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Author's note: This is another short first person fanfic. I think they are called vignette but I could be wrong.

Suggested reading: Home for the Holidays, and Dierdra's story.

Time frame: After Countdown to Destruction.

After the Fall of Evil
By Dana

I'm probably in the last place anyone would ever suspect me to be. I'm in Angel Grove California in the United States of America on a planet called Earth. I haven't been here long. I've never been to this planet before until now. I have a job just like everyone else on Earth does. I teach karate at a small school in Angel Grove. I tested before applying for the job. I'm a fifth degree black belt in karate. I guess all of that training paid off. I'm thinking of going to night school; to get what do they call it? I think it's called a GED or a High School Equivalency test. I want to go to College. I want to be a Psychologist. I would know better then most people what people are thinking. I always was fascinated with what my opponents were thinking. I want to be like any other twenty-one year old woman on this planet. Though I'm not. No one would ever guess who I was before a few months ago. I even dyed my hair brown. I am known in Angel Grove as Erin, which is my middle name, Cartwright. I don't want someone that might know who I am, to look at me and go that's Dierdra. What's she doing here?

As I stand here gazing out at Angel Grove Lake I can't help not remembering my past. I've never lived a normal life. Well it's normal where I'm from, but not on Earth. Do I feel sorry for what I have done? I'm not sure yet. Maybe in awhile I will be sorry.

I don't even know why I wasn't destroyed along with the others. I know Astronema/Karone was freed. But I wasn't. So why am I free to roam Angel Grove? I killed one of the rangers that I'm sure Zordon would have wanted to die for. Funny isn't it? I did feel sorry for killing the teenager but it was a job! It's not like I ever had a choice or anything on this matter. When you're raised to kill you really have no choice on not doing it. Maybe that's why I was spared.

When all of the evil was destroyed. I remember waking up and seeing dust everywhere. I didn't know what happened. Until I walked to the room where Zordon was being held. I saw the broken tube and suddenly I knew what had happened. I still don't understand why I was spared. Did I make a choice subconsciously? Did I decide I want to be good? I can honestly say I want to turn my life around. I want to forget my past and move on.

I turn around and look at the people playing in the park. Parents playing with their kids. I don't even remember my parents. Heck I don't even know if they are still alive or if I have brothers and sisters. I haven't seen them since I was four years old. Storea Kall trained me to be what I am. If he hadn't died a year ago would he have been destroyed with the others? Sometimes I think he would have been spared.

I haven't seen Karone here yet. Maybe they didn't stay on Earth. For all I know she, Andros, and Zhane could have gone back to KO-35. Though I couldn't blame her for wanting to be with her brother.

I did see the announcement for Trini Kwan and Zack Taylor's wedding. I do know who they are. I had been checking the database on Tommy Oliver to see what I could find to help me. I presume Jason Scott will be there. Good thing I dyed my hair brown. I don't want to face him. He wouldn't understand. No one would understand.

I have written down; everything for the past seven years that I felt was important. This is a last resort. If I ever get married and have kids I want them to know the truth about me. Maybe I'll put it in my will. But I don't expect them too. I am writing in this journal as a last entry. There will be no more entries for me. It's time to move on with my life. There's no more Dierdra. There's only Erin Cartwright.

The End

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