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Author's note: After reading Psycho Problems again, I felt that I didn't end Psycho Problems right so this is a continuation of it. I wasn't happy with it and I'm the writer!

Correction to Psycho Problems: I meant to say Red Psycho Ranger still had the morpher.

Suggested reading: Please read the first part of Psycho Problems. They might discuss what happened at the beginning, but it does help to be familiar with it. Even though I made some mistakes in the first one it's still a must read!

Time frame: It's a continuation. It starts from where Andros and Zhane go back up to the Mega Ship.

Psycho Problems 2
By Dana

Andros landed in the control room and looked around sadly. 'Now what do I do? Red Psycho Ranger still has my morpher. Why didn't I grab it before I left?' Andros wondered to himself. Someone touching his arm brought Andros back to reality. He turned around and saw it was Zhane.

"Andros are you okay?" Zhane asked growing very concerned for his long time best friend.

"No. They still have my morpher. I tried to get it back and it was knocked out of my reach." Andros said sadly.

"Well the bright side is that you're back. What happened anyway?" Zhane asked.

"Andros!" Ashley yelled coming into the room and gave him a hug. "I'm so glad that you're all right. I was so worried about you. What happened the last couple of days?" Ashley asked.

The others came into the room and gave him the same greeting. They all turned their attention to Andros.

Andros started to tell them what had happened the last couple of days. "I went to the mall a couple of days ago. I had just left the jewelry store and was walking to another store when someone grabbed my arm. He told me that if I didn't walk to the exit of the mall he would kill the other shoppers. I knew I couldn't risk the people in the mall's lives so I followed him. A girl, who I presume was the Yellow Psycho Ranger, stepped in front of me and yanked my locket off. I guess I won't be getting that back." Andros said sadly.

Ashley took the locket that she was wearing around her neck off. "You haven't lost it forever Andros. I was holding onto it until you got back. Adelle had found it at the mall. She gave it to me to give it to you. Here it is." She said handing it to him.

Andros took it graciously before continuing. "Then they threw me into the command room on Astronema's ship. I think she fired a gadget on me and I passed out. I don't remember much after that except that I woke up attached to a machine and noticed the Red Psycho Ranger staring at me. He held my morpher away from me and I ran over and knocked him down. The morpher went flying across the room. I dove for it and Red Psycho Ranger was back up and had a hold of my ankle. I hit him with something I found laying on the ground. As I was teleporting I finally realized that my morpher was no longer with me like I thought it was. When I got back to Earth, Zhane came over to me. Then we teleported back up here. I'm sorry I don't known more about what had happened." Andros said.

"Don't worry we can pretty much fill in the blanks for you. Ashley was the first one who realized you were missing. We just presumed you were still on Earth. We went to the mall to find clues about why you were missing and found out you had only gone to one store. We put two and two together and realized Astronema must have taken you. It wasn't until later that day until we realized all that had happened. Psycho Rangers and a new one who was the Silver Psycho Ranger attacked us all." TJ said.

Zhane continued for TJ. "When I was fighting the Silver Psycho Ranger, Darkonda appeared. He told the Psycho Ranger to go back up to the ship. Then Darkonda and I started fighting. I kept asking him where you were. And he kept avoiding the question. But he said something that really struck me as odd. He said, 'Now how would I know where the Red Ranger is. I'm not psychic.' I figured out later that he was hinting about you being the Silver Psycho Ranger. Then you came back." Zhane finished the story.

Andros was searching through his pocket. "I guess it's true. I was the Silver Psycho Ranger." Andros held up the Silver Psycho morpher. The others gasped. They had all been hoping Zhane was wrong. But unfortunately his hypothesis was correct. "I'm sorry guys."

"It's not your fault Andros." Ashley said. "You didn't ask to be chosen to be the Silver Psycho Ranger. It was a raw deal. The bright side is no one got hurt, and you're back." Ashley said hoping to set Andros at ease.

"It's funny you'd think I would remember being placed under a spell. To me it just seemed like Astronema had knocked me out and was using that machine for some reason. I have a blank spot where the last couple of days were."

"You didn't seem to know who I was. She must have erased your memory." Zhane said. "I think she also distorted your voice. There was no way I would have known it was you."

"You know I talked to Tommy when I first became the Red Turbo Ranger. Tommy was a Ranger for several years. He was the Green Ranger, White Ranger, White Ninja Ranger, Zeo Ranger 5, and Red Turbo Ranger." TJ explained to Zhane and Andros. "He told me about this one time where Prince Gasket had kidnapped him and erased his memory with something called the brain drain. He was forced to fight his friends in an arena. You might want to talk to him Andros. Maybe he can help you with this. He went through it too." TJ told him hoping it would help Andros.

"I feel sorry for this Tommy person. I came across Gasket once. He's definitely not the nicest of villains. But then again what villain is? You really think he could help me? He doesn't even know me! Why would he help me?" Andros asked.

"Tell you what. I'll go down to Angel Grove and see if I can find him. I'll explain your situation to him and see if he'll help. I'm sure he will. I'll go down right now if you like." TJ offered.

"That would be great. Thanks TJ." Andros said smiling.

"I'll be back soon." TJ said and jumped down into the teleportation tube. When he arrived on Earth he looked around. 'I guess the best place to look for Tommy is at his house.'

TJ walked to Tommy's house and rang the doorbell. Charlotte Oliver answered the door. "You're TJ aren't you? I remember you and Tommy talked here once."

"Yes Mrs. Oliver. Is Tommy here? Or is he still racing?" TJ asked.

"Tommy stopped racing a few months ago. Him, Rocky DeSantos, Adam Park, and Jason Scott all got together to open a dojo. Here I can give you the address to the dojo if you would like."

"That would be great." TJ answered her with a smile.

Charlotte took a piece of paper out and quickly scribbled the address and a couple of simple directions. "Here you go. I'm quite sure Tommy's there now." She said handing him the piece of paper.

"Thank you so much Mrs. Oliver."

"No problem at all."

TJ walked away from the house and looked at the address and directions. He realized it wouldn't take him long to walk there.

When he got to the dojo he hesitated before walking into the building. He saw kids practicing some moves. He saw Adam talking to a guy with dark brown hair while watching the kids practice katas. He looked around again before he heard someone behind him. "Can I help you?"

TJ turned around and saw a guy with short light brown hair standing behind him. "Um I was looking for Tommy Oliver. Is he here?"

"He went to run an errand. He should be back in a few minutes. You can take a seat until he returns." The guy said.


Adam saw TJ and walked over quickly. "TJ! It's been awhile how are you?"

"Okay you?"

"Great. So how's Carlos doing with you know." Adam said in a low voice.

"He's adjusted. He really appreciated the help you gave him. You should get back to your class."

Adam nodded and turned around and said, "Jason, Rocky could you come over here?" They hurried over. "Rocky, Jason, this is TJ Walker. TJ this is Rocky DeSantos and Jason Scott."

"Glad to meet you." TJ said.

"Same here I'm sure." Jason said.

Tommy walked into the room with a stack of boxes. "Hey guys?" Tommy called.

"Be right there Tommy." Jason called and ran over to give him a hand with the boxes. After placing the boxes into another room, Jason went back to the students. Tommy saw TJ, smiled, and walked over.

"Hey TJ." Tommy said.

"Hi Tommy. I was wondering if I could talk to you for a few minutes." TJ said.

"Sure. Let's go into the office." When they got into the office Tommy closed the door. "What can I help you with?"

TJ sat down and started the tale. "A few days ago Andros was captured. Andros is the Red Astro Ranger. Astronema turned him evil. However, he says he's got a blank spot where the last couple of days were. Zhane, he's the Silver Astro Ranger, said that Andros didn't seem to know him. I remembered you telling me; about the time Prince Gasket used the brain drain on you. I was wondering if you could tell Andros about what it was like after it happened to you. It might help Andros get past this." TJ said looking up hopefully at Tommy.

"Sure. I have no problem with that. Just send him down. I'll tell the others I have to take care of something and will be back later. I'm sure Adam might understand and can cover for me." Tommy said.

"Great! I'll go back up to the ship and tell him to go down right now. I'll come down with him. Do you want us to meet you in here?" TJ asked.

"That's fine. I'll go tell Jason and the others." Tommy left the room and TJ teleported out of the room.

When TJ got back up to the Mega Ship he told Andros Tommy would talk to him. Andros reluctantly got up and followed him back down to Earth to the dojo. They were about to walk in when Tommy walked out.

"I thought it would be easier if we weren't in there while we talked." Tommy told them. "Let's go to the park." He suggested.

"Uh sure." Andros said. He looked at TJ who just shrugged. And they both followed Tommy to the park.

When they got to the park, they all sat down at a picnic table. Tommy started right away. "TJ was telling me about your dilemma. That must have been horrible. Almost the same thing happened to me a couple of years ago. Prince Gasket captured me. He erased my memory with his brain drain. He told me the Power Rangers were the evil ones. And that I was the king of the Machine Empire. I had no way of knowing if what he been telling me had been the truth or not. Jason, who was the Gold Ranger, was pulled into the arena by some holographic entryway. At least that's what the others told me afterwards. He tried to convince me that I wasn't the king and that he was just trying to help me. Of course I didn't believe him right away. How could I? I just had my memory wiped. The others arrived soon after and they were all able to make me remember who my true friends are. I had an after affect, which was that I could sense changes in the space-time continuum. Not that it happens often or anything. But I do remember everything however." Tommy said.

TJ looked at his watch and thought that he was unneeded and excused himself. "I'll let you guys talk. I'm going back up." TJ said and left.

Andros sighed before telling him his problem. "My story is much different from yours. You can remember doing what you did but I can't. I was walking in the mall a few days ago. You know Ashley Hammond don't you?" Andros asked. Tommy nodded. Andros continued. "Anyway, I wanted to get Ashley something special. So I go to this jewelry store and look around. I saw something I was thinking of getting her, but I thought I should look around at other stores first. I hadn't walked very far before I felt someone grab my arm. He told me to do exactly what he said or he would kill the other shoppers in the mall. I had no choice so I followed him out of the mall. A girl, who I presume is the Yellow Psycho Ranger, stepped in front of me and ripped my locket off of me. They teleported me back up to Astronema's ship. Astronema fired something at me and I think I must have passed out. The next thing I know I'm laying on a table hooked to a machine. The Red Psycho Ranger is staring at me. He had my morpher and was taunting me. I knocked him to the ground and he let go of the morpher. I lunged for it but he grabbed my ankle. I hit him with something, which I have no clue what it was but it did its job. I did not realizing my morpher wasn't where I thought it was I teleported out. When I got back to Earth that was when I realized they still had my morpher." Andros said looking down. "However I didn't end up without a morpher." Andros held up the Silver Psycho Morpher. "I still had this on me. It's the Silver Psycho Morpher." Andros said sadly.

"Tough break. That's a terrible situation. I wish I could be more help. Kimberly, who is a former Pink Ranger, had her power coin stolen from her. There was such a connection in the Ninjetti Power that it had really weakened her. She got through it and gave ended up leaving the team to train for the Pan Globals. Your case isn't the same as hers but you'll get the morpher back I'm sure. Think of it this way. With the Silver Psycho morpher you can run tests on it and look for any weaknesses there might be." Tommy said and they sat back and talked.


Astronema watched this. 'Darn it! I forgot he still had that morpher! Now they can do what that guy just said. I can't allow that to happen.' Astronema thought to herself. "Psycho Rangers front and center." She yelled. They appeared before her. "Go down and bring Andros back up here."

The Red Psycho Ranger didn't look happy about the order. But they all teleported down to the park.

Andros and Tommy looked up when they saw a flash of light. 'Not now!' Andros silently said. "Tommy get out of here!" Andros yelled.

"I'm not leaving you here. I might not be a Power Ranger anymore, but you need the help." Tommy argued.

"I'll contact the others for help just go!" Andros said again. And went after the Red Psycho Ranger. Tommy knew he couldn't just leave Andros there. So he attacked the Blue Psycho Ranger who was the closest one to him.

Andros was trying to contact the Mega Ship while attempting to block the Red Psycho Ranger's attacks. "Zhane? Zhane come in. I'm being attacked by-" However he was cut off by the Red Psycho Ranger, who struck his wrist. Andros helplessly watched his communicator slip off his wrist and fall to the ground. Then Red Psycho Ranger stepped on it and broke it.

"Sorry but I don't think so Red Ranger." He said. He looked over at Tommy. "Too bad your friend didn't listen to your advice."

Andros turned around to see Tommy being attacked by the other Psycho Rangers. "Why don't you let him go? You don't want him."

"You're right we don't want him but what's the fun of letting him go?" Red Psycho Ranger asked.

Ecliptor appeared then. "Enough with this." He yelled. He struck the ground with his sword and everyone that was fighting was gone in a flash of light.


On the Mega Ship the others were standing around Zhane. "Andros? What are you being attacked by? Andros come in!" But all he got was static.

"I knew I shouldn't have left." TJ said.

"It wasn't your fault. Any one of us would have done the same thing. We better get to the park." Zhane said.

They teleported down to the park. "TJ is this where you left Andros and Tommy?" Cassie asked. She was looking around and saw no sign of Andros and Tommy.

"This is the exact spot." TJ answered her. "Well it wouldn't take many guesses to figure out who's got them." TJ said sadly.

"I guess we won't be able to find them here. Let's go back up to the Mega Ship and scan for their whereabouts." They teleported back up.


Tommy and Andros landed on Astronema's ship. They looked around and saw Astronema staring back at them.

"Well we weren't originally going to capture you." Astronema said looking directly at Tommy. "But you were there and it would have been more trouble if we had let you go. So you have no choice Tommy in this matter." She turned to look at Andros. "Andros did you think you were going to get away that easily? Just because you knocked out the Red Psycho Ranger doesn't mean you can get away. We still had your morpher. Do you think it was just a coincidence that the morpher was still here?" She asked. Andros just glared at her. "I thought so. Unfortunately now the other rangers will know it's you when we send you to attack them. I guess that's the price of making you evil again." She said nonchalantly.

"I won't do what you say Astronema. I won't fight my friends." Andros said.

"Oh really? Well you didn't seem to have any problems fighting them before Andros." Astronema told him with a smirk.

Andros's facial expression didn't change. Neither did his voice. "I don't even remember it. So what you're saying doesn't mean anything to me."

"That's not what I saw Andros. You seemed to have no trouble attacking Zhane and you were enjoying it." She replied. She turned to the Astro Rangers. "Take them to the dungeon." She ordered.

Andros and Tommy struggled against their holds. But the four Psycho Rangers were somehow able to drag them down to the dungeon. Much to their own surprise.

Astronema turned to a young woman who had been standing in the shadows. 'They are the same height. Maybe this will work out just fine.' She said, "Jade. Here's the green Psycho Morpher. The Astro Rangers will think you're Tommy. Don't give them a reason to think otherwise. You will be going down with the others later." She turned to Ecliptor. "I am going to try a different approach with Andros. That gadget had almost no effect on him. The machine restored his memory instead of strengthening my hold on him like it should have."

"He's got a stronger will then we thought he did. What do you plan to do to him?" Ecliptor asked.

"There is always the Partraolo Amulet." She suggested.

"But Astronema they could remove the amulet. And he would be free again. Then you will be back at square one." Elgar reminded her.

"Elgar that's not how the amulet works. He won't even be wearing it after it's used. If all goes well there won't be a need for other machines to strengthen the hold." She informed him while rolling her eyes.

"That should do it Astronema. But what do you plan to do with the former Power Ranger?" Ecliptor asked.

"Look at Jade." Astronema said pointing at the girl in the corner. "They're the same height. The Power Rangers will think that Jade's Tommy. They won't know the difference."

"Of course."


Tommy and Andros sat in the dungeon and immediately stood up and got into fighting positions when they heard footsteps approaching. Quanatrons came in first. They pulled Andros out, and the rest held Tommy back.

Andros was pulled down the hall into another room. Astronema was standing there holding the Partraolo Amulet. The Quanatrons held Andros while Astronema put the amulet on. Andros struggled for a short time before he stopped. The power of the amulet caused Andros to fall to his knees. Darkonda who was also in the room laughed at the sight of this. Andros felt himself losing control. He closed his eyes. He re-opened them and looked up at Astronema.

"Well Andros?" She asked. 'Please let this work.'

"How may I serve you Astronema?" He asked his voice dark and emotionless.


Zhane hit the console. It had been one day since Andros and Tommy were captured. They hadn't found any clues about where they were. They could only presume Astronema had them. He couldn't figure out why Astronema wanted Tommy. "Hey don't take out your frustrations on the console. You might break it. Then where would we be?" A voice joked from behind him. Zhane turned around and saw that it was Ashley.

"Not much better off then we are now. It's been one day Ashley and we still don't know where they are. Astronema's probably trying to turn Andros back to evil. We can't stop her because we don't know where they are. I'm worried Ashley. TJ went down to talk to Adam an hour ago to see if they knew anything. He still hasn't come back up."

"I know. I've been worried too. TJ thinks this is his entire fault. Hopefully he was able to find something on Earth."

"I'm sorry I didn't find anything." TJ said from behind them. "It is my fault. I shouldn't have left the park. Andros had no way to defend himself. They still had his morpher. If I had stayed there I could have helped."

"TJ we keep telling you it wasn't your fault! You had no way of knowing Astronema would try to capture Andros again. We'll just have to wait until she-" Ashley was cut off by the sight of Cassie and Carlos running into the room.

"You guys! Astronema has sent down the Psycho Rangers again!" Cassie said.

"That's not the only problem. She sent down Red Psycho Ranger, Blue Psycho Ranger, Yellow Psycho Ranger, Silver Psycho Ranger and a new one. The new Psycho Ranger is the Green Psycho Ranger. Looks like we've got trouble." Carlos finished for Cassie.

Zhane was looking in a drawer for something. Then he spoke. "I was hoping we wouldn't need to bring this out. There's not much power left in it. It could last for only a couple of battles. But it looks like we don't have much of a choice." Zhane held up another Astro Morpher. "This is the Green Astro Morpher. We'll need it. Do you guys know of a past Power Ranger that would want to take this?"

Carlos thought of someone right away. "Adam Park. He was the Black Ranger, Zeo Ranger IV, and Green Turbo Ranger. I know he would love to be a power ranger again. Even if it's just for a short amount of time."

"Ashley, Cassie, TJ, and I will go down and deal with the Psycho Rangers. Carlos you go down and talk to Adam Park." Zhane said.

The others nodded and went to take care of business.

Carlos walked into the dojo. He looked around for Adam Park. He saw two teenagers working with a class of what looked like two different skill levels. 'They must be covering for Tommy.' Carlos finally saw Adam Park in the dojo's office. Carlos walked over and slowly opened the door. "Adam?"

Adam didn't hear him because he was on the phone. "No Mrs. Oliver I don't know where Tommy is. He went off to take care of something yesterday and never came back. Yes I'll let him know you want him to call you. Bye!" Adam turned around and saw the other person in the room. "Carlos!"

"Adam there's not much time to explain." Carlos walked in and closed the door. He spoke in a whisper, "I know you wanted to be a Power Ranger again and that's why I came to ask you. Andros was captured and turned evil. There's a new Green Psycho Ranger that we believe is Tommy. Zhane, he's the Silver Ranger, brought out another Astro Morpher. He said he didn't want to use it because there wasn't much power left in it. I'm going to ask you something very important. Adam would you take the morpher and be Green Astro Ranger? It will only be for a short time."

Adam didn't take much time to think it over. "I'll be glad to." Adam said with a smile. He took the outstretched morpher and signaled for Carlos to follow him. "I don't know what to tell the others. They already have to cover for Tommy's classes. Maybe if I slip out they won't notice." Adam and Carlos went out the back door and were relieved to see that neither Rocky nor Jason did follow them out.

"Let's Rocket!" Carlos yelled. They teleported over to where the others were. Adam ran over and gave TJ a hand with the Blue and Red Psycho Rangers.

"Good to see you again Adam. We'll have to catch up after this battle however." TJ said.

Zhane was struggling with both the Silver and Green Psycho Rangers. He fell to the ground and saw the Silver Psycho Ranger stand right above him.

"Come on Zhane. Get up and fight." Came the cold voice behind the helmet.

'I know that's Andros this time! Astronema must have used another tactic on Andros. This is just great.' Zhane thought as he jumped to his feet. "Andros you've got to snap out of it."

"Snap out of what?" Andros asked.

"Out of this spell Andros!" Zhane said.

"I don't know what you're talking about Zhane. There's no spell." He turned to Jade. "Let's let him have it." She nodded. They both picked up their weapons and fired at Zhane. Zhane ducked and the blast hit the tree. Zhane jumped up and called for his Silverizer. 'What the heck am I thinking? I can't fire at Andros!' Zhane looked up and saw a tree branch right above the Silver and Green Psycho Rangers. 'I'm sorry Andros.' He fired and watched the tree branch fall on them. They both fell and seemed to be out. Zhane slowly approached them in hopes to take them both back up to the Mega Ship, but they were teleported up to Astronema's ship.

'Dang it!' He ran over to give the others a hand with the remaining four Psycho Rangers. They were teleported away not long after that.

All of the Astro Rangers teleported back up to the Mega Ship. After morphing back to their regular clothes, Zhane spoke. "It's obvious Astronema did something else to Andros. He knew who I was this time. The tone of his voice was so cold and emotionless. I almost fired my Silverizer at him and the Green Psycho Ranger. Then I realized what I was doing and aimed for a tree branch. They were teleported back up to Astronema's ship before I could get to them."

Adam spoke up. "Those Psycho Rangers are tough!" The others nodded in agreement.


Astronema stood watching Jade and Andros examined by one of the Quanatrons. The Quanatron gave her thumbs up to indicate that they were all right. Astronema walked over to them. "It's good to hear that neither of you were injured. Zhane's always had bad aim. I am going to send down the Psycho Rangers again. But you will be held back a bit. Not all that long just to confuse the Rangers."

The Red Psycho Ranger stood a few feet away from Andros and Jade and glared at Andros. 'Why does Astronema keep insisting on turning that punk evil? She's got us! She doesn't nee him!' "Should we go down now Astronema?" He asked her.

"Yes. Now would be the perfect time to go down. They haven't rested at all so they are still tired." The Blue, Yellow, Black, and Red Psycho Rangers nodded and teleported back down to Angel Grove.


'Not now!' Zhane thought. "Hey guys." Zhane called to the others. "The Blue, Yellow, Black, and Red Psycho Rangers have all been teleported down to Earth. Scanners did not pick up the Silver and Green Psycho Rangers. Adam stay up here until they are sent down." Zhane commanded. Adam nodded.

"Let's Rocket!" Zhane yelled.

They teleported down and started fighting the Psycho Rangers. Zhane couldn't help but wonder where the Silver and Green Psycho Rangers were. He hoped he hadn't hurt Andros that badly. They fought them for awhile and seemed to have them on the ropes b0efore they saw a flash of light. Everyone stopped fighting to see who was sent down.

Standing there was the Green and Silver Psycho Rangers. "Miss us?" Andros asked.

Adam teleported down just then and stood next to Carlos. There was a stare down between the Astro Rangers and the Psycho Rangers. As if a whistle was blown, they started fighting again. Andros charged Zhane and knocked him down. "Get up!"

Zhane got up and stared at Andros. "Andros it's me Zhane. You're my best friend! You don't want to do this! We've been Astro Rangers together for so long. Astronema has you under a spell again. I don't want to fight you Andros." Zhane said.

"Well that's too bad for you Zhane because I want to fight you." Andros said and kicked Zhane back down on the ground.

"Come on Andros. I don't know what she did this time but you've got to snap out of it." Zhane said.

Andros took a step back for a second and looked up and said in his normal voice, "Zhane?"

"Yeah it's me Andros. Fight the spell. We all want you back." Zhane said.

Andros stood there, and it seemed to Zhane he was struggling with himself. Andros collapsed.

Zhane was about to check on Andros before he saw the all too familiar flash of light. Andros disappeared and this time so did Zhane.


As soon as Zhane landed in Astronema's ship he looked around. He saw Andros still unconscious next to him. He also realized he was in some kind of cell. Taking a better look around the cell he saw another guy sitting in the corner looking at him. "I presume you're Tommy."

"Yes. Is Andros all right?" Tommy asked

"I don't know. He collapsed when we were fighting. It's nice to know you aren't the Green Psycho Ranger Tommy. You've been up here this whole time?"

"Yes. I got worried about Andros after they pulled him out of the cell."

Andros groaned and woke up. He powered down and looked up. "Zhane? How did you get here? Did Astronema capture you too?"

'Great he doesn't remember this either.' "Yeah. You don't remember anything Andros?" Zhane asked.

"No I remember..." Andros stopped suddenly when it came back to him. "I remember having to fight you Zhane. You kept telling me to fight the spell and then the next thing I know I'm back in the cell with you and Tommy." Andros said.

"We better be on our toes. There's no telling what she's up to." Zhane said.

Astronema appeared. "Zhane you ruined a perfect plan. I should put you all under the spell. But what fun would that be? You're all up here and your friends will surely be defeated." She said. Andros, Zhane, and Tommy stood up and glared at her.

Andros saw what she held in her hand and gasped. "Give me back my morpher Astronema."

"Now why would I want to do that. I have you and Zhane and your morpher. I'll get Zhane's too." She said and disappeared.

Elgar appeared. "Astronema thought you might be hungry. Here's some food." He said.

Zhane, knowing how stupid Elgar was, decided to try something. "Elgar we really couldn't be able to reach it from there could you bring it to us in the cell?"

"No problem Zhane." He said and unlocked the door. Zhane acted immediately and kicked Elgar away from the door.

"Let's go!" Zhane yelled and watched Andros and Tommy hurry out of the cell.

"What about Andros's morpher?" Tommy asked.

"We'll get it!" Zhane said. He had a pretty good idea it was in the command area of the ship.

They were about to walk towards the throne room when Astronema appeared again. "Looking for this?" She asked holding up the morpher.

Zhane saw only one option left and charged Astronema. Astronema lost her hold on the morpher and Andros was able to catch it. Zhane hurried back to Tommy and Andros. He was fired at from behind and fell into Andros. Andros then teleported himself, Tommy, and Zhane out of the ship and back to Earth. When reaching Earth he noticed the battle was over and teleported them all back to the Mega Ship. They landed in the control room.

"Andros what happened to Zhane?" Carlos asked.

"He went after my morpher and Astronema shot him." Andros said sadly.

"Here. Let's get him to the sick bay." Cassie said.

When they got to the sick bay, they laid Zhane on one of the monitoring tables. Alpha was scanning him. "He's going to need a couple of days to recuperate but he will be fine." The others let out sighs of relief.

Adam turned to Tommy. "So were you or were you not the Green Psycho Ranger?"

"I wasn't. I was in a cell the last couple of days." Tommy answered him.

"Well we had better get back to Earth. The others must be worried." Adam said. He turned to the others. "Thanks for letting me be a Power Ranger again. It was fun." Adam and Tommy teleported back down to Earth in hopes of explaining where they had been.

Zhane opened his eyes and looked back up at the others.

Andros turned to the others. "Can I talk to Zhane for a few minutes?" The others understood and left the room.

"Zhane I'm sorry."

"It wasn't your fault. Astronema turned you evil."

"I know. But you could have gotten killed. You did something so risky just to get my morpher back."

"You would have done the same for me. Remember our vow? We're best friends Andros we're supposed to do things like that for each other. We're a team forever right?"

"Right." Andros said and smiled.

The End

That's it! I promise there will not be a third part. I'm still working on Is This Love? The fifth Protectors of Space story. Email me with your thoughts of this story or any story I have written Willow@grrtech.com.