronema, who was able to put a viewing instrument on the Talorn, watched this display between Roland and Alexis. "Isn't that sweet? I'll have to do something to end that relationship." Astronema said and laughed.

To be continued...

Author's Note: That was a bit short I admit it. I didn't do as much of a cliffhanger this time! I introduced two relationships and I answered the question on who Jimanya really was. Email me at Willow@grrtech.com and let me know what you thought of this story.