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Author's note: You might be wondering, have I lost my mind? Why am I writing Psycho Problems 4? Well it didn't make sense if it wasn't Psycho Problems 4.

Time frame: After To the Tenth Power but before Power of Pink. Psycho Pink wasn't the only one saved in To the Tenth Power.

Psycho Problems 4
By Dana

Andros and Leo were walking through the park talking about the events that had transpired. There was a rustle in the air and both Rangers turned around and didn't see anything. They kept walking and a colorful rip of light appeared in front of them and they both got into fighting positions.

It was the Psycho Rangers. Andros and Leo got ready to morph but the Psycho Rangers acted quickly and attacked before either had a chance to morph. Psycho Red got a hold of Andros and glared at Leo. He nodded at the other Psycho Rangers before teleporting away still with a hold of Andros.

Leo was confused by all of this and the Psycho Rangers attacked with their weapons. It was a horrible fight. Leo hadn't stood a chance. The Psycho Rangers left when the other Galaxy Rangers appeared. Leo remained on the ground unconscious.

* * *
Psycho Red let go of Andros. Andros looked around and saw Trakeena was standing in front of him.

"So you're the one who held the Silver Psycho Ranger powers." Trakeena said with a smirk. "Too bad you destroyed the morpher."

The other Psycho Rangers teleported in then. "The Red Ranger has been taken care of Trakeena." Psycho Yellow said.

"Good." Trakeena replied.

Andros was beginning to wonder why he was there. He wasn't one of the Galaxy Rangers. Then again, he wasn't sure if he wanted to know what they wanted.

Trakeena examined him a little bit closer. "Hmm. Can't let you go to waste now can we?"

There was violent shaking and Andros went flying, as did everyone else.

"What was that?" Trakeena demanded getting to her feet.

"We seem to have taken a direct shot my Queen." Kegler informed her from his place in front of a wall.

"From who?" She asked.

"That I am unsure of." Kegler said looking away.

"You!" She said pointing to Blue and Black Psycho Rangers. "Go check to see if there's any damage. And you," she said pointing at the Red Psycho Ranger. "You and Deviot can take our prisoner to a cell."

Psycho Red glared at her under his helmet. He shoved Andros who turned back around and was about to fight the Psycho Ranger but Deviot hit him in the head and he slumped to the ground unconscious.

* * *
Leo opened his eyes and realized he was in sickbay on the Mega Ship. "Andros?" He asked in confusion.

"Relax Leo." Kendrix said. "You were injured by the Psycho Rangers."

"Where's Andros?" He asked her. She didn't answer. "Please Kendrix tell me if Andros is all right."

"We haven't seen him." Kendrix answered.

"The Red Psycho Ranger captured him." Leo told her. Kendrix looked at him surprised. "You didn't know?"

"We found the Psycho Rangers beating you and they disappeared as soon as they saw us. You were unconscious. We didn't know Andros had been with you." Kendrix answered. She saw him trying to sit up. "You need to rest though. You still have injuries that haven't finished healing."

"But Kendrix..." He started to argue.

"Shh. Don't make me have Alpha give you a sedative. Don't worry, we'll find Andros." She promised.

Leo hated feeling so useless. He was about to make another protest when he saw someone with very light colored blond hair enter the room along with Ashley.

"You must be Zhane." Kendrix greeted.

"That I am." Zhane said with a cocky smile.

"Good. Thanks for coming." Kendrix smiled walking over to him and pulled him aside. "The situations worse then we thought. The Red Psycho Ranger captured Andros."

"No!" Zhane yelled. "Not again! This can't be happening again!" He said almost crying. Ashley put a hand on Zhane's shoulder.

"What can't be happening again?" Leo asked.

"It's okay Zhane they can't do it again. Andros destroyed the morpher." Ashley tried to console the Silver Ranger then looked up at Leo and Kendrix. "Andros was captured five years ago and was turned into the Silver Psycho Ranger. It happened two more times in one week. It was very emotionally for all of us." She looked sad all of a sudden. "The third time almost killed Andros. But in the end, Andros destroyed the morpher and everything was fine after that. That is, until now."

"I'm sorry to hear that." Kendrix said sadly. "We'll do all we can to help you find Andros. Leo..." She started to say and saw that Leo had slipped away while Ashley was talking. "Did either of you see Leo leave?" She asked. They shook their heads no. "He must have teleported out. Come on!" She called over her shoulder running out of the sickbay.

* * *
Leo landed in the park and looked around. He started to feel the pain in his chest and knew he'd be in trouble if the Psycho Rangers attacked. He was starting to grow dizzy and could hear his brother calling his name. "Mike." He yelled looking around and then noticed what all the excitement was. When he turned around, he was face to face with the Yellow Psycho Ranger.

"You're not who I was looking for, but I guess you'll do." The Yellow Psycho Ranger informed him.

Leo reached for his morpher and was struck from behind by Psycho Pink.

"Leave him alone." Leo heard Mike yell running to his aid.

"Thanks Mike." Leo said kicking the Yellow Psycho Ranger and felt the pain in his chest again. The Blue Psycho Ranger knocked him off his feet this time. He got to his feet and quickly saw that the others were there and handling the Psycho Rangers. The last thing he realized before he blacked out was the Red Psycho Ranger wasn't there.

* * *
Psycho Ranger Red dragged the unconscious Ranger through the dungeon of Trakeena's ship. Deviot walked in front of them.

The ship started rocking again causing the Red Psycho Ranger to lose his grip on Andros who landed on the floor and started to wake up.

Deviot saw this, took his sword out, and held it against Andros's throat. "Don't try anything Red Ranger."

Andros looked at him in surprise but didn't do anything. He allowed The Red Psycho Ranger to pull him to his feet and shove him down the hall.

The Red Psycho Ranger looked at Deviot and got a good look at his sword. 'I must have that sword.' He decided.

Andros was shoved into the cell and Deviot walked away. Red Psycho Ranger decided to stay there to taunt the prisoner. "Get used to this place Andros. You're going to be here for a long time. Maybe I'll go keep Ashley company for you."

"Leave Ashley alone!" Andros said and tried the door and was shocked.

"I thought even you would be smarter then that Andros." Psycho Red said with a self-satisfied voice. The ship started rocking harder this time and the ship was falling but quickly stopped. The electricity in the dungeon went out. This allowed Andros to leave the cell. The Red Psycho Ranger tackled him from behind. "You aren't going anywhere."

Andros kicked his feet out causing Psycho Red to fall to the ground. Andros jumped up and looked around the room. It was too dark to really see anything; but Andros was able to tell that their exit was partially blocked. Andros walked over and looked it over. There was no way that one person could clear it but if two did..."I hate to say this but we'll have to work together to get this exit cleared." Andros said rather reluctantly to the Psycho Ranger.

"Dream on Ranger." Psycho Red said and tried to teleport out but it didn't work. He glared at Andros before starting to move some of the blocks. Soon they had it clear. "Look Red I'm only doing this because Deviot's got the sword I need. As soon as we're out of here you're dead!" The Psycho Red Ranger said staying away from him.

"This isn't my idea of fun you know." Andros shot back. "I'd rather get out of here."

"You were much better to deal with when you first were Psycho Silver at least you didn't say much!"

"As much as I hate this we have to work together!" Andros said.

"Only now Ranger." Psycho Red said leading the way. Andros followed reluctantly. When they got to the hall they could feel and smell the fire that was raging not too far away.

"The whole floors on fire..." Andros realized coughing.

"Like I said you really aren't too bright." Psycho Red said and started walking down the hall pausing for a second. "The fire's burning in this direction." He said and shoved past Andros to the other side and seemed to disappear for a few minutes. He came back and said, "it's fine here." He said and took off again before Andros could comment.

Andros knew he couldn't trust the Red Psycho Ranger but he also knew he didn't have much of a choice.

* * *
Leo came to, sat up, and realized he was still in the park. He looked around for the others and didn't see them right away. He looked up and noticed Vilimax was standing above him. He got to his feet and glared at the Monster in front of him.

"Your friends and brother deserted you." Vilimax informed him.

"You're lying!" Leo spat getting into a fighting position. The pain returned. He didn't think he could fight. He didn't have to worry about it, as he was teleported away.

When he landed Kendrix ran over to him and hugged him then pulled away when he flinched. "What were you thinking going down there hurt?" She demanded. "You could have been killed!"

"I was tired of laying here." He admitted. "Where are the others?"

"Fighting the Psycho Rangers. As far as I can tell, you were knocked out by Psycho Ranger Blue and for some reason I couldn't teleport you back here. Ashley and Zhane left to help." She paused and turned towards Alpha who was standing in the doorway. "Alpha can you make sure Leo doesn't try to teleport down? I need to help the others." Alpha nodded. "Good. Go Galactic!" She called and teleported out.

Leo sighed as he sat down in one of the chairs in the Control Room.

* * *
Andros covered his mouth as he followed the Psycho Ranger up the stairs. He could see that the Psycho Ranger seemed to know where he was going. He could hear the flames crackling below him. The fire had spread quickly and the floor was covered with smoke. He could hear the door above open. He was a bit nervous about going up since he had no idea what was up there. He climbed the last step and looked around. That's when he realized the whole ship was on fire! He coughed as the smoke invaded his lungs. "How did this happen?" He wondered aloud.

The Psycho Ranger glanced back at him but didn't say a word. He was just as puzzled as Andros was.

Andros looked around the smoke filled haze. He had to think of a way to get off the ship. He saw the Psycho Ranger was looking at a console and wasn't paying attention to him. This made Andros wonder where everyone else was. Although the ship was on fire, it was still orbiting Terra Venture. He didn't have to wait too long before four hands grabbed him. Looking up he saw that it was the Blue and Black Psycho Rangers. That answered his question.

"What should we do with him?" Blue Psycho asked. "Chain him up?"

"We could always take him to Terra Venture and use him as ransom." Psycho Red suggested. "Get them to hand the Green Ranger over so he can fix the ship then destroy him of course."

Psycho Blue and Black nodded and used their powers to teleport all four onto Terra Venture. "Now let go of Red." Psycho Red said.

"What?" Blue asked in confusion.

"I said let go of him." Psycho Red said. They let go of Andros. Then Psycho Red grabbed Andros by the arm and teleported away.

"Where'd they go?" Blue asked Black.

* * *
Andros looked around in confusion as he landed on the MEGA ship. "How..."

"How did I slip past everyone?" The Red Psycho Ranger asked.

"Slipped past?"

The Red Psycho Ranger removed his helmet. "Did you honestly think I was going to let them do all of that to you again?"

"I'm just glad you did Zhane." Andros said with a smile. "But how did you manage to do all of that?"

"It's kind of complicated. Kendrix, Ashley and I were able to lock onto your location but we couldn't teleport you off. I remembered I had that old Psycho Ranger costume I used to surprise you, still in my quarters. I got it on and took the Red Psycho Ranger out and well here we are."

"That's good to hear." A voice said from behind them. They turned around quickly and saw Leo still sitting in a chair.

"Hey Leo shouldn't you be resting?" Zhane asked.

"I am!" Leo said. "Well kinda."

"We should go help." Andros said to Zhane. Zhane nodded and they teleported down.

Leo was about to join them when he realized that Alpha was staring at him. Leo sighed knowing that this one time joining the others wouldn't be too wise.

* * *
When Zhane and Andros teleported back to the scene of the battle they were immediately confronted by the Black and Blue Psycho Rangers.

"You won't get away with what you just did." Black Psycho Ranger.

"Sure we will." Zhane told him pulling out his Super Silverizer and watched Andros take out his Spiral Sabre.

The Psycho Rangers looked at them before charging them. Black took on Andros and Blue took on Zhane.

Blue looked over, saw his target, the Blue Ranger was being held down by Trakeena, and then looked back at Zhane. "I'll finish you then I'll finish Green Ranger."

"Yeah right." Zhane said and hit him with his Silverizer. "You're all going to pay for what you've done." Zhane vowed.

Andros took his Spiral Sabre out and started fighting with the Black Psycho Ranger. For some reason, Andros was having a lot of trouble. More trouble then he would normally would have. He thought the problem might be from all of the smoke he had inhaled while he was on the ship. He ended up unmorphed.

Psycho Black smirked and held his sword just above Andros's throat. "This ends now Red Ranger." He said and was about to slice Andros's throat when another sword blocked him. He looked up and was furious at who he saw. "You!"

Leo stood there fully morphed holding his Quasar Sabre. The fight seemed to stop for a split second as everyone took in the scene.

Finally, Trakeena got impatient. "Don't just stand there! Get them!" She yelled at the four remaining Psycho Rangers.

"Uh my queen?" Kegler spoke up. "Your ship is burning you know."

"Let's go!" She yelled and disappeared. Kegler and Vilimax followed her. Deviot and the Psycho Rangers stayed behind.

"Leo and Andros you should both get up to the ship!" Kai said. "You're injured!"

"But you need us!" Andros said coughing.

"Go!" All of the Rangers yelled. Andros and Leo didn't leave.

"Let's do it." Carlos said ignoring the two Red Rangers for the time being. They started bringing their weapons together and Andros joined in. They prepared to shoot Pink and Yellow Psycho Rangers.

"Lights of Orion activate!" The Galaxy Rangers called and got ready to launch themselves at the Blue and Black Psycho Rangers.

The Astro Rangers fired and the Galaxy Rangers flew through the air and there was a flash of bright light. The Psycho Rangers were gone hopefully forever this time.

Mike stood next to his brother, who was wavering on his feet, was barely able to catch him as he passed out.

* * *
Leo opened his eyes and realized he found his brother looking down at him in concern. "Where am I?" He asked.

"You're in the sick bay. You passed out after the battle with the Psycho Rangers. Do you remember that?" Mike asked. Leo nodded. "Well now all you have to do is rest."

Leo looked past mike and saw Andros lying on another bed with his eyes closed. "Is he alright?"

"He inhaled too much smoke. He'll be fine." He looked at his watch. "I've got to go on duty. Try to stay out of trouble for once Leo." He walked out the door.

Andros opened his eyes and turned his head to look at Leo. "Thanks for helping me when Psycho Blue was about to kill me."

"I'm glad I could. So did we get yelled at for not leaving?"

"I think they were just concerned. You passed out and I guess I didn't look much better. Hopefully we're done with the Psycho Rangers." Andros answered and looked up and saw Alpha standing in front of the door.

"You're not leaving this time." Alpha vowed.

Leo and Andros broke into laughter.

* * *
Deviot walked through the ruins of the fight to see if any other Psycho Ranger had survived. He found The Pink Psycho Ranger.

The end

The story is continued in Power of Pink, which is a Haim Saban episode. This marks the official end of Psycho Problems series. I hope you enjoyed it! Email me at Willow@grrtech.com with thoughts and opinions.