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Suggested reading: Protectors of Space Series fanfics follow each other exactly so I recommend reading the above ten.

Time frame: Where Holiday Miracles ends.

Stepping it Up
By Dana

Jay's eyes widened. "Alexis?" He said staring at his unconscious sister. He couldn't believe his eyes. His baby sister was right in front of him. The last time he saw Alexis was when she was thirteen and he was twenty. 'Why is she here? How did she get here? I thought she was dead.'

"Jay honey what's going on?" A woman came up behind him. It was Jay's wife Mariah. Before he could answer her, Alexis opened her eyes.

"Jay?" She said sitting up.

"Yes it's me. Alexis what are you doing here?" He asked.

"Maybe you two should discuss this somewhere else." Roland advised looking around at all of the people who were watching them in concern.

"Good point. Um..." Jay couldn't remember if he knew the guy that was standing there.

"I'm Roland." Roland said.

Jay then remembered who it was. "Oh yes Roland. I remember you now."

Mariah stood confused. "Jay do you mind explaining what's going on?"

"Mariah this is my younger sister Alexis. Alexis this is my wife Mariah." Jay said.

"I thought she..." Mariah started to say but saw Jay turning his head to the door indicating that they should talk about this outside. They quickly went outside. Well most of them went quickly. Alexis's ankle was still bothering her.

"I was saying that I thought she had died." Mariah said flustered.

"So did I. But I guess she didn't." He turned to his sister. "Remember that surprise I told you I had for you? You know when I called home from college? The surprise was that I was engaged to Mariah. But I never got to tell you because the Cyviens were attacking." He smiled remembering something. "You're an Aunt. Andrea is your four year old niece."

"I can't wait to meet her." Alexis said smiling thinking that nothing could ruin this night.


Andros sat down at a table taking a break. Ashley went with Sora to the ladies room. Tommy walked over. "Hey Andros. How are you holding up?"

"I'm tired but I'll be all right. Ashley's a great girl. I see you and Sora are having a good time."

"She's great."

"Who's great?" Sora asked from behind Tommy.

"You." Tommy said. "Andros thinks Ashley's great too." He said watching Andros blush a bright red.

"She thinks the same of you Andros I'm sure." Sora said with a wink.


Emily led Jason outside. "It was getting crowded in there. I'm glad we decided to go out here." Emily said.

"This has really been a fun night." Jason said.

"I'm glad you came with me. I hardly see you around Angel Grove anymore. Where have you been hiding?"

"I've been around. Been busy. What about you what have you been up to lately?" Jason asked. Before she could answer they heard screaming coming from the building. Jason turned to Emily. "Come on let's go see what's going on." He said and took off running. Emily hurried to catch up with him.

He stopped in the hall and looked in. In the middle of the room was Goldar. 'No way! He's supposed to be dead! Tommy killed him almost two and a half years ago.' He looked around for the others and saw they weren't in there. 'Guys where did you go?' Jason thought. 'I don't like this one bit.' He ducked into a corner and morphed. He entered the room.

Goldar turned and looked in his direction. "Long time no see Thunder Ranger." He said harshly.

"You're not Goldar. The Lightning Ranger killed you." 'Something's not right about all of this.' But he no longer could think as everything went blank.

"That went rather easily." Emily said walking around the unconscious Jason. Turning towards Petra smiling. The hologram of Goldar disappeared, as well as the hologram of the building.


Tommy was dancing with Sora and he stopped. He heard his best friend call him mentally. Tommy ran out of the dance hall. Sora looked at him confused and ran to catch up with him.

"Tommy what's the matter?" Sora said touching his shoulder.

"Something happened to Jason. He called for me but then it cut off. There's something about this dance that I don't like." Tommy told her.

"Tommy it's a dance. What could possibly be wrong?" She asked.

"Have you noticed that there is no one else here? I mean in our group? There's something not quite right about this whole setting. Don't laugh Sora but I can tell sometimes." Tommy said.

"I won't laugh. I believe you." She said and turned around.

"Sora?" He asked surprised by the gesture.

She turned back around laughing. Tommy gasped. It wasn't Sora he was looking at.


Sora and Ashley stepped out of the girls' restroom. There had been a long line for the mirror and stalls. "That took way too long. I hope the guys didn't get impatient." Ashley said as they walked into the room where the dance was being held in.

"Look there's Andros. I wonder where Tommy went?" Sora asked.

When they arrived at the table, Andros looked at Sora strangely. "Where's Tommy?" He asked.

Sora looked startled. "What do you mean 'Where's Tommy?' I was just about to ask you the same thing."

Andros looked confused. "You and Tommy left the table to go outside ten minutes ago." He said.

"No we didn't. I haven't seen Tommy in fifteen minutes. Ashley and I have been in the restroom for fifteen minutes. Right Ash?" She asked. Ashley nodded.

"Then who did Tommy leave with?" Andros asked.

"I don't know maybe we should find the others. This is too creepy." Ashley said. The others nodded in agreement.

"There's Zhane, Dallas, Cassie and TJ talking over there." Sora said. They rushed over to them. "Have you guys seen Tommy?" She asked.

"No not in awhile why?" Dallas asked.

"Andros said that I left with Tommy ten minutes ago. That's impossible since I've been in the restroom for fifteen minutes." Sora said.

"Let's go get the others and see if they've had anything weird happen to them." Zhane suggested. "We'll divide up into two's or three's. If we're in pairs it's easier to keep track of each other. Sora, Andros, and Dallas you three go look for Alexis and Roland. Cassie and TJ you two go look for Billy and Carlos. Ashley and I will go look for Jason and Tommy. We'll meet outside when you've found who you've been looking for." Zhane said.

Zhane and Ashley went outside in hopes of finding Jason and Tommy. They couldn't find him. "Jason come in it's Zhane." Zhane said into his communicator. He got no response. He decided to try Tommy. "Tommy come in it's Zhane." Again he got no response.

"You think Jason's missing too?" Sora asked.

"I don't know Sora. Maybe he's in an area that's unreachable. There might be more people where he is." Zhane stopped when he thought he heard a voice over near some trees.


Tommy was looking at Rita Repulsa. "What's going on?" He demanded.

"It's called a little bit of revenge." She said and pointed her wand and the hologram of where Tommy thought they were disappeared. They were in front of some trees.

Tommy looked around in confusion. He thought he heard someone not too far away. "Hey!" He called. "I'm-" He started to yell more but he found he couldn't talk.

"This goes so much better when the person your capturing can't talk." Rita told him. She saw someone was approaching and raised her staff. She and Tommy were gone.


"Hey! I'm." Zhane heard someone yell. He hurried to where he heard the voice and looked around. He saw no one. He turned to Ashley. "Did you hear that voice?" He asked. Ashley nodded. "This is too weird."

"I agree. Let's look for Jason and Tommy." Ashley said and they started looking.

Ten minutes later they had looked everywhere. "I don't think we're going to find them Zhane." Ashley said. "Maybe we should find the others. Maybe they found them."

They hurried over to the meeting place and found everyone but Tommy and Jason.

"No luck?" Sora asked.

"None. I heard someone yelling for help but I wasn't able to get there in time. At least I think they were calling for help." Zhane said.

"This isn't good. Are there more impersonators here that we don't know about?" Dallas asked.

Emily, still spellbound, came up to them. "Hey Billy have you seen Jason? He said he was going to get a drink and then I don't know where he went. It's been about fifteen minutes since I last saw him."

"I haven't seen him sorry. I'll let him know you're looking for him next time I see him." Billy said.

"Thanks Billy I really appreciate that." Emily said and walked away.

"So Tommy and Jason disappeared at the same time?" Alexis surmised.

"Looks that way. I wonder how they disappeared. Andros said he saw someone that looked like Sora leave with Tommy." Zhane said.

Alexis was walking and tripped over something. "Yow." She yelled. Than she looked up. She was looking at a building. She realized it was the dance hall. "Hey guys?" She called.

Roland came running over. "Are you all right Lex?" He asked.

"I'm fine. But look at that." Alexis said pointing at the building.

Roland took a better look at the building. "It looks like a hologram."

Alexis moved her foot. "No wonder I tripped." She said and pushed the thing down. The hologram disappeared. "That could explain what happened to Tommy and Jason."

"Holograms. Dang it. We better let the others know." Roland helped Alexis back up to her feet. They hurried over to the others.

"We found holograms." Zhane and Roland said at the same exact time. They stared at each other for a moment before asking at the same time, "Really?"

"You know we should probably go back inside. Stay in a big group and everything." Dallas suggested.

"Good idea Dallas." Zhane said and led them back to the real dance hall.

Alexis pulled Zhane and Dallas over towards the wall. "You guys there's some people I want you to meet. I know you'll know them when I tell you who they are." She beamed. She walked over and tapped Jay on his shoulder and he turned around.

"Dallas, Zhane, this is my brother Jay and his wife Mariah." Alexis said proudly. "Jay and Mariah, these are two of my best friends Dallas and Zhane."

"Oh yes I remember you two." Jay said smiling.

"Hi Jay. Small universe isn't it?" Zhane joked.

"So it seems." Jay said and shook Zhane's hand.


Alexis happily went to the room she shared with Dallas after the dance. She was worried about Jason and Tommy. However, she was glad she saw her older brother. She pulled out the journal she had been keeping since she became a Defender nine years ago. She opened it to an all too familiar page before making a new entry.

Dear Diary,
Something happened today that I just couldn't explain. I was walking around on KO-35 and the next thing I know I'm in some house with a woman telling me I am pretty much immortal. How can I tell the others? They wouldn't understand! What would I say, 'Hey guys guess what? I died but I was brought back and given the right to decide when I want to die." Oh yeah that would work great. They'd probably throw me off the team. I will only tell you Diary.

Alexis wondered how much longer she could hide the truth.

Dallas came into the room. "Hey Lex, Jimanya wants to talk to you."

Alexis put her diary in her drawer and left the room for the infirmary. When she got into the room Alexis closed the door.

"Alexis I have an important question to ask you." Jimanya said.

"What is it?" Alexis asked nervously.

"Let me tell you something before I ask it. When Camille was training me, a story was going around. That Antiqua saved a Ranger on a planet. No one knew who or what planet. I asked Camille and she confirmed it but said she didn't know what planet either. Then when I came in here a few days ago after you were pretty much dead, I found you sitting up looking great. I don't mean that in a bad way Alexis. I suddenly realized why. Alexis are you the Ranger who was saved by Antiqua?" Jimanya asked.

Alexis burst into tears. "I knew it would all catch up with me. Yes I am. But Jimanya you can't tell the others." She pleaded. "It's been nine years there's no way I can tell them. They probably wouldn't understand."

"Alexis I won't. Just be careful all right?" Jimanya said. "If the wrong people find out it could spell trouble." She informed her.

"Don't you think I already know that?" Alexis asked. "I hate having to keep a secret from everyone. But I've been doing it for nine years. Guess you get used to it after awhile."

'Antiqua always had her reasons.' Jimanya remembered Camille telling her that. 'Never doubt her.' "Don't worry Alexis I'm sure things will work out. They usually do."


Tommy was thrown into a cell. He looked around and saw Jason was in there too. "She got you too?" He asked hoarsely. His voice still not fully back.

"I never saw who it was who grabbed me. I'm worried about Emily though. We were together before I woke up and found myself in a cell." Jason said.

"Our captor is Rita. She disguised herself as Sora and I have no idea what happened. I rushed outside when I heard you mentally calling for help and then I found out that it wasn't Sora. And everything was holograms. Rita captured me and took me here and I was thrown in this cell."

"I figured it must have been holograms because when I went back into the dance hall I saw someone that wasn't supposed to be there. That was Goldar."

"Goldar? That must have been weird."

"You're telling me! I wonder where we are?" Jason asked.

The door opened and in walked Rita Repulsa. She smirked. "Give me your morphers." She ordered.

"No way Rita." Tommy said.

"Fine then. Rito!" She yelled.

Her brother, Rito Repulso, appeared. He brought Emily along with him.

"Give me the morphers or I'll have Rito slice up your girlfriend Jason." Rita said.

Tommy and Jason reluctantly threw her their morphers.

"See. I knew you two would see it my way." Rita said and disappeared. Rito followed her with Emily still in tow.

Tommy watched them leave. He turned to Jason. "Don't worry bro. We'll get her back." He said trying to assure his best friend.

"There's a bright side. At least she can't steel your powers." Jason said. "Or put you under a spell. Unfortunately that can happen to me and they could still kill Emily." Jason said depressed.

"We'll all get out of here just fine bro. Don't worry." Tommy said.


Zhane and Dallas were looking at the monitors. "We still haven't found them. Where could they have been taken to?" Dallas asked angrily.

"I don't think they were taken to Astronema's ship that would be too obvious even for her. Maybe they were taken to Jet and Petra's ship. Or they could have been taken somewhere totally different. This is too weird. Long lost brothers found holograms, doubles, and missing Defenders. That's one dance I don't think I'll ever forget." Zhane said shaking his head.

"Me either." Dallas agreed.

"We should call it a night." Zhane told Dallas. He turned towards Dimitria's tube. "Dimitria contact Dallas or me if you find anything please."

"I WILL DO THAT ZHANE IF THAT'S WHAT YOU WISH." Dimitria said. Dallas and Zhane nodded and left the room.

"Goodnight Dallas." Zhane said and leaned over to kiss her on the cheek.

"Night Zhane." Dallas said and went into her room. She found Alexis already asleep in her bunk. Sora was rooming with Jimanya that being the only bed left on the ship. Because of the fact that two Defenders were missing Billy decided it would be better for him if he stayed on the ship. So Billy roomed with Andros.

Dallas changed into her pajamas as quietly as she could before going to bed. She could hear Alexis whimpering in her sleep. 'Oh Alexis what is it that haunts you every night?' For as long as Dallas could remember, Alexis would cry herself to sleep. It scared Dallas. One day she would find out what troubled Alexis so much, Dallas vowed.


The next morning, everyone was gathered in the eating room. Well, everyone except Tommy and Jason.

Alexis was her usual perky self. "Jay invited me and Roland to his house for lunch today. I can't wait to catch up with him. Get to know my sister-in-law better, and meet my niece."

"He seems like a nice guy." Zhane said. "All I remember about him was when we were ten he was so protective of you. Always wanted to know where you were, and where you were going."

"Well that was right after mom and dad died in that accident. I'm glad Dallas's family took Jay and I in." Alexis said.

"My parents adored you. And I liked having someone in the house that was my age." Dallas said with a smile. "Oh yeah you haven't seen my parents yet have you?"

"Nope." Alexis said. She looked at her watch. "Oh look at the time. I should go get ready for lunch." Alexis said and hurried off to her room. She threw on some jeans and an orange shirt. Then pulled her blond hair back into a braid. She looked at her appearance in the mirror. Deciding she looked all right she left the room.

"Ready to go ma'am?" Roland drawled. He was wearing white jeans and a white tank top.

"You look great Roland."

"As do you." He said. He held out his hand and they teleported down to Earth. When they got to the house she rang the doorbell. A few seconds later a blond haired little girl answered the door.

"Hi you must be Andrea." Alexis said smiling.

She nodded and Mariah appeared in the doorway. "Hello Alexis. Hello Roland. Come on in." She said and moved out of the doorway to allow them to come in. She led them into the Living Room. "Jay had to run to the store. He'll be back quickly. Can I get you two anything to drink? Milk, soda, coffee, iced tea, water, lemonade, Cool Aid?" She asked.

"Water will be fine." Roland said. Alexis nodded her head in agreement.

"Sure I'll be right back." Mariah said and left the room.

Andrea stood there looking at them. "Are you Aunt Alexis?" She asked.

Alexis was stunned. "Why yes I am. And you're my niece Andrea right?" She asked with a smile.

"Uh huh. Mom and dad said you would be coming today. You don't look anything like your picture." Andrea said moving to get the picture.

Alexis looked at the picture. It was taken when Jay had come home from college for a break. She was twelve in that picture. Everything seemed so perfect then. She turned to Andrea. "Well that picture was taken ten years ago."

"Wow." Said the awestruck four-year-old.

"Andrea are you bugging your Aunt?" A male voice asked from the doorway.

"Daddy!" The little girl cried and ran into Jay's arms.

"Hi Alexis and Roland. Didn't have any trouble finding this place?" Jay asked.

"Nope. Those were good directions." Alexis said.

"You and Roland kind of disappeared at the dance after Dallas and two others came and took you somewhere." Jay said.

"That was Sora. You know Dallas's sister? And the other was a good friend named Andros." Dallas informed him.

"I thought I recognized her from somewhere. She's really grown up." Jay said putting Andrea down.

"She sure has." Roland agreed. Alexis nudged him good naturally. "That's not what I meant Lex!" Roland said feigning hurt.

"Ah so you still go by Lex. Anyone besides me call you Lexi?" Jay asked.

"Nope. You know Jays you are the only one who's ever called me that?" Alexis said reminding him of the nickname she used to call him just to spite him.

"Gee and you're the only one who calls me Jays. Who would have thought." Jay kidded.

Mariah came into the room. "Would you two stop being silly? You two are probably acting the same as you were nine years ago. Lunch is ready." She informed them.

Andrea grabbed her Aunt's hand. Alexis couldn't help the tears that came to her eyes.


Rito and another creature entered the cell where Tommy and Jason were being held. "Get up." The creature said.

Tommy and Jason leaped to their feet getting into a fighting stance.

The creature shook his head. "You are very much out numbered here." It said.

Jason and Tommy exchanged looks thinking the same thing. 'This creature is definitely not like Rito.'

Rita Repulsa cackled as she entered the room. "So you've met the leader of our army. Zarkoni these are the two Defenders we want you to get rid of." She said almost nonchalantly.

"Our friends will rescue us Rita." Jason said.

"Oh really? How are they going to find you Jason? Oh I forgot one minor detail." She pointed around. "This area is sealed off to anything Tommy might pull with those mental powers he has. You can't contact Jimanya from here Tommy." Tommy just glared at her. "Have fun boys." She told Rito and Zarkoni. Sparing one last look at Tommy and Jason, she laughed again. Rita teleported away, leaving the two monsters to destroy the Defenders.

She got to the Throne Room and saw her husband looking at her. "Zarkoni and Rito are going to destroy Tommy and Jason that should make Dark Spectre happy." She said.

"We'll finally get our revenge on those two." Zedd said happily.

"Without having Tommy's Lightning Powers the Defenders and Rangers will fall apart if the pressure is increased! We're killing two birds with one stone." Rita said.

They both laughed.

Emily stood in a corner of the throne room silently watching. She felt a pang of guilt but didn't know why. She left the throne room.


Andros was laying on his bed in his room thinking. From the noise outside of the room, he could tell Alexis and Roland were back on the ship. Billy and Alexis were talking about computers so he had the room to himself. He was thinking about all of the things that he had learned about his family and if he should tell the others. There was a knock on the door. "Come in." He called.

"Hi Andros. You've been in here all day. Are you alright?" She asked.

"Yeah just been thinking about things." Andros answered.

"I'd like to hear about it if you want to share." Ashley said stepping into the room more.

"No that's okay Ashley." Andros said.

So many things to tell her
But how to make her see
The truth about my past? Impossible!
She'd turn away from me.

"Are you sure Andros?" She asked.

He's holding back he's hiding
But what I can't decide

"I'm sure Ashley. I just want to be alone okay." Andros said looking away.

"Okay Andros." She said and left the room closing the door. She ran into Sora.

"There you are Ashley! We're going to be late for the last game of the Holiday Tournament!" She said.

"Oh shoot that's today isn't it? Did you get anyone to come?" Ashley asked as she hurried to the room she shared with Cassie to get her cheerleading uniform.

"Dallas is coming. She told me she couldn't believe I didn't tell her that there was a tournament. I think Zhane's going too. They don't understand much about basketball so TJ, Carlos, and Cassie volunteered to teach them while they are there. I think everyone else is going to stay on the ship." Sora answered her.

"The others didn't want to go?" Ashley asked as she came back out with her uniform.

"No they are going to stay up here and continue the search for Tommy and Jason. I wish Tommy could be here to see the game." Sora said sadly.

"You wish he was here to watch you cheer." Ashley said slyly. "Hold on. I'm going to go see if Andros wants to come." She said.

Ashley walked back to Andros's room. She knocked on the door. She heard him call, "Come in." Which Ashley did.

Andros turned towards her. "Ashley I thought I said I wanted to be alone." He said then turned away.

"I thought maybe you would like to go to the basketball game with us. It will be fun! Dallas and Zhane are going. TJ, Carlos, and Cassie have volunteered to be the interpreters of the game. Please say you will come." Ashley said almost pleadingly.

Andros looked at her and was about to say no. Then he saw the look in her eyes and decided against it. "All right I'll go." He said. "Let me change okay?"

Ashley smiled and left the room. "You won't regret this Andros. I promise." She went into the hall and saw Dallas, TJ, Zhane, Cassie, and Carlos waiting.

"Are we ready to go to this...basketball game?" Dallas asked uncertainly.

"Andros will be right out." Ashley informed them.

"You'll like it Dal I promise." Sora said.

"Well we better go." TJ said watching as Andros walked over to them. They all teleported out of the ship.


Jason jumped away from Rito's sword. "You're not too good without your powers are you Jason?" Rito taunted.

Tommy was having his own problems with Zarkoni. Zarkoni was a lot stronger then he was.

"You're the one who killed a good friend of mine two years ago. Goldar." Zarkoni said vehemently.

'Okay Tommy don't say anything to make him madder. He would still be a hard fight even if I was morphed.' Tommy thought to himself. So, he just glared at the monster.

Zarkoni threw a fireball at Tommy, which Tommy ducked. However, the next one didn't miss. Tommy was sent tumbling to the ground.

Tommy slowly pulled himself to his feet. He saw Rito get in a good hit on Jason. He also noticed Zarkoni was preparing to fire at the unsuspecting Thunder Ranger.

"Jason! Look out!" Tommy yelled. However, it was too late.

Jason took the blast straight on and flew back against the wall. He slipped to the ground unconscious.

Rito and Zarkoni turned towards Tommy.


At the basketball game Cassie, TJ, and Carlos led Andros, Dallas, and Zhane to seats in the bleachers. Before they had entered, Cassie, TJ, and Carlos had spent time going over the game with the three Kerovians making sure they understood the rules of the game and purpose of the game. They seemed to understand the game a lot. Andros took a seat next to Zhane and next to a teenager who he presumed went to Angel Grove High School.

Cassie leaned over to talk to Dallas, Zhane, and Andros. "This is the finals of the tournament. AGH is facing Cornwall High School. There's been a rivalry between the schools since Angel Grove High School was rebuilt. Luckily, it's been a friendly rivalry. There have been High School rivalries where each school tries to pull stunts on each other. Like capturing mascots, painting the senior rock of the other school, or throwing water balloons at students of the opposing school. But those things haven't happened here anyway."

"Cool." Zhane said with a gleam in his eyes. Dallas elbowed him. "Hey!"

"Behave." She said.

"Who me?" Zhane asked.

"Hey the game's going to start." Carlos said changing the subject.

They turned and watched the teams take the court and Cassie, TJ, and Carlos jumped up and started yelling out the cheers the cheerleaders were. Dallas and Zhane watched in amusement.

Andros sat there staring into space. He jumped when he felt someone's hand on his shoulder. "You okay Andros?" Zhane asked.

"Yeah I've just got something on my mind is all." Andros said apologetically. "Who's winning he asked?"

"Angel Grove. Are you sure you're feeling all right you are very pale. He leaned over to whisper, "Maybe you should go back up to the ship."

"I'm sure." Andros told Zhane. He turned to the others. "I'm going to go get some water from that concession stand we passed. Do any of you want anything?" They all shook their heads. Andros got up and made his way out into the lobby.

Andros got into line. He looked around and saw a girl with purplish blue hair walking out of the building. 'No it can't be!' He thought. He ran over to her and touched her shoulder. "Excuse me."

The girl turned around and her eyes got as large as saucers.

Andros glared at her. He knew exactly who she was. "Why are you here Astronema?" He asked.

"I think that's the least of your worries, 'brother'." Astronema said pulling out her staff. "I'll start shooting people if you don't follow me." She said, pointing her staff to enforce her threat.

"All right Astronema." Andros said and followed behind her. When they got into the parking lot Ecliptor appeared. Andros got into a fighting position. "What are you up to Astronema?"

"Just this." She said throwing something towards Andros. Andros moved out of the way. After what happened to Tommy, he wasn't taking any chances.

"Oh you think you're so smart." Astronema said. Darkonda appeared behind Andros. Andros knew he was in big trouble.


Zhane looked towards the entrance to the game for the fourth time. "I'm going to go see what's keeping Andros." He told the others and weaves his way through the throng of people. When he got to the concession stand, he didn't see Andros. He thought he heard some noises coming from outside.

He ran out and looked around. He saw Darkonda slowly approaching someone. Zhane took a quick look around and saw no one was close enough to see. "It's Morphin Time!" He yelled. "Star Power!"

Andros looked around his surroundings and saw no one was around. "It's Morp-" He started to call but was knocked off his feet.

Zhane came to a screeching halt when he saw the person Darkonda was approaching was Andros. "Andros!" He yelled running towards him. However, he was met by a group of Quanatrons. He fought them off.

Andros jumped to his feet and was met by another ball of energy. He tried moving out of the way, but it still hit him on the side. He started feeling dizzy. Before completely passing out he hit his morpher and was out of there.

Astronema became enraged. 'Darn that Andros!' She saw Zhane fighting the Quanatrons. 'Well if I can't have my half-brother, I'll take the leader.' She started to signal to Ecliptor when she saw flashes of red, orange, and white signaling the arrival of the Red Astro Ranger, the Comet Ranger, and the Solar Ranger.

"I don't think so Astronema." Alexis said preparing to fire her weapon at Ecliptor.

"You must have be a cat Alexis. Because you seem to have nine lives. I thought I had killed you." Astronema said.

"Well you thought wrong obviously." Billy said.

"Maybe. Maybe not." Astronema said staring right at Alexis. 'There's more then meets the eye with Alexis. I swear I'll find out your secret Comet Ranger.' She turned to Ecliptor and Darkonda. "Let's go. We're done here." She said with a smirk. Then she, and her two henchmen were gone.

"Zhane are you all right?" Roland asked approaching his leader.

"Yeah I'm fine. Do you know hob badly Andros is hurt?" Zhane asked.

"No he fell to the ground as we teleported here. I'm sure he's fine." Alexis said trying to sound assuring.

"I hope so." Zhane said. "I have to go back to the game. It's almost over." He said. He powered down and hurried back into the building.

"Find Andros?" TJ asked as Zhane took his seat.

"Yeah. I'll tell you after the game." Zhane promised.


Rito had Tommy pinned to the ground and Zarkoni was preparing to finish off the Lightning Ranger. However, it never happened. Jason was back up and had pulled Zarkoni away hitting him with the weapon Rito had dropped. Rito backed away and out the door.

"You okay Bro?" Jason asked helping Tommy back up to a standing position.

"Yeah. You?" He asked.

"I'm okay I think." Jason looked over to the cell door. "Hey Rito left the cage door open. Let's say we get out of here and find Emily and our morphers." Jason suggested.

"Sounds like a plan to me. Let's go." He said and they both hurried out the door before Zarkoni was back on his feet.


Jimanya looked down at Andros who was shaking. "Andros?" She asked quietly.

"Tommy and Jason are in trouble. It's...it's...it's dark there. Zarkoni will be back." He whispered. He started fading a tiny bit.

"Whoa what's going on? Andros? Andros!" She yelled but she was getting no answer. 'Camille!' She mentally yelled for her mentor as Andros continued to fade.

To be continued

Okay like I said I'm in a weird fanfic mood. Tune in for part 12 to find out why Andros is fading. I'll give you a hint it has to do with the ball of energy that only nicked him. Let me know what you thought of the fanfic at Willow@grrtech.com.