Disclaimer: Stevie's mine he's my muse! Though technically who he's named after doesn't belong to me but I can wish right? By the way Stevie said he's no Windfire and doesn't pretend to be.

I Swear He Made Me Do it
By Dana

It all started out so normally. I had just finished my fanfic "Is This Love?" When it happened.

I was updating my website and was about to log off. I was about to say goodnight to my Stevie. Stevie's my muse. Who for unknown reasons took the form of a silly looking dragon. When I heard a voice.

"Wait Dana! Don't sign off yet!"

I look at my computer screen and realized it was Stevie who was speaking to me. I thought; maybe I had cracked up. I was having a bad couple of weeks. I looked again and sure enough Stevie, the guardian of MikeManna's Fun Site, was talking to me.

"Stevie?" I asked confused. Checking to see if there was any hidden camera's. For all I knew it could be candid camera.

"Dana why won't you do a fanfic about me?" He whined.

"It never occurred to me." I answered.

"But you call me your muse on the website. See?" He said pointing at my website.

"You are my muse! Your an inspiration!"

"Then let everyone know about it." He said.

"Okay Stevie this was your idea what should I write about?" I asked taking out a piece of paper.

"Tell them I'm handsome."

"Stevie your a dragon."

"So? Can't dragon's be handsome?"

I thought about that one for awhile. "Sure I guess."

"Tell them you're a ghostwriter. You write my ideas!"

"Stevie! I won't lie to these readers!"

"Fine then. Hmm. Tell them I eat people who hate the Power Ranger shows."

I couldn't help but laugh and wrote it down. "Anything else?"

"I'm thinking! Don't rush me. I have a question. Why didn't you finish Zedd's Idea?"

"Sure you just ask that because your namesakes in it! I wrote Trouble in Florida as a tribute to Louie Spicolli. You just wanted to read about Stevie Richards."

"I was just asking. You don't have to be rude about it." Stevie pouted.

"It was too hard to write. Now back to this muse fanfic any other suggestions?"

"Did you mention my namesake was going to be in a fanfic?"

"You really want people to know that don't you?"

"Seems fair to me."

"Fine. I'm getting tired. Anything else Lord Muse."

"I like that!"

"I thought you would."

He stuck his fork tongue out at me. "No I think that's it!"

"May I go to bed now?"

"Sure. You mind if I eat some of your files while you're sleeping?"


The End

I have no idea what possessed me to write this fanfic. But I wrote it. Email me at Willow@grrtech.com.