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Author's Note: This is a very short fanfic written in first person. Enjoy it!

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Time frame: At about the same time as Returnings.

Memoirs of a Dead Ranger
By Dana

I'm a ghost. I know that's too straight forward but it's true. Oh sure I was once alive until a year ago. I was a happy teenager with a girlfriend and a best friend. Two great people who treated me just like their other son adopted me when I was a baby. I had a younger brother named Cory he's eight years old now. He works hard but I think my murder hit him hard.

That's right I said murder. I was murdered a year ago. You could say the person who put the hit on me hated me. He always had. When I was the Green Ranger he tried everything he could to strip me of my powers. He did succeed but I bounced back to become the White Ranger. I think he's no longer alive. See the Astro Rangers were able to finish off the bad guys and yet I'm still here wandering the Earth. Well I mostly wander Angel Grove. Yesterday I had to stop my best friend from killing himself again.

Jason took the gun out of his pocket and looked at it. Before he could do anything he heard someone behind him.

"Jason Lee Scott what do you think your doing?"

Jason turned around and saw Tommy Oliver standing in front of him. "No way it can't be you. I must be having another one of those nightmares!"

"Bro look at me. I'm dead your right but I could sense you were troubled and decided to stop you from doing something foolish."

"Tommy this year has been hard you can't imagine it! For a month now I have been having nightmares!" Jason said nearly in tears.

"I know Jason. But you can't give up on yourself! Kim needs you there with her. If not just for Kim, think about the others. Imagine what they'll have to go through."

Jason put the gun back in his pocket and said, "Your right. But I miss you Tommy!"

"I know but know I'll be with you in spirit." He said and vanished.

I really do miss Jason. I wish he would get his head back together. Killing himself won't bring me back. Or help anything.

While I'm talking about Jason I'll tell you something. Him and Kim make a great couple. I hope they get married some day. Sure Kimberly was my girlfriend for several years but that ended. I think Jason was the reason for the letter. But I could be wrong. I will start from the beginning. When I moved to Angel Grove Rita Repulsa captured me and made me her Green Ranger. Jason was the one who freed me. He and I became instant best friends. He always blamed himself for not getting the green candle. But I have never blamed him for it. It was my life or my powers he made the right decision. It's funny to say that now since I'm dead but hey! I really wasn't sure about being a leader. Especially since that meant I had to take the position from Jason. Jason has always been a good leader. I was scared I would mess up if I were a leader.

When Jason moved out of Angel Grove it made being leader ever more difficult. I had to lead an almost new team of rangers. Though I wrote him enough letters letting him know about what had happened and such it was never the same. I was really glad when he became Gold Ranger. He saved me from Gasket. After I gave the power to TJ, Jason and I got an apartment and even planned a big party. However Jason and I never made it to the party. Goldar captured us and took us to Lord Zedd's dungeon. Where a woman tortured the killed me. What I said to Jason before I died still stays with me.

"Jase, tell the others that I love them. Jason, you have been the best friend I have ever had. You were always there when I needed someone to listen to me. Don't blame yourself for what happened in here. It was Zedd and that woman's fault. I do not blame you for me losing my powers as the Green Ranger. Take care of Kim. I am gonna miss you, Jase."

I hope he remembers that. He's got Kimberly. They both went to Orlando after I died. I'm glad Kim took him though. He needed to get away from Angel Grove. Though he did inform me yesterday; he's been having nightmares I hope they finally end.

Back to Kim. She was my first girlfriend. I thought I really loved her. But we grew apart when she moved to Florida to train. I was faithful to her but I think the letter helped both of us. I still think Jason is the reason she wrote that letter. But neither of them told me. Kim's what you would call very hyper. She had so much energy. She could always make me smile even when I'm having a hard time. When I was losing my Green Ranger powers she was there for me the whole time. Telling me that no matter what I would still be a Ranger. I hope she and Jason stay together.

Tanya and Aisha were both good friends of mine. I wish Aisha hadn't given the crystal to Tanya but I am also glad she did. Does that make sense? Aisha was just as peppy as Kim, and also saw the good in people. She was the only one who hadn't been effected by the Hate Masters spell. Most likely because she has so much warmth in her heart. She was the one who replaced Trini on the team. I always thought she and Adam would have made a good couple. But that didn't happen. Aisha ended up staying in Africa to help a tribe with a plague and Tanya came back in her place.

Tanya is a very gifted singer. A girl named Ashley Hammond replaced her on the team. Tanya helped me with a song I had to sing. Though I think we both gave the others a large headache when all we could do was sing. >From sitting in on the party a few days ago I learned she is attending University of Oregon. She'll probably become a famous musician. She is dating Adam and I wish them both the best of luck.

Rocky and Adam are two great guys. They've been best friends for years. They both are great at karate. Kim, Trini, Jason, Billy, Zack and I met them and Aisha when they were in Angel Grove for the Team Ninja Finals. Rocky took Jason's place on the team, and Adam took Zack's.

The first thing I can say about Rocky is he loves to eat. He has a great sense of humor and everything. He was injured when he and Adam and I were practicing for a match to save the Angel Grove Homeless Shelter. Justin Stewart took his place on the power team. He has a girlfriend up in Eugene Oregon, named Amelia. I wish them both luck. Though I have never met this Amelia, she must be good to have captured Rocky's heart.

Carlos Richardson replaced Adam on the team. Like I said Adam is very good at karate. When I was alive he and I used to have good sparring matches at the Juice Bar. He is dating Tanya. Adam is very shy. I guess that's why his totem spirit is the frog. Though I think he has really come out of his shell lately. Adam is also very good at soccer. That's how he met Carlos. He was coaching Carlos's team.

A guy who I have been friends with since I moved to Angel Grove is Billy Cranston. He is a genius. He's the one who came up with the ideas for the communicators. He was the Blue Ranger and was unable to take a Zeo Crystal. Then he had to go to Aquitar to have the aging process reversed. When there he fell in love with an Aquitian named Cestria. I always thought he and Trini would get together but I was wrong. Billy was a great friend. Though it was hard to understand what he said sometimes. I hope he and Cestria are happy together.

Did I mention today was a very special day? Two of my friends are getting married! It's Zack and Trini. I was happy for them when they said they were engaged last year. Getting married during the holidays is such a special thing. It will help them get past what happened last year during the holidays.

I'll first tell you about Zack. Adam was the one who replaced Zack on the team. Zack is a great guy. He is like Rocky he has a great sense of humor. I remember one time I played a prank on him at school. See Zack is very afraid of spiders. So I scared him with a plastic one. He's a great dancer too. I was very sad to see him go.

Aisha replaced Trini on the team. Trini was such a nice person. I got closer to her during the crisis on Venus Island. She showed a lot of tenacity when she told me I couldn't surrender myself to Lord Zedd. She was going to fight the Invincible Venus Flytrap by herself. Of course I wasn't going to have anything to do with it. Trini is also great at karate. I wish her and Zack both the best of luck.

The last person that I will miss when I finally move onto the other life is Katherine. Katherine replaced Kimberly on the team. Kat is a talented ballerina and she almost went to the Pan-Globals for Diving. Kat was the one who tried really hard to help me get over Kim after the letter. She even tried to set me up with a famous woman's skier. But that didn't work out. I realized I had feelings for her a year after I first met her and I think I fell in love. I was planning to propose to her last year at the party. But that didn't work out the way I thought it would. Kat I love you and hope you find someone that can make you happy.

Looks like I'm even late when I'm dead. I have to rush to a wedding. Then I know I will be ready to move on to the afterlife.

The End

Author's Note: I swear I got the idea at the very last minute. I thought "You know, I haven't done a fanfic for the Reunion Series in awhile." So I thought I would do one on Tommy's perspective of his life and his friends. Email me at Willow@grrtech.com and tell me what you thought of the story.