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Authors note: This sort of goes with the other two stories, but not necessarily. You can read this story without any problem. It is time to look into the mind of a young woman, and her past.

Dierdra's Story
By Dana

On Astronema's ship, a tall figure walks briskly and determinedly to their quarters. Without acknowledging Ecliptor who is standing in the hallway. Not that the person ever does, it is always business to them. Sitting down in a chair, the person removes the hood to reveal long red hair. It is Dierdra, and this is her story...

Dierdra picks up a note that was left on the table. She quickly scans it, sighs, and puts it back on the table. Dierdra picks up "Universal Times" which is the newspaper that circulates the universe, mostly read by the bad guys. Reading the front page she laughs. Front-page center is the headline; "Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa divorce after four years". She knew that relationship would never last.

Dierdra looks around her quarters. She has been living here for five years. She never had to listen to Astronema. She got her orders from Dark Spectre and no one else. Dierdra is only twenty-one. She was chosen for this kind of work when she was only four years old. Which is not uncommon the younger they learn the better. She was trained for ten years. Her height had always made her look older then she actually was.

Dierdra went back to reading the newspaper. The article, "Storea Kall Dies" made Dierdra want to cry for the first time in years. Storea was the one that trained her; he took care of her. Dierdra was his prized pupil, and he always made sure that the other ones he was training knew that.

Dierdra closed her eyes and remembered back seven years.

In the training facility on the planet Tao, Storea Kall watched one of his favorite students' train. He knew she would make it in this profession.

"Dierdra please come over hear," he yells.

Dierdra hurried over "Yes sir?"

Storea stood there looking at the teenage girl. He had trained her since she was a very young girl. She had a mean streak unmatched by anyone he had ever met. Though he always thought of her as a daughter, he knew it was time for her to go.

"Dierdra I just got word that Dark Spectre was looking for someone to be what they call on earth a hitman. Dark Spectre runs the forces, and I think he needs someone with your discipline and skills. Dierdra you are my best student. Tomorrow you leave to meet him."

Dierdra stood there shocked. I am leaving? She quietly asks to herself. She was excited about the opportunity but did not really want to leave. This was like home to her. She barely remembered her parents. She had a picture of them but that is all she knew of them. Dierdra remembered them crying and telling her to do exactly what she was told and make them proud. No one here ever discussed his or her family's back home.

Storea seeing Dierdra's sad expression, "It is a great opportunity. I would not be offering it to you if I did not think you could handle it. You are a tough young woman. You have been that way since you came here ten years ago. Good luck."


The next morning Dierdra is sitting patiently waiting for her interview with Dark Spectre to begin. Just then the door opened and Darkonda entered.

"You must be Dierdra. Dark Spectre sent me down to ask you to come down to the arena. We want to see what you can do before we give you the job. You were given such a high recommendation we know we will not be disappointed."

Nervously Dierdra stood up. She was led to a circular arena. She looks around wondering what was going to happen. Just then the gate opened and a young man was pushed in. Expectantly she looked over where Dark Spectre and Darkonda were.

"I want to see you kill this man. Do not hold anything back show me what you can do." Dark Spectre ordered.

Dierdra nodded and looked over at the man who was about her age. She was trained in almost all forms of fighting, and knew she could handle this. She grabs him and kicks him in the face. The man looked apprehensive about hitting her. She continued kicking him and he did fight back in vein. Losing her patience, she hits him in the back of the head, where it would break his neck. His neck broke and he fell to the ground dead.

Dark Spectre watching all of this turns to Darkonda and said, "She is good. She will do nicely." Saying to Dierdra "My dear you have the job."


Fast forward two years later. Darkonda walks into Dierdra's quarters and sees that she has returned from yet another successful mission.

"Dierdra, I just got word that Dark Spectre is moving you from here. You will be on a different ship. Do not worry you will be able to come and go just as you please like you do now. I think he thinks Astronema needs another female around. You will be going to Astronema's ship. When Dark Spectre has someone that needs your services he will let you know."

Dierdra shrugs and says "whatever."

The next day Dierdra is teleported onto Astronema's ship. Ecliptor meets her there. He nods before speaking.

"Miss Dierdra your quarters have already been prepared. I know you have been told you are allowed to as you please, but I have one request. But before I tell you what it is, I need to tell you a story. Astronema, like you, was raised by the evil forces. Unlike you she did not go willingly. Dark Spectre kidnapped her from KO-35 and was brought to my attention. I am telling you this so you do not feel left out in the cold. You must never tell Astronema any of this. Is that clear?"

Dierdra smirks and says "Crystal clear. Now where are my quarters?"

Just then a girl younger then Dierdra walks out of a doorway to greet Dierdra. "Hello my name is Astronema, if you need anything let Ecliptor know and he will get whatever you need." She hurries off.

Dierdra watches her and could sense what Ecliptor had told her. Astronema seemed kind of mindless. Dierdra who never had to go through this was amused. She had seen it on the people she tortured but not like this. She decided to put it in the back of her mind.

"Here is your chambers Dierdra," Ecliptor says and leaves.


Fast-forward 5 years. Dierdra walks around the ship. It was much quieter after Astronema was brought back. She had changed. Then again, everything has. It was more serious on the ship now.

Dierdra could hear Astronema arguing with Elgar in the main chamber. Elgar ammused her, she had never seen anything that dumb before. No wonder his aunt got rid of him.

Just then Elgar ran over to her. He trips over his own feet just 5 feet from Dierdra. Dierdra could not help from laughing.

"Dierdra, Dierdra! You have a message from Dark Spectre." Elgar said and handed the paper to her.

Dierdra went into her chambers to read the message. "Dierdra, I just got a message from Lord Zedd. He needs you there right away. He said it is a very important job. Contact him right away. Dark Specre."


Dierdra walks out of the shadows of Lord Zedd's dungeon. She sees a young man chained to the wall, looking scared. Interesting never had to have someone like this. She thinks to herself. She looks down at the ground at a young man the same age as the other one. This must be Thomas Oliver.

Dierdra laughed frozenly. "Lord Zedd told me you two were supposed to be two of the toughest Power Rangers that he has encountered. Looking at you two now, I see why he failed in conquering Earth. He just didn't know how to deal with teenagers. I have been doing this for years, and know exactly what has to be done," she turned to Goldar. She sees the feer in the simian's eyes. "Goldar, you can leave now. You will be informed when I am finished in here."

Turning around she sees Tommy trying to sit up and kicks him in the head. She hears his friend yelling for her to stop but she ignores him. She did not need the interuption her work needed to be done. The young man gets up and kicks her, but she hardly notices it. Dierdra returns the favor with a kick to his leg.

This goes on for awhile till he passes out. She leaves the room to retrieve the last part of the job. Coming back in she notices he is still out. Turning to the man on the wall who asked her a couple of questions she said, I am one of the best at what I do. As you have seen and will see." Dierdra took out a knife that was carefully hidden in her boot. "One last thing to take care of." She threw some sort of dust at Tommy. Seeing Tommy open his eyes, trying to kick her she knew she had to finish this quickly. "Sorry Tommy that will not save you." Dierdra raised the knife and casually stabbed him in the heart, and knew that should do the job. She had been doing this too long to know when it was not done. She never messed up and was not planning to now. She looked up at Jason and says "See you Jason."

Dierdra teleported back to Astronema's ship.


Dierdra opens her eyes after this. Sighing she looks at the paper that was on her table again, and knows she had better get some sleep before rushing off to do this again. Looking out the glass to Earth she does not envy having a regular childhood. Another mission another job that is all she knows, and that is all she cares about.


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