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Time frame: A week after Psycho Problems 2.

Psycho Problems 3: Night Terror
By Dana

"ZHANE!" Andros's scream pulled Zhane out of another night of sleep. He looked at his best friend lying on his bed still screaming. Andros stopped screaming only when he could not scream anymore. Zhane, who had become accustomed to Andros's restless nights, had moved a cot into the room. It scared Zhane to see Andros like this. He watched Andros until the nightmare ended.

Andros opened his eyes. "Remember anything?" Zhane asked not really expecting to get a yes. Andros shook his head. For the past week, Andros had not been sleeping. Unless you count the times, he was having a nightmare. Strange thing about the nightmares Andros always was screaming and couldn't remember a thing when he woke up. It was always Zhane's name Andros would scream. Zhane thought it might have been Astronema's fault.

"I'm sorry." Andros said hoarsely.

"I'm getting used to it Andros. Just relax. We'll find out what's causing your nightmares I promise." Zhane looked at the clock it was almost five am. "Let's go to the Rec room. I don't think I'll be able to fall asleep either."

Andros nodded. As they left the room Zhane couldn't help but remember what had happened for almost two weeks. Andros went to the mall to get a present for Ashley for her birthday. It was there that the Psycho Rangers captured him. He was turned evil and given the Silver Psycho Powers but was able to get out of Astronema's spell. Then a day later Astronema kidnapped him and a former Power Ranger named Tommy. Zhane was able to get through to Andros but they were brought up to Astronema's ship. They all escaped and Zhane was injured. He remembered what happened that night.

<Italics> Alpha was leaning over Zhane. "You going to be all right Zhane? If not I can wait till later to turn myself off."

"No that's okay." Zhane paused when he heard screaming. "What's that?" Then he heard his name. Zhane jumped up and ran ignoring the pain he was in. He ran to Andros's room and looked in. Andros was sitting up looking at him.

"Andros? What's wrong?" Zhane asked entering the room.

Andros shook his head. "I don't remember." Andros whispered. "Zhane I've never been this scared before. I can't remember the dream but I know it was scary. You don't think it's an after affect do you?"

"Of what's been happening? I don't think so. I think you should be checked by Alpha." Zhane said.

"Okay." Andros helped Zhane down the hall to sick bay.

"Zhane! You should be resting." Alpha said and then looked at Andros. "Andros is something wrong?"

"Alpha I just woke up from a terrible nightmare. I don't remember it at all except my throat's really sore."

"That's because he was screaming. Can you check him and make sure he's all right?" Zhane asked Alpha.

"I can Zhane. Maybe there's still residual of the spell left." Alpha scanned Andros. "Nope. There's nothing that I detect. Maybe it was just a fluke thing why don't you go back to sleep Andros." Andros looked scared. He shook his head.

"I don't think I'll be able to go back to sleep tonight." Andros answered.

<End of Italics> Then again Andros couldn't sleep at all.


Ashley, TJ, Carlos, and Cassie entered the Rec. room a couple of hours later. "Another bad night?" Carlos asked as he saw that Andros and Zhane were in there all ready.

"Yeah." Zhane said yawning.

"Go to bed Zhane. You look exhausted." Cassie said.

Zhane nodded and looked over at Andros who looked like he was about to fall over in his chair. "You going to be all right Andros?"

"I'll be all right. It's just another day without sleep." Andros said watching Zhane leave the room very reluctantly. "How's Tommy doing as Red Astro Ranger?"

There was a unanimous decision on whether or not Andros should fight. The answer was no. Tommy was filling in and Adam was called in if there was a need for backup. However, they tried not to call in Adam if it wasn't an emergency. The Green Astro Powers were getting weaker. Not that there was much there before. This was agreed upon until Andros was back to normal sleeping patterns.

"He's doing all right. He is still getting used to it. There haven't been that many major attacks." TJ said. He paused and looked at his watch. "Shoot we're going to be late for school. Andros are you sure you'll be alright up here with Zhane asleep?"

"Alpha's here too. Besides I've been doing this for a week." Andros tried to assure them.

Ashley reached over and squeezed his hand. "Later we can go for a walk in the park if you feel up to it."

"Sure. It might do me some good to get off of this ship for awhile." Andros said. The others teleported to school.

Ashley sighed as she walked to her locker and opened it. 'Poor Andros. This is scaring him. It's scaring me for that matter.'

"Excuse me can you tell me where room 310 is?" A voice asked from behind her.

Ashley turned around, saw a young girl that had to be over six feet tall with black hair that seemed to her to have a light purple tint to it, and was wearing a green mini dress. "Sure that's where my first class is. Are you new here?"

"Just started today. It looks like a nice school."

"It sure is. Where did you move from?"

"Oregon. It's not as warm up there as it is here."

"My names Ashley."

"Nice to meet you Ashley. My names Jamie."

"Let me see your schedule and I'll tell you where your classes are." Jamie handed it to her. "You're in luck. You're in all of my classes."

"Wow you're kidding. What are the chances of that?"

"Pretty slim. Come on Mr. Walker is pretty strict on tardiness."


Andros looked in at Zhane and saw that he was fast asleep in his room. 'Poor Zhane. I would try falling asleep but I know I'll wake up screaming. What's wrong with me? Why can't I sleep without nightmares for once?'

He walked away and down the hall not sure, where he wanted to go. He saw his room and fell into the bed. 'Please no more nightmares.' He prayed. However, that didn't stop it.


Alpha was walking down the hall to check on where Andros was, when he heard the screaming. He knew it was Andros. Alpha hurried down the hall to Andros's room. He found Andros crying in his sleep. Alpha started shaking Andros. "Andros wake up!"

Andros opened his eyes. "Alpha?"

"You had another nightmare." Alpha informed him.

Andros looked away sadly. "I was so tired all I wanted to do..."

"I know Andros. I am going to see if I can find something. I'll be right back."

"Thanks Alpha." Andros stood up after Andros left. He looked into his mirror. He saw the dark circles under his eyes. 'I wish I knew what was going on.'

"Andros?" Alpha said from behind him. "I couldn't find anything that was safe."

"That's all right Alpha." Andros whispered and fell asleep anyway. Alpha closed the door, turned around, and saw Zhane walking towards him.

"Get any sleep?" Alpha asked Zhane.

"Some. How's Andros?"

"He just fell asleep."

Zhane leaned in to listen. "Well he seems to be okay."


Andros opened his eyes and almost wasn't sure where he was. Then he realized he was in his own room. 'Finally.' He thought. He got out of bed, and stumbled towards the door. He walked down to the Control Room. He saw Zhane was working on a console. "Hi Zhane."

"Andros! So did you get any sleep?"

"More then I usually do lately." He looked at the clock. "The others should be back up here soon."

"Yeah." Zhane said distractedly not looking up.

Andros leaned over and looked at the console Zhane was working on. But, for some reason, he couldn't read it. 'Must be tired.'

Zhane finally turned around and had a cold look on his face.

"Zhane?" Andros asked backing away.

"It's time for you to die Andros."

"Zhane? What's going on?" Andros said backing up even more.

"You heard me Andros. You tried to kill me a couple of times. It's time for you to die." He said and pointed the gun.

"ZHANE NO!" Andros screamed.


Zhane ran into Andros's room. 'Not again!' "Come on Andros wake up."

Andros sat up very quickly. "Zhane? What's going on?"

"You had another nightmare." Zhane said. He thought he saw a far away look in Andros's eyes. "Do you remember anything."

"It's very vague. But, I can't remember it. It's like...I don't know how to describe it." Andros said.

"Andros just hang in there. We'll find out what's going on soon I'm sure." Zhane said and sat down on Andros's bed.

Andros stood up. He and Zhane walked to the control room and spotted the others. "Hey guys." Andros greeted.

"Hey yourself." Ashley said coming over to him.

"I feel like a walk right about now." Andros said. "Let me just go get changed." He left the room.

Ashley gave Zhane a confused look.

"He had two nightmares after you guys left today." Zhane informed her.

"Oh no. No wonder he wanted out of here so quickly." Cassie said.

"I just want to know what's causing him to have nightmares every time he goes to sleep." Ashley said.

Andros came back out. "You ready to go Ash?"

"Yeah. Let's go." She answered him.

They teleported down to the lake. They walked. Andros stopped, turned, and looked at the lake. Ashley turned her gaze that way also. They didn't even hear someone appear behind them.

"Ahem." Came the voice behind them. They turned around and standing in front of them was the Red and Green Psycho Rangers.

"Andros get out of here!" Ashley yelled ducking the Green Psycho Rangers kick. She knew Andros wasn't in any shape to fight the Psycho Rangers. Even if he wasn't exhausted, he still didn't have his morpher.

Andros knew Ashley was right. However, he also knew he could not just leave her there. He was struggling against the Red Psycho Ranger and was knocked down.

Ashley hurried over to Andros who was kneeling. "Andros you have to go!" But the Green Psycho Ranger whirled her around and attacked her. This left Andros at the mercy of the Red Psycho Ranger.


In the dojo that Tommy Oliver, Jason Lee Scott, Adam Park and Rocky DeSantos ran together, classes were going throughout the room. Tommy had just told his class to take a five-minute break. He walked over to get a drink of water when his communicator went off. He walked over to Adam and told him he had to go. Adam understood and hurried to take over Tommy's class. Tommy walked outside. He raised his communicator up and said, "This is Tommy."

"Tommy. Andros and Ashley are being attacked at the lake. You must join the others there." Alpha informed him.

"Let's Rocket!"

When Tommy got to the lake, he saw that everyone had their hands full. He rushed over to give Andros a hand, but the Black Psycho Ranger stopped him before he could. "Where do you think you're going red?"

Andros tried getting away from the Red Psycho Ranger but nothing worked. He was tiring very quickly and was doing everything he could to stay conscious. The Red Psycho Ranger just laughed. "Where's that Andros who would put up a fight against me? This is too easy."

Andros got to his feet coughing. 'This isn't quite fair. He's morphed and I'm not. The others are trying to help me but I can't get away.' Andros felt something hit him in the head and he passed out. But before he did, he heard the Red Psycho Ranger laughing at him.

"Good night Andros." He said with a smirk. He didn't see Zhane ram into him until it was too late.

"Stay away from Andros!" Zhane yelled as he ran towards Andros he teleported Andros back to the Mega Ship.

The Red Psycho Ranger backed away putting his hands in the air. "Silver Zeonizer!" Zhane called. But it was too late. The Psycho Rangers were teleported away.

"Well that was weird." Cassie commented.

"I wonder what they were up to." Tommy said.

"I don't know but I think they were after Andros again." Zhane said. "He was knocked out but I sent him back up to the Mega Ship. We should probably go up there and make sure he's all right."


Andros found himself in a dark place. He could hear whispering. He also saw a sort of glowing light. He walked closer to the spot and saw it was an amulet. He didn't touch it. He had the feeling something was behind him and turned around. He saw a dark figure. The dark figure picked up the amulet and held it. He could almost see a smirk on the figure's face.

"Who are you?" Andros demanded. The figure said nothing. "I said, who are you?" , The figure remained silent. Andros lost his patience and yanked the hood off the figure. Andros gasped.

He was looking at himself.

"I am you!" The figure said and grabbed Andros, whose vision was starting to blur and was losing control. His mind clouded. He wasn't sure what was going on.


"Alpha has he been out the entire time?" Ashley asked peering down at the unconscious Andros.

"Yes Ashley he has. He seems to have taken a hard hit to his head."

Andros sat up and looked around confused. "How'd I get here?"

"Andros! You're awake!" Ashley said excitedly.

"How are you feeling Andros?" Alpha asked.

"My head hurts but other then that all right." 'Should I tell them what I saw while I was unconscious?'

'Come on Andros you know you want to attack them.' A voice inside of Andros's head said.

"No!" Andros cried aloud.

"Andros?" Zhane asked. Andros looked up at Zhane confused. 'I don't like this one bit.' Zhane thought to himself. "Maybe Alpha should take a better look at your head. To make sure nothings wrong." He suggested.

Andros shook his head. "No. That's all right I feel fine."

"You just shouted no for no reason." Zhane reminded him.

"I swear I feel fine." Andros said and jumped off the table.

He fell forward but Carlos was in front of him. Carlos placed him back onto the table. "Sure you do buddy." Carlos said.

Alpha came up with a scanner. Andros was unconscious. "We'll just hope he doesn't have a nightmare right away. You might as well leave the room it's going to take awhile." Alpha instructed the others.

They left the room reluctantly. They walked into the Rec. Room. "I hope Andros is all right." Tommy said.

"You might want to get back to your karate class Tommy." Zhane suggested.

"I'd rather wait and make sure Andros is all right." Tommy said. They all sat down and talked quietly.


"Just give up Andros. I am who you really are. You think you could get out of that spell so easily. I don't think so." Andros was trying his hardest to fight the figure that looked like him. "I'll beat you and then destroy your friends."

"I won't let you. You won't win."

"You know what? First, I'll go after Zhane. He's just too hyper. Then I will go after Ashley. Yes then I will finish off the others." The image laughed.

"NO! Leave them alone!" Andros yelled.

"I'll leave them alone. You are the one who's going to be doing all of the work. Andros this is going on in your own mind. I am just a small amulet who feeds off people's fears when getting hold of them. How foolish you are Red Astro Ranger. Oops guess I can't call you that anymore. That is right. You're the Silver Psycho Ranger." The image taunted.

"No I'm not." Andros said. But he was slowly figuring out he was in big trouble. 'I remember Astronema placing an amulet around my neck once. This is what it is! I was never freed the second time! No!'

"That's right you were never freed. I let you go on and act like yourself while I explored your mind. Now you're mine to control." It said advancing on Andros.

"Help!" He was trying to make himself shout. But he wasn't sure if it was working. Andros was blinded by a green light.


Zhane heard the yell for help and jumped to his feet with the others following him. He came into the room and saw Andros lying very still on the table. "Alpha I thought I just heard Andros yelling."

"You did Zhane. I'm trying to figure out what's going on. I don't think he's having a nightmare. He's usually shaking hard and wakes up almost instantly. He just became still." Alpha answered Zhane.

"Do you think waking him up would be a good idea?" Ashley suggested.

"No that would be a bad idea. We'll just have to wait until he wakes himself up." Alpha said picking up the scanner. "Except a lot of brainwave activity there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with him.

"No keep the amulet away!" Andros was mumbling softly. "I won't h-" That's all they heard because after that Andros was gone.

"Where'd he go?" Cassie asked looking around for Andros.

"What was he talking about an amulet for?" Carlos asked looking at Alpha.

"I could be wrong but it could be the Partraolo Amulet. This is a very strong amulet. It has strong mind controlling powers. It could have been what Astronema used on him to turn him evil the last time." Alpha said.

"But Andros has been acting completely normal." Ashley said.

"Those nightmares were nothing normal. He was at a weakened state and the amulet took advantage I'm sure." Alpha said putting down the scanner.

"The amulet? How would the amulet take advantage? Andros wasn't even wearing anything different." Tommy said.

"Well that amulet is a different kind of amulet. The victim does not have to wear it constantly. Once is enough. It feeds off the fears. The nightmares may have been how it was doing it."

"We don't even know where Andros is." Zhane said.

"I think it would be safe to say he's on Astronema's ship." TJ said.


Andros landed on Astronema's ship and looked around in confusion. 'Hold on I don't remember teleporting here.'

Astronema approached him with a smile on her face. 'See I knew it would work.' "Welcome back to my ship Andros."

"I demand to be let go." Andros said.

"I'm not the one that teleported you up here Andros." Astronema told him. He looked at her startled. "You teleported yourself up here."

"You're lying Astronema." Andros whispered.

Astronema threw something towards him. Instinctively he grabbed it. It was the Silver Psycho Ranger Morpher. He dropped it to the ground as if it was a hot potato. However, he picked it back up. 'No! I can't do this. But I must.' He looked at Astronema his eyes glowing slightly.

"Welcome back Silver Psycho." Astronema said with a smile.


The next morning TJ, Cassie, Carlos, and Ashley walked into Angel Grove High School. They were about to go their separate ways when TJ turned towards Ashley. "It'll be okay Ash. We'll get him back."

Ashley nodded and walked to her locker. She saw Jamie standing with another guy talking. "Hi Jamie." She greeted.

"Hi Ashley! This is Donovan. He's my brother. He couldn't come yesterday." Jamie greeted right back.

Ashley got a better look at him. He reminded her of someone. She couldn't put a finger on how though. "It's nice to meet you Donovan."

"Same here I'm sure." He said. "Look I've got to find my locker. I'll see you later." He told them and walked away.

They walked to class talking away happily. "I like this school so far." Jamie said. "It's pretty nice sized."

"Yeah. I agree."

They were in the classroom when they heard screaming in the hallways. In addition to the sound of people running down the hall could be heard. "What's going on?" Ashley asked jumping to her feet.

The teacher came into the room. He looked very worried. "Everyone get under their desks. Please be as quiet as possible. The school is being attacked by the Psycho Rangers."

There was chaos with people getting under desks. She saw Carlos, who was also in the same class, right before she kneeled under the desk look at her in shock.

She remembered how they put something on the communicators in case something had happened and didn't have the time to alert the others. She flicked the button.


Jason came into the Dojo quickly. "You guys see the news?"

Adam, Tommy, and Rocky looked up at him confused. "No." Rocky said. "What's going on?"

"Angel Grove High School's under attack by the Psycho Rangers." Jason answered him.

Adam and Tommy exchanged looks. "Well, we better go Adam." Tommy said standing up. Jason and Rocky knew all about Tommy and Adam being temporary Power Rangers. The communicators made their secret known.

"Good luck you guys. Be careful." Jason said.

Adam and Tommy teleported up to the Mega Ship in haste knowing that they needed to. Zhane came running into the room. "I was just going to notify you of the problem. There are only three of us so we have to be very careful."

"Let's Rocket!" Zhane yelled.

They teleported down to the school. "Do you know where the Psycho Rangers landed?" Tommy asked looking around.

"Unfortunately no. It probably wouldn't be smart of the three of us to separate. Let's go down the main hallway and keep our eyes and ears open." Zhane said.

They walked slowly down the hall. The school was almost silent. There was a flash of light and the Red, Black, Yellow, and Blue Psycho Rangers appeared.

"Looking for us?" Yellow asked.

Red took on Zhane. Black and Yellow took on Tommy and the Blue Psycho Ranger went after Adam. They were really struggling. Zhane was knocked to the ground and was about to get up when he saw Red Psycho went over to help the Blue Psycho Ranger. 'What's going on here?' He wondered. But he was answered very quickly.

There was another flash of light. This time bringing the Silver Psycho Ranger. "Well Zhane looks like we are going to have a rematch." He said in the cold voice he had before.

"Andros no you don't want to do this." Zhane tried.

"Why don't I Zhane? You think I don't like being evil?" Andros asked. "Well, I do!"

"Andros you have to fight the amulet. I know your somewhere in there. You can't let the amulet control you." Zhane said.

"Whatever. Spiral Saber!" Andros called. He raised it and was about to hit Zhane with it. But TJ, who had just appeared morphed as the Blue Astro Ranger, was able to knock it out of Andros's hands. "You'll pay for that TJ!" Andros said.

TJ just looked at him. "I don't think so."


Back in the classroom, where Ashley and Carlos were in, they could hear the fight going on. Luckily, they couldn't hear the words.

Jamie stood up and pulled Ashley out from under the desk. "Jamie? What are you doing?"

"Green Psycho Ranger Power!" She yelled and morphed into the Green Psycho Ranger.

Ashley screamed. She couldn't believe it.

"I'm taking you hostage. She said.

She opened the door and held a weapon against the Yellow Rangers throat. "Stop or I will kill her." She told the Astro Ranger.

Andros stopped fighting Zhane and something went through his mind 'No not Ashley!' However, something in his mind pushed it away. He didn't even realize he said it aloud until everyone turned his way.

The Psycho Rangers looked at him strangely. The Astro Rangers stood there shocked. Andros shook his head and stood his ground.

Zhane turned to the Green Psycho Ranger. "Let Ashley and Andros go." He said.

"Andros came willingly." The Red Psycho Ranger informed him. "As for Ashley you don't have to worry about her." Red Psycho said teleporting her away. "Your school is another story." He said and blasted a doorway of the school. There was a small fire starting. "See you Rangers later." He said and the Psycho Rangers teleported away.

Zhane stood there shocked. Tommy was the one who spoke up first. "We have to get the students out of here. The schools on fire!" Tommy said.

Zhane nodded and they hurried to get students out of the building.


Later that day the Rangers sat in the Rec. Room talking. "The good thing is the school was barely damaged. They'll have to repair that one doorway but that's it." Cassie said.

"I guess." Zhane had barely said a word since they got up onto the ship.

"Zhane we'll get Andros and Ashley back." Adam said trying to assure him.

"I know. It's just that I can't believe Astronema has both of them." Zhane said.

"I know." TJ said.

"I can't believe Jamie was the Green Psycho Ranger. We had first period together." Carlos said.

"I was wondering TJ how did you manage to morph into the Blue Astro Ranger?" Tommy asked.

"I was um late for class and had gone to the restroom. I saw the Psycho Rangers in the school. I morphed and came to stop Andros from using his Spiral Saber on Zhane." TJ answered.

"Thanks again for doing that TJ." Zhane said. "Andros really wasn't in control. You could tell that. Remember how he yelled 'No not Ashley!'"

"Yeah I know. Even the Psycho Rangers were shocked." Carlos said.


"Let me and Andros go!" Ashley commanded. She demanded glaring at Astronema. She was held in place by the Yellow and Green Psycho Rangers.

"You are the one responsible for destroying the Pink Psycho Ranger so you shall pay." Elgar interrupted her.

"Astronema! Dark Spectre wants to talk to you." Elgar informed her.

"Fine. Take her to the torture chamber. I will be down there after I'm finished talking to Dark Spectre." She ordered the Psycho Rangers with a slight smile on her face. 'Let's see how deep Andros is into the spell of the amulet.'

The Yellow and Green Psycho Rangers pulled Ashley down the hall. The other Psycho Rangers followed. They strapped Ashley to a machine.

Andros couldn't take his eyes off her. She looked at him with pain in her eyes. Andros was beginning to feel dizzy. He closed his eyes. 'I have to fight this. I have to save Ashley.'

Ashley saw this and looked at him hopefully. "Andros?"

Andros looked up at her with hate in his eyes. "No. The Andros you knew no longer exists. So give it up Yellow Ranger."

'It's the amulet talking. He's fighting it.' Ashley thought.

Red Psycho Ranger pulled Andros out of the room. "Stay here." He ordered.


Andros fell to the ground as he struggled against the evil within him. 'You can't do this. This is my body and mind you cannot have it!'

'Oh really. Astronema was the one who put me on you. That means you are mine. No one can save you. If they do you would most likely die. There's an interesting idea. If I let you go you will die. You are boring anyway. Always struggling so I will let you go. However, don't come crawling back when you're dying. Such a stupid Kerovian you are Andros. Enjoy the time you have left.' The image said and disappeared.

Andros opened his eyes and struggled to his feet. 'What does he mean I'll die? Who cares Ashley is in danger!' He jumped to his feet and ran into the room. The Psycho Rangers had left. Ashley was unconscious in the middle of the room. "Come on Ash. Time to go home." He tried to pick her up but couldn't. 'She's not all that heavy why can't I lift her?' Then what the image said finally made sense. He held her by the arm and teleported to Earth. When he landed he fell to the ground and couldn't get up. Everything went black.


Ashley woke up and looked around. 'Where am I?' She wondered. She didn't see Andros's body next to her right away. She raised her communicator and looked around to make sure there was no one around. That was when she spotted Andros on the ground. "Andros!" She grabbed him and teleported up to the ship.

They landed with a thud causing everyone to leave the Rec. Room. "Ashley! How did you-" Zhane started to say then saw his best friend sprawled on the floor next to Ashley. "Andros!"

"You guys I don't know what happened. I was strapped to this torture device and I think I passed out. When I came to, I was in the park with Andros next to me. I don't know how we got there."

Alpha approached with a scanner and began scanning him. "He's dying Rangers." He told them looking down.

"He's what?" They all said at the same time looking at him in disbelief.

"I have something but it's Andros that has to do the work. It will help him but I can't say it'll work. It might or it might not. I'm going to give it to him. It might be best if you weren't in here." The Rangers left very reluctantly.


Ashley sat in her room and cried. 'Why him? He saved me from whatever Astronema was going to do to me. And what does he get? Death is what he gets. Please Andros you have to pull through.'

Would you know my name?

If I saw you in heaven?

Would you feel the same

If I saw you in heaven?

I must be strong and carry on

'Cause I know I don't belong here in heaven...

Would you hold my hand

If I saw you in heaven?

Would you help me stand

If I saw you in heaven?

I'll find my way through night and day

'Cause I know I just can't stay here in heaven...

Time can bring you down; time can bend your knees

Time can break your heart, have you begging please...

Beyond the door there's peace I'm sure

And I know there'll be no more tears in heaven...

Would you know my name

If I saw you in heaven?

Would you feel the same

If I saw you in heaven?

I must be strong and carry on

'Cause I know I don't belong here in heaven...

Cassie walked into the room. "Oh Ash. Andros won't die he's too strong to let something like this keep him down."

"Cassie you heard Alpha. The chances are slim. I want Andros to get through this and everything but we have to face reality."

"He didn't say it would be difficult. He just said Andros had to do all of the work. Ash we can't give up hope. Andros needs our strength." Cassie said and pulled her best friend into a hug.


TJ and Carlos went back to the Rec. Room. "Almost seems unreal that he's dying doesn't it?" TJ asked.

"Yeah. It's been a rough two weeks. Andros was turned evil. We got him back. Andros was turned evil and we got him back again. Then it turns out he wasn't freed and we get him back when he's dying. It's hard to believe Astronema would do this to her own brother. Astronema's going to pay for this." Carlos said.

"Astronema's under a spell too Carlos. She doesn't know what she's doing." TJ said. "We've got to be strong for Zhane and Ashley. This is going to hit them harder then the rest of us."


Zhane had been wandering aimlessly and ended up in the storage room. He looked down at the cryogenic tube that had been his home for two years. 'I have saved Andros's life before. And he saved my life too. Now he's dying and I can't help him.' Zhane started crying. He heard someone enter the room and thought Alpha was wrong and that it was Andros. He turned around and saw Adam and Tommy.

"How are you holding up?" Adam asked slowly approaching him.

"As good as anyone would when they are just told their best friend is dying." Zhane said turning back around.

"There's still a chance he'll pull through. Don't forget that." Tommy reminded him.

"Yeah but even Alpha didn't sound hopeful. I just keep praying Alpha's wrong and Andros will sit up and everything will be fine." Zhane said.

They left the storage room and walked down to the sick bay. They saw the others had gathered in front of it.

"Guess we all had the same idea." Cassie said.

"I was just thinking. I know we don't all have the same religion. But if we clasp hands in a circle and say a prayer for Andros..." Ashley said.

"That sounds like a great idea Ashley." Adam said. They stood in the circle and held hands. Crying quietly and praying for their fallen friend.

Alpha walked out of the room and almost ran into TJ. "Oh Rangers there you are."

They looked up startled. Then they started speaking all at once.

"Alpha is Andros all right?"

"He's not dead is he?"

"Please say you have good news!"

Alpha waited till they were done. "That's what I was trying to tell you! Andros is-"

Andros walked out of the room. "Hi guys." He said.

"ANDROS!" They all yelled at the same time and enveloped him in a huge hug.

Alpha held the remains of the Silver Psycho Morpher up and threw it away. That was the first thing Andros did when he woke up. Destroyed the morpher.

Now he was free from the problems of being a Psycho Ranger.

The End

That's it that's the end! I could go crazy myself writing any more Psycho Problem fanfics. The song in the fanfic is "Tears in Heaven" by Eric Clapton. Email me at Willow@grrtech.com with comments and questions.