Disclaimer: Eddy was named after Eddy Guerrero. Stevie was named after Stevie Richards. Tommy is a creativity demon that was a present from Pinkheart but he's still Haim Saban's. Phase 10 is not mine either. Bingo is o is QRJJills on AOL. Is anything mine in this fic? Just me!

The Christmas to Remember
By Dana

I sat at my computer playing Bingo. I had taken Phase 10 and was letting Stevie and Tommy play while I was busy.

There was a knock at the door and I ran to it. "Dana I did get you a Christmas present besides the Rotato." He said and opened the door.

Standing there was Eddy! My substitute muse from when Stevie went on vacation! I gave him a hug. "Thank you Stevie!"

"Your welcome! I know you missed him." Stevie said and started reshuffling Phase 10.

I saw Eddy look at Tommy in curiosity. "Oh! Eddy this is my creativity demon Tommy. Tommy this is Eddy he was one of my muses. So Eddy how long are you going to be here?"

"Till the end of January." Eddy answered. "Oooooh Phase 10? Deal me in." Eddy said sitting on the floor.

I continued playing Bingo. It was quiet. They were whispering something.

I looked up and noticed Stevie was gone. "Tommy where did Stevie go?" I asked.

"Don't know." Tommy answered. "Look out the window!" He called.

I rushed to my window and saw that it was snowing.

Stevie came back into the room and flew over to me. "Merry Christmas Dana!" He said and actually hugged me.

I have the best muse in the world

The end

Sorry it didn't actually snow on Christmas it's been sunny the last few days.